Your Ultimate Guide for Where to Stay in Interlaken, Switzerland

0 Best places to stay Interlaken

Welcome to the paradise of outdoor sports! If you’re traveling to Interlaken Switzerland you should consider yourself very lucky! The historic city is surrounded by the Bernese Alps and it’s located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. 

Incredible mountain views, tons of forests, great skiing and delicious chocolate make this town one of the best destinations in the country. Another cool thing is that the city has not one railway station but two, which will give you the chance to explore other places like Bernese Oberland. 

The famous Jungfrau can be seen from the town center so get ready to remain in awe as you discover the area. Now let’s get to serious business and find you a place where to stay in Interlaken, Switzerland. There are tons of hotels from luxury to mid-range all located within walking distance from most attractions and some other nearby towns for those of you who want to stay deep in the mountains!

I’ve made one of the best lists ever but just make sure you book these Interlaken hotels in advance, the country may be expensive but everyone wants to come here, especially when the weather is perfect for skiing!

Let’s go, Jungfrau is waiting for us!

If you are in a hurry

If you want to book now, quickly check this list with the best hotels, all located in Interlaken Center:

luxury hotel
0 1 Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel Spa

Victoria Jungfrau Grand

Best luxury hotel

0 2 Historic Apartment Airbnb

Historic Apartment

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

mid-range hotel
0 3 The Hey Hotel

The Hey Hotel

Best value for money

budget hotel
0 4 Downtown Hostel Cheap

Downtown Hostel

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Here’s a map that will help you visualize all the areas with hotels in Interlaken that I will be talking about in this post:

Map of best places to stay in Interlaken Switzerland
Interlaken Center
for first-timers
Matten bei Interlaken
for budget
in the mountains

1. Interlaken Center – where to stay in Interlaken for first-timers

1 Best 5 star hotels in Interlaken

Breathtaking mountain views, charming historic houses, and a lovely old town atmosphere that will make you think you’ve just arrived at the location of an upcoming movie set hundreds of years ago. 

Filled with tons of activities for all age groups, if you’re looking for where to stay in Interlaken for the first time, then the central area is for you. The friendly neighborhood is as lively at night as it is during the day! You’ll find tons of chalet-style hotels in the heart of Interlaken that have great deals from luxury to budget with great views of the River Aare, especially in the morning when the sun rays reflect in the river and it starts shining! 

The city center is located between the Interlaken Ost and Interlaken West (surprise!), and you have easy access to most points of interest in the neighborhood. For all my adventure junkie readers who are looking for the best spots, I’ve got you covered!

Any traveler who is looking for a relaxing time in the city center, the Swiss air and picturesque mountain views will take your mind off any problems! For those traveling with the family, Interlaken Switzerland is a great place to stay as there are tons of spacious hotels that have activities for kids. 

1.1 Best places to stay in Interlaken Center for adventure

1.1 Best places to stay in Interlaken Center for adventure

The town is known for its numerous activities like canoeing the lakes or hiking and skiing in the Swiss Alps. You can even try paragliding over the valley or visit stunning caves like St Beatus. 

There are some amazing hotels here that know how to help you get the most excitement out of your trip and offer cool tours, rental bikes, or other facilities! Make sure you book the hotels and hostels in advance, or you can easily lose your room as the area is super famous.

Luxury hotel
1.0 1 Hotel Du Nord all inclusive resort

Coffee with a view of paragliders jumping from a Swiss Mountain? Yes, please! This luxury hotel has charming modern rooms and free wifi. Its convenient location near the Bödelibad sports center and the Harderbahn Cable Car means you will waste little time getting up the mountain each day to explore! They even offer bikes for rent if you want to take the adventure to neighboring villages too.

Other accommodation options in Interlaken Center

1.0 2 The Hey Hotel Free cancellation

Enjoy the homely Swiss atmosphere of this hotel in Interlaken close to the train station that will take you deep into the mountains in an instant

1.0 3 Downtown Hostel With free parking

This Interlaken budget hotel lets you book adventure tours at reception and you will be sure to find some adventure buddies in the common areas

1.0 4 Historic Apartment

Guests will enjoy this bright and airy modern palace in the Jungfrau region that has a nice room and a balcony 

1.2 Where to stay in Interlaken Center to relax

Known for its numerous spas and luxury hotels with amazing services, if you are looking for where to stay in Interlaken to enjoy some relaxing time then this section is for you. Most accommodations are located within walking distance from the lakes, where you can spend some time strolling around or maybe take a blanket with you and sit by the river to take in the amazing views! 

Luxury hotel
1.1 1 Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel Spa With the pool

With a stunning picturesque view of the Jungfrau region, this hotel has elegant rooms with private marble bathrooms! Relax all day long at the spa, spend a few hours in the sauna at night, and swim until the sun sets over the lakes! Let the healthy Swiss air heal all your problems!

Other accommodation options in Interlaken Center

1.1 2 Carlton Europe Vintage Hotel

Enjoy some peace at this adult-only four-star hotel that has a pool, a restaurant, a bar and offers space for parking 

1.1 3 Alplodge With the view

Guests will enjoy the private and tranquil atmosphere at this hotel that is near the lakes and has warm rooms

1.1 4 Riverside Apartment with jacuzzi

Relax on the balcony while admiring the stunning view of the lakes from this great place that has two rooms and a bathtub

1.3 Best places to stay in Interlaken Center for families

For those of you who are visiting the town and you’re looking for the best hotels in Interlaken to stay at with the kids, there are some amazing options. From luxury to more affordable spots and hotels that offer tons of space, you’ll find all the amenities you need and you can even book activities from the reception so you won’t have to go around the whole town with the kids looking for fun things to do.

Here are the best hotels for families in Interlaken:

Luxury hotel
1.2 1 Swiss Hotel Apartments

Enjoy the freshest air and amazing views of the mountain from this luxury family hotel in Interlaken with apartments that are super spacious and fit the whole team! Guests can arrange a ski pass at the reception to hit the slopes nearby, and the Interlaken Ost Train Station is just a two-minute walk away!

Other accommodation options in Interlaken Center

1.2 2 Boutique Hotel Bellevue

A family hotel that offers breakfast, has spacious modern rooms, wifi, and is near public transport

1.2 3 NO8 Boutique Hotel

This hotel is great value for money! It offers warm family rooms with private bathrooms and a nice view from the terrace 

1.2 4 Henrik Loft

A spacious place in town perfect for four guests that offers a nice room, free parking, and a balcony 

Things to do in Interlaken Center 

2. Matten bei Interlaken – where to stay for budget travelers

2 where to stay in Interlaken for budget travelers a

Located south of the city center, just a 12 minute walk away from it, this cute little village is perfect if you’re looking for more affordable hostels and budget hotels in Interlaken. There are tons of activities that you can do right here in Matten bei Interlaken and if you still have some days left during your holiday in Switzerland, just go hiking in the amazing mountains!

The Seilpark Interlaken Adventure Park is located in this neighborhood and it’s perfect especially if you’re traveling with the kids and you want to go on an adventure! They have tons of bridges and ziplines! And if they’re still not tired you can walk to the JungfrauPark Interlaken amusement park and have some fun there as well!

Other than that, the atmosphere is pretty chilled in Matten bei Interlaken and the best way to enjoy that is to explore the whole village on foot and admire all the chalet houses, old architecture and definitely try their restaurants! 

The Interlaken West Train Station is super close to this area so if you want to visit other parts of the city just be spontaneous and get on a train! That’s what I always try to do when I travel. You can even visit another amazing town in Switzerland, like Lucerne!

Luxury hotel
2 1 Hotel Tell and Apartments

Chill on the terrace of this Interlaken hotel before heading out to explore the friendly area. The rooms are super spacious and they have private bathrooms. You can have some breakfast in the morning, get a bike from the hotel and then off you go exploring the mountains! Interlaken West is just a 15-minute walk away!

Other accommodation in Matten bei Interlaken

2 2 Hotel Restaurant Hirschen

Chill in the garden of this hotel that has a restaurant, family rooms with private bathrooms and free parking 

2 3 Little Chalet Pirelli 1783

The best budget chalet-style hotel that has amazing views of the mountains, free wifi, a cozy room, and a kitchen 

2 4 Cozy Penthouse near train station

I love how spacious this friendly apartment is, it has a private balcony, two rooms and offers free parking 

Things to do in Matten bei Interlaken

3. Lauterbrunnen – where to say in the mountains 

Kids friendly best hotels Interlaken Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen is actually a separate village but it is located just 5 miles (10 km) south of Interlaken, deep in a valley full of mountains and waterfalls. So if the reason you want to visit the region is to spend as much time as possible outdoors, then I highly recommend Lauterbrunnen as the place to stay. Don’t worry, you can still easily jump on a train and be back in Interlaken within 30 mins if you need a city break. 

This area screams Switzerland, it’s filled with chalet-style houses, amazing restaurants, and cute cafes. If you’re a picture freak like me and love to see the most beautiful scenery and experience the authenticity of a city then you’ve come to the right spot!

Everything looks super green here, well if you’re visiting during the warmer seasons! The mountains are so close and the best way to enjoy all of this is just to walk around the friendly town while base jumpers fly over your head.

You’ll also be able to see glacial waterfalls at Grindelwald and the highest peaks like the Jungfrau and the Monch here. For the best views take the train and the cable car up the Schilthorn mountain, it will just blow your mind. The rotating restaurant at the top of this mountain was actually built to film the James Bond movie “Her Majesty’s Secret Service”! Show some excitement kids! 

Luxury hotel
3 1 Eiger Murren Swiss Quality Hotel

Enjoy a perfect lunch with a view of the Swiss Alps in this luxury hotel that has a great location and family rooms. Relax in the spa center before going hiking or take a swim in the indoor pool at night. Don’t forget to try the breakfast at the restaurant, it’s the best!

Other accommodation options in Lauterbrunnen

3 2 Eiger Guesthouse Family friendly

Chill on the terrace while admiring the region and swim in the pool of this mid range hotel that offers breakfast 

3 3 Valley Hostel

A perfect location for backpackers, this hostel has a lovely room and it offers a garden and a kitchen

3 4 Stylish Studio Panoramic views

I love the decor of this studio, the room is super spacious, and you also have a kitchen and a balcony

Things to do in Lauterbrunnen

  • Take the train and cable car up to the Jungfraujoch glacier
  • Check the amazing view from the Harder Kulm viewpoint
  • See the Schilthorn mountain where they filmed one of the Bond movies 
  • Admire the beautiful Trummelbach waterfalls 
  • Take the cable car up to Männlichen
  • Go chasing waterfalls through the town
👑 Luxury price:€250
💵 Mid-range hotel:€200
🛏️ Budget:€100
🏠 Airbnb:€80
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best Area:Interlaken Center
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel
👛 Best budget hotel:Downtown Hostel

Frequently asked questions about Interlaken

4 best hotels in interlaken switzerland for families

🤔 Is it better to stay in Interlaken or Grindelwald?

It is better to stay in Interlaken if you want a lakeside getaway with access to a town with plenty of shops, restaurants, and activities. If you want to be in the middle of the mountains with some amazing scenery, stay in Grindelwald.

❓ Should I stay in Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen?

Interlaken will offer you a wider palette of activities, you get amazing views of the two lakes and the hotels located here are amazing! Lauterbrunnen is smaller but in a valley full of waterfalls so you will be closer to nature.

📅 How many days do you need in Interlaken?

You should spend between 2-4 days in Interlaken, that way you can walk around the historic side of the city, admire the views of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun and spend the rest of the time hiking in the mountains. 

⛰️ What hotels in Interlaken have nice views?

Hotel Du Nord, Eiger Mürren Swiss Quality Hotel, and Eiger Guesthouse are the hotels in Interlaken that offer the best views even from your room window.

👪 Where should families stay in Interlaken?

Swiss Hotel Apartments, Boutique Hotel Bellevue, and NO8 Boutique Hotel are the best Interlaken hotels for families that offer some great facilities for your kids.


5 Where to stay with the family Interlaken

That’s it from me guys! I hope this article helped you decide where to stay in Interlaken, which hotel to book, and which attractions to see first.

I know I’ve given you tons of options but here are my two favorite ones both located in Interlaken Center 

If you want to find an amazing hotel in Interlaken, with an incredible room view close to the attractions make sure you book in advance, I’m not kidding when I say that! As I looked through the lists, some of the luxury hotels in Interlaken sold out in front of my eyes!

Don’t forget to eat as much Swiss chocolate as you can, visit the Harder Kulm viewpoint and just go and explore many other spots like the beautiful Grindelwald! I want to hear all about your trip so leave me a comment below!

Safe travels, 


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