Where to Stay in Casablanca → 4 GREAT Areas for a 2024 Trip

The majestic Hassan II Mosque against a blue sky in Casablanca, Morocco, showcasing its intricate architecture and tall minaret.

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine”! If you know, you know! We’re not talking about Casablanca, the movie today, we’re only taking a virtual trip to Morocco’s largest city! To help you plan the perfect trip, I’ve created this guide on where to stay in Casablanca, Morocco.

Read this post if you want to find out which are the best areas to stay in town for tourists! And don’t stop there because I also included a list of the top hotels from luxury, to mid-range and budget! And since I’ve organized them by price, you’ll find your favorite in no time!

I’ve handpicked all the accommodations that you’ll find below and only included the ones with the most amazing reviews! You’re in good hands! 

In short, the City Center is the best area to stay in Casablanca for first-time visitors! There you’ll find lots of iconic attractions, restaurants and amazing hotels. 

But I’ve got 3 more areas for you, just a scroll away, in case you’re looking for something different that’s closer to the town’s beautiful beaches!

Just remember that Casablanca is one of the most popular cities in Morocco! So I recommend booking your hotels here in advance!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you want to book your trip now, here’s a list of the best hotels for where to stay in Casablanca, all located in the City Center:

luxury hotel
A chic bedroom with emerald green walls and carpet, featuring a large bed with patterned coverlet, white linens, and a painting above the headboard.
mid-range hotel
A modern urban building covered in a distinctive black and white graphic mural, contrasting sharply with the bright blue sky above.


Best value for money

budget hotel
An elegant small sitting area with golden-tone chairs, a matching glass-topped table, and a wall adorned with black and white photographs.


Best affordable accommodation in the center

Watch my video, it will give you a visual explanation of all the areas:

Here’s a map that will help you visualize all the areas for where to stay in Casablanca that I will be talking about in this post:

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Casablanca, with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  1. City Center: for first-timers
  2. Old Medina: for budget
  3. Habous & Maârif: a local experience
  4. Ain Diab: for nightlife

1. City Center – best place to stay for the first time

A vibrant street scene in Morocco with locals and tourists mingling among pigeons, with a traditional building and Moroccan flags in the background.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”! 

That’s what the character in the famous movie Casablanca said at one point and to be honest it perfectly describes how you’ll feel while exploring the City Center!

This lively neighborhood has tons of attractions, restaurants, shopping spaces, and hotels that range from budget to luxury! It also includes the Sidi Belyout business region so if that’s the purpose of your trip, you’re in the right place. 

With a modern touch that blends perfectly with some of the old buildings, the City Center is a top choice for where to stay in Casablanca. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to walk around from one landmark to another and not use any public transportation. But it’s also ideal for those looking where to stay in Casablanca for one night and have everything important just a stone’s throw away. 

However, if you’re feeling adventurous you can go to the Casa Port train station (map) and explore other parts of the city or country! You can visit other places like Fes, Rabat or jump on the Casablanca to Marrakech train and spend one night there (since the journey takes around 3 to 4h). 

But not before you check out the attractions here! You can start with the Abderrahman Slaoui Foundation Museum and then go for a walk around the United Nations Square (map), the Mohammed V Square (map) and the Arab League Park (map). 

That’s why I love staying in the center area, the location will allow you to explore all day long without worrying about getting back to the hotel. 

If you’re looking for a safe place to stay in Casablanca then the City Center is definitely perfect for you. It is the most friendly area, and you won’t have to worry about your safety when walking at night to admire Casablanca’s beautiful architecture.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Casablanca: an outdoor dining area with a city view, a plush bedroom with elegant drapery and monochrome decor, and a grand lobby with red sofas and artwork

You’re going to love the fabulous rooms of this hotel that have such a cool Art-Deco design and marble bathrooms! The accommodation offers a spa center where you can relax after a day of exploring the town, a restaurant and a sun terrace.

Other accommodation options in the City Center

Facade of JM Suites Hotel, featuring a modern design with white walls adorned with bold black artistic scribbles and palm trees flanking the sides, set against a clear blue sky

A modern hotel that comes with a spa center, a spa center, a bar and an airport shuttle

cozy hotel room in Hotel Paris with a large double bed dressed in crisp white linens, wooden headboard, and a subtle, framed picture hanging above.

This affordable place offers an airport shuttle, family rooms that have a balcony, free Wi-Fi

Cozy living room with a black and white checkered floor, brown leather couches, and black coffee table, adorned with monochrome wall photos

This lovely apartment is perfect for your stay in Casablanca city as it has a kitchen and a cute balcony

Things to do in City Center 

  • Explore the Mohamed V Square
  • Catch the sunset in the Arab League Park (Parc de la Ligue Arabe)
  • Admire the beautiful Sacred Heart Cathedral (L’Eglise du Sacre-Coeur)
  • See an exhibition at the Musée de la Fondation Abderrahman Slaoui
  • Visit the Villa Des Arts de Casablanca Museum
  • Eat some French food at Le Kimmy’z (map)
  • Admire the art deco architecture of the buildings in the Place des Nations Unies

2. Old Medina – best place for budget travelers

Colorful display of traditional Moroccan ceramics and a single cat in the foreground, set against the backdrop of an old street with blue doors.

Located north of the City Center (around a 20 min walk away), the Old Medina neighborhood is such a gem and a crucial place to visit while you’re in town! 

I feel like anyone who is planning their Casablanca trip has some photos saved somewhere of colorful small houses, narrow streets, authentic shopping markets and they can already smell all the delicious traditional Moroccan food! 

The Old Medina neighborhood is one of the best places to stay in Casablanca to experience all of that! Just wait until you step food in the colorful Medina Market (map), which has everything from food to clothes and souvenirs.

This neighborhood is also popular among backpackers so you’ll find a lot of affordable hotels and hostel rooms.

Old Medina is quite magical, with its culture and legends and it encompasses that old Moroccan atmosphere. You won’t see any French elements here, only old traditional buildings and unique street art. 

The markets are not the only attraction, from this location, you will be able to visit the unique Hassan II Mosque (map), the 7th largest Mosque in the world, set in the smaller Sour Jdid area, and explore what’s left of the 18th-century city walls.

Make sure you head to the famous Rick’s Cafe (map) while here! It’s a really amazing restaurant inspired by the cafe in the Casablanca movie, and they play live music and serve delicious food!

Right near the cafe, you’ll also find Casablanca’s marina area, where all the ships dock! Head there at sunset and enjoy the dreamy views!

If you’re looking for where to stay in Casablanca to feel that authentic atmosphere, then this neighborhood is perfect for you! Just make sure to book your spot far in advance, as hotels fill up quickly here!

Luxury hotel
 collage of three hotel photos to stay in Casablanca: a contemporary lobby with vibrant blue and yellow seating, a stylish bedroom with modern furnishings and pops of green, and a serene pool area with sun loungers.

This might just be the best place to stay during your luxurious getaway to Casablanca, Morocco. This modern 5-star hotel features a restaurant and a lovely shared lounge. You can take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool and if you’re in the mood for some “me time” then head to the spa and spend a relaxing afternoon.

Other accommodation options in Old Medina

A vibrant outdoor lounge area at Family Aparthotel with yellow sofas, a wicker swing chair, and a coffee table, set on artificial grass and surrounded by green plant-covered walls

This spacious apartment is well-equipped and it comes with a lounge area and a small kitchen

A warm bedroom with terracotta walls, white bedding, and a wooden bed frame, featuring a plush dark throw and a rustic bench at the foot of the bed.

A lovely budget place that has a traditional Moroccan design, cozy rooms for families, and a restaurant

Modern apartment interior with a bright kitchen, blue couches, and yellow accent pillows

Guests will enjoy staying at this private and charming studio that has a nice room and a kitchen

Things to do in Old Medina

  • Have dinner with a view at Sky 28 (map)
  • Snap a picture of the street art near the Old Medina Clock Tower
  • Visit the Hassan II Mosque, the world’s 7th largest mosque 
  • Enjoy a relaxing walk in the Anfa Park in Old Medina (map)
  • Eat a yummy dinner at La Sqala (map)
  • Admire the beautiful Synagogue Beth-El
  • Explore the Casablanca city walls in Old Medina 
  • Grab a drink at the iconic Rick’s Cafe (map)

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3. Habous & Maârif – for the whole Moroccan experience

Historical Moroccan street with cars parked along the sidewalk, white buildings with arched details, and a distant mosque tower.

Welcome to Habous (Habbous, Hubous or the New Medina as the locals call it)!

This area, which is located south of the City Center (around a 40 min walk away), is pretty unique as it boasts a mix of architecture from both the pre and post-colonization periods in Morocco. 

It is also a pretty amazing place for families, as it’s a bit more tranquil and not so far from the City Center or Old Medina. 

While in Habous,you should definitely check out the Royal Palace (map)! Although you can’t visit the palace grounds you can stop by and admire its exteriors. Not too far from it, you’ll find the market (map) so you can go on an impromptu shopping spree! 

Habous blends into the next door Maârif neighborhood, which was built by the French. Most buildings here date back to the 1930s, that’s why Habous Quarter and Maârif are some of the best places to stay if you like quirky architecture. 

There are lots of affordable hotels in these areas, so they’re perfect for those traveling on a budget. 

Both places have lots of small lively markets and friendly spots from where you can buy souvenirs and eat some delicious street food. Make sure you stop by some of the traditional patisseries to try all the delicacies like the mouth-watering stuffed dates!

Although the areas share common things (which is why I put them together) each place has its individual charm! Maârif district is super famous for its numerous boutique shops (if you’re a fashion lover, this is surely your spot)!

You’ll also find some cool attractions here like the Museum of Moroccan Judaism and the Yasmine Fun Park, which you should definitely visit if you’re bringing your family!

This neighborhood has that homie village atmosphere that you shouldn’t miss! Do make sure you book the hotels here in advance, as the area is favored by all tourists who are coming to visit Casablanca!

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Casablanca: a spacious lounge with mid-century modern accents and a feature fountain, an inviting bedroom with a green headboard and modern lighting, and a cozy seating area with a grey sofa and large window

Such a great hotel in Maârif that has spacious rooms with a lounge area where you can relax after a day of exploring the city and a balcony. The accommodation offers an on-site restaurant that serves Moroccan and international dishes.

Other accommodation options in Habous & Maârif

Privilège Oasis Hôtel bedroom with a plush king-sized bed, white bedding, an abstract painting above the headboard, and minimalist furnishings including a round side table and a grey armchair

Here’s a great place that has rooms with a flat-screen Tv and some with a balcony and a restaurant

A tranquil Moroccan riad courtyard with patterned flooring, lush plants, shaded seating areas, and set tables

A traditional and friendly Moroccan hostel that offers free wifi and where guests can relax on the terrace

Inviting living space with a contemporary blue sofa, chic decor, and a glass coffee table, illuminated by natural light from the adjoining balcony

This modern and private Habous studio features a cozy room, a kitchen, free wifi, and a lovely balcony

Things to do in Habous & Maârif

  • Admire the beautiful Royal Palace in Casablanca city
  • Go shopping in the luxury stores in the Maarif district
  • Explore the nearby Gauthier area
  • Relax in the leafy Parc Murdoch in Habous (map)
  • Check out the Great Habous Olive Market (map)
  • See the cool mosaics at Mahkama du Pacha in Habous
  • Eat the best Moroccan sweets at Patisserie Bennis Habous (map)
  • Remain in awe of the incredible stained glass art at the Eglise Notre Dame De Lourdes (map)

4. Ain Diab – best place to stay in Casablanca for nightlife

Picturesque coastal view of Rabat with the Kasbah of the Udayas lighthouse, blue waters, and waves crashing near the shore.

Where are all my beach lovers?

If you’re hoping to catch some sun and relax on the sandy shores in Casablanca, then there’s no better place to stay for you than Ain Diab, a coastal neighborhood set 6 km (4 miles) northwest of the City Center!

Although a bit far from the main attractions, you’ll be connected with the rest of the city via tram, bus and train, so you’re all covered! 

Also known as “La Corniche” this area is also famous for its entertaining nightlife! Yep, this area is absolutely packed with clubs, and bars!

Start your mornings here with a stroll on the sandy beach, and a swim in the sea! If you’re into surfing and want to learn, there’s a school right here on Ain Diab Beach (map).

Then continue the day with lunch at one of the fabulous restaurants in the area like Le Basmane (map), a Moroccan diner where you can try their traditional dishes. 

Since the area is such a hot spot for nightlife, all the restaurants and bars are open until late so you can start the night whenever you want! If you’re looking for a place to get warmed up head to Yellow Club (map) and continue the night from there!

Ain Diab is also the home of one of the biggest landmarks in the country, the Morocco Mall (map), which is actually the largest shopping center in Africa! I would definitely need someone to hold my purse here, I would shop until I drop! 

It just feels like this neighborhood has it all! Right near Ain Diab you’ll also find the Sindibad Theme Park (Parc de Jeux Sindibad), which is also a safari! Definitely worth a visit while you’re here.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Casablanca: an exotic pool surrounded by palms, a minimalist bedroom with elegant touches of green, and a dining area with a view of the ocean through a floor-to-ceiling glass window

For all those beach lovers, this luxury hotel is one of the best accommodation options where you can enjoy your dinner with the sound waves in the background and a lovely view of the sea! With an outdoor pool and spa center for guests to relax after enjoying the nightlife in Casablanca, the Four Seasons is the perfect place for you!

Other accommodation options in Ain Diab

A spacious living area in Ocean Park Appart Hotel featuring a grey sectional sofa with patterned cushions, a large wooden coffee table, and abstract wall art, creating a modern, homely atmosphere

Enjoy your coffee by the swimming pool of this hotel that comes with a spa center

Resort-style pool area at Sublime Appart with lounge chairs, clear blue water, and a view of the multi-story hotel building with balconies and terracotta accents

Chill by the pool of this great apartment that has large windows, a balcony and a kitchen

A modern minimalist bedroom featuring a large bed with gray bedding, wooden headboard and bedside tables

This well-equipped apartment is set near the beach an it offers a kitchen and a garden view

Things to do in Ain Diab

  • Shop until you drop at Morocco Mall
  • Spend a fun day at Sindibad Theme Park
  • Grab a bite at Le Cabestan (map)
  • Do more shopping at Anfaplace Mall (map)
  • Have fun at the Adventureland Amusement Park
  • Take a trip to Tamaris Aquaparc
  • Have a cocktail at Tahiti Beach Club (map)
👑 Luxury price:US$150
💵 Mid-range hotel:US$100
🛏️ Budget:US$50
📍 Best area:City Center
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Hôtel Particulier Le Doge
🧳 Best mid-range:JM Suites Hotel
👛 Best budget hotel:Hotel Paris

FAQS about where to stay in Casablanca, Morocco

Aerial view of Casablanca, Morocco, showcasing the dense urban landscape with a mix of white buildings, city streets, and the historic Hassan II Mosque near the coastline.

🌅 Is Casablanca worth visiting?

Yes! Absolutely, Morocco’s largest city is filled with incredible attractions like the Hassan II Mosque and the beautiful Old Medina neighborhood.

❓ Is Casablanca safe for tourists?

Yes, but definitely be careful where you choose to stay. All the neighborhoods presented above are safe areas! However, be mindful of your belongings anywhere you go and avoid walking alone at night in remote areas.

💯 What are the best neighborhoods in Casablanca?

City Center and Old Medina are some of the best areas in Casablanca! Both are home to some of the best attractions and amazing hotels like Hôtel Particulier Le Doge.

🏨 What are the best hotels near Old Medina, Casablanca?

Barcelo Anfa Casablanca and Family Aparthotel are some of the best hotels to stay near Old Medina! The accommodations have great locations and all the facilities you’ll need. 

💙 What are the best hotels in Casablanca?

Hôtel Particulier Le Doge and Barcelo Anfa Casablanca are some of the Casablanca hotels that will make your holiday to Morocco an unforgettable one.

👨‍👩‍👧 Where to stay in Casablanca for families? 

Maârif is a great place for families as it’s close to the City Center, it’s not as busy and it has some fun attractions for the kids!

⚖️ Is it better to stay in Casablanca or Marrakech?

It depends on what you’re looking for! Casablanca is more modern and business-oriented while Marrakech has a more authentic vibe, a rich history and culture and unique architecture.

🏨 Where to stay in Casablanca City Center?

Hôtel Particulier Le Doge and JM Suites Hotel are some of the best hotels to stay in the City Center. Both have amazing facilities and great reviews!

💸 Where to get cheap accommodation in Casablanca?

You can find affordable accommodations in Habous & Maârif! LHostel is a great place and comes at an amazing price.

🤔 Where to stay in Casablanca for the first time?

The City Center is the best place to stay in Casablanca for the first time! It has amazing attractions and it’s also well-connected with the other areas. 

📅 When is the best time of the year to visit Casablanca?

The best time to visit Casablanca is June to August, when the weather is warm and sunny and when there are not so many tourists around!


An ornate fountain with intricate blue and white zellij tilework nestled within the arches of a traditional Moroccan architectural style, with people milling about in the sunny square.

Can you ever have enough of Morocco? I think not!

I hope this guide on where to stay in Casablanca gave you some insight and ideas on how to plan your trip there!

It’s not easy to pick a hotel since there are so many incredible options, so if you need a bit of help, check out my 2 favorite places below:

Casablanca is one of the most visited places in Morocco, so I recommend booking your hotels and tickets in advance, and securing your spot early! 

Enjoy your cultural immersion in this Moroccan town and don’t forget that you can always drop me your questions below, in the comment section. I’d be happy to help you out!

Safe travels, 


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