19 Best Things to Do in Seville (By a Local!)

Panoramic view of Plaza de España in Seville, showcasing the magnificent Spanish Renaissance architecture, with a large fountain centering the semicircular plaza, and horse-drawn carriages by the canal under a clear blue sky

Are you looking for the best things to do in Seville, bestie? Amazing!

I used to call Seville my home! I went to university in Seville so I spent around 3 years in the city! So I have the best insider tips and hidden gems in the city! I have gathered 19 of the best Seville attractions you cannot miss during your trip!

Seville is a small city but that is the charm! You can walk everywhere, everything looks beautiful and full of life! It is the home of flamenco, stunning Moorish architecture, and delicious tapas such as croquetas!

By the end of this article you will have a full itinerary for your days in the city that will make you feel like a real Sevillian!

Stay until the end to uncover the best festivities in Seville and the best accommodation in the city!

Quick Picks for Your Stay 

If you don’t have a lot of time to read the whole article and want to book the best tours in the city fast, here are the main things to book in advance:

1. Discover history at the Royal Palace Real Alcazar 

Serene courtyard of the Real Alcázar in Seville, displaying exquisite Mudéjar architecture with ornate arches, detailed carvings, and a lush garden, embodying the historical cross-cultural artistry of Spain

This beautiful palace is one of the main tourist attractions in the city, and one of my favorite ones! 

Located in the middle of the Old Town, and steps away from the Giralda (city’s famous bell tower), Real Alcázar de Sevilla is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the middle ages, that first served as a Muslim Fortress. That is why you can admire the most stunning Mudejar style through its rooms, and gardens. 

The palace itself is huge, so I recommend you go with time so you can properly take in the beauty of the place, and take cool instagram photos. The palace’s beautiful gardens are amazing and you can see beautiful fountains, peacocks, flowers, and orange trees. Sit in one of the tile benches and relax!

Did you know Real Alcazar was the filming site of the iconic show Game of Thrones? I recommend you check out the TV show before visiting Seville!

Visitor standing in the Hall of Ambassadors at the Real Alcázar of Seville, marveling at the stunning golden dome and intricate Islamic geometric patterns, a testament to the architectural grandeur of Andalusian heritage

For residents entry to the Real Alcazar is free, so I remember visiting it every Sunday with my friends from university, just to enjoy the beauty and then go for a caña! (a small beer!).

You can visit the palace without a tour, but if you want to learn more about the rich history of the palace and understand its Moorish style, then a guided tour would be ideal for you.

NOTE: I remember it was pretty hard to find water fountains, so take a bottle of water with you. 

PRO TIP: The Royal Alcazar is one of the main attractions in the city, so the lines to get in are usually huge. I recommend you buy the tickets online and go 15 minutes before your entry time!

PALACE PRICE: € 14 per person

TOUR PRICE: € 38 per person

2. Visit Seville Cathedral & catch a view from La Giralda Tower

Upward view of the Giralda, the bell tower of Seville Cathedral, showcasing the intricate Renaissance architecture against a clear blue sky, with lush green foliage framing the historical landmark

This is one of the many Seville attractions you need to check out during your visit! It is another UNESCO site, and it is located in the Casco Antiguo. 

First let me tell you that the Giralda Tower is the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral, so basically it is all the same attraction. But the Giralda Tower is quite iconic since it is 331 feet tall (101 meters), and you can see it from any part of the city! And the views from the tower are beautiful!

The Seville Cathedral is the largest one in the world! And the site where Christopher Columbus tomb is located!

Don’t forget to check out the Cathedral’s small patio and relax there before continuing your day in the city! 

You can get the entry ticket to the cathedral and the Giralda on their official site, which I recommend to skip long lines to buy the tickets. And I recommend you get a guided tour to get a better understanding of the city’s history, and skip the ticket and entry lines! 

I am not gonna lie to you, one of the best things about this attraction is the amazing views and taking cool instagram photos! Which is what I did one too many times!

PRO TIP: The Seville Cathedral has a couple of entrances. In case one is closed, definitely check the other side. You’ll probably find another one open. 

CATHEDRAL AND GIRALDA PRICE: from €13 per person

TOUR PRICE: from €36 per person

3. Admire the beautiful Plaza de España

Panoramic view of Plaza de España in Seville with its semi-circular brick building, renaissance towers, and bridges reflecting over the calm canal, under a cloudy sky.

Plaza de España (map) is located in Parque de María Luisa and it is one of the most stunning pieces of architecture you can find in Seville! What is great about Plaza de España is that it is absolutely free to visit!

Star Wars and Game of Thrones were partially filmed in Plaza de España! So you can imagine how incredible and beautiful this attraction is!

Plaza de España was built in 1928 for the Ibero-American exhibition that was taking place in 1929. It features a unique mix of Moorish, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture style. There is quite a large body of water in front of it where you can take gondola rides (which cost around €5 for 30 minutes).

You can check your geography skills by going around the plaza and looking closely at the tiles. The 48 azulejo ceramic tiles are meant to represent the history of Spain, with a piece dedicated to each region! 

I have to say I filmed so many university projects in Plaza de España, it is just so beautiful, and romantic! I recommend going late at night or very early in the morning to have it all to yourself!

Plaza de España is a great place to see flamenco dancers and listen to flamenco with quite a unique background! 

4. Have a picnic in Maria Luisa park 

Relaxing perspective of a person sitting on the lush green grass in Maria Luisa Park, Seville, with blooming pink bougainvillea and tall palm trees in the background, and a pair of casual shoes placed on the grass foreground

Just a stone throw away from Plaza de España, Parque Maria Luisa (map), is part of Palacio San Telmo’s garden and it is completely free to visit both the park and palace! The park is one of Seville’s biggest green lungs and a great place for a romantic picnic, a bike ride amongst beautiful flowers, or a quiet stroll!

Did you know the park was gifted to the city by Princess María Luisa in 1893? Before this, it was the Royal Garden of the Dukes of Montpensier and part of the San Telmo Palace. 

The park is home to 2 museums, the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions and the Archeological Museum. And if you feel like having a drink or a snack there are maaany bars around the park (my recommendations are Muelle 21 and Iguana Terraza )

TIP: Maria Luisa Park was definitely my main spot for runs, and also picnics! If you go for runs in the summer, please during the night or very early, don’t mess with Seville’s heat!

5. Admire the river view from Torre del Oro

Iconic Torre del Oro, a dodecagonal military watchtower, under a bright blue sky adorned with clouds in Seville, Spain, flanked by lush palm trees and a busy promenade alongside the Guadalquivir River

Torre del Oro was built in the 13th century and was part of the Moorish city walls, and served as a fortress. Nowadays you can visit and go on top of it for amazing views (the tower is 35m/118ft tall) and check out the Naval Museum inside it!

The Torre de Oro is located right in front of the Guadalquivir River, and you can spot the beautiful and colorful neighborhood of Triana on the other side. A great place to go for traditional tapas like gazpacho or garbanzo con espinaca!

NOTE: The museum has free entry, but the suggested donation is €3 as a collaboration to the museum.

6. Try all the local food

Cozy tapas bar atmosphere with patrons enjoying a variety of pintxos, served on crusty bread and garnished with toppings like cheese and cherry tomatoes, accompanied by refreshing glasses of beer and sangria, invoking the vibrant culinary culture of Spain

Seville is the BEST place to try all the tapas since they originated from the region! Tapas is basically a small plate/portion of something. 

Legends attribute the origin of tapas to King Alfonso X of Castile eating small portions with wine to recover from illness, or another one says that the king simply covered his glass with ham to block it from the wind and this is how tapas were born!

Here are some of the most traditional ones I think you should try: 

  • Croquetas: This is simply one of the best things you can try in Seville. Croquetas are made of vegetables or cheese and ham. It is cooked and mixed with flour and then, this mix is deep-fried in the shape of an oval
  • Salmorejo: It is similar to gazpacho, so it is made of tomatoes, olive oil, salt, garlic, and the only difference with gazpacho is that salmorejo is made with bread! It is basically a cold soup and on top it usually comes with shredded ham and egg
  • Garbanzo con Espinaca: This is my favorite, and one of the only vegan tapas! And I have to tell you it is one of the nicest ones! It is spinach with olive oil, cumin, and garbanzos. With a little bread on the side! Simple yet delicious
  • Tortilla de Patatas: This one is a classic all around Spain, including Seville! It is cut potatoes with onion, cooked in a pan with eggs
  • Montadito de Pringá: Montaditos are basically sandwiches, and pringá is a mix of cut meats. So it is a meat sandwich! And you have to have it with a cold Cruz Campo, de local beer!
  • Flamenquin: Flamenquin is made out of slices of ham rolled around cheese, covered in breadcrumb batter. And this mix is deep fried
  • Serranito: Serranito is a serrano ham sandwich, roasted pepper, and tomatoes. It is typically served with potato fries
  • Papas Aliñadas: main ingredient is potato, and it is served with olive oil, vinegar, spring onion, and parsley
  • Tinto de Verano: This one is a drink, and it is typical from Seville. It is house red wine, mixed with orange soda, lemon soda, or any soda of choice! Don’t be fooled by the taste, it will get you tipsy fast!!!

If you are the type of person who loves getting the whole experience, then I recommend this amazing and delicious tapas tour. A local guide will take you around the Santa Cruz neighborhood and you will sample around 10 tapas and 5 drinks while learning about Spanish culture and the history behind dishes. 

This is also a great opportunity to see some hidden restaurants and tapas bars in the area, and meet other travelers.

TOUR PRICE: from €90 per person

6.1 Must try restaurants in Seville

Here are my favorite places in Seville to eat the amazing local food:

Dining experience in a casual restaurant, featuring a smiling woman with a spread of Spanish cuisine, including a bowl of creamy soup, assorted tapas, and a refreshing Aperol Spritz, embodying the leisurely and flavorful essence of Spanish dining
  • Freiduría Puerta de la Carne (map) This freiduría is quite iconic and popular in the city, while there is no need to make reservations, you need to know it is usually quite full. Freidurías are very traditional, and they sell deep fried seafood, croquetas, and potato fries.
  • Restaurante El Pasaje Tapas (map) This one is super cute and it is located in the old town, it is the perfect place to sit on the terrace and watch life go by! They literally sell basically all the dishes I just mentioned, plus a nice selection of local beers.
  • MaríaTrifulca (map) This one is located after you cross the Isabella II bridge, on the side of Triana. The cool thing about this upscale restaurant is that it has a rooftop terrace with cool views.

7. Go kayaking at River Guadalquivir

A person kayaking on the calm waters of River Guadalquivir with the historic Torre del Oro and lush trees in the backdrop, under a clear blue sky

If you are looking for unusual things to do in Seville, then you will love going kayaking at Guadalquivir River!

Let me tell you if you walk beside the river you will see a lot of people kayaking, and if you are visiting in the summer you will want to be as close to water as possible. Also this is one of the most fun things to do in Seville for young adults! 

The tour provides the kayak and all the necessary equipment for a successful 2 hour session, beside an intro to how to do it. The views from the river will be stunning, you can kayak beside Triana and la Torre del Oro – a unique experience! 

TOUR PRICE: from €17 per person

8. Discover Triana neighborhood 

Kayakers enjoying a sunny day on the river against the backdrop of Seville's vibrant Triana neighborhood, with its colorful facades and the iconic tower of the Church of Santa Ana rising in the distance

Triana is one of the most iconic and more traditional areas of Seville. And while the old town is the historic district where you can find most attractions. Triana is one of the most legit neighborhoods, mostly locals live here, and it has a heavy cultural significance.

Back in the day Triana was the place where ceramic tiles workshops were located, and the area where Flamenco was born. Also most families live here so it has a special feel for sure!

Did you know La Feria de Abril is celebrated in Triana? This traditional festival lasts 3 days and started back in 1846.

Some things to check out in Triana are the Mercado de Triana (map), which is super cute inside and has the iconic tiles. Here you can buy fresh produce, as well as traditional tapas such as serranitos, croquetas, ham, mantecados (a christmas sweet).

FUN FACT: Los Remedios is just next to Triana, and people who live there are quite rich. I remember my flatmate from Scotland used to go for drinks in that area to find a boyfriend. It didn’t work out in the end, but kudos for trying to her (hehehe).

9. Embrace passion at a Flamenco show

A flamenco dancer in traditional polka dot attire and her partner perform an impassioned dance at Seville's Plaza de España, surrounded by an audience captivated by the vibrant display of Andalusian culture

If you are traveling to Seville, Spain you need to experience flamenco shows! Flamenco is characterized by its rhythmic elements, including clapping, hand movements, and footwork. It is traditional from the Andalusia Region, and it is an impressive unique experience you can only live through here! 

That is why I looked for the best flamenco show in the city so you can go back home and tell everyone about this exhilarating concert! 

The flamenco show I am recommending takes place in the iconic Teatro Flamenco Sevilla (map), and lasts around an hour. The concert is not just flamenco dancing, it will also have guitar players, live singers, and heart!

After the concert you can have tapas in the city center as the cherry on top. 

SHOW PRICE: from €25 per person

10. Admire the city views from the iconic Las Setas

The Metropol Parasol in Seville, known as Las Setas, displays its unique waffle-like wooden structure soaring above an urban plaza, blending futuristic design with the city's historical charm

Right in the middle of the city center, in Plaza de la Encarnación (La Encarnación Square), you can find the stunning Las Setas. This is the perfect place to visit at sunset time, for some movie-like views, and to get the most instagramable pictures of the city. 

Las Setas, “The Mushrooms” in English, is the biggest wooden structure in the world!

Without a doubt this is one of the best things to do in Seville at night/for sunset, so don’t miss it, it is super romantic!

A panoramic view from the top of Metropol Parasol, offering a sweeping vista of Seville's skyline punctuated by the Giralda and Seville Cathedral, as seen over the shoulder of a person leaning on the enclosure

There is an Antiquarium Museum located downstairs that you can visit, it has ruins and artifacts from the Roman and Moorish periods. There is also a pretty big covered market and tons of shops and restaurants around the Setas. 

LOCAL TIP: Behind Las Setas there are a lot of nice bars, so after checking the attraction hang out in the area! My favorite one is Bar Mundial (map) they give you gummies when you have drinks!

PRICE: from €15 per person

11. Wander around the narrow streets of Santa Cruz district 

A picturesque view of a quaint alley in the Santa Cruz district, lined with colorful buildings, outdoor cafes, and cobblestone streets

Santa Cruz is the oldest neighborhood in Seville, and the Jewish Quarter is part of it. This neighborhood has its own charm with its narrow streets, colorful houses, and cute balconies. 

Apart from being super cute, and a great place to go for tapas, this neighborhood has some cool attractions such as the Hospital de los Venerables (€12 per person) and Archivo de Indias which has free entry!

Did you know that Santa Cruz was settled in 1248 by King Fernando III de Castilla?

Santa Cruz is also a great place to be if you are visiting during Semana Santa, since that is where most of the processions take place. It is quite a unique thing in Spain, especially in Andalusia!

If you want to learn all the history about the place and learn who used to live in the area, and how things were back in the time of Kings and Queens. I recommend you take a guided tour of the Jewish Quarter. It will last around 1 hour and a half, and after it you will become a master of Spanish history!

FACT: Santa Cruz used to be my neighborhood, I lived right in the middle of the Jewish Quarter! And I have to say it is a prime location, and there is nothing nicer than walking around those colorful and picturesque streets!

TOUR PRICE: from €16 per person

12. Night out in Alameda de Hercules neighborhood

Two ornate historical columns topped with statues stand majestically in a spacious and tranquil public square, surrounded by lush green trees under a clear blue sky

If you are looking for things to do in the nighttime in the city, or if you are a young adult and want to get to experience the night life in the city, then head to Alameda de Hercules (map).

Alameda de Hercules is a huge square with loads of restaurants and bars around it. Here you can find locals, and students just relaxing and enjoying life! Sometimes there are street artists playing the guitar, but no matter which day it is, the place is packed!

One of my favorite bars in the area is La Farmacia Dulce (map), which is a bit on the site from the square, and it is just super cute, and inside there is a lot of vintage furniture. Go and enjoy it! 

13. Dive into the Fine Arts at Museo de Bellas Artes

An opulent interior of the Museo de Bellas Artes, featuring intricate ceiling designs and an extensive collection of fine art pieces along the walls

The Museum of Fine Arts was established in 1835 and features amazing pieces of art from Spanish artists dating from the medieval times to the 20th century. Also the building itself from outside is a piece of art featuring renaissance and baroque styles!

The entry is only €2 per person, but if you want to get the behind the scenes and understand Spanish art, and the historical significance of the pieces at the time, then I recommend this guided tour of the museum by the hand of an expert!

MUSEUM PRICE: from €2 per person, and you buy it at the box office.

TOUR PRICE: from €14 per person

14. Get soaked in beauty at Casa de Pilatos

A serene and meticulously manicured garden path lined with vibrant pink flowers and neatly trimmed hedges, leading to a classic fountain and elegant architectural facade under a bright blue sky.

Casa de Pilatos is a complete must during your next trip to Seville. This palace was built at the end of the 15th century and is the house of the Dukes of Medinaceli. 

Fadrique Enriques de Ribera, who was fascinated by Pontius Pilate’s house during his pilgrimage to Jerusalem, named and modeled this building after it. He was responsible for its construction.

The palace is one of the most beautiful Moorish buildings in the city, and it is mixed with an unparalleled Gothic and Renaissance style. Without a doubt you should visit it, since it is one of the most stunning palaces in the city.

It is located in the city center so right after visiting it you can continue discovering the Old Town!

ENTRY TICKET: from €12 per person. 

15. Encounter Roman ruins at Italica 

A serene and meticulously manicured garden path lined with vibrant pink flowers and neatly trimmed hedges, leading to a classic fountain and elegant architectural facade under a bright blue sky

Quite a unique tourist attraction if you ask me! There are a few cool facts about this location! First it is said it was the birthplace of the emperors Trajan and Hadrian, and second it was the filming place of a few scenes of ¨The game of Thrones¨

NOTE: You can go by bus with the ¨M-170a¨ (around €3 each way) and you take it in Plaza de Armas (map). It will take you around 40 minutes to get there, and the bus will leave you steps away from the ruins. 

If you want to experience Italica without worrying about a thing, I’ve found a great tour for you. It includes pick up and drop off from your hotel, and a guided tour around Italica so you can learn all the history behind the ancient town! 

TICKET PRICE: from €2 per person

TOUR PRICE: from €40 per person

16. Take a traditional cooking class with a local

An interactive cooking class in session with a local chef explaining techniques to an attentive group of students wearing aprons

Sevillians LOVE to talk about their customs and teach their way of doing things. So, if you are a foodie you cannot miss enjoying an afternoon of cooking traditional Spanish dishes with a local!

The class will take place in Triana Market, and you will cook 3 traditional dishes, from espinaca con garbanzos, to Spanish Omelette. During the cooking time you can sample sangria and olives!

At the end of the class you can eat the dishes you’ve prepared together with 2 drinks of your choice!

CLASS PRICE: from €65 per person

17. Take a beach day trip to Cádiz

Lively Cadiz street showing a mix of traditional and modern architecture, with people enjoying outdoor dining under tall palm trees

If you want to discover one of the most paradisiac cities in Southern Spain during your trip to Seville. I recommend you take a day trip to visit the beautiful city of Cádiz.

Cádiz is in the southernmost part of Andalusia and it is one of the most beautiful places out there! It is a beach city, so you can expect a deep blue ocean! Some of the main attractions in the area are Castillo de Santa Catalina, which has free entry, and Parque Genovés (map), a beautiful green lung.

You can also check out the Mercado Central Cadiz (map) and buy local food and produce, or the Catedral de la Santa Cruz de Cádiz which costs €7 per person.

FACT: When my family visited me in Seville, we took this day trip, and the entire family loved it! Especially my mom! We had lunch at La Veganesa (map). It was delicious!

HOW TO GET THERE: Very easy, you need to take the MD train from Estación Santa Justa (map). It will take you to Cádiz main train station. You can buy your tickets online with Renfe, prices round €17 each way. The train ride lasts 2 hours.

LOCAL TIP: If you are feeling adventurous, you could stop mid way in Jerez de la Frontera. You need to take the same train and stop at Jerez de la Frontera, there you can check amazing places such as Alcázar de Jerez de la Frontera (entry is €5 per person)

18. Go on a bike tour around Seville

Cyclists on a guided bike tour congregating in front of Seville's historic architecture under a sunny sky, with palm trees and a grand building in the backdrop

If you don’t have a lot of time in Seville and want to see the main sights during your stay, then this bike tour of Seville is perfect for you!

You will see the main city landmarks in a fun way, and with the insightful comments of your guide you will learn a lot about the city!

The tour will last around 3 hours and will start in Santa Cruz where you will check out all the attractions, and then head to Isla de la Cartuja. So basically you will go around the entire city! So get ready to learn unique facts of the city by the hand of a local!

LOCAL TIP: Biking around Seville is super safe, there are special lanes throughout the city! Which is just super handy!

TOUR PRICE: from €30 per person

19. Have a day full of fun and fantasy at Isla Mágica

Thrilling roller coaster ride in Isla Mágica theme park, with red carriages inverting over a loop, set against a bright blue sky and tropical palm trees

If you are traveling in the summertime, and even more so if you are traveling with kids, you need to visit Isla Mágica. This water park is located in La Cartuja which is only a 20 minute bus ride from the city center (you can take the C1, and it costs less than €3 and you can pay on board).

The water park has a lot of water rides for people of all ages, including teens and small kids! There is even a fake beach with waves and all! I highly recommend you go, and freshen up from the hot Sevillian sun!

ENTRY TICKET: from €30 per person

20. Enjoy a drink on one of the rooftops 

A woman enjoys a serene moment on a balcony with a drink in hand, overlooking the magnificent Giralda Tower in Seville, as the golden hues of sunset cast a warm glow over the historic architecture

When visiting Seville, we decided to see all the main tourist attractions, but we also wanted to let things flow a bit, be spontaneous, and discover this stunning city without too much planning.

I’m so happy we did that because we found some fantastic rooftop bars that you should include in your list of things to do in Seville! Here are my top 3 favorite ones:

  • EME Catedral Mercer Hotel – This terrace offers a super nice view literally in front of the Seville Cathedral. As it’s a fancy spot, the cocktails are a bit more expensive than you would pay in other places, 15€ each, but it’s worth it for the view! You don’t have to make reservations in advance, but I recommend grabbing a bite before you go there because they don’t serve much food.
  • Terraza Doña María – Another fabulous place recommended to me by one of the locals, otherwise we wouldn’t have known about it. It offers the same amazing views of the Seville Cathedral, but with the prices a bit lower. Cocktails cost ~7€. 
  • Al Aljibe – Overlooking the Plaza Alameda de Hércules, this restaurant serves some delicious seafood dishes, and the prices are also pretty good. You can order a glass of sangria for 4€. 

If you want to continue the party, there are tons of clubs and pubs around Seville, or you can join a pub crawl and have the best time!

🏛️ Best museum:Fine Arts Museum
🎢 Top paid attraction:Real Alcazar
🚶🏽‍♂️ Best free activity:Plaza de España
👧 Best attraction for kids:Isla Mágica
🕺 Nightlife:Alameda de Hercules
🥟 Must-try food:Croquetas

BONUS 1: where to stay in Seville

An inviting breakfast spread on a terrace table, complete with fresh fruits, assorted breads, orange juice, and a view of the Giralda Tower in Seville, invites a delightful start to the day

To help you complete the whole Seville Trip, here you have some amazing accommodation options in the city!

You can also check out our comprehensive guide to the best areas where to stay in Seville!

  • Luxury (from €140 and up): Hotel Alfonso XIII: This amazing 5 star hotel is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Santa Cruz! The hotel looks like a palace and is within a walking distance from all the main attractions. The outdoor pool is a dream!
  • Mid-Range (from €70 to €140): Alcazar de Maria – Feel right at home in this stunning hotel! It is located in the Arenal and some of the rooms come with a balcony. Every morning there is a buffet breakfast.
  • Budget (up to €70): Noches en Triana – Located in the heart of Triana, this homey hotel is just a short walk away from all the main attractions. The hotel has a rooftop terrace where you can relax, and offers a free breakfast.

BONUS 2: Special events in Sevilla

Semana Santa

A crowd gathers to witness a traditional Semana Santa procession in Seville, with a highly ornate paso (float) carrying a statue of Jesus amidst gold candlesticks

Seville is quite a religious city, so during Semana Santa (Holy Week), you can expect procession from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. The celebrations are super colorful and extravagant, and people are dressed in penitential robes carrying mini altars with virgins and saints. 

These processions take place in the morning and the nighttime. I suggest you check it out in Santa Cruz, when they pass by the narrow streets in silence with candles in the night.

Every year it takes place on a different week, according to the holy week. During this time people eat torrejas which is something like a french toast!

Feria de Abril

Vibrant scene at the Feria de Abril with elegantly dressed people riding a traditional horse-drawn carriage, enjoying the festive atmosphere

This one is so much fun and it usually takes place 2 weeks after the Holy week in April in los Remedios/Triana.

Back in the day this Feria de Abril had the purpose of exchanging farm animals, nowadays is a celebration to spend time with your family and friends, and enjoy culture!

Something you need to know about this event is that while you can participate even if you don’t know anyone in the city, it is more fun if you know a Sevillano with Caseta. These casetas are private tents where you dance and drink! There are public ones but it is not the same, so try to meet some locals!

During this time men dress in suits and women with a traditional flamenco dress. Sevillians drink rebujito which is a mix of wine with sweet soda, and they eat fried fish, gazpacho, and more tapas!

FAQs about top things to do in Seville 

A serene moment captured as a person rows a boat under a beautifully tiled bridge at Plaza de España in Seville, showcasing the intricate architecture and calm waterways

🚌 How to get to Seville?

You can get to the city center of Seville super easily from the airport by EA bus. The ticket costs €4 each way, and you can pay on the bus. It will take you to Plaza de Armas (map)!

👑 Is Seville cheap or expensive? 

Seville is cheap compared to other European cities or other big Spanish cities. While booking hotels will be pretty similar to other places, restaurants and everyday expenses are cheap.

📅 What is the best time to visit Seville? 

The best time to visit Seville is April or September. The weather is still super hot but not as hot as from June to August. Also prices can be a bit cheaper than from June to August.

🗺️ Where to stay in Seville?

Seville has a lot of cool areas. I would stay in Santa Cruz if I was visiting for the first time. If you want to learn more about the different areas check our article on where to stay in Seville.


A visitor basks in the grandeur of Plaza de España in Seville, her gaze uplifted to admire the intricate Renaissance Revival architecture, with the expansive building's wings embracing the open square and bridge

That is all for today my sweet travelers! Those were the best things to do in Seville, I’ve covered a wide range of options. From famous tourist attractions, to hidden gems.

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so I hope you get to do all the amazing things I just mentioned, to make your trip memorable!

Which of these amazing things to do in Seville is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Until the next adventure, 


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