Where to stay in Osaka – List of Great Accommodation Options (By Areas!)

where to stay in osaka

Are you planning a trip to Osaka? That’s great, you’re in for a treat! Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan and a great destination for foodies. It’s located close to Kyoto (hands-down my favorite city in Japan!) and Nara and it’s a city with a rich culture and countless exciting attractions.

But deciding where to stay in Osaka can be a real dread and definitely overwhelming because the city is so big! There are countless areas where you can stay, some of them better than others and, trust me, they’re very different from each other.

where to stay in osaka

No worries, I got your back! This is exactly why I created this detailed guide on hotels in Osaka, Japan. I found the best areas in the city for tourists and I researched and hand-picked the best hotels in each of the areas, all of them with fab reviews and top notch amenities. Also, I compared the prices for each accommodation in Osaka on different hotel websites (Agoda and Booking, for example), and in the end I found the best deals for you.

Now, all you need to do is make your hotel choice for where to stay in Osaka, the hard work has already been done for you! All of the recommended areas below are well-connected to public transport and they have countless main attractions and things to do. I have perfect recommendations for luxury, budget travelers, families, backpackers and more. Are you ready?

PRO TIP: Regardless of your chosen district in the city, make sure you pick a hotel that’s close to the red Midosuji subway line. It’s the most convenient choice, as it can get you everywhere in the city.

First of all, which area should you choose?

Here is a map where you can see all my recommended areas to stay:

osaka japan map

As I mentioned above, there are MANY areas in the city and each of them is fit for a certain type of traveler. Your choice depends on where you want to stay – do you want to be as central as possible, or maybe you are traveling with your family and kids and want a more laid-back atmosphere. Or you probably want to be as close as possible to Universal Studios theme park or in the perfect spot for the cherry blossom season?

Say no more! Osaka has an area for each of your needs. Here are my hand-picked recommendations  where to stay in Osaka for each type of traveler:

  • Best for first-timers: Umeda
  • Best location to stay in Osaka for budget travelers: Honmachi
  • Best district for luxury: Umeda
  • Best for food: Namba
  • Where to stay for a traditional atmosphere: Nakazakicho
  • If you want to stay for one night only: Namba or Umeda
  • Best district for families: Osaka Bay
  • Where to stay for nightlife: Namba
  • Where to stay in Osaka for shopping: Namba
  • Best district for day trips: Shin-Osaka
  • Where to stay for the cherry blossom: Osaka Castle area

Now that the decision is more clear to you, read on to find out more about each of these areas and the BEST hotels in Osaka. By the way, if you’d rather stay in an apartment instead, scroll down to the end of the article where you will find my personalized recommendations for Osaka apartments.

Read on:

1. Central Osaka

central osaka

Osaka is a big city and its city center is, naturally, quite large as well. Central Osaka is usually divided into two different parts:

  • Kita – the Northern part of the city center, located around Umeda district
  • Minami – the Southern part of the city center, located around Namba district

Namba and Umeda are the top choices for travelers who want to stay in central Osaka and some especially good choices for people who are traveling to Osaka for the first time. Here, you’ll be close to everything you’ll need, you’ll have countless cafes around you, well-known attractions, shops and restaurants, train lines and TONS of hotels that you can choose from.

Umeda is more modern and the best place to stay in Osaka for young people; Namba district is more traditional, and with a vibrant local nightlife. Regardless of your choice, you won’t regret it!

Here are my recommended hotels in both of the areas of central Osaka:

1.1. Namba (Minami)

osaka water

One thing is for sure: you’ll NEVER get bored in Namba area!

Namba is one of the favorite choices for people traveling to this city. It’s a vibrant area where you’ll have something to do from morning until VERY late at night, because many entertainment spots, shops and restaurants are open until late and some of them are open 24/7. Staying in Namba district is also a practical choice, as you’ll be well-connected to the rest of the city and you’ll have many restaurants and street food places within walking distance. It’s also a great spot if you want to be connected to the airport or take day trips (Nara, Kyoto etc.), as you’ll be close to the public transport – no less than 3 train stations and Midosuji subway line as well.

Also, most of the hotels in this area actually have larger rooms compared to the normal Japanese accommodations (Japan hotels are rather small, fyi).

Namba (Minami) is actually a wider area that contains other well-known, smaller areas within it such as:

  • Dotonbori – famous area, full of neon lights and the iconic Glico Man;
  • Shinsaibashi – the most important shopping street in the city and a great entertainment district;
  • Nipponbashi – also known as Den-Den Town, it’s a well-known area for electronics, anime and collectibles.

That being said, here are my hand-picked Osaka hotels in Namba area:

accommodation osaka

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka – If you’re looking for a luxurious Dotonbori hotel in Osaka, this is your choice! This 4-star accommodation is located less than 10 minutes away by foot from the famous area and it’s directly connected to Namba station – how awesome is that!
  • Hillarys Hotel Osaka – I’ll continue my list of hotel recommendations with a gorgeous 4-star hotel. This awesome accommodation is located a short walk to Namba station and Namba Shrine and it awaits you with a delicious buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi, gorgeous rooms and more!
  • Cross Hotel Osaka – This Osaka hotel in Namba is another fabulous choice for luxurious travelers that want to be right in the centre of the city. This is a super modern hotel located only 3 minutes away from Namba station. The rooms are simply gorgeous and you’ll have everything you need close to you.
  • Holiday Inn Namba – This amazing hotel is my last luxurious recommendation close to Namba station. This was formerly known as Hotel Vista Grande Osaka, but it changes its name to Holiday Inn in 2016. Regardless of that, the service remained impeccable!

Middle-priced (from US$50 to US$100)

  • APA Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi – This awesome hotel has a great service for the money you’ll spend! It’s very close to both train and subway stations and you’ll also experience the free Wi-Fi, free on-site parking and many other cool advantages!
  • Hotel Mystays Osaka Shinsaibashi – If you want to stay in Shinsaibashi for a good price, this is your choice! This beautiful 3-star hotel has all the facilities and amenities you might need including free Wi-Fi, luggage storage, clean rooms, cozy beds and much more!
  • Hotel FloralHotel Nami Shinsaibashi Osaka Hotel – In case you want to base yourself in the famous Shinsaibashi area, I definitely recommend this hotel. It’s located close to many main landmarks and attractions and some of its best advantages include clean and modern rooms, free Wi-Fi etc.

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Namba – If you want to stay in a capsule hotel in Osaka, then search no more! If you choose this Osaka capsule hotel, you’ll be both close to the city center and you’ll experience staying in capsule pods, which are small rooms with a bed. They have great prices, but they’re not recommended to people with claustrophobia!
  • Nerarel Hostel Namba – If you’re not a fan of capsule hotels, then maybe this option is better for you. This hostel has different rooms that you can choose from, including bunk beds. They also have free Wi-Fi, toiletries, air-conditioned rooms and more!

1.2. Umeda (Kita)

osaka japan area

Umeda is more modern than Namba and it lacks the main cultural attractions you can find in Namba, but it’s super central and a very convenient area to stay in! Umeda is super accessible and connected to public transport, which means you’ll easily get around the entire city of Osaka, but it’s also a great base for day trips (Kobe, Kyoto etc.)

This is also the city’s main business center, which can only mean one thing: the hotel options here are literally endless! Here is what I’m recommending if you want to stay in Umeda:

hotels in osaka japan

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Hilton Osaka – This amazing, elegant hotel is located very close to Umeda subway station and countless shopping opportunities and food places! The 5-star service will leave you impressed and you’ll definitely enjoy the pool, fitness center and no less than 5 on-site dining options. This is your pick in case you want a hotel near Herbis Osaka and Umeda Sky Building!
  • Granvia Hotel Osaka – You probably heard about the famous Granvia chain of hotels before. They offer great quality and service and their hotel in Osaka is no exception! Fabulous rooms, a great location (right above Osaka Station) and friendly staff – these are just some of the things that await you there!
  • Imperial Hotel Osaka – Imperial Hotel is another great choice for travelers that want to be spoiled during their stay in Osaka. This 5-star hotel is very well connected to train lines and subway stations, it has a swimming pool, fitness club and many other cool amenities!

Mid-range (from US$65 to US$100)

  • Hotel Monterey Le Frere 4 – This beautiful hotel offers great value for money! During you’ll stay, you’ll definitely enjoy the buffet breakfast, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour front desk, the friendly and helpful staff and, of course, the cozy rooms!
  • Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel – This awesome hotel has many different types of rooms that you can choose from! Some of its greatest advantages include an on-site restaurant and bar, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception, currency exchange, need I say more? You’ll also be close to Umeda Sky Building!
  • Hotel Hokke Club – Free Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, air conditioning, heating, toiletries, buffet breakfast, 24-hour front desk, Japanese or Western-style meals – these are just some of the things you’ll enjoy during your stay in this nice 3-star hotel!

Budget (up to US$65)

  • ibis Budget Umeda Osaka Hotel – If you’re looking for a clean and nice hotel where you can stay in Osaka downtown and not break the bank, this is your answer! This hotel is only 7 minutes away by foot from Umeda station and Umeda Sky Building, which is a big advantage!
  • Hotel Kinki Osaka – Here is my other (and equally nice) recommendation! This cool cheap accommodation in Osaka is right in the heart of Umeda and you can choose from different types of rooms for your stay – whichever suits your preferences more!

2. Honmachi

osaka by night

Wondering where to stay in Osaka on a budget? Head to Honmachi! It is a fabulous choice for budget travelers, as you’ll find many amazing accommodations here for excellent prices!

Another amazing thing about Honmachi is that it’s located right between Namba (Minami) and Umeda (Kita), within walking distance from them. Even though this area doesn’t particularly have its own landmarks and attractions, you can easily get to Umeda or Namba and you’ll also be close to many restaurants, shopping spots, cafes and more. But Honmachi is more laid-back than my first two recommendations.

You’ll also have Honmachi station (Midosuji metro line) close by, which means you’ll be well-connected to the rest of the city.

Here are the best Osaka hotels in Honmachi that you can choose from:

osaka hostel

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • St. Regis Osaka – This amazing 5-star boutique hotel in Osaka provides high quality services to all its guests! The decor is exquisite, the rooms are sparkling clean and very comfy, they also have Nespresso coffee machines, a business center, exercise room and many other useful amenities!
  • Excel Hotel Tokyu – Here’s another excellent choice for Osaka luxury hotels! Make sure to book a room here if you want to be located in a perfect location, actually very close to Namba station. You’ll also have free Wi-Fi, luggage storage and more!

Mid-range (from US$50 to US$100)

  • Arietta Hotel Osaka – For those who are looking for an excellent value for money, look no further than this hotel! This hotel is modern, spacious and very clean and it’s the perfect place to spend a relaxing night’s sleep in the heart of the city.
  • Tokyu Stay Osaka Hommachi – If you choose to stay in this hotel, know that you’ll be close to countless shopping opportunities and dining options and the service offered by the staff is simply perfect! This 4-star hotel has great advantages for its price!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Roots Hostel – As I mentioned in the description, Honmachi is a great choice for budget travelers. My first recommendation is Roots Hostel – modern and with a cool design! Here, you can choose from bunk beds or private rooms, depending on your budget and preferences.
  • &And Hosted Hommachi East – Or you can go for this cozy hostel! I think the rooms here are simply gorgeous, with wood decor and a very minimalistic style. Plus, you’ll be close to many shopping opportunities, cafes, food places and street food stalls where you can eat! Win-win!

3. Osaka Castle

himeji castle

Osaka Castle is one of the city’s most famous attractions and the area around it is a great choice if you want to stay in the best possible place to see the cherry blossoms!

This area is, naturally, a bit more traditional and not as cool as my recommendations above, but you’ll be close to the metro station, which is a great advantage.

This area is calmer and quieter and you won’t have as many restaurants, shopping streets or nightlife opportunities here, but you’ll be 30 minutes away from the city center by subway.

But trust me, if you’re visiting Osaka during the cherry blossom season (end of March), this is THE place to be! The area transforms completely and it’s simply mesmerizing!

Here are the best hotel choices around Osaka Castle:

best area to stay in osaka

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Noku Hotel – If you want to stay close to the castle in style, this is your choice! This beautiful 4-star hotel offers an amazing service and the staff is always friendly and happy to help. They also have an on-site restaurant!
  • Hotel Keihan Kyobashi Grande – This is another great choice if you only want the best level of accommodations for your stay. Do you want to know something unique? This hotel even has its own shopping mall, can you believe it?

Middle-priced (from US$50 to US$100)

  • Kichinan – This cozy hotel is located around 1km from the castle Castle, so after a short walking distance you’ll arrived at one of the most famous landmarks of the city! The rooms are simple but clean, and they’re a great choice for a good night’s sleep after a day of exploration!
  • Hotel WBF Kitahama – This 3-star hotel is another one of my recommendations because of the great reviews I read about it, as well as the excellent facilities – an on-site restaurant, flat-screen TVs, 24-hour front desk, luggage storage and more!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • CharinCo Osaka Hostel – You can also stay close to Osaka Castle on a budget, did you know that? It’s actually possible and this is the best hostel in Osaka near the castle! This colorful hostel is a fun place to stay if you want to befriend other travelers, and the rooms are nice and clean.
  • Takuto Stay Kyobashi Tsumiki – If you’re looking for a very modern and cool place, this is one of the cheap hotels in Osaka and a great choice! The bunk beds at this accommodation are very cozy and the prices are very good, you won’t regret your choice!

4. Nakazakicho

japanese streets

If you’re not a fan of modern areas, this is the perfect choice for you!

This district is simply charming, full of authentic Japanese streets, old houses, local food places and cafes, art galleries and more. This very nice area is only one stop away from Osaka Station and Umeda, which means you’ll be super close to the city center! This area is calmer as well, and you’ll get to have a taste of traditional Japan here.

If this neighborhood sounds like your cup of tea, here is where you can stay for a fabulous experience:

cheap hotels in osaka

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • InterContinental Hotel – This is one of the most gorgeous Osaka 5-star hotels is located only 900m away from the station, which I think is a great advantage! The rooms are very spacious (at least compared to Japanese standards) and the hotel is only 5 minutes away from JR Osaka Train Station!
  • Precioso Umeda – This is another excellent choice for travelers that want to be in a charming, authentic neighborhood! This 3-star apartment will make you feel right at home. The furniture and simple and modern and you’ll surely enjoy your stay here!

Mid-range (from US$50 to US$100)

  • Hotel Wing International Select – If you choose to stay here, you’ll be close to many attractions such as temples, a nice park, shopping streets and more! The property also has an on-site restaurant, free Wi-Fi and anything else you might need!
  • Hearton Hotel Kita Umeda – Here’s another great 3-star hotel in this area that offers a great value for money! Book a room here if you want to stay in a cozy and calm ambient and benefit from luxury service!

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Linda Hostel 106 – I think staying in hostels is a great choice, especially in Japan, where prices tend to be a bit higher than in other parts of the world! This hostel is one of the best choices in the city, actually – it has bunk beds and family rooms as well, which I think is a great advantage!
  • ibis Budget Osaka Umeda – Here I am recommending Ibis again, a well-known chain of budget hotels that offer a great service every time! This hotel is located close to Umeda station as well, so you’ll be perfectly connected to the rest of the city!

5. Tennoji

osaka japan oldest temple

Tennoji is another great choice for budget travelers, but also a fabulous district if you want to discover an authentic side of Japan.

Tennoji is close to the castle and to Namba as well, plus there are many attractions to explore here – such as a gorgeous park (Tennoji-koen Park) and a zoo. This makes this area great for people who are traveling to Osaka with children!

Staying close to Tennoji station is a good choice also because you’ll be well-connected to the city, as you’ll have the Midosuji metro line close, as well as Osaka loop train line. But beware, as the area is becoming more and more popular after Abeno Harukas skyscraper was completed in 2014 – the tallest building in Japan!

Below you can read about my hand-picked hotel recommendations in Tennoji:

osaka luxury hotels

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Marriott Miyako Hotel – I’m sure you know about Marriott hotels by now. Their service is always good and their hotel close to Tennoji station is the ideal place for luxurious travelers, trust me! This hotel is one of the most popular picks in Osaka and it awaits you with free Wi-Fi, gorgeous rooms and beautiful panoramic city views!
  • Hotel Trusty Abeno – This 4-star hotel is another great choice for luxury travelers that are searching where to stay in Tennoji, Osaka. It’s close to Abeno Harukas and, even though the rooms at this hotel are not that spacious, they’re very clean and nicely decorated and you’ll enjoy your stay there for sure!

Mid-range (from US$50 to US$100)

  • Hotel & Resort Bali Tower Tennoji – This beautiful 3-star hotel in Tennoji has an excellent location – only 3 minutes away from the station and close to Abeno Harukas as well! The name says it all, as they have a beautiful Balinese decor in the middle of Japan – nice and fun!
  • Kintetsu Friendly Hostel Tennoji Park – This hostel is located close to Tennoji Park and I think it’s a great choice! I recommend it as one of the best family hotels in Osaka traveling with kids because they have many types of rooms that you can choose from.

Budget (up to US$50)

  • Yolo Hotel Museum – If you are looking where to stay for a cool, modern atmosphere, I have the perfect solution for you! This hotel is surrounded by a great shopping street and it also has family rooms available – a great advantage!
  • Peace House Abeno – I recommend booking a room at this cozy guest house because I’m sure you’ll enjoy their nice shared spaces and comfortable rooms with bunk beds. Oh, they have private rooms as well, no worries!

6. Osaka Bay / Universal Studios

japan tourists

If you’re visiting the city with your family or because you want to go to Universal Studios, staying close to this attraction might be a great idea for you! 

Universal Studios are located close to Osaka Bay, so I’m recommending you to base yourself in this area. If you do so, you’ll also be close to the Osaka Aquarium and the Tempozan Ferris Wheel as well, but you won’t be as close to the city center.

I recommend the area of Osaka Bay especially for people traveling with kids, as this area is calm and the little ones will definitely enjoy going to Universal Studios. You’ll also have plenty of restaurants nearby and shopping opportunities as well!

Here are the best hotels in Osaka Bay, including some awesome hotels for families as well:

osaka business hotel

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Hyatt Regency Osaka – This hotel is one of my best recommendations for travelers that want to stay in the Bay! This famous 5-star hotel is one of the best hotels near Universal Studios Osaka and Osaka Aquarium as well and it awaits you with no less than 5 on-site restaurants (wow!), indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center and many other luxury facilities!
  • Universal Hotel Osaka Port Vita – This superb hotel is located less than 3km away from Universal Studios, so it’s the perfect base if you want to be close to this theme park! Some of their facilities include a great restaurant, free Wi-Fi, friendly staff and more.

Mid-range (from US$60 to US$100)

  • Auberge du Tanuki Noir (Maison d’Hôtes) – Maybe you’re looking for a cozy Osaka guest house, why not? In which case, this is your answer! This cute guest house is great for two travelers and it provides a great service for an accessible price!
  • Hotel She – On the other hand, this beautiful 3-star hotel is another excellent choice that you won’t regret. It’s only 25 minutes away from Universal Studios and you’ll be very well connected to the city center as well, in case you want to further explore the city!

Budget (up to US$60)

  • Hostel Jin – Even though the Bay area boasts luxurious hotels, there are some super good options for budget travelers as well! Hostel Jin is a great example and one of my best recommendations for this area. It has free Wi-Fi, dormitory rooms, a shared kitchen, a terrace and many other facilities that you’ll enjoy!
  • River Forest – This is another good choice with bunk beds (perfect for a solo traveler) that will provide a good night’s sleep for a super good price! They even have a cool garden where you can relax after a full day of fun at Universal Studios, how cool!

7. Shin-Osaka

osaka tourists japan

Shin-Osaka station is located in the North of the city and it’s the best area to stay in Osaka for people who want to travel around Japan. Why? Because you’ll have super easy access to the shinkansen here (Japan’s famous bullet train), which will save you a lot of precious time.

Oh, by the way, if you want some inspiration on places to visit around Osaka, I recommend my article about Why you should add Wakayama to your Japan itinerary!

No worries, if you stay here you’ll also be close to many subway stations that will take you to the center in less than half an hour (7 minutes to Umeda). Because this area is such a big transport point of the city, you’ll find TONS of food places, cafes and shopping streets around Shin-Osaka station, so you won’t get bored. Needless to say about the hotel choices – there are so many options!

Here are some great hotels in this area:

osaka budget hotel

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station Hotel – This luxurious 5-star hotel is my first recommendation for this area and a great choice for anyone that wants to be spoiled during their stay! This is actually one of the best Osaka hotels if you want to take the bullet train easily! The rooms are very beautiful and most of them provide gorgeous views over the city!
  • Oakwood Hotel & Apartments Shin-Osaka – This beautiful Shin-Osaka hotel is literally the definition of elegance – modern, clean rooms, free Wi-Fi, fitness center, plus their own bar and restaurant. How great does this sound?

Mid-range (from US$60 to US$100)

  • Sarasa Hotel Shin Osaka – This nice and cozy 3-star hotel is my recommendation for travelers looking for a great deal that offers top quality service for an accessible price. Sarasa Hotel awaits you with a delicious buffet breakfast each morning, a 24-hour front desk, their own restaurant, free Wi-Fi, family rooms and more!
  • UNIZO INN Shin-Osaka – This is my second recommendation for mid-range travelers and a great choice in Shin-Osaka for people who want easy access to the bullet train! This 3-star hotel has free Wi-Fi, different types of breakfast, clean and modern rooms, comfy beds, and a very good location!

Budget (up to US$60)

  • Nine Hours Shin Osaka Station – This beautiful Osaka budget hotel is located only 200m away from Shin Osaka station, which I think is its greatest advantage! They have many types of rooms that you can choose from and the capsule rooms have the best value. Simple and efficient!
  • Hotel Wing International Shin-Osaka – My other recommendation is this 3-star hotel that has some incredible prices for Osaka! The rooms are quite spacious and they even have some rooms that are perfect for families and big groups of people!

Best apartments in Osaka

osaka japan water

Now that you know everything you need to know about the best hotels in the city, what about apartments? Osaka has plenty of them as well!

The advantage of staying in an apartment is that, most of the times you’ll have a cozier local atmosphere and some apartments have quite affordable prices. But beware – they aren’t as spacious as hotel rooms in general!

That being said, below you’ll find my apartment recommendations, scattered in the center of Osaka-city:

osaka hotel booking

Luxury (US$100 and up)

  • Apartments Ostay Tanimachi Hotel Apartment 3 – If you want to enjoy some elegance and also stay in a cozy apartment, know that it’s possible, especially in Osaka! This beautiful apartment has a very simple and modern decor and it’s one of the best choices in the city, trust me!
  • Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka – This cozy aparthotel is the ideal choice for a group of people or for solo travelers and couples as well. It’s spacious and it has all the facilities and amenities you might need including daily continental breakfast, fully equipped kitchenette, 4-star service and more.
  • Chuan House Shinsaibashi (Gracia Hotel) – This 3-star apartment is another gorgeous choice for luxury travelers that want to feel at home. It’s ideal for a group of maximum 4 people and the decor is really nice as well – simple and cozy!

Middle-priced (from US$50 to US$100)

  • Hanazono no Yado – This 4-star apartment awaits you with some very accessible prices! This accommodation has a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a cozy dining area and more!
  • The Lindo Inn – This beautiful apartment is the perfect choice if you want to be close to Namba! It’s very simple and nicely decorated and I whole-heartedly recommend it for a group of maximum 4 people traveling to the city.

Budget (up to US$50)

  • E-stay Ebisu – Osaka also has a wide range of budget apartments as well! This nice accommodation has some very good prices and the design is really beautiful if you ask me! They have free Wi-Fi, a balcony, a fully functional kitchen and it’s big enough for up to 4 people.
  • YUNA Guest House – Here’s another budget apartment in Osaka, actually a guest house located in the heart of the city. If you book your stay here, you’ll be close to many shops, restaurants and cafes and the accommodation itself is very good as well!

👑 Luxury price: $300
💵 Mid Range: $130
🛏️ Budget: $70
🏠 Airbnb: $80
💰 Accommodation prices: Medium
📍 Best area: Umeda
👪 Best area for families: Osaka Bay
🛎️ Best luxury hotel: Hilton Osaka
💵 Best mid-range hotel:
👛 Best budget hotel:

Best hotels near Osaka Airports

japan airplane

Maybe you are staying in Osaka only for a short layover or you have a flight that arrives late at night? In these cases, staying close to the airport might be a great solution.

Osaka is close to two different airports – Kansai and Itami. Regardless of which one of the airports you’ll be arriving at, I’ll give my personalized recommendations (one hotel per budget):

1. Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport (KIX) is Osaka’s international airport. If you have a flight that arrives here, I recommend staying in one of the hotels below:

best hostel in osaka

  • Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport – This is my recommendation for luxury travelers that want to be close to Kansai Airport. Except the luxurious 4-star facilities and amenities, the best thing about Hotel Nikko in Osaka is that it’s incredibly close to the airport – only a 3-minute walking distance away! Truly the best Osaka airport hotel!
  • Henn Na Hotel Kansai Osaka – If you’re looking for a great mid-range hotel that’s close to the hotel, this is your choice! One of the greatest advantages of this hotel is that they offer an airport shuttle that you can use during your stay. Plus, the rooms are simple, cozy and clean!
  • Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rinku – This is another great choice for travelers looking for mid-range hotels in the area. This one is located a bit less than 6 km away from the airport and they have plenty of room types that you can choose from!

2. Osaka International Airport (Itami)

osaka airport

Osaka International Airport (ITM), also known as Itami airport is Osaka’s domestic airport. If you have a layover in another city in Japan and then you’re flying to Osaka, you’ll most probably land here.

There aren’t any hotels that are super close to this airport, but here are some good ones I found that are less than 6km from it:

cheap accommodation osaka

  • Hotel MINT – If you are looking for a luxury hotel near Osaka Airport located as close to the terminals as possible, look no further! This 3-star hotel has spacious and cozy rooms, perfect for a good night’s sleep! This is actually the closest hotel I could find to the airport, only 1.5km away!
  • Senri Hankyu Hotel Osaka – This is another good choice for people who land or depart from Itami Airport. This 4-star hotel is great for two travelers and it’s located only 6 km away from the airport – you can get there in a 12-minute ride by monorail!
  • TAKUTO STAY OSAKA BENTENCHO – This hotel is a bit more accessible price-wise but also a bit further away from the airport – 13.5 km away! You’ll actually be closer to the city, but it’s still a good choice for people who want both – proximity to both the center and the airport.


central osaka

Phew, you reached the end of my super detailed guide on Osaka accommodation! I hope that, after going through this post, you already made the perfect choice for where to stay in Osaka for your vacation!

In this article I have explained about the where to stay in Osaka by areas for all the different kinds of tourists out there and I gave you my hand-picked choice of hotels in each of these areas, as well as close to the two airports. By the way, I actually did my research and compared the prices for these hotels on different websites, so I can recommend the best deals to you!

If you want to read more about Japan, I recommend our articles about the country, which you’ll find here.

I hope you found this post useful and that you’ll have a great time in Osaka!

As usual, if you have any questions or concerns, leave me a comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer.

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best hotels in osaka

Pin it for later!

best hotels in osaka

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