13 Best Things to Do in Larnaca: According to a Local

A church with a tower in Larnaca

There’s nothing like a holiday on the beaches in Larnaca! Let’s start this carefully curated guide with the best things to do in Larnaca!

I used to live in Cyprus, actually in Larnaca, and spent all my free time exploring around. I came up with a fabulous list of attractions, tours, and hotels, to which I also added a bonus section with some fun day trips that are popular with the locals and the tourists alike.

I have to admit, I sometimes dream of taking a trip back, and I bet you’ll feel the same because it is such a great place to visit, full of history, culture, good wine and amazing food!

I won’t tease you anymore, instead, let me just tell you what all my recommendations are.

If you are in a hurry

Can’t read the whole post? Don’t worry, below you’ll find all the main things you need to book in advance:

And here are the best hotels: Hotel Indigo Larnaca (luxury), Qbic City Hotel (mid-range), The Josephine Boutique Hotel (budget)

1. Enjoy the sun on Finikoudes Beach

A fountain in the Finikoudes beach plaza with palm trees.

Conveniently located near the city center, Finikoudes Beach is one of the town’s main beaches and is set right near a picturesque seafront promenade.

Larnaca, Cyprus, is known for its golden sandy beaches, and is one of the top areas to stay in Cyprus! I now live inland with no sea nearby and I often find myself thinking about this mesmerizing coastal town with its Finikoudes Beach, and I have no doubt it must be included on every Larnaca itinerary!

It’s basically the perfect spot to enjoy a full day of sun, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, and eating yummy food, as there are lots of beach bars and restaurants right near the beach and the town’s main promenade.

PRO TIP: during the golden hour, you can take a long walk on the promenade and enjoy some glorious views of the sea.

One cool thing to remember is that the water here doesn’t run very deep, which makes it perfect for families with younger children, and that you can rent out sunbeds or just bring a towel if you want to spare a few euros!

2. Admire the Church of Saint Lazarus

The church of saint lazarus in larnaca
 lit up at night.

I bet this name rings a bell for you, right?

Yep, it’s the same Lazarus who rose from the dead, and apparently, after that, he came to Cyprus and lived here, taking the Bishop role. The place where he died (I guess for good) is the current church site.

I was really struck by this stone church, which stands proudly in St. Lazarus Square and boasts Byzantine architecture!

The church is located just a 10-min walk away from Finikoudes Beach, so you can combine these 2 main attractions to win some time to marvel at all the beautiful Byzantine art in this historic chapel.

There’s nothing like exploring ancient churches steeped in history, like the Saint Lazarus one, which has some beautiful domes, and inside, you’ll see lots of religious paintings. You can also go down a staircase to see the tomb of Saint Lazarus, although his remains were moved to Marseilles in France.

P.S. Across the courtyard, you’ll also find the Byzantine Museum, where you can learn more about Larnaca’s rich past. It has a collection of religious icons and other historical artifacts that you can visit for just €1.

PRICE: free

3. Catch a sunset at Larnaca Fort

A fort next to the see with a tower next to it

Right at the end of the Finikoudes sandy beach, you’ll spot a small medieval fort, from where you’ll catch a gorgeous sunset!

This fort, I remember it well, it has a rich history, it’s very well preserved and it is located near Larnaca’s Grand Mosque, which was once the Holy Cross Latin Church.

The fort was built by the Ottomans in the 1600s to defend the city, and then, during British rule, it became the town’s prison.

History buffs will have a blast here and will get to enjoy an impressive sight of the sea, so make sure you add this to your Larnaca itinerary and definitely go inside, as you’ll find a small museum that has a few collections!

PRICE: €2.50 per person

4. Join a boat cruise at Larnaca Marina

A boat traveling in the ocean with a sign on it.

One of the main tourist attractions is definitely the Larnaca Marina!

I absolutely loved the cute docked boats transformed into restaurants and I went there several time because you can eat fresh seafood by the marina. I would also recommend taking a boat trip along the coast from here!

Maybe even combine the 2 and make a whole night out of it!

PRO TIP: When planning your trip, take my friendly and very helpful advice and don’t go there in August. It’s way too hot and I recommended visiting Larnaca and Cyprus, in any other month.

And for the boat, I found this amazing sunset cruise that leaves from the Larnaca Marina, lasts 1 hour, and costs €12. Needless to say, you’ll get an impressive sight of Larnaca Bay, whose cliffs and beaches are absolutely incredible, especially around that time when the golden hour hits so magically!

On board, they’ll get you started on a glass of wine, but once you get back, you can continue the party with dinner at one of the restaurants like Agistri Seafood Restaurant (map).

TOUR PRICE: from €12 per person

Join a boat cruise tour

5. See airplanes landing at Mackenzie Beach

A plane flying over a beach with umbrellas.

Want to see airplanes landing at Larnaca International Airport while you’re chilling on a beach?

Then head over to Mackenzie Beach! I can’t stop raving about this place and how much I loved going there and watch the planes while swimming in the crystal-clear water!

This place isn’t as busy or as big as Finikoudes Beach, mainly because Mackenzie Beach is near the airport, and tourists usually stay in the City Center. So, if you’re looking for something a bit more quiet, definitely come here!

And luckily for you, I’ll share my 2 favorite spots for drinks and food:

  • Lush Beach Bar Resto (map) – experience nightlife with Cypriot music and dance at this fun restaurant that serves delicious sushi!
  • Cafe Nero – grab your morning coffee while admiring the sea views at this great spot right on the beach.

6. Spot the flamingos at Larnaca Salt Lake

Flamingos in a lake with wind turbines in the background in Cyprus.

Flamingos?! In Cyprus?!

Feeling like booking a flight right now, don’t you? When I told my friends that I saw these cute pink birds at Larnaca Salt Lake, they didn’t believe me! The Larnaca Salt Lake is considered one of the most important wetlands in Cyprus, I know you all just needed to find this out!

Visiting the tranquil Salt Lake and spotting flamingos is definitely a must-do while you’re in Larnaca. There is even an observatory spot (map) where you can stop and admire these beautiful creatures!

PRO TIP: you can’t see the flamingos during the summer months, as during that time, the lake is completely gone because of the heat. So if you want to see them, consider going in the autumn, winter, or spring.

Anyways, even if you don’t end up seeing the flamingos, you’re still up for a fun discovery! When the water is gone, you can see all the salt crystals and even walk “on the lake” well, not on the water, as there isn’t any, but on that surface!

There is also a lake trail (map) that you can do and pass by and admire the beautiful Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque as you go on this trail!

7. Enjoy the traditional local life in Perivolia

Kinga, the author of this post is standing on a beach with rocks

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to explore the villages outside of Larnaca!

This is such a great way to get a peek inside the traditional Cypriot life since these areas are mostly occupied by locals!

One of these places is Perivolia, which is set like a 20-minute drive away from the city center. There, you’ll find a sandy beach (map), which is perfect for those who prefer more of those unique wild beaches! It’s a public one, and you can bring your towel and enjoy a day of tranquility!

Another amazing to mention is Meneou Beach (map), which is a rocky beach where you’ll find lots of private houses set right on the shores! Now, that’s a great way to see how locals live, right?

8. Visit an active wind farm

Wind turbines on a hillside with a cloudy sky.

Do we have any fans of wind turbines among us? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to see one?

Well, now it’s your chance because you can visit the Alexigros Wind Farm (map) for free and even see some of the turbines! This cool and peculiar attraction is around 20 min away from the city center.

Look the wind turbines are a bit noisy, but regardless of that, it is such a cool experience to be so close to one!

So definitely have a look if you’re interested in something a bit more unusual to do while visiting Larnaca!

PRICE: free

9. Snap a pic at Perivolia Lighthouse

A lighthouse with a pot sitting on top of it.

Remember the cute town I mentioned in section #7, Perivolia? Well, it has a really cute lighthouse, which, although small, is definitely worth a visit when going there!

PRO TIP: The buses inside Larnaca are reliable and usually come on time (you can check the timetables here). However, the ones that go outside the city to smaller areas like Perivolia are not as reliable! They tend to run late, so if you can, I recommend renting a car, but you should be comfortable driving on the other side of the road, British style.

Right at the end of Faros Beach, you’ll find the lighthouse (map), which is a perfect pic backdrop, especially at sunset!

After the quick photo shoot, you can head to Faros Beach Bar (map) to relax during sunset.

10. Dive into the history at the archaeological site of Kition

The ruins of the ancient city with palm trees in the background in Larnaca

Do we have any history buffs among us who like exploring archaeological sites and museums?

Because there’s a really cool spot that you can visit called the archaeological site of Kition (map)!

What you’ll see here is what’s left of a city built by the Greeks in the 13th century BC!

While visiting ancient Kition, you can learn more about that period and see the ruins of what is known to be the Temple of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, but also some homes, tombs, and a necropolis.

NOTE: if you want to see more of what they excavated at ancient Kition, you can head over to the Archaeological Museum of Larnaca, which is just a few minutes away and is free!

PRICE: €8.50 per person

11. Go on a scuba-diving adventure to Zenobia Wreck

A scuba diver in the water near an old ship near Larnaca

We’ve covered history, culture, and the beaches, I hope you didn’t think I wouldn’t include something for all the water lovers out there!

One of the main things to do in Larnaca for you is definitely diving to the renowned Zenobia Shipwreck.

Its history doesn’t start a very long time ago. Long story short, in 1980, a Swedish cargo ship sank outside of Larnaca Bay on its maiden voyage, and since then, it has become one of the most important wreck dive sites in the world!

NOTE: you’ll find diving excursions for all levels of divers! The most advanced ones will get to go super low and even go inside the ship.

I’ve found this really cool activity that offers a diving trip to the Zenobia Wreck, including hotel pickup and complete diving equipment. The whole thing lasts around 2.5 hours and costs €200 per person! However, at the time of writing, the tour was still unrated, so I can’t guarantee the experience. I only added it because there were very few options, and this one sounded fun to me!

Once down in the water, you’ll get a peak of the marine life and make some new underwater friends who frequent this spot most of the time, like barracudas and turtles!

TOUR PRICE: from €200 per person

Go scuba diving to the Zenobia Wreck

12. Shop for souvenirs in the Old Turkish Quarter

souvenirs shop with people walking by it in Larnaca

You might’ve heard that Cyprus is divided into 2 parts: the north side is Turkish, and the south side is Cypriot, and the border goes through the middle of the capital (Nicosia) as well.

When the Turks left places like Larnaca, entire areas like the Old Turkish Quarter (also known as Skala) were abandoned with not much intervention from the local authorities.

However, in recent years, the area went through a make-over, and lots of artisans have moved their pottery-making workshops, so you can even watch craftsmen at work in their traditional workshops! The authenticity of the place was also left intact, which means you’ll get to see some beautiful traditional architecture.

The Old Turkish Quarter is right near the Fort and near Kastella Beach and is definitely worth a visit! Plus, you’ll get to buy some really cool souvenirs!

13. Visit the beautiful Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque

Tekke Mosque ner Larnaca sits on the shore of a body of water.

Right on the outskirts of Larnaca, by the famous Salt Lake, I mentioned in section #6, you’ll find a stunning mosque!

There’s nothing like experiencing the serenity of Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, and I think its location on the Western side of the lake really helps create such a pleasant atmosphere!

You can spend your time here admiring its incredible architecture and exploring the garden!

The mosque is an important pilgrimage site for Muslims, and it was built by the Ottomans in the 1800!

It’s free to visit the mosque but bear in mind that this is a sacred place for those of the Muslim religion.

PRICE: free 

🌅 Top attraction with a view:Larnaca Fort
🏖️ Unique attraction:Larnaca Salt Lake
🤿 Must-take tour:Sunset Boat Cruise
😋 Must-try food:Souvlaki

Where to stay in Larnaca, Cyprus

Now that we’ve covered all the things to do in Larnaca and also saw some amazing day trips that you can take from the city around this gorgeous country, I think it’s time for dessert!

And at MissTourist, we serve dessert in the form of really cool hotels for your holiday! I’ve looked around and found 3 amazing options for each price range that I listed, from most to least expensive, and the prices are from €100 to €200.

collage of 3 images with: a bedroom, hotel's building and pool with sunbeds and tables with chairs
  • Luxury (from €200 and above): Hotel Indigo Larnaca – enjoy that perfect Cyprus sun on the rooftop pool of this accommodation that features such a cool design, spacious rooms with balconies, and a bar.
  • Mid-range (from €150 to €190): Qbic City Hotel – set in the city center, this accommodation comes with rooms that have a spa bath and balconies, a restaurant, and a rooftop hot tub where you can relax.
  • Budget (up to €100 ): The Josephine Boutique Hotel – looking for something a bit more affordable? Then check out this hotel that offers sea views, an outdoor pool, and rooms with a spa bath.

BONUS: Top day trips from Larnaca

People walking down a street  in Larnaca with a church in the background.

Spending a few days in Larnaca? Then you’ll most likely have time to take 2 or 3 day trips to the nearby towns. I can tell you from my own experience that day trips and guided cultural and heritage tours are surely a must while you’re here.

I visited some already and I also did a bit of digging and found more towns that I think you’ll love! So, let’s check them out!

NOTE: although there are tours to visit some of these locations from Larnaca if you want to make your own day trip itinerary, I recommends renting a car. Buses which go outside of the town are not so reliable and you might end up spending a lot of time waiting for your bus ride!

1. Explore the famous Ayia Napa resort town

A cave with a view of the ocean and blue water.

This Mediterranean resort town on the southeast coast of Cyprus is definitely a must-see during your holidays!

Located just a 40-minute drive from Larnaca, the town has incredible attractions like theme parks, the Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa, the Cape Greco Peninsula, sea caves, and a thriving nightlife!

So as you can see, there are many things to do here!

I found this amazing guided snorkeling tour that lasts around 6 hours, includes pickup from your Larnaca hotel, and costs €250 for a group of 4. During the tour, you’ll snorkel in the clear blue waters of Konnos Beach, perfect for snorkeling and discovering sea caves!

Sounds like so much fun but unfortunately you won’t get to explore the other tourist attractions like Cape Greco and the underwater forest at MUSAN, that’s why I’d recommend renting a car if you want to see those sites, too!

TOUR PRICE: from €250 for a group of 4

Join a snorkel tour in Ayia Napa

2. Discover the Troodos Mountains on a wine tour

A glass of red wine on a wooden table with mountains in the background.

Want to get a taste of the local life in Cyprus and of their yummy wine, too? Then join this fun tour in the Troodos Mountains that includes pickup from Larnaca and lasts around 9 hours, for which you’ll pay €122 per person.

During the day trip, you’ll get to explore different villages, and one of the stops will be at an award-winning winery, where you’ll join a local wine-tasting session. You’ll also get to taste some food and other local products, buy souvenirs, and admire the stunning surroundings!

Definitely a must-do while in Larnaca!

TOUR PRICE: from €122 per person

Join a wine tour in the Troodos Mountains

3. Check out the lace shops in Lefkara

A cobblestone street lined with potted plants and flowers.

Still looking for a day trip? Then Lefkara might be the place for you! Set just 30 min away from Larnaca, this place is known for its lace shops!

Allegedly, Leonardo Da Vinci came here to buy a piece of lace that was later used as an altar cloth in Milan’s Cathedral!

So yes, this is a great spot to shop for traditional lace, silverware, and other hand-made things! But definitely make some time to savor local Cypriot delicacies in the bustling taverns and visit the Lefkara Local Museum.

The narrow streets in Lefkara’s Old Town are perfect for learning about the village’s history and also for admiring the beautiful architecture!

FAQs about things to do in Larnaca

A woman standing on a dock with boats in the background.

🏖️ Is it worth visiting Larnaca?

Yes, absolutely! This gorgeous port town on the south coast of Cyprus has incredible beaches, historic attractions, and yummy cuisine!

🌞 How do you spend a day in Larnaca, Cyprus?

Start your day with breakfast at one of the taverns, admire the vibrant street art murals, head to Finikoudes beach for some sun, and maybe explore other top attractions like the Church of Saint Lazarus and the Fort!

🤔 What is Larnaca, Cyprus, known for?

Larnaca is known for its palm trees, seafront promenade, sandy beaches, delicious food, historic attractions, and fun nightlife!

👪 Which are some fun things to do in Larnaca with kids?

Some fun things to do in Larnaca with kids are trying some water sports, from windsurfing to jet-skiing, playing on the beach, and taking them on a boat cruise!


Two people sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean at sunset.

Woohoo, already dreaming about laying under the palm trees on a beach? Me, too!

I’m so happy I was able to share with you all these incredible tips on how to visit Larnaca that will help you have an incredible trip!

Just to make a short recap, in this post, you’ll find the best things to do in Larnaca, 3 fun day trips, and a short list of hotels!

If I missed anything, don’t shy away from dropping me a comment below. I’ll make sure to answer it ASAP!

Have a fabulous holiday!

Safe travels,


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