Where to Stay in Mexico City in 2024 ✔️ 8 Top Areas & Hotels

A mexican flag is flying over a main square in mexico city.

Looking for where to stay in Mexico City? Fantastic!

Mexico city is one of the biggest cities in the world and navigating it as a tourist can be quite a task to be honest! I have visited the city a couple of times and I absolutely love it!

You should read this post because I’ve compared all the best neighborhoods and hotels in Mexico city for tourists, and gathered the best 8 areas (Colonias as they are called here) in the city!

I hand-picked only the hotels with top reviews and sorted them out by price, so planning your trip will be easy breezy!

In short, La Condesa is the best area for first-timers, since you’ll have everything you need steps away from your door. 

Please note that if you want to get good hotel deals and stay in the accommodation of your dreams, you have to book in advance!

Quick Picks for Your Stay…

Here are the best hotels located in La Condesa, the best area for first-timers:

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Here’s a Mexico City districts map that clearly depicts where to stay in the city:

Map of best places to stay in Mexico City
  1. Where to stay in Mexico City for first-timersLa Condesa
  2. Best neighborhood for nightlifeRoma
  3. Best area to stay for budget travelersCentro Historico
  4. Best place to stay for luxury hotelsPolanco
  5. The trendiest areaZona Rosa and Juarez
  6. Best area for familiesCoyoacán
  7. Where to stay for shoppingSanta Fe
  8. Best area for foodiesSan Rafael

1. La Condesa – where to stay for first-timers

People walking down a city street in the center of Mexico City

La Condesa in Mexico City is a fashionable and hip neighborhood known for its architecture, trendy boutiques and vibrant nightlife.

The area is close to the center and it is great for leisurely strolls in its beautiful parks, like Parque México and Parque España, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists for its lively yet laid-back atmosphere.

La Condesa is also next to a huge Chapultepec Park (about a 20 min walk). This immense city park has a lot of museums and landmarks, including the stunning Chapultepec Castle.

La Condesa is also called Hippodromo sometimes because it used to have a popular horse racing track back in the early 20th century.

This area is loved and chosen by the local youth as their home. It has a lot of music venues, art galleries and vibrant nightlife, so it’s perfect for first-timers (and it is one of the safest areas in the city!). 

Please note that this is also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in town, so if you want to score a good accommodation there, make sure to book in advance!

A collage of three photos of hotels to stay in La Condesa Mexico City: hotel bedroom, hotel room balcony, and hotel lounge area

Luxury (US$160 and up)

  • Casa Luciana Condesa – stay in a trendy and luxurious hotel! Relax like no other in its spa center. And enjoy a free breakfast every morning. Select rooms come with bathtubs.
  • Casa 9 – beautiful property located in the heart of La Condesa. Enjoy a free breakfast in the morning before discovering the city. Rooms are delightfully decorated and come with a balcony.

Mid-Range (from US$100 to US$160)

  • Casa Nuevo Leon – stay steps away from bars and restaurants! This bright and modern hotel comes with 3 onsite restaurants. Select rooms come with city views.
  • Casa Condesa Michoacan – located only 15 minutes walk from Chapultepec Park! This trendy hotel offers beautiful rooms with air conditioning.

Budget (up to US$100)

  • Experience México City Condesa – stay in a modern hotel in Condesa! It offers private rooms with shared or private bathrooms. Select rooms come with their own kitchenette.
  • Stella Bed & Breakfast – this bed and breakfast is fabulous! It comes with a homey and artsy vibe! Some of the beautiful rooms come with a terrace. The property is located next to Parque México.

2. Roma – best area for nightlife

An old building with a restaurant on a corner in the area of Roma in Mexico City

Roma was once the neighborhood where the upper class used to live back in the day! Roma was founded in the 20th century by the political elite.

Roma is so close to La Condesa that sometimes it is considered to be the same neighborhood, but I decided to break it down to give you more accommodation options. 

Roma, in turn, is divided into 2 sub areas – Norte and Sur. Roma Norte is known for its eclectic mix of art galleries, indie boutiques and a vibrant dining scene. Roma Sur offers a more residential feel with a quieter atmosphere, yet still features charming cafes and local eateries. 

In this stunning district, you can visit the iconic Medellin Market and Mercado Roma, where you can buy fresh produce and try street food!

I stayed in both La Condesa and Roma and can highly recommend it!

A collage of three photos of hotels to stay in Roma, Mexico City: dining area, hotel room, and bathroom with tub

Luxury (US$150 and up)

  • Brick Hotel – this awesome property has everything you’ll need and more. It comes with modern rooms with balconies, free welcome drinks, and spa facilities. Located steps away from MODO.
  • Nima Local House – stunning and luxurious bed and breakfast featuring uniquely decorated rooms! Enjoy a delicious complimentary morning meal here!

Mid-Range (US$80 to US$150)

  • Hotel Marbella – located a 20-minute walk to Mercado de Medellin. This hotel offers an optional continental breakfast, and the onsite restaurant offers amazing Mexican food.
  • Capital Luxury Apartments – homey apartments in the middle of Rome. With restaurants and shops steps away from your door. Enjoy a great city view from your private balcony!

Budget (up to US$80)

  • Hostel Home – meet other travelers staying in shared rooms! Or enjoy your privacy in a private room. Either way, enjoy the communal kitchen and easy access to Rome’s attractions.
  • Cozy B&B Roma Norte – located steps away from Cuauhtémoc metro station. This property offers an old-world style and a cozy feel! Opt for a free breakfast every morning!

3. Centro Historico – best area for budget travelers

People are walking around a square with colorful buildings in Mexico City

The Centro Historico is the best place to stay if you are a history lover on a budget

Here, you can find most of the main historic buildings and landmarks, affordable restaurants and the best hostels in Mexico City!

El Zócalo is the city’s main square, and it is surrounded by iconic sights. There, you can stop by the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral (oldest and largest cathedral in Latin America!). 

Other fantastic attractions in this area are The Fine Arts Palace, The House of Tiles, and the National Art Museum.

3 Centro Mexico City BEST view to the Palacio de Bellas Artes

PRO TIP: If you want to see the BEST view to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Finca Don Porfirio coffee shop is the place. The entrance is through the Sears shopping mall, just go all the way up and you will see it. Bonus points if you can go there when the shopping mall is just open so there you have the view all to yourself! 

NOTE: I did not recommend Centro as the area number 1 to stay because, frankly, it can be a bit chaotic during the day and can get quite dodgy during the night. 

I personally stayed in Roma, Polanco and La Condesa before and would go sightseeing during the day to the historical center and I liked that arrangement the most!

A collage of three photos of hotels to stay in Centro Historico, Mexico City: hotel interior, bedroom, and hotel lounge area with a colorful mural

Luxury (US$120 and up)

  • Zocalo Hotel – perfect accommodation for those looking for hotels near El Zocalo, Mexico City. It comes with a rooftop and movie-like views. It comes with an on-site restaurant and a lot of other luxury facilities.
  • Gran Hotel Mexico City – this hotel is set in a beautiful historical building. It features a luxurious style, with 2 onsite restaurants offering local and international dishes. Located in Zocalo.

Mid-range (from US$70 – US$120)

  • Hotel Marlowe Centro Histórico – located in the heart of downtown Mexico City. This hotel offers everything you need: a great on-site restaurant, a fitness center, and a delicious breakfast!
  • Punto MX – stunning modern hotel located in the middle of the Centro Historico. It offers a delicious breakfast each morning. Select rooms come with views and spa baths.

Budget (up to US$70)

  • Barrio Downtown Mexico City Hostel – this trendy hostel is located in the middle of the historic centre! It offers private and shared rooms. And the perfect chance to make new friends!
  • Hostal Regina DownTown Mexico City – beautiful hostel in the bustle of Mexico Center! Enjoy the complimentary breakfast each morning, and relax in a private or shared room.

4. Polanco – for the most luxurious accommodation

A futuristic building in the middle of Polanco area in Mexico City

Polanco, particularly along Avenida Presidente Masaryk, is often compared to Beverly Hills. And for a good reason – this district is filled with high-end shopping malls and fine dining surrounded by beautiful architecture and parks!

If you want to buy nice clothes from luxury brands, I suggest you visit El Palacio de Hierro, an awesome department store!

I highly suggest you go to Museo Soumaya. This art museum exhibits more than 60,000 art pieces from the last 30 centuries! A must see! (Plus, it’s free!)

Soumaya Museum was built in 2011 and has 6 gallery floors! It is one of the most stunning pieces of architecture in Polanco!

Another great museum in the area is Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo at Chapultepec Park. With stunning art and photography collections!

Last but not least, this area is one of the safest in the city so it is perfect for families!

A collage of three photos of hotels to stay in Polanco, Mexico City: hotel bedroom, outdoor pool, and courtyard with tables and chairs

Luxury (US$180 and up)

  • Hotel W Mexico City – spoil yourself by staying at W Hotel in the heart of Polanco. It comes with all the amenities you need for a deluxe stay. Including a spa center and room service!
  • Camino Real Hotel – this property looks gorgeous! It combines modern architecture and classy service. The outdoor pool looks like a dream. It is steps away from Estadio Rafael Osuna. 

Mid-range (US$100 – US$180)

  • Grand Polanco Residencial – oh la la! Nothing to envy about luxury hotels! It comes with a shared terrace and spacious rooms. Located in the heart of Polanco.
  • Lamartine 619 – stay in a modern apartment with a private kitchen in the middle of Polanco. The property comes with a 24-hour front desk and fitness center.

Budget (up to US$100)

  • Penthouse Polanco – incredible open-concept rooms with sweeping views! This property offers rooms with shared and private bathrooms. Located near Museo Soumaya.
  • Casa Castillo – modern and cozy hotel! It offers rooms and apartments for big groups. It is located steps away from Museo Tamayo.

5. Juarez (Zona Rosa) – the trendiest place to stay

People walking on a sidewalk in the area of Juarez, Zona Rosa, Mexico City

Juarez in Mexico City is becoming popular, similar to Roma and Condesa, with a mix of old and new styles. Its Zona Rosa area, named after its pink street tiles, is known for lively nightlife and being very LGBTQ+ friendly. 

If you visit Mexico City in June, you will be able to join the Pride Parades!

But this area has so much more than fun to offer. It is also home to many museums and gourmet restaurants. For travelers, some of the coolest hotels, too!

In this area, you can find the fun Chocolate Museum for a sweet day out!

For a fun night out and live music, I highly recommend you go to Santa Leyenda. The vibe is super laid-back and trendy!

Last but not least, something very cool about Juárez is that it is next to Roma, Colonia, and Park Chapultepec. Great location, great vibes!

A collage of three photos of hotels to stay in Juarez, Mexico City: hotel exterior, hotel bedroom, and hotel lounge area

Luxury (US$130 and up)

  • Hotel Clé – this hotel is located right in the heart of Juárez. Spend the night bar hopping, and relax at the onsite spa the next day!
  • Four Seasons Hotel – what splendor! This stunning hotel is next to all the cool bars in the area and Park Chapultepec. Relax next to the outdoor pool with a drink in hand after discovering the city!

Mid-range (US$80 – US$130)

  • Suites PF – great 4-star hotel! Located steps away from Juarez and Roma fun! It awaits with a very good on-site restaurant, free Wi-Fi, and high-quality service!
  • Hotel Geneve Mexico City – I am obsessed with this old-world-style hotel! It is located in the middle of Juárez, with all the bars and restaurants steps away. The rooms are spacious and elegant.

Budget (up to US$80)

  • Capsule Hostel – cute hostel is set in an old building! It offers private rooms and shared rooms in the heart of Juáez. It comes with an onsite restaurant!
  • Suites Havre – this hotel comes with everything you need for a comfy stay in the heart of Juárez. It offers accommodation with private kitchens and rooms for up to 4 guests.

6. Coyoacán – where to stay in Mexico City with family

A blue building with people walking in front of it, Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico-City

For a more laid-back, artistic atmosphere head to Coyoacán. It is a charming, bohemian neighborhood, known for its colonial-era mansions and vibrant art scene. 

Coyoacán is known for the Frida Kahlo Museum in her old house and the busy Mercado de Coyoacán with traditional Mexican food.

Coyoacán is one of the safest districts in Mexico City. If you walk around the main square and the streets nearby, you will see it has a lot of nice bars and restaurants, and is quieter than La Condesa and Roma! 

I think families will love this area for its tranquility and beautiful parks but it is also great for creatives and artists. 

“Coyoacán” means “place of coyotes,” and the name comes from the coyote fountain that you can find in the main square of this area.

Please note that this district is located a 20-minute drive from the Historic Center and areas like La Condesa. Although you can have a lot of fun without leaving Coyoacán! 

If you love football, you can also visit the Estadio Azteca, one of the most iconic football stadiums in the world. 

A collage of three photos of hotels to stay in Coyoacan Mexico City: hotel bedroom, outdoor seating area, and an armchair with a lamp

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Casa Jacinta Guest House – feel at home in this beautiful guest house. Featuring a garden with a sun terrace with views. Select family rooms come with a private patio. Located near Viveros de Coyoacán.
  • H21 Hospedaje Boutique – this stunning park is steps away from Centenario Park. The hotel offers big studios with kitchens for up to 4 guests!

Mid-range (US$60 – US$100)

  • Finca Coyoacán – this amazing guesthouse is located within walking distance of Frida Kahlo Museum. The property is ideal for small families with children 8 years old and up!
  • Casa Real Coyoacán – stay in a unique hotel with a traditional and cozy style! It offers family rooms with tasteful decor. It is located in the heart of Coyoacán. 

Budget (up to US$60)

  • Coyoacan City Lofts – this beautiful property offers modern and trendy accommodation. The family rooms have access to a beautiful garden. It is steps away from the Kahlo Museum.
  • Casa Hidalgo – located in the heart of Coyacán, this beautiful property offers family rooms with a kitchenette. I recommend families book rooms with private bathrooms.

7. Santa Fe – the best area in Mexico City for shopping/business

An aerial view of a city with many tall buildings.

Santa Fe is a newer business district. It is full of luxurious buildings, skyscrapers, and is home to big corporations and shopping malls.

This neighborhood is ideal for those looking to shop for high-end brands, have nice meals in restaurants, or for business travelers looking for comfort.

If, during your stay, you want to see iconic landmarks, the Historic Center is about a 30-minute car drive away.

FUN FACT: Santa Fe has the largest shopping mall in Mexico!

One of the main attractions in the area is Santa Fe Center, which has more than 400 retail stores. 

Santa Fe is extremely popular with expats, so you’ll find plenty of people from all walks of life here!

A collage of three photos of hotels to stay in Santa Fe, Mexico City: hotel bedroom, hotel exterior, and rooftop pool with lounge chairs

Luxury (US$130 and up)

  • Hilton Mexico City Santa Fe – feel like a royal sipping drinks by the rooftop pool! It is located steps away from all the malls in the area. The rooms come with scenic views!
  • JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City Santa Fe – stay in a luxurious hotel with a homey feel! This property is located in the heart of Santa Fe. Relax in the onsite sauna after a day of exploring.

Mid-range (US$80 – US$130)

  • NH Collection Santa Fe – this modern hotel offers everything you need for a great stay and more! Have a meal with a view at the onsite restaurant after shopping at the nearby malls.
  • Stadia Suites Santa Fe – within walking distance of many shopping areas and restaurants. The rooms are just gorgeous! I recommend the suite for stunning views and your own kitchen!

Budget (up to US$80)

  • Sleep Inn Ciudad de Mexico – stay in a stylish and trendy hotel! This budget property is a short drive away from Santa Fe Center. Rooms are spacious and feature city views.
  • Hausuites – located a 15-minute walk away from shops and restaurants. This hotel offers cozy suites and apartments with a kitchen. Start the day with a free breakfast before heading out!

8. San Rafael – best place to stay for foodies

A pink taxi parked in front of a monument in Mexico City

San Rafael is another quiet area. It is located next to the historic center, minus all the crowds. It is about 15 minutes from the Center and ~30 min from Condesa by public transportation, not too bad!

This district is, in fact, residential which is ideal for those looking for a local feel, as well as sampling the local cuisine!

San Rafael was known as the “Broadway of Mexico” back in the day, and is known as one of the most important theater districts in the city!

The district is home to the iconic San Rafael Theatre and the stunning Art Gallery Hilario Galguera.

A collage of three photos of hotels to stay in San Rafael, Mexico City: hotel bedroom, rooftop balcony with view, and lounge area

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Mathias Luxury Plus – located right next to Parque Olof Palme and steps away from San Rafael. This hotel offers luxurious rooms, with deluxe amenities and marble bathrooms.
  • Casa Pani – this hotel offers beautiful, stylish rooms steps away from the heart of San Rafael. The property is stunning and offers a free breakfast.

Mid-range (US$50 – US$100)

  • El Patio 77 B&B – this property looks like a poem. It is located a minute away from the San Cosme metro station. This hotel is the perfect place to relax after wandering around the neighborhood.
  • Hotel Astor – stay in a simple and classic hotel in the middle of San Rafael and MUFO. It comes with an onsite restaurant. Select rooms come with a spa bath!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Casa Mazonce – this cute hotel is set in a historic building. It offers private rooms with shared bathrooms. The property is located next to Jardin del Arte Sullivan.
  • Casa Tigris – feel at home in Casa Tigris! Located a few minutes away from the heart of San Rafael. This property comes with private bedrooms and a shared kitchen and bathrooms.
👑 Luxury price:US$300
💵 Mid-range:US$150
🛏️ Budget:US$100
📍 Best neighborhood:Reforma
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Casa Luciana Condesa
🧳 Mid-range hotel:Casa Condesa Michoacan
👛 Best budget hotel:Stella Bed & Breakfast

BONUS 1: Best apartments in Mexico City

A statue of an angel in Mexico City with a street with tall buildings in the background

If you rather stay in an apartment and feel at home with extra privacy, I got your back!

The apartments mentioned in this section round from US$250 to US$180 per night.

  • The Wild Oscar – beautiful and stylish suites with a kitchenette in the heart of Polanco. I highly recommend the suite with a terrace to enhance the stay. The hotel comes with a coworking space!
  • Casa Moctezuma – located in Coyoácan, just steps away from Frida Kahlo Museum. This property offers apartments with an exquisite style! Every day, enjoy breakfast on the outdoor terrace.
  • UTOPIC Roma Norte – stay in a stunning apartment in Roma Norte. The hotel offers apartments with up to 3 rooms. Have a coffee or a drink at the hotel’s rooftop with views.

BONUS 2: Best hotels close to the airport

A group of cars driving towards the Mexico City airport building with a flag.

Looking for a hotel for a long layover before catching a flight? Great!

The prices per night for these hotels go from US$100 to US$160.

  • Courtyard by Marriott Mexico City Airport – modern hotel offering free shuttle to the airport. It comes with a fitness center and 2 onsite restaurants. Have a free breakfast before catching your plane!
  • Izzzleep Aeropuerto Terminal 1 – feel like an astronaut during your stay! This unique hotel offers futuristic capsules instead of rooms! It is located INSIDE the airport, making it super convenient.
  • Private Penthouse – feel at home and relax like no other staying in a private penthouse. It is located a few minutes away from Terminal 1. The property can host 6 guests.

BONUS 3: where NOT to stay in Mexico City

A city street with a lot of cars and buses.

Let’s talk about safety in Mexico City. All the areas I mentioned in this article are safe (as everywhere in the world, you still need to use commonsense and not walk around alone at night etc). As you know, Mexico City is massive, so you have to take precautions as you would in any city.

Some of the areas I mention below are only streets away from safe areas, so be careful when wandering around the city.

  • Tepito 
    You should be careful wandering away from the Historic Center. As Tepito is right next to it! Tepito is known to be one of the most dangerous areas in the city of Mexico, even for locals. Things here can escalate quickly!
  • La Merced Market
    This area is also next to the Historic Center, so be careful not to end up there. This is the area where most fresh products arrive first. This area is super busy and crowded, and if you don’t know how to navigate it or when it is dark, you might get mugged. 
  • Doctores
    Doctores is next to Roma and the Center, so once again, keep this in mind on your trip. This is the area where the ¨Lucha Libre¨ happens! During the day, the situation is fine. But at night, it gets rough, so avoid this area. 
  • Iztapalapa
    Iztapalapa is in the south of Mexico City and is known to be one of the most dangerous areas. Statistics show that the crime rate is high here, and it is especially unsafe for women. Stay safe and out of this area!
  • Ciudad Neza
    Ciudad Neza is known to be a city slum and quite dangerous for visitors. It is not a touristy area, so stay out of trouble, and visit any of the 9 Mexico City neighborhoods I mentioned at the beginning of the article! 

Last but not least, even though this area will probably be not in your radar, as a “notable” mention, I suggest avoiding Ecatepec de Morelos – statistically, over 90% of the residents there feel unsafe themselves.

FAQs about where to stay in Mexico City

An aerial view of the city of mexico.

🤔 Which is the best area to stay in Mexico City?

The best place to stay in Mexico City, especially for first-time visitors, is La Reforma, a popular tourist area and attraction. 

🕵️‍♀️ What are the safest areas in Mexico City?

The safest areas in Mexico City are Polanco, La Condesa, Roma, Coyoácan, and Juárez. La Reforma is also great; it is a busy avenue with nice shops.

🍷 Where to stay in Mexico City for nightlife?

The best place to stay in Mexico City if you want to enjoy some good nightlife is La Condesa! Roma and Juárez are next in line!

💰 Where to stay in Mexico City on a budget?

The best area to stay in Mexico City on a budget is the historic center, the downtown area. 

👪 Which area is better between Polanco VS Condesa for a family stay in Mexico City?

Polanco is a great choice for families due to its upscale vibe, family-friendly attractions like Chapultepec Park, and a range of kid-friendly restaurants. Although Condesa is a great area for families as well!

❌ Which are the most dangerous parts of Mexico City for tourists?

Travelers should exercise caution in dangerous neighborhoods like Tepito, Iztapalapa, and Doctores, which are known for higher crime rates and safety concerns.

💑 What are the best Mexico City Suburbs for couples?

Tepoztlán and Valle de Bravo are delightful Mexico City suburbs, offering tranquil surroundings and charming accommodations.

🚶 Is Mexico City walkable?

Well, it depends! If you are staying in Roma and walking to La Condesa and Juárez, it is completely okay. But it is not advisable to walk long distances, since some areas in the city are gritty.

🚕 Is Uber available in Mexico City?

Yes! It is available, and it is a good idea to take an Uber instead of walking at late hours of the night or to travel long distances. Usually, uber is pretty cheap for travelers.


Yulia Saf, the author, sitting on a bean bag in front of Mexico-City view.

That is all for today, amogos Those were the best neighborhoods and hotels for your trip, so you know where to stay in Mexico City! Plus, some apartment choices in the city and recommendations of where not to stay in Mexico City.

Honestly, all the hotels in this article are fantastic, but if I had to choose, these are my favorites:

  • Brick Hotel – love the hotel style and the fact that it is in artsy Roma!
  • Casa Luciana – the hotel is beautiful, comes with a spa center, and is in La Condesa!

These hotels are super popular, so it is best to book in advance to get Mexico City vacation packages and deals!

Let me know in the comments if you need any help!

Have a lovely trip,


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