Vevey, Switzerland for a weekend

Attention! This blog post is written many years ago when I was not even dreaming about becoming a professional travel blogger. You are warned that the quality of the text and/or pictures might not be the best. 🙂

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Have you ever heard about this cute little town? I haven’t before a chance arose to come and visit it (a friend of mine works in Nestle, and its headquarter is in Vevey, Switzerland). I was simply astonished by the incredible beauty of its nature!

Vevey (pronounced as Veve), located in the French speaking area of Switzerland, has actually many cool things to see and to do.

Here are the things to do in Vevey, just to name a few of them:

1. Lac Léman

Lake Leman (also called lake Geneve) is by far the most beautiful thing to see there! Its color is incredibly blue, just like in the pictures! You should definitely promenade its quay – with all the fountains, little benches and chezlongs on the side, it is just charming!

fork vevey

I was surprised to see a statue of Charley Chaplin (he lived and died there) and of a very important Russian writer Nikolai Gogol’. There is also THE huge fork that is located in the lake, which has become the emblem of the town of Vevey.

2. The museum of Nutrition (Alimentarium)

When it rained and we couldn’t do any outdoor activities, we went to that museum. It is very interactive, you get to learn a lot of stuff about food and nutrition. I really liked the 3D movie that takes you on a journey through the body’s digestive process. Especially recommended to go if you are with kids (12 franks for adults, 8 for students, kids under 16 for free). By the way, it has a whole big section dedicated to Nestle.

Alimentarium museum Vevey

3. Nestle headquarters

it is no secret that Nestle is dominating the little town. I think like a half of the town’s population (less then 20 000) works in Nestle. As I said, my friend works there, so I was among those lucky ones who actually see the inside of it! It is very impressive I have to say, it is like a museum where they expose all the Nestle products that vary from country to country. Their offices have many huge screens that show some statistics, and they even have a video conference room, which we gladly used! 🙂

Nestle video room hq
Nestle HQ office
Nestley hq expo

The ground floor area is available for all visitors, it has an amazing view to the lake and you can visit the store with all kind of Nestle’s products.

4. Funicular to Mont-Pelerine

You can go up and see the magnificent panoramic views on the Alps, Vevey and Montreux. It cost about 5 FR and offers marvelous atmosphere, if you are there, do it! The view from the Le Mirador Kempinski hotel is the most amazing, get a coffee there!

Mont Pelerine
bikes rent in Vevey

5. Rent a bike

The most convenient way to move around the town in my opinion. Despite the fact that everything is so expensive in Switzerland, we found a self-service bike rental option quite affordable – for the price of 10 FR you can use a bike for 24 hours. You can find more info here.

bike rental Vevey

6. Lavaux vineyards

I unfortunately didn’t have time to visit it properly, but I passed by so many times, and I would definitely include it in my to-do list when I am back again the next time. The largest contiguous vineyard region in Switzerland, it looks so nicely arranged that I will for sure do the trail there as soon as I have a chance!

Lavaux vineyards.

7. Chateau de Chillon

 This castle is magnificent, just check out the pictures! Such a pity I didn’t have a chance to visit it this time. Chillon castle is most visited Switzerland’s historic monument, so do not hesitate and go there, it is worth it!

chateau du chillon

And finally, some other museums in Vevey and around that can attract your attention – Musée suisse de l’appareil photographique (Swiss camera museum) and Musee Suisse du jeu (Toys museum, I saw kids coming out from they museum, they loved it!).

That is it about Vevey, Switzerland. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me in the comments. We also did a little road trip around the area, so my next post will be about that! 🙂

Thank you very much for reading!

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