5 Amazing Places to Visit in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia (According to a Local!)

Siberia is located far, far away. Although I am Russian myself and I live in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk Krai is still very far, even for me! But what is Krasnoyarsk Krai or Krasnoyarsk region (“Krai” means “region”) and why you should go there? It is basically one of the main regions of Siberia. I have [...]

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Where to Stay During Your Quebec and Ontario Road Trip

Is Canada your next destination? Start your itinerary by viewing this detailed article on the best hotels in Canada where I know you will find the best fit for your stay! Accommodations can be a stressful search when traveling because of our different travel budgets available and our selection between hotels, B&B’s, or holiday [...]

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An Ultimate Guide To Machame Route In Kilimanjaro – A Day-By-Day Itinerary, My Experience

Hello, adventurer! I see you are interested in Kilimanjaro, and this is awesome because this is a life-changing trip! In this post you will learn everything about the distance, difficulty, success rate, price, duration and also a day-by-day description (from my experience) of a route called Machame (also known as the Whiskey route). BEFORE [...]

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A Perfect 3-Week Itinerary for Your Tanzania Trip (With Prices!)

Tanzania is a country in the Eastern part of Africa that literally has it all – an interesting culture, beautiful scenery (such as Kilimanjaro, but not only that!), amazing wildlife, numerous white sand beaches with turquoise water, a vibrant nightlife, even kitesurfing spots and, of course, a lot of history! You can name anything [...]

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