Top 4 Wisconsin Dells Ski Resorts (+Best Family Hotels)

A sign in the snow with trees in the background.

Hello dear friends! This is your carefully curated guide to the best Wisconsin Dells ski resorts! I’ve looked for hours on the web to give you answers & options. Cascade Mountain is one of the best ski resorts. But here, you’ll find 3 more that are great for families, have stunning scenery, and are more affordable: Christmas Mountain Village, Devil’s Head, and Tyrol Basin!

Heads up! Don’t leave right after you finish the first section because you’ll also find 2 bonuses with the best VRBOs for skiing in Wisconsin Dells and the top hotels for families in the area!

Once you decide which resort you want to do your ski jumping from and engage in exhilarating snowmobile tours, I recommend you book the hotels fast! These places are super popular, and I don’t doubt that they’ll sell out months in advance!

Who’s ready to challenge friends at ice-skating rinks and join lively winter festivals and events?

Let’s ride on!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Here’s a shortlist of the best accommodations to stay near the Christmas Mountain Village and Cascade Mountain ski resorts:

luxury hotel
A hotel room with a bed and a lamp.
mid-range hotel
A home with a patio and grass in the back yard.
budget hotel
pool with some rocks in the background

Cool Villa

Best affordable accommodation in the center

A gray couch in a living room.

Grandma’s House

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

Check out this map, which has all the ski resorts that I’ll talk about in the post! It’ll definitely help you visualize everything much better!

map with regions of ski resorts
  1. Cascade Mountain: for first-timers
  2. Christmas Mountain Village: for families
  3. Devil’s Head: for breathtaking views
  4. Tyrol Basin: for budget travelers 

1. Cascade Mountain – best for night skiing enthusiasts

A group of people standing on skis in the snow.

Are you ready to hit the slopes at a renowned winter sports destination? Cascade Mountain is the second-largest ski resort in Wisconsin, and it’s one of the best places for first-time visitors who want a memorable holiday filled with winter fun!

Located only a 20-minute drive away from the town center, the resort offers 47 trails (the longest one stretches 1.1 miles/1.7 km), 11 ski lifts (2 are high-speed chair lifts), and lots of fun activities for all ages!

So whether you’re coming with your family, friends, or partner, you’ll definitely have a blast! Just bear in mind that their open season starts at the end of November and usually ends in mid-March.

Out of all the many trails, you’ll find some for beginners, intermediates, and pros, too! Actually, many people with experience come to Cascade Mountain to revel in the nighttime skiing adventures as the trails are usually open until 9 PM (weekdays) and 10 PM (weekends).

NOTE: you can buy nighttime ski passes here, which give you access to the slopes for the last five hours of the day, so have a look at their website to learn more about that!

Spend your days embracing the adrenaline on the advanced ski runs or taking a snowboarding lesson from a certified instructor if this is your fourth time, and in between, you can chill at a café and savor some hot cocoa!

But don’t think that’s all there is to do! As I mentioned, there are a lot of activities here, and another famous one is experiencing the thrilling snow tubing lanes.

Called the Tube Town, this attraction has 15 chutes, and each is 800 ft (243 m) in length! You can buy either an 8-hour ticket or a day pass, and you can check all the prices here!

Well, not that we’ve learned so much about this fun ski resort, but I think we’re ready to look at some lodging options where you can relax when you’re not hitting the slopes! By the way, we’ve got a whole post on some incredible resorts in Wisconsin Dells! So, if you want a bit more variety, check it out!

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with a hotel's building, bedroom and a bathroom.

The perfect place to stay for a family or a large group of friends is located in Portage, right near the resort! With room for 6 guests, the accommodation also has a spacious kitchen, a balcony with amazing views, free Wi-Fi, and free parking!

Other accommodation options in Cascade Mountain

A blue and white tent.

A great place where you’ll find cabins, campsites, 2 bars, a playground, and a basketball court

A hotel room with a bed and a television.

This accommodation offers great prices, spacious guest rooms, an indoor pool and free Wi-Fi

A gray couch in a living room.

Feel at home in this home in Portage City that has room for 8 guests, a kitchen, free parking, and a backyard 

Things to do in Cascade Mountain

  • Hit the ski slopes all day long
  • Have a go at night time skiing
  • Take the kids snow-tubing
  • Venture into serene winter hiking paths
  • Visit Wisconsin Dells downtown’s attractions

2. Christmas Mountain Village – best place for families

Who’s eager to glide down powdery snow-covered slopes, sit by a warm fire after a day of hitting the slopes, and relax?

I’m sure there are many hands raised! Here’s another amazing ski resort in the Wisconsin Dells area, which is actually great for beginners and learners who want to attend professional ski and snowboard lessons!

Despite the name, the resort isn’t only open during Christmas but all year round, as they also have a golf course and other amenities! However, if you’re coming for skiing and snow tubing, you should visit between December and March, although these dates can fairly change, so definitely check the Cascade Mountain Ski Resort website before!

While here, cherish the calm of winter woodlands and explore all their trails! There are 16 of them for all levels, from beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders, and 4 lifts! And for those who love a bit of adrenaline and skiing at night, know that you can definitely do that here as well!

I also recommend embracing winter with other family-friendly activities like snow tubing! At Christmas Mountain Village, you’ll find a 900 ft (274 meters) snow tubing chute available where you can connect with fellow snow enthusiasts!

By the way, if you don’t own your own equipment, there’s no need to go shopping for ski gear in specialty boutiques that may cost you a fortune. You can rent one on-site for both adults and kids!

So get ready to enjoy scenic views of snow-laden trees, and if you’re coming in February, then you’ll be super lucky to catch the Winter Carnival that takes place at Christmas Mountain Village every year!

The Carnival lasts only 1 day, and during it, you can participate in winter sports competitions, see fireworks, and end the day with some vibrant après-ski entertainment!

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: bedroom, living room with a fireplace and a pool

Discover the charm of a rustic ski lodge while staying at this amazing resort near the ski slopes! Delight in indoor swimming pools after a day of skiing and snowboarding. Head up to your rooms and relax by the fireplace after a yummy dinner at the restaurant on-site! Guests will also have access to a parking lot.

Other accommodation options in Christmas Mountain Village

A hotel room with a bed and a tv.

Enjoy your holidays at the hotel located near the resort that has 3 swimming pools, a fitness center, and free Wi-Fi

A large indoor pool with a frog slide.

This condo has great prices and can fit up to 6 guests! It also comes with a kitchen, a shared pool, and a balcony

A house with a deck on the side of a hill.

A lovely cabin that offers room for 4 guests, free Wi-Fi, a hot tub where you can relax, and a TV

Things to do in Christmas Mountain Village

  • Connect with nature on snowshoe trails
  • Join lively winter festivals and events
  • Indulge in gourmet mountain dining
  • Have some fun and go snow-tubing

3. Devil’s Head – for the breathtaking views

A sign for a ski resort in the snow.

Ready to spend hours on the ski slopes, lose track of time, and explore cross-country trails through scenic forests?

Thought so!

If you’re thinking of going to visit Devil’s Head Resort, then you’re in for a thrill! This gorgeous place is only a short distance away from Devil’s Lake State Park and Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area, offering some gorgeous views from the Wisconsin River from way up high!

Definitely take the advantage to capture some breathtaking mountain top photos while you’re here, as the sights are remarkable!

Devil’s Head is set in the heart of the glacier-formed Baraboo Bluffs, and it’s the 3rd largest ski resort in Wisconsin. It has 9 lifts and 30 trails for all levels, from beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders.

You can definitely master the art of skiing at beginner-friendly hills, while the more advanced practitioner can take advantage of all the cool features that you’ll find on the 2 terrain parks!

The ski season usually starts at the end of November and ends mid-March. However, you can check the exact dates on the official website, where you can also get all the info on tickets or whether you can benefit from seasonal ski pass deals, prices, and other details.

You’ll have so much fun snowboarding and skiing all day long, but if you need a break and want to explore the resort’s natural beauty, then check out the walking and hiking trails. 

One last thing: definitely take advantage of the night passes (if you’re confident in your ski and snowboarding skills) and enjoy the beauty of illuminated ski paths by skiing at night!

Luxury hotel
collage of 3 images with: hotel's entrance, bedroom and couch next to a fireplace

Relax in the beautifully decorated rooms at this inn after a day of hitting the slopes! The accommodation offers incredible views of the area, a shared lounge area, and a terrace! End a day of skiing and snowboarding with a complete rest sesh at the sauna or in the hot tub!

Other accommodation options in Devil’s Head

The exterior of a home with a metal roof.

Set inside the ski resort, this accommodation offers different lodgings, restaurants, and free Wi-Fi

A bed in a hotel room.

Relax in the indoor pool at this hotel inside the ski resort that offers rooms with mountain views

A living room with a fireplace and large windows.

Perfect for nature lovers, this home offers a kitchen, a balcony with great views and toys for children 

Things to do in Devil’s Head

  • Explore the extensive cross-country trails
  • Enjoy the views on the scenic walking trails
  • Check out the varied terrains for all skill levels
  • Join a hiking adventure with your friends

4. Tyrol Basin – great for budget travelers

Although Tyrol Basin is a smaller ski resort, this list of Wisconsin Dells ski resorts wouldn’t be complete without it!

The distance from the Wisconsin Dells area to Tyrol Basin is actually bigger, compared to the other 3 resorts, so if you don’t mind the trip, then definitely check it out!

Set near Mount Horeb, just outside Madison, Tyrol Basin offers 16 trails for all levels and 5 lifts. The ski season usually opens at the end of November and ends mid-March (mostly like the other ski resorts), but I recommend going on the official website to learn more about that, plus get details on the tickets, prices, and hours.

You’ll be happy to know that compared with the first 3 ski resorts, the prices are lower at Tyrol Basin, especially during the week when costs can be as little as US$20 per paying adult! So, if you’re looking for a more affordable place to hit the slopes and have fun, this is the spot for you!

Another great thing about the resort is that it hosts the United States Ski and Snowboard Association, and there are often competitions and contests! So stay tuned if that’s something you’d want to take part in or just watch!

Skiing and snowboarding are not the only ways to have fun here! Tyrol Basin Resort also offers snow tubing!

Sunniva Inn, Tyrol Basin

With a short distance to Tyrol Basin Ski Resort, this lovely inn located in Mount Horeb offers a tranquil and relaxing stay! All their rooms are beautifully decorated and have all the necessary amenities. You’ll also find a cozy porch where you can chill on your day off from skiing!

Book now

Other accommodation options near Tyrol Basin

A gray couch in a living room.

A great place set near local restaurants that has 3 rooms with TVs, free Wi-Fi, and a patio

Two beds in a hotel room with blue and orange accents.

This affordable hotel comes with family rooms, a fitness center, an indoor swimming pool, and a spa

A deck with wicker furniture and a view of a wooded area.

Enjoy moments of tranquility in this place that has a backyard, a kitchen and a patio

Things to do near Tyrol Basin

  • Have fun hitting the slopes all day long
  • Try snow-tubing with your friends
  • Eat some yummy food at the restaurant in the area
👑 Luxury price:US$300
💵 Mid Range:US$200
🛏️ Budget:US$150
📍 Best area:Cascade Mountain Ski Resort
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Bluegreen Vacations
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Tamarack Wisconsin Dells
👛 Best budget hotel:Cool Villa

BONUS 1: Best VRBOs for skiing in Wisconsin Dells

Well now that we’ve seen the best ski resorts and some really cool places to stay in each of those areas, I thought I’d continue with some more incredible accommodations! Since the Wisconsin Dells area is filled with so many places to stay for skiers and winter sports lovers, I wanted you to have all the options!

So let’s check out these VRBOs, which I already ordered from most to least expensive, and the prices start from US$350 to US$500:

collage of 3 images with: bedroom, cabin and lounge in front of a fireplace

1. Luxurious Cabin
How cute is this rustic cabin, which is set only a short distance from the City Center in Wisconsin Dells! The accommodation has room for 16 people, and it comes with a large living room with a fireplace where you can relax after a day of skiing and snowboarding, a kitchen, a hot tub, and an outdoor fire pit!

2. Rustic Getaway
You’re going to love this accommodation, which is set near Wisconsin Dells and around 1 mile (2 km) from Devil’s Head Mountain resort! This is a super spacious place, so I definitely recommend it for groups of up to 15 people! Here you’ll find all the amenities you need for your holiday, including a kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and a gas fireplace in the living room.

3. Devil’s Lake Cabin
Get all cozy up after hours of skiing and hitting the slopes at this lovely accommodation within walking distance of Devil’s Lake State Park! With room for 16 people, this place comes with a furnished porch, an outdoor play area, and a kitchen.

collage of 3 images with: bedroom with a wooden bed, lounge on the porch and indoor living area

4. Hana Log Cabin
There’s nothing like spending a whole day in, playing games, and eating yummy food when it’s way too cold to get outside! Luckily, this amazing cabin near Devil’s Lake offers all that: space for 12 people, a furnished outdoor lounge area, and a fire pit.

5. Cozy Farmhouse 
Modern, spacious, and equipped with all the necessary facilities! This great place is set near Wisconsin Dells and Devil’s Lake, and it’s perfect for your fun getaway for the season as it has room for 10 people, an outdoor play area for the little ones, a patio, and a garden!

BONUS 2: Best hotels for families in Wisconsin Dells

Planning a fun family getaway to Wisconsin Dells? After all, this place is famous for its numerous waterparks (we also have a post on the best hotels with waterparks in Wisconsin Dells) and for all the cool winter activities that you can do with your little ones!

That’s why I thought to make a list with some amazing hotels in Wisconsin Dells for families! I’ve ordered the hotels from most to least expensive, and the prices start from US$80 to US$240:

collage of 3 images with: aerial view over pool area, bedroom and kids playing ping pong

1. Caribbean Club Resort
Enjoy your family holiday in Wisconsin Dells, WI, at this great resort that has 4 swimming pools, spacious family rooms that come with free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and a ski pass vendor!

2. Great Wolf Lodge Wisconsin Dells
Ready to have fun all day long at the water park on-site? Sure you are! This resort boasts so many cool features that you won’t even know where to begin! They also have a spa center where you can relax, a kids’ club, and 4 restaurants.

3. Staybridge Suites
Modern, chic, and oh-so cool! The whole family will love this accommodation, which has an indoor swimming pool, spacious rooms with a private bathroom, ski storage, and a ski pass vendor and board games!

4. Amber’s Inn and Suites
Don’t you just love these charming inns, which are so beautifully decorated and cozy? This one is great for your trip as it comes with family rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a games room, and a hot tub to unwind after a day on the mountain!

FAQs about Wisconsin Dells ski resorts

A group of people on a ski lift.

⛷️ Which is better, Devil’s Head or Cascade Mountain Ski Resort?

It depends! Devil’s Head has more steep runs, perfect for advanced practitioners, while Cascade Mountain has long, wide runs, perfect for beginners!

🏔️ What is the most vertical ski resort in Wisconsin?

Granite Peak is Wisconsin’s resort with the highest vertical drop!

🏂 Can you snowboard in Wisconsin Dells?

Yes! You can go snowboarding at most of the resorts in Wisconsin Dells, like Cascade Mountain Ski Resort, Christmas Mountain Village Ski Resort, and all the others!

❄️ Is Wisconsin known for skiing?

Yes! Also known as “America’s Dairyland”, Wisconsin is famous for its cold winters and abundance of winter sports like snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and others!


Two log cabins in the woods at dusk.

Woohoo! I loved this alpine adventure, and I hope that now that you’ve reached the end of this post, you’ll know which ski resort to pick!

Just to do a short recap, today we’ve seen some of the best Wisconsin Dells ski resorts and the top accommodations for each, and I’ve also left you a big present and added 2 bonus sections with some amazing VRBOs for skiing and the best hotels for families in Wisconsin Dells!

That’s a lot of content, I know! But in a place like this one, you want to be prepared for everything!

And that includes booking in advance, as it doesn’t matter whether you’re coming on a Thursday or Sunday. These spots get booked out pretty fast!

If you need a bit of extra help deciding which accommodation to pick, here are my ultimate favorite ones:

  • Bluegreen Vacations – set in the Christmas Mountain Resort, this place offers different cozy cabins with a fireplace, indoor and outdoor pools, and a restaurant.
  • Tamarack Wisconsin Dells – a great place near the Christmas Mountain Village that has 3 pools and a tennis court.

There you have it, folks!

Enjoy your adventure, and don’t hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Happy skiing,


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