The 29 Coolest Hotels in Tokyo ✔️ Unique and Unusual

A modern capsule hotel room with well-organized, cozy sleeping pods equipped with individual lighting, electronics charging ports, and small television screens

Tokyo doesn’t need much of a presentation! If you want to get a taste of Japan’s high-tech and futuristic side, then Tokyo is the place to go! However, finding a unique hotel here can be overwhelming since the city is huge and full of so many options! 

This is where I interfere. In this post, you’ll find the coolest hotels in Tokyo, Japan, listed from most unique to the least (at least, in my opinion 😄) so that you can make the best decision while considering factors like prices and areas. Whether you’re looking for something near Shibuya Crossing or Tokyo Station, a capsule hotel, an art B&B, or a love hotel, I’m confident you will find it here! 

But don’t leave right after that because you’ll miss out on my fantastic bonus section offering a list of hotels right near the famous Disneyland!

Whichever you choose, it’s super important to book your hotels in Tokyo in advance! This city in Japan may be super big but trust me when I tell you that the best places to stay sell out super early!

Ready to see some amazing hotels where movie scenes were filmed?

Then let’s start this journey!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Thinking of booking right now? Then there’s no reason to wait a minute longer! Check out this list of the coolest hotels in Tokyo:

luxury hotel
Modern hotel living area with a large blue sectional sofa, red accent chairs, and a distinctive circular light fixture above a wooden desk area

Hotel K5

Best luxury hotel

mid-range hotel
Minimalist hotel room with a king-sized bed with white bedding, flanked by wooden bedside tables and a work desk with a desk lamp

Muji Hotel

Best value for money

budget hotel
Hotel reception desk with two robots - staff members in uniform standing ready to assist guests, with the hotel's emblem in the background

Henn na Hotel Ginza

Best affordable accommodation in the center


Here’s a map that will help you visualize all the coolest hotels in Tokyo, Japan that I will be talking about in this post: 

1. Hotel K5 – stay in a former bank

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a minimalist bedroom with a green plant hanging overhead, a stylish lounge with a blue sofa and wooden paneling, and a cozy reading nook with red carpet and shelves of books.

This is one of the coolest hotels in Tokyo! It’s located in a former bank building from the 1920s! The design is simply stunning and the boutique hotel has all the amenities you’ll need for your stay, including restaurants, cafes, and room service. 

My favorite feature is probably the record player (which comes with a vinyl record collection) in each room. You can spend a whole night just listening to that but you might also want to head out and have fun at the nightclub on-site! 

2. Hotel Artia Dinosaur Machida – go on a dinosaur ride

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a room with exotic animal print decor and a chaise lounge, a vivid T-Rex statue on a rooftop, and a fantasy-themed outdoor area with a Triceratops and a neon-lit hot tub

Even though this hotel is located a bit further away from Tokyo, in the Kami-seya area, it’s probably one of the most unique love hotels in Tokyo, so it’s worth a visit! The whole hotel is designed like a dinosaur-themed park. Right when you arrive you’ll be greeted by a giant T-Rex statue!

At this hotel guests can enjoy so many amenities, including a shisha bar, golf simulator, a karaoke theater, and many more. On the rooftop, you can play with dinosaurs or relax in the open-air bath and sauna and look at them. Some rooms have planetariums and others have dinosaur rides. Pretty wild, right?!

3. Park Hyatt – stay at a movie location

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a towering modern skyscraper, an elegant hotel room with a panoramic city view, and a luxurious suite with a seating area overlooking the skyline

Fancy staying in a hotel that not only offers incredible views of Mount Fuji and Shinjuku but is also a movie location? Me too! Lost in Translation was filmed on the 39th and 52nd floors of the Park Hyatt hotel. 

The rooms are so comfy, you won’t want to leave your bed! If so, order some room service (their front desk is open 24/7). Guests can continue their day at the spa and finish it with a yummy dinner and a fun live performance! And if they want to enjoy the stunning sunsets over the Tokyo skyline from the 52nd floor, they can do so with a drink in their hand at The Peak Bar.

4. Henn na Hotel Ginza – the first hotel chain staffed by robots

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: humanoid receptionists in blue uniforms, a simple twin room with light green accents, and a quiet bar area with a wall of books.

Welcome to the future! As you’re still navigating the maze of technology, Tokyo is living in 3024 with hotels staffed by robots! Yes, robots checking you in and carrying your luggage. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Henn na Hotel in Ginza is the world’s first hotel chain staffed by robots – a claim recognized by Guinness World Records. So, when you walk into this “Strange” or “Weird” hotel (as its name translates) you will be greeted and checked in by robots known as “actroids”. In addition to humanoid robots, there’s even a robotic dinosaur specially programmed to assist English-speaking guests! Pretty cool, right?!

5. Hotel Sara Kinshicho – an adult-only love hotel with a twist

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a neon blue-lit Jacuzzi bath, a lavish bedroom with wood panels and a glass coffee table, and a white and purple doctor's office space with a modern aesthetic.

If you and your partner are into role-playing, this place will be perfect for you! The Sara Kinshicho Hotel features 40 themed rooms and each one has different sets that will fulfill your role-playing fantasies, from a doctor’s office to a classroom. If you are into cosplay you can even rent costumes and different props for an all-inclusive experience.

Apart from that, the rooms are well-designed and have all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay, such as a mini-fridge, a microwave, and even a TV with rentable films. Yet the icing on the cake is the huge hot tub in the private en suite bathrooms!

6. HOSHINOYA Tokyo – modern Japanese ryokan

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a traditional Japanese living area with tatami mats and woven chairs, a luxurious red-themed bedroom with a glass partition, and a modern kitchenette and dining area with open shelving.

If you are looking to stay at a Japanese ryokan with a modern twist, this is the perfect place for you! The whole place is filled with modern Western designs but you can still feel the authentic Japanese influence. But, it wouldn’t be a fully-authentic ryokan if it didn’t have hot springs, right? Well, this place has an onsen (mineral water hot spring), plus 2 indoor hot springs where you can relax.

Guests can take advantage of the numerous perks available, including access to a health club, a nearby indoor pool, and 24-hour room service. The rooms are fully equipped with amenities such as bathrooms with rainfall showers and deep soaking tubs.

7. Book & Bed Tokyo Shinjuku – a book lover’s paradise

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a bed tucked into a bookshelf nook, a lounge area surrounded by walls plastered with manga, and a circular library with cozy seating.

If you are a book lover, you’ve probably always been dreaming of staying at a hotel with lots of books and a library atmosphere. Book & Bed Tokyo is the perfect destination for you. This unique capsule hotel concept combines accommodation with a book lover’s dream, offering shelves stocked with more than 4,000 books in multiple languages. 

Guests can enjoy the cozy, library-like environment, curling up with a good book in one of the snug reading nooks or sleeping on basic bunk beds among the bookshelves. It’s an ideal retreat for bibliophiles seeking a unique and immersive reading experience.

8. Manga Art Hotel – a capsule hotel with a collection of manga titles

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a contemporary hotel facade with a boxed design, cozy white-curtained sleeping pods, and a bright library with shelving units full of colorful manga books.

Looking for a unique hotel experience? Check out the Manga Art Hotel in Tokyo! It’s not just any capsule hotel; it’s a paradise for manga fans. Imagine sleeping in a cozy capsule and having access to over 5,000 manga titles. Whether you’re into classic tales or the latest series, you’ll find something to dive into. 

The capsules are comfy and perfect for reading your favorite manga in peace. Or if the weather is nice outside, you can also read and relax on the huge terrace. It’s the perfect spot for anyone who loves a good story and a snug place to stay.

9. Hotel Gracery Shinjuku – with tributes to Godzilla

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a simple hotel room with twin beds and wooden furniture, the imposing head of Godzilla atop the hotel, and the towering hotel building with clear blue skies in the background.

For all those Godzilla fans out there, Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is the perfect hotel to stay in when visiting Tokyo. The highest floor of the hotel is dedicated to Godzilla, with tributes to the movie incorporated into the design, making it an unforgettable experience for any Godzilla enthusiast. In addition, the hotel terrace features the iconic Shinjuku symbol, Godzilla’s Head.

The location of the hotel is amazing, only 5 minutes from JR Shinjuku Station’s east exit and Seibu Shinjuku Station. The rooms are decorated with neutral colors and have all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay.

10. 9h nine hours Suidobashi – a modern and very futuristic capsule hotel

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a stark white hotel exterior, an array of cylindrical sleeping pods, and an innovative lobby with skateboarding ramps and plant-filled seating areas.

Capsule hotels are pretty common in Tokyo and the great thing about them is that they are pretty budget-friendly. So is the case with the 9h nine hours capsule hotel, but what makes this place even better than the rest is the design. This capsule hotel looks like it’s set in the future with its modern designs and futuristic aesthetics, creating a unique accommodation experience.

As with other capsule hotels, guests have their private cubicle room and share the other facilities with the others. What’s also great about 9h nine hours is its convenient location in the heart of Tokyo’s Chiyoda district, providing easy access to major attractions, business centers, and vibrant city life.

11. Hotel Gajoen – located in a former clan’s villa

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: an elegant hotel room with a large window and a geometric ceiling light, a lush indoor atrium with a glass roof and koi pond, and a traditional Japanese exterior of a building with a curved roofline.

This hotel has such an interesting story! It was built on the land of the feudal Hosokawa clan’s former villa in Japan! Featuring a fusion of traditional Japanese style and modern elements, the hotel is set only a short walk away from the JR train station and a short drive away from the Roppongi Hills. 

The guest rooms have a spa bath, and some even have a sauna! Guests can also enjoy an appetizing meal at one of the 7 on-site restaurants which feature delicious Chinese cuisine and amazing dishes from other cultures as well. 

12. Artist Hotel – with rooms designed by artists

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a vibrant bedroom with a colorful floor and a loft bed, a casual cafe with hanging lights and a laid-back vibe, and a Japanese-style seating area with floor cushions and a low table.

I love the industrial-chic design of this boutique hotel, which offers great prices. You can definitely see that each room was designed by artists! Some of the rooms have painted murals on the walls, whereas some of the rooms have artistic furniture. So, as the name would suggest, this is the perfect choice for art lovers! 

Located in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo, just a 5-minute walk from Horin Park, this place to stay comes with family guest rooms, equipped with a seating area, a kitchenette, a flat-screen TV, and some even have a balcony! 

13. toggle hotel suidobashi – designed with two-tone color-blocking

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a minimalist room with subdued colors and a comfortable seating area, a blue-themed bedroom with natural light, and a modern hotel facade with colorful geometric patterns.

The Toggle Hotel in Tokyo, created by Klein Dytham Architecture, features a unique two-color design. The outside is yellow and grey, matching the nearby trains and buildings. Inside, rooms and hallways are brightly colored, with everything in one color except the bathroom, creating a fun contrast. 

The hotel has 84 rooms in five different colors: pink, dark blue, green, light blue, and purple. Guests can pick their room size and color when they arrive, and some of the rooms even have a balcony with amazing views of the city!

14. Keio Plaza Hotel Tama – for the Hello Kitty fans

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a whimsical Hello Kitty-themed room with vibrant wall art, a pink-hued staircase with a Hello Kitty statue, and the bright exterior of the themed hotel.

Are you a fan of Hello Kitty? Then you must stay at one of the Hello Kitty-themed rooms available in Keio Plaza Hotel Tama fully decorated with Hello Kitty wallpapers, bedsheets, carpets, and furniture. 

If you are not interested in a themed room they also have standard rooms available with features such as bathrooms with deep soaking tubs and TVs. Apart from that, guests can also have a cup of coffee at the on-site cafe or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the 3 on-site restaurants.

15. Meguro Emperor –  stay at an adult-only love castle

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a castle-like hotel exterior with turrets, a luxurious golden-hued room with plush furnishings, and a hotel entrance with purple lighting and regal columns.

In Japan, special hotels called ‘Love hotels’ are very popular. They provide a lot of intimacy and privacy for couples seeking a romantic getaway. One of the oldest and most famous love hotels in Tokyo is the Maguro Emperor.

The hotel opened in 1973 and it was designed by a well-known architect, Yasuhisa Kurosaka to look like a castle from a fairy tale on the outside, with interiors that celebrated the vibrant kitsch of the 1970s. Today, guests can stay at any of the 30 themed rooms which feature unusual furniture, such as gondolas, playground slides, and a huge variety of novelty beds.

16. The Edo Sakura – for an all-embracing traditional Japanese experience

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a traditional Japanese room with futon bedding and tatami flooring, a serene entryway with Japanese calligraphy, and a modern hotel exterior with black railings and greenery.

What better way to have an all-encompassed Japanese experience, than staying in a traditional ryokan which is located in a Japanese-style Machiya townhouse? With its traditional rooms with Japanese futon bedding on a tatami (woven-straw) floor, The Edo Sakura ryokan offers an authentic glimpse into the Japanese way of life.

But for those who aren’t ready to sleep on futon beds, the ryokan also has rooms with Western beds on wooden floors. Each of the rooms comes with an ensuite bathroom, and some of them even have a bathtub!

17. Shukubo Komadori – stay on top of a mountain

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a scenic mountain view from a hotel balcony, a room with traditional Japanese decor and a futon on the floor, and the red facade of a charming onsen ryokan.

Ever wanted to stay in a traditional ryokan? Now it’s your chance! This is one of the coolest hotels in Tokyo, and it has such a great location on top of Mount Mitake! But don’t worry – even though you’ll be up on the peak, you can still reach the JR Mitake Train Station in just 5 minutes with a cable car!

With its tranquil vibe and surrounding nature, this boutique hotel has rooms fitted with traditional tatami flooring and futon bedding. Guests can eat at the accommodation breakfasts and dinners made with local products! Yum!

18. Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Shinjuku – a men-only capsule hotel

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: an indoor hot spring bath with a view of a tranquil garden, a capsule-style sleeping area with a guest reading in bed, and the vibrant, inviting entrance of a capsule hotel with greenery.

Are you a group of men traveling together to Tokyo and looking for affordable accommodation?! Well, look no further because I’ve got the perfect choice for you. The Anshin Oyado Shinjuku is a capsule hotel for males only! So if you are throwing a bachelor party in Tokyo this place has everything you need!

Guests will stay in 1-person sleeping capsules, which are stacked in 2 rows in a shared space, but each capsule is air-conditioned and has its TV. All the other facilities, such as toilets, showers, and the public bath are shared among all guests. Another great benefit of this capsule hotel is that it comes with a free breakfast!

19. Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya – stay at a women-only capsule hotel

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: neatly arranged rows of sleeping capsules in a dormitory setting, a young woman smiling from her capsule bed, and the hotel's modern exterior with signage.

Planning to have a girl’s trip to Tokyo but you aren’t sure where to stay? I got you covered! This female-only capsule hotel ideally situated in the Shibuya Ward district of Tokyo is the perfect accommodation for you!

Each of the capsule rooms is air-conditioned and has a computer, so you can spend some time browsing the internet or watching your favorite show. There’s even an onsen where you can relax after a long day of fun with your girlfriends!

20. The Capitol Hotel – designed by a renowned Japanese architect

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a sophisticated hotel room with city views and elegant furniture, a striking modern hotel entrance with an overhanging roof, and an indoor swimming pool with architectural columns and skylights.

Escape the busy streets of the city in this tranquil cocoon designed by Kengo Kuma! The rooms have lots of space, a softly lit blend of the old and new, free Wi-Fi, and private bathrooms with a bathtub. 

But la pièce de résistance is the 14th-floor indoor pool! Just imagine the stunning views from there! You can also enjoy the amazing views from the fitness center or the hot tub available for all guests. Another perk is the direct access to 4 subway lines, you’ll arrive wherever you want in the city in no time! 

21. Hotel Tavinos Asakusa – designed on a festival theme

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a wall-to-ceiling shelf filled with colorful manga books, a modern bedroom with graphic art and a stylish black and white bedspread, and guests enjoying in a chic, neon-lit communal space.

The main theme of Hotel Tavinos is manga, but it’s not just any Japanese manga. The focus is put on “matsuri” (traditional Japanese festivals) as these celebrations are characteristic of the downtown area of Asakusa. The hotel interior is full of pop and unique designs of manga characters bringing the manga stories to life.

The rooms follow a three-patterned design and have all the necessary amenities you need for a comfortable stay. The amazing thing about this hotel is that the check-in process is fully-automatic and there’s also a self-service cloakroom for your luggage. 

22. Muji Hotel – decorated in the Muji-lifestyle way

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a cozy hotel room with a simple wood bed and a comfortable sofa, a warm reading nook with a rich selection of books on wooden shelves, and a welcoming hotel library with a unique wooden pillar design and brick accent walls

Discover the Muji Hotel, located in the vibrant heart of Tokyo, where the Muji lifestyle takes center stage. The Muji lifestyle is all about simplicity, moderation, humility, and self-restraint. That’s why the rooms at this hotel boast the signature Muji simplicity, featuring a desk and a TV, along with crisp bed linens and plush towels.

Guests can also enjoy other amenities at this 4-star hotel such as free Wi-Fi, an on-site restaurant, a 24-hour reception desk, and luggage storage space. With the perfect location in the center of Ginza, close to all the top attractions, what more do you need?

23. ONE@Tokyo – with incredible rooftop views

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a minimalist hotel exterior with an asymmetrical design, a refined bedroom with concrete walls and a large window, and an evening view of Tokyo Skytree from a hotel rooftop.

Located in Oshiage, ONE@Tokyo is another hotel designed by renowned architect Kengo Kuma, so you’ll surely be amazed by the design and concept of the hotel. With the first look at the hotel, you’ll immediately recognize Kuma’s signature wood paneling over the exterior of the building. 

Guests can stay at any of the 142 rooms at the hotel which also include two types of suites: an artist’s atelier and a reader’s study. Additionally, they can relax in the on-site cafe or have a meal at the restaurant. But the cherry on the top in this hotel is the rooftop, which boasts an unobstructed view of Tokyo SkyTree and continues Kuma’s wood-clad style.

24. Park Hotel Tokyo – with rooms painted by artists

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a vibrant hotel room with a wall mural of geishas and autumn leaves, a luxurious hotel lounge with panoramic city views and plush seating, and a guest enjoying the skyline from a high-rise hotel window.

This hotel boasts some of the most incredible rooms with amazing views. The rooms are spread across multiple floors and on each floor, several rooms have been painted by a talented artist. So if you decide to stay in an Artist Room you’ll get to enjoy the incredible murals painted on the walls. Not only that, but you’ll also have stunning views over Tokyo’s skyline as each room features large picture windows.

Park Hotel Tokyo offers many other amazing amenities and features, including in-room massage services, fully equipped concierge services, and 3 food and beverage options, so guests can enjoy a truly luxurious and convenient stay.

25. Hotel Bali An Resort Shinjuku Island – stay in paradise

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a tranquil beach scene in a relaxation room with lounge chairs, a Balinese-themed bedroom with elegant drapery, and a rustic hotel bar with lush greenery and wooden furnishings.

Did you know you can find paradise even in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo city? That’s right! If you are traveling with your partner and are looking for the best of both worlds – a slice of paradise in the heart of Tokyo – you must stay in Hotel Bali An Resort.

The rooms in this love hotel are decorated in a Balinese style you’ll feel like you are in 7th heaven. Guests can also take advantage of all kinds of amenities, such as a buffet of skin products, a barrel of “free wine” and some even have bathrooms with hot tubs. In the main branch of the hotel (keep in mind there are 7 different outlets) there’s also a 200 inch projector room that displays scenes of Bali sunsets and beaches.

26. Dormy Inn Akihabara – with two private onsens within the hotel

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a modern hotel facade with a distinctive architectural style, a serene outdoor onsen within the hotel grounds, and a compact yet inviting bedroom with modern amenities.

Get ready to enter full relaxation mode at the open-air baths for men and women available at Dormy Inn Akihabara. The private onsens look gorgeous, surrounded by a variety of plants and rocks, creating a natural, serene setting. After a relaxing bath, you can sweat off all negative energy in the sauna!

The rooms at the Dormy Inn are pretty simple but have all the necessary features for a pleasant stay, including air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a private shower room. The hotel is located a 5-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station and Suehirocho Station, making it easy for you to reach the Tokyo Ginza neighborhood. 

27. Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu – a ryokan with a Hinoki wood bath

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a traditional Japanese tatami room with futon bedding, a wooden onsen bath exuding a sense of tranquility, and a chic hotel interior featuring a traditional tea room with tatami mats

This historic Tokyo hotel, which has been operating for more than 80 years, has such a cool style! Designed as a traditional Japanese ryokan, the accommodation has rooms equipped with yukata robes for guests and tea sets. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time while staying here! The ryokan also offers breakfast and family rooms and is located near Asakusa Subway Station.

What’s more, there are baths for each gender on site and both have stunning views of Senso-ji Temple’s Five-storied Pagoda, as well as a Hinoki wood bath with spectacular views of the Tokyo Skytree. 

28. Trunk Hotel – surrounded by nature

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a greenery-clad hotel facade blending nature with modern architecture, an elegant bar area inside the hotel with a relaxed atmosphere, and a zen bedroom with simplistic design and wooden elements

Besides its great location, this eco-friendly place to stay has such a cool design and it is surrounded by tons of trees! If you want to get away from the urban atmosphere, you’ll love this hotel, because you’ll feel like you are in the forest, and not one of the most crowded cities in the world. Plus all the elements (even the bathrobes) are made from recycled materials. Everything looks so cool!

Each room has a modern design and some rooms even have a balcony with an outdoor dining area! Trunk Hotel is located only a 10-minute walk from the JR Shibuya train station and a short drive from the Roppongi Hills. 

29. Andon Ryokan – take a flower arranging class

A collage of photos of a cool and unique hotel to stay in Tokyo: a hotel with a modern exterior design incorporating traditional elements, a capsule-style bedroom setup providing a cozy, efficient sleeping space, and a traditionally inspired hotel space with tatami mats and a centered tea-making area

A fabulous Tokyo hotel that has a cool Japanese style and is located a 5-minute walk from Minowa Subway Station. The ryokan has tatami flooring with traditional futon bedding and a shared bathroom. There is also a shared hot tub for guests to relax after a long day of exploring Tokyo. 

At the accommodation, guests can participate in tea ceremonies and flower arrangement classes. You’ll also have access to bicycle rentals (a great way to explore the area) and a jacuzzi on the rooftop of the hotel!

👑 Luxury price:$1,500
🏨 Mid Range:$400
🛏️ Budget:$80
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Hotel K5
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:Artist Hotel
👛 Best budget hotel:9h nine hours Suidobashi
🧸 Near Disneyland:Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

BONUS: Amazing hotels near Tokyo Disneyland 

Entrance to Tokyo Disneyland featuring the iconic green and white vintage-style gateway, with visitors walking underneath on a sunny day

Planning to visit Tokyo Disneyland? Well, you should definitely do that while you’re in the city, even if it’s just for 1 night! You’ll probably want to stay in a Tokyo hotel as close as possible to the theme park to get the most out of your day, so I decided to give you this list of the coolest choices.  

All these places to stay cost between US$300 to US$170 and are listed from most to least expensive. 

NOTE: The price for hotels near Tokyo Disneyland varies hugely depending on the day of the week so it is a good idea to try and be flexible with your dates to get the best value.

A collage of themed hotel rooms, including a whimsical underwater-inspired play area, a comfortable twin bedroom with quirky animal decorations, a stylish lobby with a giant chess piece, and a sleek reception desk.
  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel – What better way to experience the magic of Disney than staying in a room with special designs themed to your favorite Disney characters? The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is located right opposite Tokyo Disneyland Park and features over 700 Disney-themed rooms. Apart from this, in the summertime, guests can also plunge and relax the the outdoor swimming pool, have a magical Disney experience at the many boutiques and shops, or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the two on-site restaurants.
  • Hilton Tokyo Bay – Set only a 20-minute walk away from Tokyo Disneyland, this cool hotel offers rooms with views of the park or the ocean! Each room has a great style and it can fit many guests, including families. When you’re not at Disneyland having the time of your life, you can relax at the spa or play with the kids on the playground! There’s also a restaurant on-site that serves traditional Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisines.  
  • Comfort Suites – After a fun day spent at Tokyo Disneyland (which is just a 20-minute drive away) you and the kids will need a nourishing meal to regain your strength! Luckily the food here is delicious! That’s not the only perk. Guests will have access to a free shuttle bus to Disneyland and also to a kid’s club. The rooms have lots of space and they’re equipped with everything you need for your stay, including a flat-screen TV.
  • Hiyori Hotel Maihama – If the little ones are big fans of bunk beds then they’ll love the rooms at this hotel that’s located a 10-minute drive away from Tokyo Disneyland. Guests will have access to a free shuttle bus to the park, and there’s also a 24-hour front desk available! Each room has a cool design, and some even have tatami floors. There are a few restaurants and bars nearby but you can also grab breakfast at the hotel for an extra charge.

Frequently asked questions about hotels in Tokyo 

Panoramic view of Tokyo cityscape showing dense urban areas with the Tokyo Tower standing prominently amidst the skyline on a clear day.

🤔 Is Shinjuku or Shibuya better?

Both areas are incredible! However, if you’re looking for the coolest hotels in Tokyo that have a great view of the skyscrapers I recommend staying in Shinjuku. Shibuya attracts a younger crowd and its huge crosswalk is iconic! 

🌟 What is the most popular hotel in Tokyo?

Park Hyatt is one of the most popular and coolest hotels in Tokyo! All guests rave about this accommodation where the movie Lost in Translation was filmed and its incredible views of Mount Fuji and Shinjuku seen from the rooms.

🌆 What is the best area to stay in Tokyo?

Shinjuku is one of the best places to stay in Tokyo! It has tons of attractions, restaurants, and great Tokyo hotels as well! If you want to learn more about the top areas in the city, check out our post on the best areas to stay in Tokyo.  

🛑 Is Shinjuku dangerous?

No, Shinjuku is super safe for tourists, but as I always say, be mindful of your pockets and bags while exploring super busy streets in a city like Tokyo, Japan!

🕋 Which is the best capsule hotel in Tokyo? 

9h nine hours Suidobashi is a great choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly capsule hotel in Tokyo. You will have your private bedroom in an enclosed pod with shared facilities, just a short walk from the popular Chiyoda neighborhood.


A bustling evening scene at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, with crowds of pedestrians crossing the street, surrounded by illuminated billboards and busy traffic

Wow, what a destination! And how amazing are these hotels in Tokyo? 

As I mentioned, the post lists the coolest hotels in Tokyo, from the most to least expensive ones, so you can make the best decision! 

I hope you didn’t run off right after the main list was finished because I also gave you a bonus list of the top hotels near Disneyland! 

However, if you’re finding yourself at a crossroads and not knowing what to pick, here are my top 2 favorite options: 

  • Hotel K5 – A fabulous luxurious hotel for your stay in Tokyo located in a former bank from the 1920s!  
  • Park Hotel Tokyo – This awesome mid-range option is located in the heart of Tokyo and it has rooms painted by Japanese artists

As I mentioned, these accommodations are some of the best ones. Make sure you book your Tokyo hotel super in advance and avoid leaving everything last minute as you might miss your favorite rooms! 

By the way, if you have any other cool options that you’d like to suggest or want to let me know if you chose an art hotel, a traditional Ryokan, or one of the modern capsule hotels in Roppongi, leave me a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer it ASAP. 

I hope you have a fantastic trip to this fabulous metropolis! I’m sure it will blow your mind!

Safe travels,


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