Where to stay in Mexico City → Your Ultimate Guide to Best Hotels and Neighborhoods

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Mexico City (CDMX), the capital city of Mexico, is an incredible city and a great destination for everyone who wants to indulge in yummy Mexican food, museums, culture, modern architecture, art, colorful streets and other exciting activities!

First of all, I have to mention that the city is pretty big and it has over 21 million people inside it.

Did you know that Mexico City is actually the 7th most populated city in the entire world?

This cool (and kind of underrated, if you ask me) town has something to offer for each type of traveler. You can visit it and see a totally different part of the town each time, which means you’ll never get bored!

But this can also mean something else as well – there are SO many different areas and neighborhoods and choices for where to stay in Mexico City, that you just keep wondering – how will you be able to choose the BEST one for your vacation? This is quite an exhausting task, especially for first-timers.

where is mexico city

No worries, this is where I come to the rescue! I did my research for you and I have found no less than 9 awesome neighborhoods in Mexico City for your trip!

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the best neighborhoods and hotels. This guide will answer all your questions! All the hotels you’ll find below were hand-picked by me (all of them have fabulous reviews, I promise!) and they’re grouped by both area and budget – all for your convenience!

Okay, let’s go!

First of all, which area should you choose?

Here’s a map that clearly depicts where to stay in Mexico City:

mexico city map

There are so many different neighborhoods in Mexico City – so which one should you choose? Well, it all depends on what type of traveler you are, so here are my personalized neighborhoods recommendations for you:

  • Best neighborhood to stay in Mexico City for first-timers: Roma
  • Best for luxury: Polanco
  • Best for budget travelers: Centro Historico
  • Best for foodies: Roma & La Condesa
  • Best for a traditional atmosphere: Coyoacán
  • If you are staying for one night only: Roma
  • Where to stay in Mexico City for shopping: Roma & Polanco
  • Best for business travelers: Santa Fe & Centro Historico
  • Best for nightlife: La Condesa
  • Best for families: Juarez and Cuahtemoc
  • Where to stay in Mexico City for art and culture: Coyoacán

Now let’s find out everything you need to know about the 9 best neighborhoods and the best hotels to stay in Mexico City:

1. Reforma

paseo de la reforma

Paseo de la Reforma is one of the most well-known avenues in the entire town! The area around it is a great (and exciting) place to choose for upscale hotels, great restaurants, museums but also some well-known attractions such as Chapultepec Castle. Ah, by the way, this area is also known as the “Times Square” of Mexico City and you’ll understand why right after you get there.

Also, right next to this avenue you’ll find Chapultepec Park – the city’s biggest park; in the middle of Reforma there’s Angel of Independence (or El Ángel, a well-known monument). If you’re visiting CDMX for the first time, you’ll most probably (and inevitably) visit this area, as it is a popular tourist attraction, so why not choose to have your base there as well? If the answer is “okay, why not?”, here are my recommended hotels in Mexico City Reforma:

where to stay in mexico city

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Hilton Mexico City Reforma – I’ll start my list of recommendations with one of my favorite five star hotels in the city! This property is located only 5 minutes away by foot to the famous Reforma Avenue! The location is great, and they have both indoor and outdoor swimming pools and more!
  • Marriott Reforma Hotel – If you’re looking for Marriott hotels, you’re in luck! Their 5-star luxury accommodation close to Paseo de la Reforma and El Angel is the perfect choice for travelers who want to indulge!

Middle-priced (US$40 to US$100)

  • Casa Gonzalez – This one’s a great 4-star accommodation that has great prices! The biggest advantage is the fact that you’ll get an excellent service for a very good price – do I need to add more?!
  • Casa Emilia B&B Boutique – As you might’ve already understood from its name, this gorgeous property is a boutique bed and breakfast! The decor is very tasteful, the rooms are sparkling clean and the staff is super friendly.  Plus, it’s super close to one of the landmarks of CDMX – El Angel monument!

Budget (up to US$40)

  • Capital O Df Inn – If you are wondering where to stay in Mexico City so you can be both super central but also on a budget, know that this hotel is not very far away from Zocalo square! You’ll surely enjoy the American breakfast and cozy rooms, trust me!
  • Armonik Suites – This budget accommodation is simply superb! Except for its perfect location (very close to El Angel), I’m happy to tell you that this is one of the cheapest hotels there and they also have private bathrooms, a seating area, a microwave, fridge and everything else you might need!

2. Centro Historico (El Centro)

where to stay in mexico city

Centro Historico, also known as “El Centro”, is exactly what you think it is – the historic center and the heart of the city!

The area spreads around Zocalo Square (the main square of the city, also known as “Plaza de la Constitución”) and it’s actually one of the most well-known tourist attractions. This neighborhood is full of historical buildings dating from the 16th century and, needless to say, it also has a great cultural importance for the town.

Centro Historico is also very well connected to the rest of the city via subway and, if you enjoy authentic architecture and being in the middle of the action, let me tell you that this is THE place to be!

You’ll find everything you need here – food places, cafes, tons of museums, history and an authentic vibe. Plus, it’s also a very good area for budget travelers (some of the best hostels in Mexico City are here!).

So if you think El Centro is perfect for you, here are the best places where you can stay:

luxury hotels in mexico city

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Hotel Gillow Mexico City – In case you’re looking for some of the best hotels in Centro Historico, this is one of your best bets! This is actually a classic Mexico City hotel that dates from 1875 and it’s located right in the heart of the Historic Center – amazing!
  • Zocalo Hotel – This beautiful 4-star hotel is another great choice in the historical center. It awaits with a very good on-site restaurant and a lot of other luxury facilities. And, you guessed it, it’s located right near Zocalo Plaza!
  • Gran Hotel Mexico City – Still didn’t find where to stay in Mexico City for the best luxury service in the city center? This hotel offers 5-star service and it’s situated in the main plaza – Zocalo. Get ready, as they have 2 on-site restaurants and SUPER spacious rooms!

Middle-priced (from US$50 to US$100)

  • Domingo Santo Boutiques – This beautiful 4-star boutique hotel is an amazing choice for people who want great value for money! The rooms are clean, cozy and nicely decorated and the hotel also has an airport shuttle – simply a great deal!
  • Punto MX – Here’s another 4-star accommodation that awaits you with impeccable service! You’ll definitely love the exquisite decor, free Wi-Fi and proximity to Zocalo square – nothing to complain about!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Casa María Hostal – Here’s a great hostel located right in the heart of the city. It’s colorful, clean and very cozy – perfect for a good night’s sleep after a full day of exploring the city!
  • Hotel Isabel Mexico City – This great 3-star hotel is a simple but very comfortable choice for your stay. The rooms are basic and colorful and the prices are very good!

3. Roma

mexico street

Roma (the Mexican neighborhood, not the city!) is hands-down one of the best areas to stay for first-timers!

In short, you’ll find everything you need here – shops, food places, cafes, parks, bars, street art, amazing hotels and apartments, markets – need I say more?!

This is actually a residential neighborhood but it’s one of the top picks if you ask any local. It’s true, Centro Historico and Polanco are more popular among tourists, but Roma is a true, authentic core of this metropolis. It’s also very central, which is a great plus!

Once you step into this neighborhood, you’ll quickly realize that it was built to look very European because it has many art deco buildings, but this is now one of the trendy areas in CDMX! The area has a very interesting history as well, as it was destroyed by the 1985 earthquake and then it had a kind of “rebirth” and it’s now full of youngsters. Plus, it’s super safe and laid-back as well, which is an important aspect when traveling to CDMX.

That being said, here are the best hotels in Roma, Mexico City! Oh, by the way, the area is broken down into “Norte” and “Sur”, both of them being equally good choices:

cheap hotels in mexico city

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Brick Hotel – Looking for a gorgeous 5-star accommodation in Roma neighborhood? I got you! This awesome property has everything you’ll need and more – modern rooms with balconies, free Wi-Fi, free welcome drink and a very good location as well!
  • Nima Local House – Here’s another great recommendation that has stunning reviews. This is a luxury bed and breakfast where you’ll find uniquely decorated rooms!

Middle-priced (US$50 to US$100)

  • Casa Colima – If you’re looking where to stay in Mexico City and get a good value for money, this one’s your choice! And if you’re a sucker for modern decor and clean rooms, that’s even better!
  • U-Co Roma – Great, colorful hostel, perfect for people who want to be in the center of the action without spending a lot on accommodation! It’s a very lively property where you can meet other travelers as well!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Hostel Hipster Roma – I guess the name says it all, right? Now, besides the fact that this is a very cool accommodation, the prices are one of its biggest advantages – unbeatable!
  • Cozy B&B Roma Norte – If you’re looking for very good budget hotels in Roma Norte, Mexico City, this one is a great choice!

4. La Condesa

mexico people

La Condesa is definitely one of the most fashionable areas in the entire Mexico City!

Condesa – Roma are often times grouped as a single area because they’re walking distance to each other, but they’re actually two different neighborhoods. We can call them “twins”. La Condesa is an ideal choice for eclectic clubs, upscale gourmet restaurants, interesting designer shops, vintage markets, and just a modern and bohemian atmosphere in general.

It’s chic, it’s vibrant, it’s perfect for young people, students and artists alike. If this sounds like your kind of place, let’s not waste any more time and find out which are the best places to stay in La Condesa Mexico City – hotels and hostels:

best hotels to stay in mexico city

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Hippodrome Hotel – Now if you’re looking for gorgeous hotels in La Condesa in Mexico City, choose this one if you only want the best of the best! This 5-star hotel is one of the best-sellers in CDMX – and it’s no wonder why!
  • Casa Malí by Dominion Boutique – This is a very beautiful 4-star boutique hotel in La Condesa. The decor is really nice and you’ll definitely enjoy the fact that it has a fitness center, shared lounge, airport transfers and more!

Middle-priced (from US$40 to US$100)

  • Casa Nuevo Leon – If you’re wondering where to stay in Mexico City, more specifically in La Condesa and benefit from accessible prices, here’s a suggestion! The rooms are very clean and bright and they also have a tour desk and luggage storage – two great pluses!
  • Casa Condesa Michoacan 113 – Did you not decide yet? No problem, here’s yet another great option! This is one of the top picks and it’s located only 15 minutes away by foot from Chapultepec Park!

Budget (up to US$40)

  • Izta Hostels – Simple, clean and very cozy – these are the 3 words that I’d use to describe this hostel! If you want to stay in a beautiful place without breaking the bank, I’d say this is your best choice!
  • Casa Rosa Condesa – Here’s another budget choice for you! Except for its very convenient rooms, this inn also has a garden, a terrace, free Wi-Fi and more!

5. Polanco

mexico museum

I’ll tell you right from the start: If you’re looking for upscale service and luxury, in this area you’ll only find the BEST hotels!

If Reforma is the city’s “Times Square”, then Polanco is definitely Beverly Hills!

Polanco can be described in three simple words: vibrant, luxurious and eclectic. Here, you’ll find many well-known museums (Museo Soumaya being just one of them and it showcases Diego Rivera and Rodin, for example), designer shops, fine dining restaurants (including one of the best restaurants in the world – Quintonil) but also some more accessible, traditional street food places, and, as I mentioned above, some of the most amazing hotels in CDMX. It’s also a great place for people traveling with their family and kids, as the area is also laid-back and very safe.

Convinced? Okay, let’s see which are the greatest hotels in Polanco, Mexico City:

boutique hotels in polanco mexico city

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Hotel Habita Mexico City – This amazing property is one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Polanco, Mexico! You will definitely enjoy the on-site spa, pool, terrace and their great restaurant!
  • Hotel W Mexico City – If you’re hunting for gorgeous search in the heart of the town, search no more! W Hotel in Polanco is an amazing 5-star boutique accommodation that has all the facilities and amenities you might need for a spoiled experience!
  • Camino Real Hotel – Here’s another 5-star property for your stay and one of the top hotels! This one looks simply gorgeous and it combines modern architecture with stunning service. What more can you wish for?

Middle-priced (US$50 to US$100)

  • Suites Contempo – If you’re on the hunt for modern, contemporary hotels in downtown Mexico City, here’s your answer! This awesome design hotel has many great facilities such as free Wi-Fi and free transportation within a 5 km radius – how awesome is that?!
  • Casa Anzures – Here’s a great 4-star accommodation for your stay in this amazing neighborhood. This one’s right in the middle of it all and the rooms are very cozy and clean!

Budget (up to US$ 50)

  • Penthouse Polanco – If you’re looking for a gorgeous, cozy and VERY accessible homestay in Polanco, here’s your answer! This awesome penthouse has a great view and it’s also sparkling clean!
  • Curie 10 B&B – This nice property awaits with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, and a very good location. I’d definitely recommend it to two travelers going to the city on the budget!

6. Coyoacán

mexico people street

If you’re all about art, culture and a traditional side of Mexico City, this is the perfect place to be! You’ll find many, many local markets here, as well as cozy and homey cafes, restaurants, cute cobblestoned streets and more. It’s a very laid-back area that has an “old” feel, so I’d recommend it to families, as well as history lovers.

This is also the neighborhood where Frida Kahlo Museum is (the house where she lived together with Diego Rivera), also known as the Blue House or Casa Azul.

Wondering about the name of this neighborhood? “Coyoacán” means “place of coyotes” and the names comes from the coyote fountain that you can find in the main square of this area.

Long story short: if you are an art aficionado and want to indulge in authentic culture, here are the best hotels in Coyoacan, Mexico City:

hotels in mexico city near zocalo

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Pug Seal Coyoacan – Ever dreamed of staying in a beautiful red house in the neighborhood where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived? Well, that dream can come true at this accommodation! Trust me, the rooms are simply stunning!
  • Living Céfiro by Stara – On the other hand, this awesome 4-star accommodation is very modern and cool and you’ll surely enjoy the clean rooms, garden, terrace, plus airport transfers!

Middle-priced (from US$50 to US$100)

  • Guest house Aldama – This amazing guesthouse is located walking distance to Frida Kahlo Museum – only 300m away, can you believe it! It also has great prices and free Wi-Fi, free bikes and more!
  • Villas Sol y Luna Coyoacan – Here I’m recommending another great homestay in CDMX! They have a very nice garden, 24-hour front desk, free Wi-Fi, free private parking and more!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • La Casa de la Roca – If you’re looking for an authentic, colorful stay in Mexico City, I’d definitely recommend booking a room here! They have free Wi-Fi, free private parking, a shared lounge, a bar and more!
  • Casa Ayvar – This wonderful bed and breakfast awaits with cozy, clean rooms and GREAT prices! You can choose from rooms with a patio or balcony – the choice is yours!

7. Santa Fe

mexico city

If Coyoacan was an authentic neighborhood full of history and colonial buildings, Santa Fe on the other hand, is a new area, full of modern buildings and skyscrapers.

It’s a great place to stay if you like shopping malls, shiny buildings and upscale restaurants. I’m also recommending it to business travelers, as many companies and business centers are based here. The only downside is that there aren’t many budget hotels in Santa Fe, just so you know!

So if you’ love modern things, Santa Fe should be your base! In which case, here are my recommended hotels:

Here are my recommended hotels in Santa Fe, Mexico City:

top hotels in mexico city

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • NH Collection Santa Fe – This beautiful 5-star NH hotel in Mexico City is literally one of the best you can get! It has fabulous reviews and it’s one of the most popular choices in the city, so if you find a free room, be quick and book it!
  • Stadia Suites Santa Fe – Where to stay in Mexico City, Santa Fe and be spoiled with luxury? Here’s another superb 5-star accommodation in this modern neighborhood. It has a great location, walking distance to many shopping areas and restaurants and the rooms are just gorgeous!

Middle-priced (from US$50 to US$100)

  • Sleep Inn Ciudad de Mexico – If you’re looking for an awesome 4-star property for your stay, here is one of my recommendations! This one has gorgeous rooms with a view, free Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and more!
  • Hausuites – Here’s a great aparthotel that’s very close to the biggest mall in Santa Fe! They even have a 24-hour business center, so it’s perfect for business travelers!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Hotel Aspen – This is a great 4-star accommodation that also has some rooms that come with very accessible prices. They have many awesome facilities such as an on-site restaurant, fitness center, free Wi-Fi and more!

8. San Rafael

mexico city monument

San Rafael is actually a residential area that is often times ignored by tourists – and I really don’t get why! It’s a very cool place to stay if you love a laid-back vibe, art galleries, cute (and safe) streets and a mix of old and new architecture.

It’s true, San Rafael is not that trendy, but it’s a calmer area instead where you’ll still be close to the main attractions, as this neighborhood is very central as well! This area grew a lot once the artists who used to live in La Condesa and Roma found those areas too vibrant and expensive – so they moved here.

Enough talking, let’s see which are the best places to stay in San Rafael:

mexico city hotel deals

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Basic Hotel – This awesome 4-star accommodation comes with some very good prices and a great service. You’ll be happy to know they have an on-site restaurant, a fitness center, free Wi-Fi and many other cool facilities.
  • Hotel Carlota – If you’re looking for some of the most beautiful hotels with pools, this one’s for you, as it has an year-round outdoor pool – that’s simply awesome!

Middle-priced (from US$50 to US$100)

  • El Patio 77 B&B – If you want a middle-priced B&B, I have found a great one for you! The rooms at this accommodation are very beautiful and clean and the entire building is stunning (it’s actually a 19th century townhouse!).
  • Hotel Maria Cristina – Here’s another beautiful 4-star accommodation based in a beautiful house. The rooms are simple but cozy and they also have a fitness center and an on-site bar – so great!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Hotel Muy – You just can’t miss this one, as the building is super interesting! This awesome budget property is located close to Paseo de las Reformas as well, which means it’s very central!
  • Tres Colonias – If you’re looking for a laid-back, central accommodation that comes with amazing prices, this is your choice! This one has free Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, private bathrooms and more!

9. Zona Rosa and Juarez

mexico city street

Zona Rosa (which literally means the Pink Zone) and Juarez are the perfect mix of modern and traditional, located a bit to the south of the town. You’ll have many shopping opportunities here, from authentic and vintage shops to designer boutiques and jewellery stores. There are also countless restaurants, bars, and cafes here that you can choose from.

Actually, Zona Rosa is a smaller part of Juarez, which is a bigger neighborhood. Both of them are an interesting mix between vibrant (and gay-friendly) nightlife and calm streets during the daytime. Plus, they’re also central and very close to Chapultepec!

That being said, here are my hotel recommendations in these two neighborhoods:

best hotels in mexico city

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Hotel Geneve Mexico City – This is another one of the best 5-star hotels in Mexico City and it’s a perfect choice if you want to be spoiled during your stay! It’s also very close to Chapultepec park!
  • Four Seasons Hotel – Okay, I’ll say it right from the start – this hotel is simply SUPERB and I truly believe it’s one of the BEST luxury hotels. Everything looks like a real palace, inside and out – and the rooms? I have to words!

Middle-priced (from US$50 to US$100)

  • Suites PF – This is another great 4-star hotel and it awaits with a very good on-site restaurant, free Wi-Fi and a high-quality service overall!
  • Hotel Clé – If you’re looking for a very nice 3-star hotel with a very good location and a super nice staff, this is the perfect one for you!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Capsule Hostel – If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Juarez (in the south of Zona Rosa), here’s another one for you! It’s only 700m away from Zona Rosa, so you’ll be close to many awesome clubs and bars!
  • Suites Havre – This is another great aparthotel in CDMX, a bit to the south. It actually offers 4-star service for an awesome price and it has free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour reception for early or late check in and you can choose from different types of apartments!

BONUS 1: Best apartments in Mexico City

mexico city

Hotels are great, but if you’re the type of person who prefers staying in an apartment because it’s cozier and “closer” to home – no worries, I completely understand and I have some recommendations for you as well!

Here are 3 hand-picked Mexico City apartments for a perfect stay:

hotels in mexico city

  • The Wild Oscar – Here’s a truly gorgeous 5-star aparthotel in Polanco! It’s the perfect choice if you want a residential style-accommodation where you’ll feel like a queen (or king, why not?).
  • Casa Moctezuma – Here’s an awesome apartment in the south of Coyoacan which I definitely recommend for middle-priced stay. It’s very close to Frida Kahlo Museum and it even has daily breakfast available!
  • – This lovely 3-star apartment is my recommendation for budget travelers. It even has a very cute terrace where you can relax and enjoy!

BONUS 2: Best hotels close to the airport

mexico city airplane

Benito Juarez International Airport (MEX) is Mexico City’s airport and the place where you’ll most probably arrive. If you’re a business traveler or you simply want to stay as close to the airport as possible, no worries, that’s possible! There are actually many different hotels that you can choose from.

Without further ado, here are 3 of the best hotels near the airport (one for each type of budget):

  • Hilton Mexico City Airport – Here’s a great 5-star hotel located inside the airport. It provides luxury service so you can spend your night in style! By the way, it’s on the third level of the international arrivals area.
  • Izzzleep Aeropuerto Terminal 1 – This great middle-priced hotel is actually a capsule hotel located INSIDE the airport – what more can you wish for? They have free Wi-Fi and amazing prices.
  • Hostel DF Airport – Here’s my airport hotel recommendation for budget travelers. It’s very close actually, only a 2-minute drive to the airport! They even have a laundry service, which is a great plus!

BONUS 3: Where not to stay in Mexico City

places in mexico

Although Mexico City is a safe place to travel to, there are a couple of neighborhoods that are not really recommended, especially at night. I’ll just briefly mention them here, so you’ll know to avoid them, if you can:

  • Tepito (also known as the town’s “black market”)
  • Doctores
  • Iztapalapa
  • Colonia Del Valle
  • Ciudad Neza
  • La Merced Market


puebla colombia

Phew! You have reached the end of my super detailed guide for where to stay in Mexico City! I’m sure that, by now, you already made the best decision for your stay and you have found the BEST hotel to suit your tastes!

In this article I have told you everything you need to know about the 9 (yes, nine!) best neighborhoods to stay in CDMX for all tastes, with hand-picked hotels in each of them. I also recommended some awesome apartments and hotels close to the airport. So, in short, there’s nothing you won’t find here for a great trip!

By the way, if you are looking for some travel inspiration, I recommend checking out this article – 9 Unforgettable Things to Do in Riviera Maya!

I hope you found this article useful. Are you heading to Mexico City soon? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great vacation,


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