Where to Stay in Split – 5 Best Areas with Hotels and Prices

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Split is the second-largest city in Croatia after Zagreb and one of my favorite places in this beautiful country! The city is a unique blend of modern and traditional, located right on the Dalmatian Coast.

But where to stay in Split? With several great beaches and surrounded by nice little islands where you can go for a day trip, it’s hard to find the perfect area! 

That being said, if you know the best neighborhoods in Split and what each of them offers, the choice can be quickly made. 

This is where I come in! I spent a few days in Split covering the best areas and I’m ready to tell you everything about it in this ultimate guide from the best hotels for all budgets to the nicest neighborhoods.

Keep reading to find out about my complete guide on the best areas and where to stay in Split, all broken down by budget and interests. We’ll also go through 3 bonuses about apartments, villas, and where to stay near Split Airport!

where is split

Here, you will find carefully chosen recommendations for the best hotels in Split for all budgets, apartments and even villas, so regardless of where you are planning to stay in the city, you will find something for each taste in this article.

Are you looking for a heritage hotel? A family hotel? A villa? A budget-friendly Split hotel? Or even self-catering apartments? You’ll find all these in this post!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

If you’re in a hurry…

The best area to stay in Split for first-time visitors is Split Old Town. This is the city center and the heart of the entire Split, so staying here means you’ll always be close to all the important attractions and activities to do there, including restaurants and cafes. By the way, the famous Diocletian’s Palace is also located in Split’s Old Town!

Which area should you choose?

First things first, before jumping into the best hotels in Split, let’s have a glimpse of the nicest places to stay in Split.

Here is a map of all the 5 neighborhoods I’ll be talking about in Split, so you can easily visualize them:

split map

Even though Split is not that huge (it has a bit more than 175.000 people living there on 79 sqm), it is divided into 8 different districts, each of them further divided into separate smaller neighborhoods and areas, each with its unique charm and advantages.

So how can you choose the right area for you out of all these places to stay? Just scroll down to find my personalized list of recommendations by budget and interest:

  • Where to stay in Split for luxury: Split Old Town
  • Where to stay in Split for budget travelers: Radunica
  • Where to stay in Split for nightlife: Bacvice
  • Where to stay in Split for families: Znjan
  • Where to stay in Split for beaches: Bacvice

Now let’s find out everything you need to know about the top 5 areas to stay in Split, Croatia, together with my hand-picked hotel recommendations for each of them:

1. Old Town Split – Where to stay in Split for the first time

If you’re wondering where to stay in Split when visiting for the first time, the answer is simple: Split Old Town is definitely THE best area to stay for you!

The Old City of Split is known as the heart and soul of the city and the place where all the essential attractions and fascinating historic buildings are. By the way, the Old Town is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, did you know that?

You’ll find Split’s most famous landmark in the Old Town – Diocletian’s Palace, and it’s a place full of interesting history and charm.

You should explore other interesting cultural sights including Riva Harbour, the Cathedral of St. Domnius and its Bell Tower, the Ethnographic Museum Split, and the City Museum of Split, among others. In plain words, the Old City is where the best things to do in Split are!

Apart from that, Old Town Split is where the most luxurious hotels and the nicest family-run properties like apartments are. This is one of the reasons I love Split; it’s a mix of premium and family vibes that all blend it well together – let me tell you about the best hotels here!

Luxury (150€ and up)

where to stay in split
  • Heritage Hotel Antique Split – Looking for a fantastic hotel where to stay in Split? I got you! This is one of the best hotels in the old town Split, Croatia, and has beautiful accommodation for luxury travelers. The hotel is very close to the beach and the ferry port and offers spotless rooms, fantastic service, and modern facilities everywhere!
  • Cornaro Hotel – This boutique hotel is where to stay in Split if you want to be only a minute away from Diocletian’s Palace. You’ll find spacious rooms, a rooftop terrace, a spa area, and an incredibly delicious breakfast buffet. The rooms are tidy and nicely designed and offer incredible views of the Old Town!

Mid-range (70€ – 150€)

  • Centro di Centri Rooms – This is a historic lovely house for anyone looking for the best places in Split within a mid-range budget and located within walking distance to all the interesting sights around. This hotel is right in the heart of the Old Town, and the beach is only 10 minutes by foot.
  • 3M Peristil – This one is the perfect choice in case you are searching for a nice apartment in Split’s Old Town that will make you feel at home! This is one of the best properties in Split with excellent prices, and all their studios and rooms are tidy and beautifully designed. Plus, the beach is only a minute away!

Budget (up to 70€)

Split Old Town has a wide variety of cheap accommodations and hostels that are perfect for travelers on a tight budget. Just remember that it is always better to book in advance if you want to make sure you will stay in the best accommodation in Split.

  • Ćiri Biri Bela Boutique Hostel – Wondering where to stay in Split if you’re on a very tight budget? No worries! This is one of those amazingly cheap hotels in Split, located only 5-minutes away from Diocletian’s Palace, so the best area to stay for the perfect vacation. This hostel even has a cozy terrace where you can relax and unwind!
  • Contarini Luxury Rooms – Located only a short walk away from the beach, this luxurious, affordable accommodation offers spacious rooms in an apartment equipped with free WiFi and modern facilities. It’s one of the best budget places to stay if you want to roam around Split as its location is strategic, near the beach and Bacvice!

2. Radunica – Where to stay in Split on a budget

2 Where to stay with the family in Split

Radunica is located very close to Split Old Town (a bit to the East from it) and it’s one of the best places to stay if you’re traveling to the city on a tight budget! 

Radunica is full of beautiful streets, stone walls, impressive architecture, and exciting attractions such as Radunica Street (the heart and soul of this neighborhood), the Green Market, Tvrava Gripe, the Croatian Maritime Museum, and more.

On top of that, you should know that it’s a medieval neighborhood and you’ll find plenty of interesting places around that will transport you back in time.

In terms of accommodation, Radunica is a great place to find the best hotels in Split with low rates, and apartments and guest houses. No worries, even the hotels with low rates have some amazing facilities and amenities, as accommodation in Split is of a pretty high standard!

There are some awesome luxury hotels and suites as well, so you’ll find something for every taste.

Luxury (140€ and up)

best accommodation split
  • Marvie Hotel & Health – I definitely recommend staying in this superb heritage hotel that’s located close to the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace to enjoy the ultimate luxurious experience! This hotel offers free WiFi, a great location 600m to the beach area, and even a rooftop terrace with a pool!
  • Ellure Luxury Suites – Make sure to book your room here if you want to enjoy a spoiled stay in Split close to the Old Town! Did I mention that this one has a spa as well? If you choose to make this new, beautiful condo-hotel your base, you’ll be close to tons of bar and restaurant options, so you would never get bored around here!

Mid-range (70€ – 140€)

  • House Sandra – Book this apartment if you want to enjoy the best service for the best value for money! This is definitely among the best properties in Split in the mid-range category, and it’s also close to many restaurant and bar options – a great plus! Make sure to check out their superb terrace as well!
  • Luxury Rooms FloramyeHere’s another excellent property in Split that offers some unbeatable rates per night. Some of the best things about staying here include its proximity to the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace, beautiful rooms with modern decor, free WiFi, and more! It’s also a great choice if you want to save money for a day trip, maybe!

Budget (up to 70€)

  • Apartments Veky 3 – Are you looking for an amazing budget stay in Split where you can enjoy some superb rooms for some very low rates per night? Check out this place; you’ll love it! It’s located in a very good location, not far from the Old Town either and surrounded by countless restaurant and bar options.
  • En Route Hostel – If you’re on the hunt for a cool hostel at a low price, then this is exactly the one for you. En Route Hostel offers great location minutes away from the beach and downtown. You’ll be greeted with a lovely terrace, modern rooms to make friends, and everything you need like a safe and WiFi.

3. Bacvice – Where to stay in Split for the beach

split beach

Bacvice Beach is the only beach in Split that has acquired a “blue flag” status, and it’s also one of the best places to stay in the city if you want to enjoy the ultimate relaxation while soaking in the sun!

Bacvice neighborhood was created around Bacvice Beach, so if you want to be close to the golden sands, you should find a property here that suits your taste and budget.

The area is located southeast of Split Old Town (15 mins walking), so you’ll basically get the best of both worlds. You’ll be close to the city center, and you’ll also enjoy some beautiful beaches!

Bacvice is also a great place if you’re wondering where to stay in Split for nightlife because you’ll find tons of awesome beach bars and nightclubs around, perfect to dance the night away!

Luxury (140€ and up)

budget hotel split
  • Hotel Park Split – If you travel for luxury, Park Split is among the best 5-star hotels in the city! The rooms are simply gorgeous and very elegant. The staff is very friendly, and the hotel even has a wellness center that you can use during your stay at Hotel Park. Plus, this is among the Split hotels located super close to plenty of bar options!
  • Hotel Villa Harmony – Here’s another superb place to stay if you’re looking for a beautiful hotel with amazing rooms, surrounded by many beach bar options! This is a 4-star heritage hotel that will guarantee the perfect vacation on the beach!

Mid-range (70€ – 140€)

  • Luxury Rooms and Apartment Silente BacviceHere’s an unmissable mid-range place to stay if you want to enjoy some superb rooms with air conditioning, and you’re going to be surrounded by plenty of bars and restaurants in Split. Lastly, it’s only 2 minutes away from the beach area! Make sure to book it for an unforgettable stay in Split!
  • Best Location RoomsDo you want the perfect place close to the beachfront but also the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace? This is the one! This accommodation has many restaurants and bars around. The rooms are super clean and nicely decorated – perfect if you want to save some money during your trip to Croatia!

Budget (up to 70€)

  • Apartment Simone – If you want to be located in the best area in Split for the best sun-kissed vacation while also enjoying some superb apartments for some incredible prices, this is your place! You’ll have all the needed facilities provided here, and you’ll also be surrounded by plenty of bar options – a great plus!
  • Dreams Apartment Bacvice – This fabulous apartment in Split is close to the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace and 3 minutes away from the beachfront – what more can you wish for? Let me also tell you about the beautiful, contemporary rooms, helpful staff, and restaurants and cafes nearby.

4. Veli Varos – Best area to stay in Split to live like a local

4 hotels with with Free cancellation

If you want to be located in a charming, beautiful area in the city to experience Split’s true local charm, then Veli Varoš is for you!

Veli Varos, located West of the Old Town, is full of cobblestone streets, stone walls, cozy cafes, amazing restaurants that serve traditional Croatian food, and everything in-between!

This is also one of the greatest places to book a room if you’re looking for apartments and small boutique hotels in Split!

I also recommend this area to people looking for places to stay a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the Old Town, but still very close to the heart of the city and Diocletian’s Palace as well! Plus, this area is full of restaurants, shops, and exciting attractions such as Prva Vidilica, Marjan Park, the Archaeological Museum, and more.

In addition, you’ll find medieval churches and lovely white stone houses that make Split so unique. If you choose not to stay here, you should at least come for a few hours to discover the charming side of Split while indulging in delicious grilled seafood!

Luxury (110€ and up)

luxury hotels in split
  • Hotel Cvita – In case you’re wondering where to stay in Split, Croatia, for the ultimate luxurious experience, this is among the best hotels in Split you can choose from! By the way, they also have an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, and a spa & wellness area – what more can you wish for? Did I mention their complimentary breakfast?
  • Adriatic Blue View – Here’s another beautiful place to stay if you’re looking for a luxurious stay in Split, close to the beach! Make sure to book your room here if you want to be right in the historic heart of Split; the rooms have WiFi, free parking, and the terrace with sea view will blow you away!

Mid-range (70€ – 110€)

  • Apartments Kike&Ana – These 2 self-catering apartments are among the best mid-range options! It’s the perfect base for exploring the city, away from the chaos of the Old City. You’ll find a stylish apartment, free parking, and a fully-equipped kitchen. I recommend you start checking the availability now; the demand is very high!
  • Apartment Lju on the Beach – Here’s another great Split hotel if you want great value for the money! All rooms feature nice decor, a flat-screen TV, a kitchen, a microwave and more. Plus, it’s the best place if you want to be a short walk away from the center. Definitely a great option for an unforgettable stay in Split!


While I always make every effort to find the best properties available in each area and for every budget, cheap properties simply aren’t available in Veli Varoš.

That being said, the mid-range properties here above are affordable and offer great value for money. If this isn’t exactly what you were looking for, I recommend staying in the old city as it’s just next to Veli Varoš.

5. Znjan – Where to stay in Split for families

split overview

Znjan is another great seaside area and my top recommendation for people traveling to Split with their family and kids!

Znjan is located right near Bacvice Beach and, even if the beaches here are just as wonderful, the vibe is a bit different. Znjan is perfect for people who are not looking for nightlife but want a laid-back, calm atmosphere instead!

What you’ll find here are kid-friendly playgrounds and parks, perfect for a family vacation!

In terms of distance, this neighborhood is not located within walking distance to the Old Town and Diocletian’s Palace – let’s say about 30 minutes by foot, but there are tons of transportation options around.

Also, if you’re into kitesurfing, Znjan is the perfect place for you with the fun waves and beautiful environment. In a nutshell, Znjan is a place not to be missed!

Luxury (110€ and up)

where to stay in split cheap
  • Hotel Fanat – Another luxurious place to stay in Split is Hotel Fanat, only a minute away from the beach. Other than having everything needed for a relaxing vacation like premium rooms and an indoor pool, they also have a fitness area and free parking! While it’s further away from the Old City, they have great prices and incredible views!
  • Villa M – Villa M is just what you can expect from a luxury stay in the Mediterranean, minutes away from the beach, premium facilities like a pool, modern and spotless rooms, and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels! You’ll also find the shopping mall City Center One Split around the corner!

Mid-range (60€ – 110€)

  • Apartments Cordis – Apartments Cordis is another great place if you’re looking for mid-range accommodation right on the beachfront in Split. This authentic Croatian style 4-star apartment is waiting for you with an incredible hydromassage outdoor pool, a lovely garden, clean rooms, BBQ facilities, free WiFi and much more!
  • Apartment Gorana – Here’s another excellent choice for all travelers looking for a spoiled experience right on the beachfront in Split! The apartment here is simply gorgeous and offers a splendid view on the sea, great to witness the sunset! Also, the old city is only a couple of miles away, which is a fantastic plus!

Budget (up to 50€)

  • Luxury Rooms Near the Beach – If you only have a small budget for your trip, no worries! This 4-star accommodation has some great rates, and it awaits with clean and nicely decorated rooms, free parking, air conditioning, and a seating area to relax. Perfect accommodation for a comfortable night’s sleep after a full day at the seaside!
  • Apartments Znjan – Here’s another excellent budget accommodation located super near the beachfront! I definitely recommend it to all travelers with a tight budget but still prefer to be very close to the beach. Apart from that, while the apartment doesn’t look as modern as other properties, it is beautifully decorated!
👑 Luxury price:€200
💵 Mid Range:€110
🛏️ Budget:€60
📍 Best neighborhood:Split Old Town
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Cornaro Hotel
💵 Mid-range hotel:Centro di Centri Rooms
👛 Best budget hotel:Ćiri Biri Bela Boutique Hotel

BONUS 1: Best Apartments to stay in Split, Croatia

split sunny day

Suppose you’re the kind of traveler who prefers staying in an apartment rather than a hotel. In that case, you should know that Split awaits you with a HUGE variety of apartments for different budgets and preferences.

As usual, make sure you book your apartment in Split as soon as you can, as the city is slowly but steadily becoming one of the top attractions in Croatia, and the rooms are selling out fast.

best apartmets split
  • (Luxury) Perla Apartmani Split is a spacious luxury accommodation in Split, very close to the beach and not far from downtown. You can choose from different types of apartments. Each apartment has a nice living room and a fully equipped kitchen, so you can rest assured that you’ll have everything you need for your Split vacation!
  • (Mid-range) Apartment Mila is a lovely apartment located near the old town and a few minutes away from the beach. This accommodation has all the amenities you need for the perfect stay in Split with panoramic views, modern furniture, a spotless bathroom, and amicable hosts.
  • (Budget) Apartments Gajeta – This is one of the best values for money in the whole of Split. Nestled in the Old City, the apartments are bright and tidy and have all the facilities you could ever need – a flat-screen TV, a kitchen, and free WiFi. All this for about €50 a night!

BONUS 2: Top Villas to stay in Split, Croatia

Where To Stay In Split Best Hotels villas collage

If you are traveling to Split together with a group of friends, maybe a villa will be the best option for all of you. Don’t worry; Split has many great villas available for you; the only thing you need to do is to choose the one that fits your budget and preferences!

Villas are basically holiday homes, so the difference between them and apartments is that you’ll have the entire building to yourself. 

It’s worth noting that, while I categorize each villa into price ranges, these properties usually are pricier than regular hotels or apartments but way more enjoyable with friends and family.

Also, villas are usually suitable for a big group of at least 6 people and, therefore, the total cost is divided, which makes the price not that hefty overall.

  • (Luxury) Villa Fig – This one-of-a-kind villa in Split is perfect for a group of up to 9 people that want to enjoy life at its best. The villa is 500 m² big, has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and a stunning pool with a massive garden in the background. You’ll also find a basketball camp and modern furniture.
  • (Mid-range) Luxury Villa Luminosa – If you’re in need of a luxurious vacation with tropical vibes far from the hustle and bustle of the old town, stop scrolling. Villa Luminosa offers premium facilities such as a private pool, top-class interior decor, a huge garden, and even table tennis equipment.
  • (Budget) LCT Holiday Home Florentina – Located much closer to the old town, this is my choice for luxury travelers. This incredible villa is 200 m² big and can fit up to 10 people. It has everything you need to feel spoiled in Split, 6 minutes away from the beach: 4 bedrooms, an outdoor pool, a sun terrace, a kitchen, free WiFi, and more!

BONUS 3: Best hotels near Split International Airport

where to stay in split airport

You might feel overwhelmed and worried about missing your flight when traveling abroad. While that shouldn’t be an issue in Split with the airport located only 25km (16 miles) away from the city, it’s always worth considering traffic jams and early flights.

In case you have a morning flight to take, booking your hotel near Split Airport is your safest bet.

The taxi will cost you between €35 and €40. If you travel on a budget, your best bet is to take a bus for only €4.50, but that will take you longer – about 50 minutes.

So if you fall into the category of people that need to reach the airport fast, here are my personal favorite properties near Split Airport:

best hotels to stay in Split
  • (Luxury) Hotel Brown Beach House & Spa – Located a minute away from the beach and not far from the airport, this is the best hotel to enjoy your time before catching a flight. With an onsite restaurant, a pool bar, free WiFi all around, a spa center, and unique rooms with marble bathrooms, you can’t do better than Hotel Brown Beach. 
  • (Mid-range) Apartments & Bungalows Ivanović – If you’re on the hunt for a luxury property with low prices, this accommodation should get your attention. Apart from authentic, beautiful rooms, you’ll be greeted with a volleyball court, table tennis, a barbecue, and a peaceful terrace with a sea view!
  • (Budget) Hotel Trogir – This is the best definition of magnificence on a budget. Hotel Trogir is an authentic place with many cute details in the spotless rooms. It’s not on the beach, but it’s nestled in Trogir’s old city to enjoy local Croatian vibes as soon as you arrive. In for a swim? The beach is only 18 minutes away!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotels in Split

Hotels with Panoramic Sea views in Split

🏖️ Is Split, Croatia, worth visiting?

Split is one of the best travel destinations in Croatia, and it’s definitely worth visiting. You’ll find better nightlife than Dubrovnik, it’s relatively cheap, and there are endless day trips to Vis, Hvar, and Brač islands to make the most of your time!

🏨 How long should you stay in Split, Croatia?

If you want to stay in Split before heading to the islands, then 2 days are enough to see the city. But, if you prefer staying here as a base and going on day trips to Vis or Hvar, then staying for 4 to 5 days is the ideal length.

💰 Is Split expensive to visit?

Split is not cheap but has an excellent value for money in terms of accommodation and food. It’s also more affordable than Dubrovnik and much cheaper than the islands around, making it the perfect base for a few days in Croatia.

👪 Where to stay in Split for families?

All things considered, Žnjan is the perfect place to stay in Split for families. It’s more remote and quieter than the Old City, there are several stunning beaches and many properties. Check out the luxurious Hotel Fanat and the great value for money Apartment Gorana!

🎉 Where to stay in Split for nightlife?

If you travel for nightlife, Split is the right place. You’ll find endless bars everywhere. That said, Bačvice is the best place to enjoy the nightlife in Split. Hotel Park Split is your best luxury choice while Best Location Rooms will be your affordable dream property!


6 Split Croatia Marajan Hill

This was my complete list of accommodation in Split, Croatia, including the 5 best areas to stay in the city! From hotels to apartments and holiday homes, you can find anything you need in Split! All the accommodations I recommend were carefully chosen by me and have fantastic reviews, modern facilities and they’re divided according to different budgets.

NOTE: Split is becoming a popular holiday destination, which means the rooms are selling out fast, so book yours as soon as you can! If you still can’t decide on a hotel, I highly recommend the following:

  • Cornaro Hotel – One of the most beautiful and sophisticated hotels in Split with an outdoor pool, a spa area, and beautifully designed rooms
  • Centro di Centri Rooms – The perfect middle-priced accommodation near the heart of the city – stunning, modern rooms, stylish terrace, and the beach is within walking distance! 

In case you want to read more about Croatia (Split but not only), but you can also find all my articles about the country here.

I hope you will have some great Split holidays! If you have any questions, you can always tell me in the comments below, I’m happy to help!

I wish you a great time in Split, Croatia!


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