10 Fun Day Trips from Cape Town & Unmissable Tours

fun day trips from cape town

Pack your sunglasses and get ready for an unforgettable holiday in one of the most beautiful beach towns in my home country! I’ve visited Cape Town so many times, and in each trip I squeezed in a fun day trip! So read this post and find the top day trips from Cape Town!

I’ve compared all the possible day trips and included some of my favorite places that I visited while in Cape Town so you can rest assured that you’ll get the best of the best!

Some of these day trips also have some tours linked, which are perfect for those who don’t want to drive or plan anything. I recommend booking them in advance as they’re super popular with tourists.

Quick Picks for Your Stay

And here are the best hotels: The Marly (luxury), Primi Seacastle (mid-range), Designer Studio (budget)

​​Here’s a map with all the day trips on this list so you can see where you’ll be going:

1. Discover the dreamy Cape Winelands

Golden sunlight bathing the rolling vineyards and elegant estate of Constantia wine farm, nestled at the foot of a verdant mountain

Visiting the Winelands is a must-do day trip from Cape Town, even if you’re not a major fan of wine! And I say that because there are many other things to do besides tasting the great South African wine! Like going on carriage rides, exploring beautiful gardens, snapping pics and many more.

There are different ways to visit the Cape Winelands. The 2 most popular options are by going on a tour or renting a car.

And, I found some amazing tours that I’m sure you’ll love!

The first one is a hop-on hop-off wine tram tour which starts with a bus ride from Cape Town, to the tram. Once you get on the wine tram you’ll stop at different wine estates and try their local wines! The Franschhoek wine tram tour lasts 8.5 h and costs US$38.

Another option is to take this full-day tour from Cape Town in which you’ll visit 3 incredible wine regions, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Paarl. In each area, you’ll stop at some of the best wine estates there and do a wine tasting. This tour lasts 8.5h and costs US$38.

If you decide to rent a car and explore the wine areas by yourself then that’s even better as you’ll get to design your trip and stop wherever you want!

Breathtaking sunset view over the Franschhoek wine region with the sun casting a warm glow on the vineyard-covered valleys and distant mountains.

Since I’ve been to some of the wine farms I thought I’d give you my top 2 favorite ones:

  • Boschendal – this wine estate in Simondium offers accommodation, great spots for a picnic (they have pre-packed picnic baskets) and you can join a horse-drawn carriage ride!
  • Babylonstoren – get ready to explore the beautiful gardens of this wine estate in Simondium! They have a gorgeous succulent plant house where you can admire these unique plant species! This wine estate also offers accommodation and fun activities like making your own tea with plants picked from the estate!

Distance from Cape Town: 95 miles (152 km)
Drive time: 2 hours
Tour Time & Price: 8.5h & US$38

2. See Cape Peninsula’s natural beauty

A white lighthouse with a red roof stands atop rocky steps surrounded by greenery under a blue sky. A person in a green dress walks up the steps.

One of the main highlights of the Cape region is definitely the beautiful Cape Peninsula!

Located 1h away from Cape Town and accessible from one of the most scenic drives in the country, Chapman’s Peak Drive, this place is definitely a must-see!

The peninsula is filled with unique fauna and flora, gorgeous beaches and breathtaking lookout points. It’s also home to some iconic attractions like Cape Point, the most famous point in the country, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cape Point is located in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve, within the 70km long Table Mountain National Park!

If you’re renting a car then that’s great as you can do the scenic drive and spend as much time on the peninsula to explore the reserve, see the famous Lighthouse (map) and even spend some time at the beach!

The scenery is absolutely gorgeous here and you can admire it even better if you take the Flying Dutchman Funicular (you can buy your tickets from here) up to the top of Cape Point!

For those who don’t have a car, you can definitely visit Cape Point National Park on a tour! I found this amazing day trip tour from Cape Town that lasts 8h and costs US$31. The tour includes a stop at Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point, and Boulders Beach where you can see the penguins.

Distance from Cape Town: 36 miles (58 km)
Drive time: 1h 
Tour Time & Price: 8h & US$31

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3. Grab a bite and go shopping in Kalk Bay 

A scenic harbor with multiple boats docked, surrounded by mountains and buildings under a partly cloudy sky.

You really can’t go wrong with a day trip from Cape Town to Kalk Bay, especially since it’s only a 30 min drive away, making it perfect for those of you who don’t have too much time at hand!

PRO TIP: I highly recommend renting a car in Cape Town if you want to take day trips, as it makes everything much easier! You can make up your own schedule, stay in a place however long you want and just have more control over the logistics.

Kalk Bay is one of my favorite spots! This cute little fishing village offers some incredible views, shops and lots of cool cafes and great restaurants!

I always stop for lunch at Brass Bell (map) a fab seafood restaurant where you can actually see and hear the waves crashing against the windows! It’s such an amazing experience to eat there!

The restaurant is set in the harbor area, so you can also explore that place for a bit and enjoy the stunning views! Or head to the small beach area (map) and take advantage of the gorgeous weather.

I also like heading to the Main Road (map) while here and get some shopping done! There are lots of antique, clothing stores, gift shops and of course books stores (my favorites)!

Distance from Cape Town: 18 miles (30 km)
Drive time: 30 min

4. See some penguins on Boulders Beach

A large colony of penguins on a sandy beach with clear water and green vegetation, against a backdrop of hills and blue sky.

Want to make some new friends? Then head over to Boulders Beach and see a cute, South African penguin colony!

Set just a 50 min drive away from Cape Town, this beautiful beach is perfect for a photo stop and of course to see all the penguins! You can take the scenic Chapman’s Peak Drive Route to get there, and enjoy some incredible ocean views!

Once you get there you’ll have to pay a fee of US$10 to visit the beach, but it’s totally worth it!

If you don’t want to rent a car, you can definitely take a day trip tour from Cape Town! I found this fun half-day tour that costs US$34 and lasts around 5h! The tour includes a stop at Maiden’s Cove, the scenic Peak Drive Route, Boulders Beach and Muizenberg!

This is surely a great combo as you can visit all those places and then come back and still have some time in the city!

For those who just want to stop, see the penguin colony and then leave, you can join this Cape Peninsula Tour which includes a 1h stop on Boulder Beach.

Distance from Cape Town: 28 miles (46 km)
Drive time: 50 min
Tour Time & Price: 5h & US$34

5. Enjoy the sun on Muizenberg Beach

A row of colorful beach huts on a sandy beach under a blue sky. Two people walk across the sand, one carrying a surfboard.

Who’s in need of a beach day? If that’s you, then there’s no better place to go than Muizenberg Beach!

Located just a 30 min drive away from Cape Town, this beach is 23 km (15 miles) long and its sandy shores are home to some colorful beach huts, called the Surfers Corner (map) where you take some cool pics!

The water is a little warmer, making it perfect for swimming! And if you’re into surfing, definitely rent a board as False Bay is perfect for that! There are also lots of surf schools here so if you’ve been wanting to learn how to surf, this is your time!

Just like Kalk Bay, Muizenberg Beach has lots of restaurants and bars! Tortuga Loca (map) is a must-try for all Mexican food lovers! And if you’re coming on a Sunday, you should check out the

Flea Market (map), where you can find lots of hidden jewels!

NOTE: If you’re renting a car, you can actually visit Kalk Bay, Boulder Beach and Muizenberg Beach in just 1 day, but you’ll have to manage your time well, and sort of plan how long you’ll want to spend in each place.

Distance from Cape Town: 16 miles (26 km)
Drive time: 30 min

6. Explore the town of Stellenbosch

A vibrant vineyard stretches toward a rugged mountain under a partly cloudy sky with a mix of sunlight and shadow. Thin bands of trees line the field edges, adding texture to the landscape.

Want to visit a small idyllic town that’s set only a 1h drive away from Cape Town? Then check out this section on Stellenbosch!

Also known as Stellies and nicknamed the “City of Oaks” this artsy place is home to a University, amazing restaurants, boutique shops and it also has lots of wine estates around it! Which basically means that you’ll have plenty to do and see here!

Some amazing attractions that I recommend visiting if you have time are the Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden, the Dylan Lewis Studio & Sculpture Garden where you can admire some beautiful sculptures and, of course, you should definitely explore the streets and check out all the cute boutique shops! Make sure you also head to Dorp Street (map) that has lots of cute Instagrammable houses!

If you’re thinking of spending the night here, then you should also hit the bars! Since there’s a university here, you can know for sure that they have a pretty lively nightlife.

Six wine glasses containing different types of wine are arranged on a wooden table outdoors with a vineyard and mountain range in the background.

As I mentioned there are lots of wine farms around Stellenbosch and some of them have accommodation so you can stay with them! Lanzerac Wine Estate, which is surrounded by the Helderberg Mountains, is a great one!

If you’re renting a car you can definitely drive down from Cape Town and then be back in a day! On the way from Cape Town, you can head on Route44 and stop at the Root44 Market (map) where you can find lots of cool stuff from clothes to food! And right near the market, you’ll find the Mooiberge Farmstall (map) where you can pick your own strawberries, yum!

There are also some day trip tours from Cape Town to Stellenbosch! I found this half-day tour that includes a bit of everything like visiting a wine estate and trying some local wines and exploring the town where you’ll have time to check out the streets and shops. The tour costs US$50 and lasts 5h.

Distance from Cape Town: 30 miles (49 km)
Drive time: 50 min
Tour Time & Price: 5h & US$50

7. Learn more history on Robben Island

Visitors walking on a paved pathway towards the entrance of Robben Island, with informational displays on the left and a welcome sign overhead.

This place should definitely be included in your Cape Town itinerary, especially if you’re into history!

Known widely as the place where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years, along with other political prisoners, Robben Island is only a 30 min ferry ride away from Cape Town. The ferries leave from the V&A Waterfront, one of the must-visit spots in Cape Town.

You can only visit Robben Island on an island tour. I found this great tour that includes hotel pick-up, the ferry ticket and a live guide that will conduct the tour. The whole activity lasts 5h and it costs US$70.

If you want to dive deeper into the history of South Africa then you might be interested in this tour that includes a tour of Robben Island, but also the townships of Cape Town, including District Six.

Ferry time: 30 min
Tour Time & Price: 5h & US$70

8. See some whales in Hermanus

8 Hermanus Whale Festival

Want to see some cute whales? Then head over to Hermanus, a town located just 1h and 40 min away from Cape Town that is considered one of the best places in the world for land-based whale watching!

Whale season usually starts from June to December and if you’re coming in September, you can even attend the Hermanus Whale Festival! But if you’re coming here solely to see the whales, make sure you’re coming in the right season!

During the 3-day festivities, the town people and tourists gather round to watch the Southern Right whales. Plus, they also have music, food, and fun activities!

There are lots of boat whale-watching tours from Hermanus, so you can just self-drive there from Cape Town, and then jump on a tour. I found this great boat tour that lasts 1.5h and costs US$74. The meeting point is in the town’s Harbour (map), get ready to see not only whales but also some dolphins, seals and seabirds!

A group of people standing on a rocky cliff edge watch a whale swimming near the shore in rough sea conditions.

Although whale watching is the main thing to do here, there are also lots of other cool things to do like exploring Hermanus, doing this fun Cliff Path hike (map) along the Atlantic Ocean and just eating some delicious seafood, as it’s super yummy here!

Another thing that is super popular in Hermanus is shark cage diving! It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted but if you do want to try I found this tour that is available from Cape Town and Hermanus too.

For those of you who’re not doing the whole road trip thing, you can take a tour from Cape Town to Hermanus. I found this tour that lasts 7h and costs US$144.

Distance from Cape Town: 77 miles (124 km)
Drive time: 1h 40 min
Tour Time & Price: 7h & US$144

9. Vist Constantia & wine farms

9 constantia cape town Best Hiking Day Trips from Cape Town

Although technically, Constantia is part of Cape Town, you could spend a whole day here, exploring and visiting all the wine farms and trying all sorts of fun activities!

Some really cool wine estates that you can visit in this little town are Klein Constantia (map), which was established back in 1685, Groot Constantia (map) and Beau Constantia (map). My personal favorite is Beau Constantia as it has a restaurant where you can stop for lunch and it offers some amazing views of False Bay!

There’s actually a wine trail that you can do and I found this half-day tour from Cape Town that lasts 5h and costs US$105 where you’ll get to visit multiple wine farms and do a wine tasting in each place!

Some other things you can do while here is go hiking on the Alphen Trail (map) which is pretty peaceful and it’ll give you a chance to admire all the fauna and flora! Then if you’re up for a bit of adventure you can go ziplining on the Silvermist estate (you can read more about it here)!

Distance from Cape Town: 12 miles (19 km)
Drive time: 20 min
Tour Time & Price: 5h & US$105

10. Have a safari adventure in Aquila Private Nature Reserve

10 aquila private nature reserve Nature and Wildlife Day Trips from Cape Town

Who wants to see some lions, zebras, lions and many other animals native to these lands? If that’s you then definitely check out this amazing natural reserve located just 2h away from Cape Town!

You can definitely head to the reserve by car if you’re renting one and spend the night there as they also offer accommodation, or just head there on a day trip and come back.

The nature reserve offers half-day, full-day and even night safari experience so it’s up to you. You can check the prices for each of these options on their official website.

If you don’t own a car, there’s a day trip tour from Cape Town, that includes the journey there, the entrance ticket to the reserve, a game tour in an open top, all-terrain vehicle, lunch and a guide. The whole experience lasts 9h and costs US$155.

Distance from Cape Town: 109 miles (176 km)
Drive time: 2 hours
Tour Time & Price: 5h & US$105

🤩 Must-see attraction:Cape Peninsula
💸 Top paid attraction:Boulders Beach
🤫 Best-free activity:Muizenberg Beach
🔝 Best unique trip:Robben Island

Where to stay in Cape Town

0 Where to Stay in Cape Town Africa

Now that we’ve seen all the amazing day trips from Cape Town you can take while here, let’s check out some places to stay in the city!

I’ve included only 3 options below (one for each price range), but if you want to see more hotels and all the different areas in town, then check out this post on where to stay in Cape Town.

Now let’s see these ones below:

  • Luxury: The Marly – This hotel has a great location, near the beach and an outdoor pool on the rooftop terrace where you can relax.
  • Mid-range: Primi Seacastle – Offering a central location, panoramic views of the beach and an outdoor pool, this hotel is surely a keeper
  • Budget: Designer Studio – These self-catering apartments come with a flat-screen Tv and air-conditioning

FAQs about day trips from Cape Town

The grand entrance to a Stellenbosch wine farm, featuring a long, tree-lined driveway leading to a classic estate against a backdrop of majestic mountains

📅 How many days in Cape Town is enough?

I’d recommend spending at least 4 days in Cape Town, as that will give you some time to visit the town and go on a tour.

🚗 What places are 2 hours away from Cape Town by car?

Aquila Private Nature Reserve and the Cape Winelands are 2 hours away by car from Cape Town.

🗺️ What quaint towns are close to Cape Town?

Kalk Bay (30 min by car), Stellenbosch (1h by car) and Constantia (20 min by car) are some of the cutest, quaint towns close to Cape Town.

Final thoughts on Cape Town day trips

12 Cape Winelands best day trips from Cape Town

Well, we’ve reached the end of our fun virtual adventure!

I hope this post gave you an idea of the best day trips from Cape Town you can take while in the city. I have no doubt you’ll fall in love with this city, it’s such a magical place.

I made sure to add some tours as well, as you can reach most of these places by car (if you rent one) or on a tour. I’d recommend booking the tours in advance as these places are super popular, especially during peak season, when everyone comes to Cape Town.

If you need some help deciding which day trips from Cape Town to pick, here are my top 2 favorite ones:

  • Cape Winelands – a gorgeous place where you can do a wine-tasting
  • Boulders Beach – this cool beach is home to a colony of South African penguins

There you have it!

Have fun exploring some of my favorite places in my home country and don’t forget that I’m always around, if you have any questions. Just drop me a comment and I’ll answer below.

Happy exploring,


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