Where to Stay in Tromso: 6 Unique Areas + Top Hotels

a view of a city with a bridge and mountains in the background

The Northern Lights, stunning fjords, and unmissable adventures! Norway has it all! And if you’re headed to Tromso, Norway, then stop for a minute and have a look at this extremely helpful guide on where to stay in Tromso!

Downtown Tromso is the best area to stay in Northern Norway! It’s filled with lots of attractions and some of the best hotels! Better not leave yet! Because I have 5 more incredible areas in and around the city which are great for budget travelers, outdoor activities, beach lovers, adventures, and for the unique views; Tromsdalen, Kvaloya, Sommaroy, Senja Island, and Lyngen. 

In each section, you’ll find the best hotels in Tromso that are centrally located and some fun things to do!

I would recommend booking your hotels in advance as lots of tourists come here for the Northern Lights and to explore the city!

Ready to get started!

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Quick Picks for Your Stay

Don’t worry if you can’t read the whole post! I’ve made this short list of the best popular hotels to stay in Tromso Downtown and Tromsdalen just for you:

Check out the map below, which will help you visualize all there areas where to stay in Tromso, Norway, that I’ll talk about in this post: 

where to stay in tromso map
  1. Downtown Tromso: for first-timers
  2. Tromsdalen: for budget
  3. Kvaloya: for outdoor activities 
  4. Sommaroy: for beach lovers
  5. Senja Island: for adventures
  6. Lyngen: for the unique views

1. Downtown Tromso – where to stay for the first time

a yellow and blue church with a clock tower

The perfect place for those who are on their first visit to Tromso, Northern Norway!

Not only will you find an abundance of waterfront hotels here, which I’ll talk about in a second, but this is also where you’ll find the Tromso Harbor, where all the ships are.

I think this is a great location for tourists as you’ll find plenty of attractions like the Troll Museum, the Tromso Cathedral, and many others!

I’m sure that you’ll also want to take some day tours on your holiday and usually most of them leave from here! I would definitely check out the whale watching tours, fjord cruise, and the Northern Lights tours!

Filled with restaurants and bars that are just within walking distance of your accommodation and unique architecture that you can admire while exploring the streets, Downtown Tromso, Norway, sounds like the best place to stay while in town!

Now let’s find you some hotel rooms!

Luxury hotel
collage with a bedroom, restaurant and hotel's building at night

With an excellent location in the downtown area, this modern hotel offers a sky bar and a rooftop terrace where you can admire the city’s views. Most rooms come with some great views too, and all of them have a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi.

Other accommodation options in downtown Tromso

hotel's bedroom with a couch, table and dining table with chairs

A great hotel with a central location, modern rooms with cool furnishings, an indoor pool, and great sea views

hotel's bedroom with a bed, desk and sitting area

This affordable city centre hotel is super cozy, and it has simple rooms with a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi

a small house

Feel like a local in this lovely house that has rooms for 4 guests, a kitchen, and a private backyard

Radisson Blu Hotel – Here’s one more amazing option in Tromso Center that has good value, comfortable rooms with mountain views, a restaurant, and a bar.

Things to do in downtown Tromso

2. Tromsdalen – best place to stay in Tromso for budget

a cable car going up the side of a mountain and a city and water in the background

Looking for some hotels that are a bit cheaper in Tromso, Norway? Then check out this area, which is accessible from the city center by the Tromso Bridge.

What’s great about this area is that it’s close to the city center, so you can always head there to explore the Tromso Harbor area and visit the attractions.

But definitely make sure you have a look around Tromsdalen as well, as this neighborhood is the home of the famous Arctic Cathedral, which looks incredible, and many other attractions.

The area is pretty big, so you’ll also get a wide range of restaurants, bars, and hotels, obviously! And don’t forget you can always take some fun day trips around the surrounding mountains!

Luxury hotel
a collage of photos of a bedroom, living room, and footpath surrounded by trees leading to the water

Feel at home in this beautiful villa with multiple rooms, lots of space, and all the amenities you need, including barbecue facilities! Enjoy your free coffee and a delicious breakfast on the balcony while admiring the sea views, and then get ready to explore the city!

Other accommodation options in Tromsdalen

sitting area on a terrace

An affordable place within walking distance of the Cathedral that has 3 rooms, a balcony, and free parking

living room featuring the couch and table next to a large window

This 1-bedroom comfy apartment has free parking and Wi-Fi, sea, and garden views

hotel's bedroom with bed, couch, table and tv

You’re going to love this really modern place that comes with a kitchen and free parking 

Things to do in Tromsdalen

3. Kvaloya – where to stay in Tromso for outdoor activities

a man standing on top of a mountain next to a lake

Connected to Tromso by the Sandnessundbrua bridge, this amazing and very peaceful island (whose name translates to Whale Island) is where most of the outdoor activities that you’ll sign up for take place, like the dog sledding or reindeer sledding tours.

You’ll probably find most of the accommodations in Kvaløysletta, a small urban town, and in Ersfjordbotn as well, but most of them have a remote location, so if you love that, then definitely check out the hotels here.

I would recommend this area for people who want to skip the urban adventures and just stick to some fun tours in the great outdoors. But it’s possible to do both even if you stay on Kvaloya island as there’s only a bridge that separates it from the city center.

Another reason why many tourists want to stay on this island is because they can see the beautiful Northern Lights from here. That’s because there’s a lot of wilderness, and you can easily move away from the usual urban lights.

Luxury hotel
collage with a living room and a dining table and an outdoor image with a view of the aurora borealis

Set on a private beach area, this stunning accommodation offers some incredible sea views, onsite parking, and comfortable rooms with a balcony. After a day of dog sledding and exploring remote beaches, relax in the spa bath or sauna!

Other accommodation options in Kvaloya

hotel's bedroom featuring the bed

A nice hotel where you can enjoy yummy food made with organic ingredients and some great spa services

dining room with table and chairs

This homie place on the island offers comfy rooms with a shared bathroom and a breakfast

fishing cabin by the lake

Enjoy the mountain and ocean views at this cozy cabin that has a kitchen and a backyard

Things to do in Kvaloya

  • Explore the Storelva Skistadion Park
  • See the Northern Lights show at night
  • Go on an Arctic Fjord cruise
  • Visit the Kvaløysletta Shoreline Park

4. Sommaroy – where to stay in Tromso for beach lovers

a view of a town with mountains in the background

I know I said Kvaloya Island is pretty remote, but this island may give the first one a good run for its money! Set a bit further away from the town center (around 1h away), Sommaroy is also known as the summer island!

That’s because it’s usually the warmest area around the city, where a lot of locals go to chill on its beaches!

I think this is a great spot for those of you who are thinking of renting a car, as it’s pretty far from all the central attractions.

Just like Kvaloya Island, this place is great for tourists who want to spend more time in nature! As I mentioned, it has lots of beaches and large parks that you can explore!

One thing about Summer Island is that it doesn’t have many hotels, so it’s important to book yours fast if you want to stay here.

Luxury hotel
a collage of photos of a hotel, a bedroom and restaurant

Literally set in the middle of nowhere, this stunning accommodation offers incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean! The hotel also has a private beach area, a restaurant on-site, and it offers free parking.

Other accommodation options in Sommaroy

lounge with a couch and table next to large windows

Admire the Northern Lights at night from this great place that comes with a terrace, a garden, and free Wi-Fi

tent on a snowy field on a night with aurora borealis on the sky

A great Tromso accommodation for campers that offers great mountain views

a hotel's bedroom featuring the bed

A well-equipped apartment set in a tranquil area that has beach access, a balcony, and a parking space

Things to do in Sommaroy

  • Find some colorful stones on the beaches
  • Go fishing at Skagøysund AS
  • Visit the Steinsvik Archeological Site
  • Enjoy the views at Krinta Beach
  • Grab a bite at Anne-Grete Jensen

5. Senja Island – where to stay for adventure seekers

a small town by the lake and with a mountain in the background

Although not part of the Tromso region, this island is super frequented by people who come to visit Tromso. Some even decide to skip the city altogether and stay here.

That’s why I wanted to include it in this post, too. Senja Island is located about 180 km (110 miles) away from Tromso, but there is a fast boat from the city that can take you there in around 75 min.

Senja Island is just as breathtaking as the other islands I mentioned above. Its natural beauty, the mountains, the authentic fishing villages, and the fjords will make you fall in love with this place.

This is definitely one of those tourist destinations that adventurous people will absolutely love, as there are many hiking opportunities and fjord cruises that you can embark on!

Definitely worth the trip from Tromso town center!

Luxury hotel
a collage of photos of a bedroom, living and dining room, and hotel's view over the harbour

Set in the beautiful Mefjordvær fishing village, this accommodation offers some stunning views! All the apartments and cottages have a kitchen, a seating area, and a private bathroom. There’s a restaurant on-site and lots of fun activities to do nearby!

Other accommodation options on Senja Island

hotel's building at night with aurora borealis on the sky

Set in the Torsken village, this hotel offers double rooms, bikes to explore the area, and a restaurant

backyard featuring the barbeque

If you prefer cheap hotels, then this one is great as it has rooms with a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi

lounge area with glass walls at sunset

Admire the midnight sun from the living room of this cabin that offers beach access, a kitchen, and mountain views

Things to do on Senja Island

6. Lyngen – where to stay in Tromso for unique views

a group of boats that are sitting in the water and snowy mountains in the background

Let’s wrap up this post with the best places to stay in Tromso and around the city with this stunning place!

Lyngen is an area that’s set around a 1h and 30 min drive away from Tromso town center (you can also take a ferry there, and you’ll spend around the same time on the road).

This place is filled with stunning attractions and plenty of fun things to do, like ice climbing, glacier trekking, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking!

Yep, it’s absolute heaven for those of you who want to try as many activities as possible. Of course, you can also come here to lay low and just admire the area’s beauty.

There are some stunning views around this area, and of course, you can see the Northern Light while you’re here!

Luxury hotel
collage with a bedroom, living room and a couple of people that are in a hot tub

Relax in the outdoor hot tub of this great hotel that has such cool decor! The lodge offers spacious rooms with a comfy bed, yummy breakfast in the morning, and lots of fun activities like fishing.

Other accommodation options in Lyngen

lounge area next to a huge window overlooking the water and snowy mountains

Admire the Northern Lights from this modern cabin that has an outdoor hot tub and a kitchen

a couple of parked campervans on a field in front of a lake and snowy mountains

An affordable place to stay that offers small cabins equipped with all facilities like a kitchen

a cabin's living room with couch and table

This cabin is perfect for a family as it has lots of space, ski-in and ski-out facilities, and a garden 

Things to do in Lyngen

  • Go hiking in the Lyngentrappa area
  • Admire the stunning views
  • Try mountain biking
  • Hit the slopes with your friends
📍 Best area:Downtown Tromso
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:The Arctic Villa in Tromso
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Enter St. Elisabeth Suites
👛 Best budget hotel:Ami Hotel

FAQs about where to stay in Tromso

a red and white boat docked in a harbor with colorful houses in the background

📅 How many days should you stay in Tromso?

I would recommend spending between 4 to 5 days in Tromso, that way you can visit the city center, and take plenty of tours and day trips!

💚 Which is the best area in Tromso to see the Northern Lights?

Kvaloya is one of the top areas in Tromso to see the Northern Lights. There are also lots of fun activities here, like dog sledding!

✨ When to visit Tromso to see the Northern Lights?

Definitely visit Tromso between September to April if you want to see the famous Northern Lights.

🌆 Which is the best area to stay in, Tromso, Norway?

Downtown Tromso is one of the best places to stay in Tromso as you can find many attractions, great hotels like Enter St. Elisabeth Suites, and many day trips.


a hot air balloon flying over a snow covered field and aurora borealis in the sky

What a beautiful city

I do hope that this post helped you decide where to stay in Tromso and which Tromso accommodation to book for your trip!

As I mentioned earlier, I recommend booking your Tromso hotels in advance! This city is so popular, especially around the time when you can see the Northern Lights (from September to April).

Since we’re on the hotel’s chapter, I thought I’d end this post by giving you my 2 favorite Tromso hotels! All of them are amazing but these 2 look really cool:

  • The Arctic Villa in Tromso – A super cozy villa with lots of space not too far from Tromso City Center that has a balcony and a kitchen.
  • Enter St. Elisabeth Suites – One of the best Tromso hotels that have such a cool design and offers great sea and city views.

There you have it, some of the best Tromsø accommodation options!

Have a wonderful trip there, and definitely drop me a comment below if you’ve got any questions about the other hotels or areas! I’ll be happy to help you!

Safe travels,


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