Where to Stay in Valletta → 5 Stunning Areas (with Hotels)

Aerial view of Valletta, Malta, showcasing the historic architecture with the prominent St. Paul's Pro-Cathedral and Carmelite Church domes against a backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea under a clear blue sky.

Do you plan to visit Valletta? If so, I must say I’m so happy for you! This charming capital city full of history and fabulous natural sights has been on my bucket list for ages now!

For this reason, I have researched extensively to find where to stay in Valletta. I must say that the best area to stay is the City Center for its enchanting architecture, history, and culture.

However, I went the extra mile and created a curated list of the best hotels (in all budget ranges!) in the city center and in 4 more areas to help you find a place that meets your budget and travel preferences.

This being said, I strongly recommend you book your stay as soon as you find a suitable hotel. Doing so will help you secure the best spot!

Let’s get started!

If you are in a hurry

Can’t read till the end? No worries! The best area to stay in Valletta is the City Center. Here are the best hotels in it:

luxury hotel
Elegant hotel living room with a large painting above a sofa, a wooden coffee table, and a vibrant red armchair.
mid-range hotel
A cozy boutique hotel bedroom with a queen-sized bed, dark walls, and modern furnishings.
budget hotel
A sunny hotel rooftop terrace with multiple dining tables overlooking a tranquil blue water body.

Grand Harbour Hotel

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Here’s a map so you can visualize the best areas where to stay in Valletta:

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Valletta, with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  1. City Center: for first: timers
  2. St. Julian’s: for nightlife:
  3. Sliema: for families:
  4. Gzira: for a local vibe:
  5. The Three Cities: for seclusion:

1. City Center – where to stay in Valletta for the first time

Colorful traditional Maltese balconies lining a steep street in Valletta, leading down to the sea, with the baroque architecture of St. Paul's Pro-Cathedral in the background.

In Valletta’s city center, the island’s historic charm is around every corner! It’s an ideal place for history and culture enthusiasts. You’ll be nestled in the heart of the city’s heritage, learn about its thousands of years-long history, and indulge in cultural and artistic experiences.

Most of the main sights, like the St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Upper Barrakka Gardens, Manoel Theatre, National Museum, City Gate (ideal base for city exploration), and Valletta’s Main Square, are located in this area. You can dive into a rich tapestry of baroque architecture just by looking at the surrounding buildings, too!

Don’t miss out on Republic Street and Merchant Street, the 2 main streets of the area, as well as the stunning views of the Grand Harbor.

The historic center is a 15-minute ride from the Malta International Airport.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Valletta: a grand dining hall with ornate white architecture and golden decor, a cozy bedroom with a view of the city and blue accents, and a serene beachside setup with umbrella-shaded loungers.

Discover luxury amidst ancient walls and wake up to the Grand Harbour views in this luxury hotel in Valletta. It features gigantic private gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a club, an on-site restaurant, and free Wi-Fi. The rooms are elegant and have a bath (vs. shower). Fabulous breakfast is available at an extra cost.

Other accommodation options in City Center

An inviting hotel room featuring a large bed with a checkered headboard, dark blue walls, a plush red armchair, and a balcony view overlooking an outdoor seating area.

Steps away from the main attractions, it features cozy rooms, a roof terrace, a modern interior, and air-conditioning

The same sunny hotel rooftop terrace as in image 2, with a closer view of the dining tables and panoramic water vistas.

One of the best budget hotels with a roof terrace, panoramic views, steps from the promenade, and a continental breakfast

A serene view from a hotel window showing a small round table with two chairs overlooking a picturesque harbor with a red-roofed building.

Surrounded by iconic landmarks, this minimalist studio has plenty of natural light and a small terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sea

Things to do in City Center

  • Take the original Valletta walking tour
  • Explore Valletta on a segway tour
  • Learn about Malta’s history in an audio-visual show
  • Admire St. John’s Cathedral
  • Roam the Fort St. Elmo from the inside
  • Visit the National Museum of Archeology and the National War Museum

2. St. Julian’s – best place to stay in Valletta for nightlife

Luxury yachts moored in the calm waters of Portomaso Marina, with the modern Portomaso Business Tower overlooking the traditional terraced apartments and palm trees in St. Julian's, Malta.

St. Julian’s is a great place to experience the best of the island’s nightlife. It’s the hub where all the best bars, late-night restaurants, and clubs are located. Also, you get to stay close to bustling cafés and shops where you can experience true Maltese hospitality.

I recommend The Thirsty Barber Bar for the best cocktails. As for restaurants, try the Michelin-starred Zest for the finest flavors of Asian cuisine in Malta.

The area is easily reachable by public transport and is a great base for visiting the rest of Malta. You’ll still be a stone’s throw from historic sites!

Check out the Spinola Palace in St. Julian’s, a beautiful example of baroque architecture.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Valletta: a spacious bedroom with ocean views and sunset artwork, an opulent lobby with classic design and a chandelier, and a pool area with palm trees overlooking a fortress by the sea.

This lavish hotel is your haven of elegance and luxury in St. Julian’s. It has a rooftop pool that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, spacious rooms with air conditioning, a hot tub, and is just a short walk from the central bus terminal. Children’s cots are available upon request.

Other accommodation options in St. Julian’s

A chic hotel restaurant with a curvy wooden ceiling, blue and white botanical motifs, and numerous dining tables set for service.

Central location for convenience, spacious upscale rooms, and a 5-star spa center make this hotel an excellent value for money

An aerial view of a hotel pool area with blue sun loungers and palm trees, adjacent to a beachside promenade.

Clean and modern rooms, outdoor swimming pool, great location with easy access to the area’s interesting places

A modern hotel room with a comfortable bed, gray armchair, wooden bedside table, and stylish hanging light fixtures.

Sleeps up to 5 guests, has an open-plan kitchen, and a balcony for a cozy stay

Things to do in St. Julian’s

3. Sliema – where to stay in Valletta for families

Promenade in Sliema, Malta, with a line of palm trees and benches overlooking a view of the marina filled with boats and the urban skyline under a clear blue sky

Valletta, in general, isn’t really kid-friendly, as you do most of the sightseeing on foot. Also, there are very few entertainment options for the little ones. That’s why if you’re bringing the whole family over, Sliema is the best choice.

You can get to Sliema from Valletta’s City Centre by taking a bus, taxi, or the most convenient transportation method – a ferry. The ferry ride doesn’t take more than 15 minutes and is pretty picturesque!

Think of Sliema as a tiny resort town on its own boasting beaches, something you can’t find in Valletta, Malta.

This neighborhood has many restaurants, bars, and many adorable sea-view locations. Plus, you can take the family shopping in the numerous shopping malls. Independence Gardens and the Cat Statue (map) are also popular spots for kids.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Valletta: a sunset view from a rooftop pool, a family room with vibrant children's decor and city views, and a woman relaxing in a rooftop jacuzzi overlooking historic architecture.

Steps from the Valletta Ferry is one of the best luxury hotels on the island, where you can enjoy a rooftop spa + infinity pool with panoramic views of the city. Rooms are opulent and spacious, featuring ultra-comfortable beds and balconies with harbor views.

Other accommodation options in Sliema

A hotel room with a balcony offering a scenic view of the harbor with boats and a cityscape in the distance, framed by curtains.

This 4-star hotel has a rooftop swimming pool, is located on the Valletta waterfront promenade, and features stylish rooms

A minimalistic and modern hotel bedroom with a double bed, desk, and balcony access, featuring neutral colors.

Compact rooms with a charm and affordable price make this one of the best budget hotels in Sliema (and beyond)

A homely living room with a comfortable gray sectional sofa, patterned cushions, a wooden chest coffee table, and potted plants.

Lovely beach apartment on the 7th floor, Queen size beds, just steps from Sliema’s center

Things to do in Sliema

  • Stroll down Sliema’s art-filled streets
  • Go on a cruise around Malta’s harbors
  • Have the best Lebanese food at BeirutBei
  • Visit Malta’s prehistoric monuments
  • Take a wine tour around the island
  • Shop at The Point Mall, Malta’s top shopping destination
  • Explore the Crystal Lagoon and other natural sights on a boat

4. Gzira – best place to stay in Valletta for a local vibe

A quiet street in Gzira, Malta, showcasing a contrast between the traditional limestone facade of an old corner building and the modern apartment complexes, with parked cars and empty benches on the sidewalk.

Gzira is your go-to destination to experience the local island vibe. It’s a residential area that sits between Valletta and Sliema and has traces of commercial districts. If you’re looking for a more secluded stay but wish to remain close to where the action is, look no further than Gzira.

You can walk along the promenade or sip drinks from the numerous cafés, restaurants, and bars located all over the place.

When staying in Gzira, you can easily get to Valletta, Sliema, and any other part of Malta. This is why I highly recommend this tiny town with really original features and sights, like the Manoel Island!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Valletta: a rooftop jacuzzi with city views, a contemporary bedroom with a cityscape backdrop, and a stylish waiting area featuring a world map on wood paneling.

Stay at Grands Suites Hotel Residence for a 4-star-rated comfort with spacious suites, an outdoor pool, free private parking, a restaurant, and a fitness center. The hotel also has a gourmet breakfast (buffet, English, or continental). Book early to get their suites with a sea view and balcony!

Other accommodation options in Gzira

A hotel balcony dining area set for two, with a view of urban buildings under a clear sky.

Modern, compact apartments with air conditioning and a tiny terrace overlooking the city; clean rooms and responsive owners

A spacious hotel buffet area with a long counter, modern pendant lights, and several dining tables in a softly lit room.

A boutique hotel with compact rooms with free Wi-Fi, large and comfortable beds, and a complimentary breakfast

A bright hotel bedroom with a large bed adorned with light gray bedding, bedside lamps, and a balcony in the background.

Cozy apartment ideal for a quiet stay, conveniently located within walking distance of everything; modern furniture, suitable for remote workers

Things to do in Gzira

  • Visit the nearby Manoel Island
  • Have a quick lunch at Munchy Moose
  • Go on a full-day customizable tour around Malta
  • Attend a Maltese traditional dinner and folklore show (a must!)

5. The Three Cities – where to stay in Valletta for seclusion

Aerial view of the Grand Harbour in Valletta, Malta at dusk, with the historic Fort Saint Angelo and densely packed buildings along the coastline, and numerous boats and yachts dotting the tranquil harbor waters.

If you climb the Upper Barracca Gardens, you can overlook the Three Cities and their stunning fortresses. Many visitors oversee this place when choosing where to stay in Malta. Luckily, I’m here to tell you that the Three Cities is a great neighborhood to stay in if you value seclusion precisely because it’s less crowded than other places on the island.

The Three Cities include Birgu, Sanglea, and Cospicua. These cities have shaped Malta’s history, and some are even older than Valletta itself!

In Three Cities, you’ll be tucked away in quaint alleys but still remain near the capital and vibrant cafés and restaurants.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Valletta: an earth-toned bedroom with unique ceiling architecture, a bright living space with balcony access overlooking the city, and an infinity pool with historic city wall views.

This 5-star sanctuary has lavishly decorated spacious suites with a harbor view. You can choose from suites with a terrace, sea view, or a presidential suite. There is also an outdoor swimming pool and a fabulous breakfast.

Other accommodation options in The Three Cities

A luxurious hotel rooftop lounge area with plush white seating and striped cushions, set on green artificial turf with historic buildings in the background.

Rooms with antique furnishings for the perfect historic Valletta experience; there’s an outdoor pool and a sun terrace

A simple yet elegant hotel room with a large bed, light blue and white decor, and a small dining table with a single rose in a vase.

Neat studio with tiled floors and a fully-equipped kitchen with family rooms for kids of all ages

A cozy living room with a modern pop art Marilyn Monroe portrait, a curved sofa with mixed pattern cushions, and vintage tennis rackets on the wall.

Charming suite with warm colors with a kitchen, Wi-Fi, and free parking on the street

Things to do in The Three Cities

  • Go on a full-day tour of Malta’s natural + cultural wonders
  • Get lost in the Gardjola Gardens in Senglea
  • Explore Birgu, offering a blend of tradition and modernity
  • Visit the Maritime Museum in Birgu
👑 Luxury price:€350
💵 Mid-range:€200
🛏️ Budget:€150
📍 Best area:City Center
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:The Phoenicia Malta
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:The Cumberland Hotel
👛 Best budget hotel:Grand Harbour Hotel

FAQs about hotels in Valletta

A cat walks down the weathered limestone steps of a narrow street in Valletta, Malta, flanked by traditional Maltese balconies and doorways in an array of warm colors.

🤨 Which part of Valletta to stay?

The historic city center is the best place to stay for first-time visitors, history buffs, and those with a larger budget. Osborne Hotel is an excellent accommodation I recommend in the historic city center. 

❓ Is it better to stay in Valletta or Sliema?

It depends. Valletta is more expensive but closer to the main attractions. Sliema has cheaper accommodation. Valletta also has more luxury hotels and is ideally located for learning about local history. 

🚶 Is Valletta a walkable city?

Absolutely! Walking is the only way to visit the city’s historic part, starting from the City Gate. You can enjoy contemporary comfort in a historic setting. I particularly recommend The Saint John Hotel for its excellent location.

📅 How many days are enough in Valletta?

3 days are enough when visiting Valletta to take in all the beauty and sights without flexing yourself too much.

🇲🇹 Where should I stay in Malta for the first time?

Valletta! You get to explore the island’s capital city and its beating heart. Take day trips for a more insightful experience. The Cumberland Hotel is an affordable accommodation I recommend in Valletta.


Sunset view of Valletta's skyline, featuring the iconic St. Paul's Cathedral dome and the city's ancient sandstone buildings, with the serene Mediterranean Sea in the foreground.

Dear reader, get ready to embrace the Mediterranean vibe and visit Valletta, the very heart of Malta! My main goal for this article was to share the best areas where to stay in Valletta, whether you’re coming for the history, natural sights, or nightlife.

If you’re still not sure which hotel to book, I’ll share 2 of my favorite Valletta hotels:

  • The Phoenicia Malta – exceptional service, cozy rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and charming gardens make this one of the best hotels in Valletta.
  • Grand Harbour Hotel – perfect location, free Wi-Fi, and continental-style breakfast, all ideal for a young explorer in town.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of where to stay in Malta, Valletta. Remember to book your stay in advance, and don’t forget to drop a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions!

Safe travels,


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