Buying Casa Batlló Tickets + 5 Things You Should Know

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Casa Batllo is definitely one of the most fascinating buildings ever created. The masterpiece of Antoni Gaud with its twisting, turning iron and stained glass, is unlike any of the other buildings in the world! To truly understand and admire it, you have to go to the source, and if you have a chance to enter inside, you absolutely should not miss the opportunity!

I’ve been to Casa Batllo at least 3 times now (visiting myself and showing my friends and family around) and each time I learned something new!

In this article, we are going to talk about how to buy yourCasa Batllo tickets without overspending, how to NOT stay in those endless lines, and some other cool things that you surely did not know before!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you are here just to get your tickets, here are the best links to do so: 

  • General ticket – 35€ (Official website) or 35€ on GetYourGuide (if they run out on the official site) 
  • “Be the first” ticket – 45€
  • Magic Nights – 59€
  • Discounted ticket (Student/Disabled/Juniors – applies to General ticket only) – 6€ discount for students, people with disabilities and juniors from 13 to 17yo, 3€ discount for seniors over 65. 
  • Free Entry – for children under 12

P.S.: There are no guided tours for this attraction, but the audio guide is pretty good!

1. Buy the generalCasa Batllo tickets (online)

In this table you will see ALL types ofCasa Batllo tickets together, we will talk about Blue, Silver, and Gold here (they are General tickets) and I will explain “Be the first” and “Magic night” in #2 and #3 of this post. 

TicketGeneralDiscountedSeniors (over 65)
Blue 35€29€32€
Be the first45€45€45€
Magic Nightsfrom 59€from 59€from 59€

Understanding the tickets – what the hell is Blue, Silver, and Gold?

casa batllo different tickets
  • Blue – this ticket will give you access to the Casa Batllo itself with an audioguide, access to Gaudí Cube by Refik Anadol, and the staircase by Kengo Kuma (at the end)
  • Silver – all of the above + access to Gaudi Dome and Concierge room, and instead of audio guide you will have a tablet 
  • Gold – all of the above + access to 1 more room and free cancellations/change of the date


casa batllo blue ticket vs silver

Which one should I choose?
I would choose the Blue ticket
There is very limited information online on what the Gaudi Dome and Batllo’s private rooms are and why it is worth going there, and I’ve always chosen the “Blue” ticket when I visited. Honestly speaking, I doubt you will see anything more spectacular than the main floor, so I am not sure it is worth extra 8-10€ per person. Hey, you can visit Park Guell with this money!

What is the VR tablet? 
It is basically a normal tablet which you can point at things and it will show you some imaginary stuff on the screen (here is a video on how it works). I honestly think that it actually takes away from the experience of being present in this special place, I do not want to look at it through the screen. 

Casa Batllo ticket price at the entrance

ATTENTION: whatever you choose, make sure to buy your ticket online, if you decide to buy it at the cash register it will be 4€(!) more expensive, and that is per person! 

When I asked about the tickets, they did say I can buy my tix online or at the cash register but failed to mention that there is this huge price difference, so I actually paid 39€, do not repeat my mistakes! If I knew I would have just bought it from my phone right there!

Once you have your ticket, you do not need to print it, just show it from your phone and they will let you in. 

How much in advance to buy: generally you can buyCasa Batllo tickets even for the next day, but just to make sure, if you are visiting in the summer season, book it 4-5 days in advance to make sure your preferred time slot is available. If they run out on the official site, try here, this is the trusted reseller.

Cancellation policy: there is not much info about it on the site itself, but I wrote them an email and they replied that for Blue and Silver tickets you will need to send them an email with a proof of cancellation reason (medical, flight cancellation, personal issues, etc.) and the Golden ticket is fully refundable (no reasons needed). 

PRICE: From 35€

2. Be the first

Casa Batllo be the first ticket 2

This ticket is perfect for all my early birds out there – you will enjoy the magic of Casa Batllo before the crowds of tourists flock in

PRO TIP: The available times are 8:30 am and 8:45 am, I recommend taking the earlier one, otherwise there is only a 15 min gap between you and the general public (the general admissions are from 9 am)

Interestingly enough, there is only 1 type of ticket (no Blue, Silver, and Gold variations), you can read more information about “Be the first” ticket here

ATTENTION: They say that this type of ticket is only available on Fri, Sat, and Sun, but I could book for any day on the site, so give it a try too if that’s what you need. 

PRICE: From 45€

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3. Magic Nights tickets 

Basically you get to visit Casa Batllo without the crowd and get to finish it with a little live concert on the famous epic roof while drinking a prosecco, how nice is that?

Casa Batllo tickets Magic Nights tickets

You already know what Blue, Silver, and Gold meant for the previous ticket type (General), so I will not repeat myself here, the only difference for this type of ticket is that you will visit after hours when the place is closed for the general public and there is a nice concert at the end. 

The visit starts at the fixed time of 8 pm and the concert is an hour afterward, at 9 pm. You can read more details about this type of ticket here plus see the singer’s name for the date you are going to visit. 

PRO TIP: The tickets are for 2 people minimum (min. 2 people per table, max 6). Children under 12 can attend free of charge

Cancellation policy: You are going to be contacted by SMS in case the event is canceled (say, due to rain) with the option to reschedule. There is no info about the refund on the site, unfortunately. In order to cancel you need to write to them ([email protected]) to reschedule, they say that they will try to accommodate your request “based on availability”, but it is not 100% guaranteed unless you have a Golden ticket which has a free cancellation clause. There are no discount options for this ticket. 

PRICE: from 59€

4. Other promotions that you didn’t know about

Casa Batllo tickets beast deals Barcelona

I didn’t know about it myself even though I’ve been through the official site for hours and hours researching the info for this blogpost!

This is not advertised much, neither on the official website nor at the cash register onsite, but apparently if you have one of the following, you will have a 7 EUR discount on whatever the ticket type you choose: 

The only downside of the discount – you can only get it at the ticket office at the moment, so you will have to go down there and stand in the line first (if there is a line).

And if you are into games, then you should check out the new Street Escape experience that Casa Batillo offers. Namely, you can now go on an adventure around Barcelona, discovering Gaudi’s works and hidden treasures, while solving puzzles from the past all the while playing and having fun in a group.

The game starts at Casa Batllo and it takes you on a 2.7km route exploring various modernist buildings such as Casa Milà, Casa Fuster, and Casa de les Punxes. It’s the prefect way to explore all the beautiful modernist buildings in Barcelona.

Things you should know about Casa Batllo 

As I said, I have been to the attraction numerous times and always notices something new and special, so here are the tips I collected along the way:

1. Rooms to visit inside Casa Batllo 

casa batllo barcelona beautiful rooms

Some places are impossible to miss since that’s how the visit path is made, but some are not so obvious: 

  • Gaudí Cube (360°) – an immersive experience “into Gaudi’s mind” by Refik Anadol
  • New staircase by Kengo Kuma – when you finish with the visit, do not take the elevator down, use the stairs, they are pretty special! 🙂
  • Gaudí Dome –  immersive exhibition where you will see “Gaudí” as a child sleeping on a table dreaming about nature
  • Original Concierge Room – the original concierge’s office is the real place where the old doorman worked and welcomed the residents of this building.
  • Batlló’s Private Room – another room closed to the general public, only available with a Gold ticket
  • Picture opportunity on the balcony – at the end of the visit you can also take a photo on one of the balconies. The price of the photo is 12€ and if you need a copy it is 6€ per copy.
  • Cafe on the roof – you can chill on the legendary roof as long as you like, there are all kinds of drinks (sodas are about 4€)

P.S.: Take notice of the Harry Potter-style images on the walls everywhere in Casa Batllo, they move! 🙂 

2. How to get to Casa Batllo 

How to get to Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo is located right in the middle of Barcelona, on Passeig de Gràcia avenue (main shopping street), just 5-7 in away from another Gaudi masterpiece – Casa Mila

You can get there by numerous ways:

Metro: Passeig de Gràcia: L2, L3, and L4
Bus: H10, V15, 7, 22 and 24
Hop-on/hop-off bus: Bus Turístic or Barcelona City Tours

Opening hours are from 9 am to 20:15. The last entry is at 19:15 (for the general admission tickets). 

NOTE: There are no free days to visit, like the first Sunday of the month or anything of that sort – it is a private institution. But hey, at least they work every day! 🙂 

3. Batllo, the investor in the house, was the Chupa Chups company owner

investor in the house was the Chupa Chups

Yes, Josep Batlló was a successful entrepreneur and he was an owner of the famous lollipop company. Actually, the Chupa Chups logo was created by Salvador Dali!

Josep Batlló commissioned Antonio Gaudi to renovate the house back in 1904. Gaudi completely changed the facade and the inside of the house and in 2 years the family was ready to move in. 

Currently, the house does not belong to the Batllo family anymore, its new owner is the Bernat family who has fully restored the house. And they actually still live in the house!

A couple of years ago when I visited, you could still see the post office boxes in front of some of the doors, but I think the postman uses a back entrance now. 🙂 

4. Casa Batllo gets all covered in roses for Saint George day

Casa Batllo saint Jordi day roses

If you are in town during St. Jordi day (23rd of April), you will LOVE it! This is the day when Catalonians give flowers to girls and books to boys. 

You see, Casa Batllo (its roof in particular) resembles a dragon very much and the legend is that St. George killed a dragon and in its place, a rose was born. It is truly a beautiful tradition and it is especially celebrated around Casa Batllo.  

You should definitely pay a visit to Casa Batllo because this is when the facade will be decorated with roses and it is SO beautiful! You can just look from outside without entering, it is still completely worth it!

5. You can actually book the whole place for an event

Yes, you can actually organize a corporate event, a wedding, or anything else you want. It will probably cost you a pretty penny, but if that’s something you can afford (and are interested in), check out this page.

👩‍ Adult Price:35€
👧 Kids Price:29€
💲 Cheapest Tickets:Official Site
👍 Trusted Re-Seller: GetYourGuide
🎟️ Skip the Line Tickets:45€
🎤 Best Type of Ticket:Blue
🕖 Best Time to Visit:Early Morning

Frequently asked questions about visiting Casa Batllo

casa batllo cafe on the roof prices

🗣️ How do you pronounce “Casa Batllo”?

In Catalan, it is pronounced as “Caza Bal’yo” (with the emphasis on ‘yo’)

🎟️ Is there a chance they will run out of tickets if you decide to buy them at the entrance?

Yes, not only you will have to pay 4€ extra per ticket, but there is also a big chance they will have no available slots for you for that day or time. So I really recommend buying your tickets in advance. 

⏰ How long will it take to visit Casa Batllo?

1 to 1,5 hours is a good amount of time to visit the place with no rush and even have a drink on a rooftop bar. 

🕜 Can I be late for my time slot in Casa Batllo?

While there is no official information about how much is their grace period, you can rest assured it is fine to be 10-15 minutes late (things happen, tourists can get lost etc). But as everywhere, try to respect the rules of the establishments and show up a bit in advance just to be on the safe side. 

💭 What are the hidden meanings of Casa Batllo?

The audio guide does a pretty good job explaining all of it. To name a few – diffusion of light, a smart ventilation system, inspiration from nature, the fact that a lot of decorative materials are made from broken glass and tiles (recyclable materials that Gaudi literally picked up from the streets), the significance of balconies and more. 

👩‍🦽Can disabled people visit Casa Batllo?

Yes, actually a lot has been done to help people with disabilities enjoy the place. People in wheelchairs will be able to access all places including the roof. Visually impaired people have a super descriptive audio guide and people with hearing problems will have a text version of the audio guide at their disposal. 

🏰 What are the other famous works by Gaudi in Barcelona?

Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Park Guell, Casa Vicens, Sant Pau hospital are all extraordinary places and all are located in Barcelona for you to visit. 


casa batllo gaudi openin hours

I hope you found the information above useful and, hopefully, you are not reading it after you already bought yourCasa Batllo tickets at the cash register for 4€ extra!

We talked about different types of tickets and which one would suit you better, how and where to buy them in advance. I also explained some practical info on how to get to the place, how long to spend there, and much more. 

Casa Batllo is truly a masterpiece and if you are in any way interested in Gaudi’s architecture, this is THE place to go!

By the way, I have a lot of other posts on Barcelona, check them out here, you surely will find some info there very useful for your visit! 🙂 




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