What to Do in Brisbane, Australia – Top 11 Attractions (with Prices!)

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Brisbane, the capital of the Australian Sunshine State, is without a doubt my favorite Australian city and my home away from home! If you are wondering why I love the city so much, just check out this list with my favorite things to do in Brisbane!

You might know this information already from my article about Where to stay in Brisbane, but I lived there for two years and it is pretty much my home when I am not in Spain; moreover, my boyfriend is a Brisbanite! So, get ready, because you are about to see Brisbane from the eyes of an (almost) local!

where to go in brisbane

With an astonishing 283 days of sunshine a year, Brisbane is a wonderful place to live in and of course, to travel to. It is surrounded by the most beautiful places on the Australian East Coast and it makes a perfect base for day trips to the surrounding areas.

If you have decided to visit Brisbane, keep reading! And if you are still unsure whether it is worth a visit or not, keep reading as well!

Brisbane, also known as Brissy or Brisvegas, is one of the oldest cities in Australia and the third biggest city after Sydney and Melbourne! You’ll realize, once you get there, that Australian cities are quite spread out!

Let’s do this! This is my list of the top ten things to do in Brisbane:

1. Chill around South Bank

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You must know by now that when I say chill, I mean chill, walk, eat, swim, etc. This is because South Bank is such a versatile place that there are an infinite number of things to do there!

Whether you are the type that likes lying on the grass or having a meal in one of the dozens of international restaurants, Southbank is your place to be!

It also has a little botanical garden called Epicurious Garden, where you can literally handpick your own herbs for free, extra useful when you want to save a few bucks! And it even has a free man-made beach that’s open throughout the summer, a favorite for those looking for things to do in Brisbane with kids!

Once you are in South Bank, there’s no way you can miss out on the Wheel of Brisbane, their very own 60 Brisbane Eye! It is a splendid place to see a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings!

PRO TIP: Keep an eye out for shows in Brisbane being held at South Bank on their website. There is always something going on as this is one of the places that hosts most of the Brisbane events!


HOW TO GET THERE: Just follow Adelaide St. towards the river. South Bank is just a 5 min walk from the city.

2.  Admire the view from the top of Story Bridge

what to do in brisbane

You may have already seen it in pictures, but let me tell you that one of the most famous Brisbane attractions is the heritage-listed and iconic Story Bridge.

This is probably one of the most prominent landmarks in the city! 

A twin of the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal, Canada, this bridge lights up at night and makes for the best Instagram photos against the Brisbane Skyline!

Are you feeling adventurous? Then why not climb the Story Bridge? Yes, you read that right! This 2-hour adventure tour takes you climbing up the bridge! During the tour you will get a 360º view of the city and get to learn about this iconic bridge’s history! Not recommended for those scared of heights (such as myself!)

NOTE: If you’re in Brisbane by the end of September, make sure you check out the Riverfire Festival! The most amazing pyrotechnic show I have ever seen, and with the Story Bridge at the front, it makes for an unbelievable sight!

PRICE: Free, $129 AUD if you want to take the adventure tour

HOW TO GET THERE: Just across from Kangaroo Point, you can get the ferry (price differs depending on where you get on and off, but around $3.20 AUD) and get off at Holman Street Ferry Terminal.

3.  Check out Roma Street Parkland

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Roma Street Parkland is Brisbane’s own little lung, an astonishing 16 hectares of nature in the middle of the city center, its very own Central Park if I may say so myself! it’s the biggest sub-tropical city park in the Southern Hemisphere; you can definitely go to this park several times and still not have seen it all. But isn’t that the most exciting part?

With plenty of opportunities to check out the local flora and fauna, this is definitely one of my favorite places to visit in Brisbane! Last time I was there, a possum chilled right next to me! Don’t try to touch them, though, they can bite when disturbed.

Roma Street Parkland hosts many free events throughout the year so make sure you check their facebook page for more information.  Did I mention most of the events are free! You can also have a barbecue with your friends there!


HOW TO GET THERE: The Roma Street Train Station and Transit Centre is located directly beside the Parkland (access is via Platform 10).

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4. Check out the coolest place in Brisbane for shopping – the CBD

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Brisbane’s CBD (Central Business District) is where the action is! Even though Brisbane has lots of different neighborhoods with very unique characters and vibes to them, the CBD is the one that is always lit!

If you like shopping, this is one of the best things to do in Brisbane City

PRO TIP: If you head there around midday on a weekday, there will be a live music performance making your shopping experience even more delightful.

While you’re in the neighborhood, make sure to check out:

5. Admire the Australian flora and fauna at Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

brisbane attractions

If this is your first visit to Australia, and even better, if Brisbane is your first stop, you HAVE TO check out the Botanical Gardens!

This is one of the most gorgeous places to go in Brisbane! One of the most surprising things you will notice once you get to Australia is their awesome wildlife, and because Brisbane is the “Tropical Capital”, you’re bound to see some cool stuff!

Apart from this, visiting the Botanical Gardens is one of the most relaxing things to do in Brisbane!

PRO TIP: You might want to think twice about having lunch next to the lake because you’ll end up surrounded by several lizards fighting amongst themselves for the right to have even the tiniest bit of cheese. On the bright side, they are not aggressive towards humans, but if you don’t want to test it, maybe eat your sandwich somewhere else; I know because I learned the hard way!

During your visit, you will be able to spot the beautiful Ibis birds (the Australian version of pigeons, but still lovely nonetheless), bush turkeys, very weird ducks and if it’s close to night time, keep an eye out for possums, the Aussie version of squirrels!



HOW TO GET THERE: From the city, follow Albert Street towards the river and QUT (Queensland University of Technology) and on the way you will find the Botanical Gardens.

6. Hike Mount Coot-tha

places to visit in brisbane

If you are going to visit Brisbane, you have to check out Mount Coot-tha! What used to be the home of the Yugarapul Aboriginal people is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brisbane. Mount Coot-tha, or “Honey Mountain” consists of a 287m mountain with stunning views of the city.

Once you’re there, you can hike the bush trails, practice yoga at sunrise, or check out the Mount Coot-tha botanic gardens and greenhouse, which has a picture-perfect geometric dome!

Check out the walking trails on this link!

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the bus 471 from the city to Mount Coot-tha lookout station.

7. Stargaze at the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

Once in Mount Coot-tha, why not go to the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium? With shows for every age, this planetarium is not your average museum.

This is actually the biggest planetarium in Queensland, where you will be able to attend star shows, stargaze at night and inspect the oldest asteroid fragments.

OPENING HOURS: Open everyday except Monday. You can check out the specific hours here.

PRICE: General admission is free. The Cosmic Skydome shows are $16.40 AUD per adult.
HOW TO GET THERE: From the city, you can take bus number 471 or buses 598 or 599 from various suburbs, get down at Mount Coot-Tha Viewpoint.

8. Go rock climbing at Kangaroo Point Cliffs

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Once you cross the Botanical Gardens you will find the Brisbane river in front of you. The Brisbane River or “Brown Snake”, as the locals like to call it (Australians are great when it comes to nicknaming things!) crosses the city and ends in Moreton Bay.

I believe this is a good time to say that even though Brisbane is at the coast, it doesn’t have beaches per se, but it does have a bay!

If you walk along the river to the left, you will be able to admire the beautiful sailing boats that have anchored at the Brisbane River which are, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful things to see in Brisbane! You will also see Kangaroo Point, a set of cliffs within the city where Brisbanites love to go climbing or have picnics – also a great spot to check out the Brisbane city skyline.

You will understand once you are there that Brisbane at night is one of the most magical cities ever!

If you’d love to try your hand rock climbing in a natural setting without even leaving the city, why not try this thrilling rock climbing tour at Kangaroo Point Cliffs? You’ll spend 2 hours climbing in a natural setting with the best climbing instructors! Available for all levels of climbers!

NOTE: By the way, swimming in the river is not allowed, a bit because of the pollution and a lot because of the number of bull sharks that inhabit the river (welcome to Australia! 😉 ).

PRO TIP: Keep reading to find out about an awesome place to swim and spend the hot summer days in Brisbane’s city center!

PRICE: Free, $59 AUD for the climbing tour

HOW TO GET THERE: Right next to the Story Bridge, 15 min walk from the city!

9. Go on a River Dinner Cruise

things to do in brisbane at night

If you’d like to check out the Brisbane skyline while having a world class dinner, you can book this Brisbane River Dinner Cruise!

Why not take your partner on a date? Enjoy the best live entertainment and Australian contemporary buffet menu on an elegant river cruise that travels through the Brisbane River, departing at 7 pm from Eagle Street Pier.


HOW TO GET THERE: Eagle Street Pier, just a 5 min walk from the city center.

10. Laugh out loud at the Brisbane Powerhouse

brisbane events

Were you thinking about doing something special but you couldn’t find that one thing? I found it for you!

Brisbane Powerhouse is a new Brisbane venue that holds shows, events and parties in a wonderful former power station with beautiful views of the river.

On Fridays, Brisbane Powerhouse holds a free stand up comedy show  called “Knock Off” that lasts for an hour and it makes for the best evening plan!

OPENING HOURS:  Mon 9am–5pm and Tue–Sun 9am-9pm. The comedy show is held on Fridays at 7pm

PRICE: The comedy show is free, to find out the prices of the other shows click here.

HOW TO GET THERE: From the city, take the ferry to New Farm Park. Once there, you are walking distance from Brisbane Powerhouse.

11. Check out Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

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If you’d like to see Australian fauna up close you can head to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary!

This is one of the most popular attractions when heading to Brisbane. If you can’t head to Stradbroke Island to see them in the wild (more about this day trip below), you can check this place out!

CAUTION: Be very wary when approaching wildlife, and think twice about if you’d like to hug a koala or take a selfie with a kangaroo. They are not show animals, but rescued animals!

OPENING HOURS: open 7 days a week, 9am-5pm

PRICE: $42 AUD, pre purchase them online to get 10% off.

👨‍👩‍👦 Family-friendly score:Great
🌆 Best views of the town:Mount Coot-tha
🚶🏽‍♂️Top free activity:Story Bridge
🐨 Best kids activity:Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
🌜 Night Tour:Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour
📅 How many days:2-3

BONUS 1 – Free things to do in Brisbane

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Money can be a concern when traveling to places like Australia. But fear not, Brisbane is a city with endless free events and places to visit that will thankfully help you enjoy the city and have the best experience possible without spending too much!

So, without further ado, what can you do in Brisbane for free?

Here are my recommendations:

1. Take a Free Walking tour

things to do in brisbane this weekend

And the best way to get to know the city of Brisbane? Take a Free Walking tour! Check out this walking tour that departs everyday at 10:30 from the Brisbane City Information Centre and takes you sightseeing for 1.5h!

Alternatively, if that sounds like too little time, you can go ahead and book this 3-hour walking tour! You’ll be able to check out the most iconic Brisbane landmarks in just a morning! Otherwise, have you ever tried segways? You can do this 1.5-hour segway tour and explore the city center in a super fun way!

2. Hop on the Free River Cruise

brisbane tourism

There are endless things to see and places to go in Brisbane! So, once you get to the Story Bridge, why not hop on the Cityhopper for a free ride along the river?

This is a service that helps make the car traffic smoother by connecting people from one side of the river to the other.

PRO TIP: Watch out if you want to take it very early in the morning as it might be full of commuters.

The river cruise runs between 6 AM and midnight, every day of the week. My advice is to take the Cityhopper that goes towards the city and get off at Southbank! 😉

IMPORTANT: Wearing a hat and sunscreen is a must if you’d like to enjoy the views from the deck! The hole in the Ozone layer is located on top of Australia, so make sure you take the sun protection seriously and apply this tip throughout the whole trip!


HOW TO GET THERE: These services run from Holman Street, Eagle Street Pier and Thornton Street every 10 to 15 minutes. Just a 5 min walk from Myer Centre.

3. Wander around the Gallery of Modern Art

brisbane tourist attractions

The Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) is an inexpensive way to spend a hot summer day and discover a bit more about Australian Modern Art. Although the galleries are mostly free, sometimes the exhibitions have an entrance fee, so make sure you check it on their website to know for sure. I have seen the most fascinating exhibitions from Yayoi Kusama and aboriginal activism art there!

OPENING HOURS: Open daily from 10am – 5pm. You can check the updated schedule here.

PRICE: Free, except for some exhibitions, check them here

HOW TO GET THERE: QAGOMA is located next to the Cultural Centre Busway station and a short walk from “South Brisbane” train station.

4. Discover the Aboriginal Culture at Queensland Museum

things to do in brisbane city

Unfortunately, the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Islander Culture is greatly overlooked by tourists and even some locals alike. It is not a surprise, because in the city it is easily missed as it is pretty much gone!

The Queensland Museum and Science Centre is a fantastic place in Brisbane to learn about the original owners of the land that you are travelling through! The oldest culture in the world has some pretty cool stories to tell and unbelievable things to show you.

Moreover, it’s got a very similar vibe to the British Museum, so if you love animals and dinosaurs this is your museum! I found it very educational and it makes for the perfect place to bring your kids.

PRO TIP: If you are not traveling to Brisbane with your kids, maybe try to avoid going there during weekends, as there are plenty of activities for kids so it can get full of families!

OPENING HOURS: Open daily from 9.30am – 5pm

PRICE: Free, except for some exhibitions, check them here

HOW TO GET THERE: The museum is located next to the Cultural Centre Busway station and a short walk from “South Brisbane” train station.

5. Explore the Farmer’s Market in West End

what to do in brisbane today

Looking for some more fun things to do in Brisbane? The neighborhood of West End is a great choice!

This is the trendiest neighborhood in Brisbane for a reason! Finding a place to live there is not only very desirable amongst Brisbanites, but also quite difficult. And don’t get me wrong, the price tag is not the problem, the demand is!

West End is the place where all Brisbane’s quirkiest characters gather and the ideal spot to go for farmer’s markets, hipster coffee shops, quirky vintage and second hand shops and vegan food markets. Even though it does sound like a hipster’s paradise, it is definitely not pretentious and it’s got more of a hippie vibe to it. It is not the safest of places at night but extremely fun nonetheless!

NOTE: Do attend the West End Fire Festival if you get the chance! It’s a free night show, where you’ll be amazed by the most gorgeous circus shows and you can try your hand at hula hooping, poi or if that’s not your thing, just have a bite to eat at one of the food trucks!

OPENING HOURS: Saturday from 6am to 2pm


HOW TO GET THERE: West End is a neighborhood right next to Southbank so you can walk from the city towards the Cultural Centre and West End would be right in front of you!

BONUS 2 – Things to do in Brisbane at night

brisbane points of interest

Have I mentioned that the weather in Brisbane is amazing? Probably dozens of times already, but this is why Brisbane is a city that invites you to go out for dinner, a drink, a run or a walk, even at night.

Honestly, the Brisbane skyline at night is one of my favorite things and strolling along the river with your partner is one of the most romantic things to do in Brisbane!

That’s why I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about my favorite thing to do in Brisbane at night:

1. Eat your way through the Eat Street Market

places to go in brisbane

You might not know this before you get to Australia, but it is quite a multicultural country. The European, Asian and American communities have been growing since the first immigrants arrived from the First World War.

And while Australian food is more than kangaroo or crocodile meat, their international cuisine is also admirable! You’ll see it with your own eyes if you visit one of the most famous Brisbane tourist attractions, the Eat Street Market!

With more than 70 food stalls selling food from all over the world, they cater to every dietary requirement. The only prerequisites are that you bring an empty stomach and a partner with good decision-making skills!

Alternatively, you can book this brewery and tapas tour, where you’ll get to taste the best draft beer and tapas, Australian style.

OPENING HOURS: Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 10pm, Sunday from 12PM to 8PM

PRICE: Entry fee $3 AUD per person, children (12 y/o and less) can enter for free

HOW TO GET THERE: Walking distance from the Northshore Hamilton Ferry Terminal

2. Party hard around Fortitude Valley

cheap things to do in brisbane

Brisbane’s party district does not even disappoint the most experienced party goers with its iconic nightclubs where people from all walks of life meet up to dance the night away. It is not unusual to bump into the ever-growing Latin nights where you can dance salsa until the sun comes up!

My favorite nightclubs are the following:

  • Press Club – a sophisticated but affordable cocktail bar!
  • The MET – a super fun dance club with guest djs!
  • Prohibition – a dance club for the younger crowd!

3. Dine under the Story Bridge

things to see in brisbane

Howard Smith Wharve’s is a venue located right under the Story Bridge where Brisbanites gather to fashionably wine and dine under the city’s most famous landmark. It is especially beautiful at night when the color of the sky and the water starts changing at sunset and the bridge starts lighting up.

You’ll find several different restaurants and bars within the venue, each one of them catering to different budgets and clientele, so there’s a place for everyone!

4. Get spooked at a Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour

what to see in brisbane

I have to admit that I am a sucker for ghost stories and horror films! That’s why the Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour is one of my favorite things to do, where you get to visit some of the most well-known Brisbane points of interest that are supposed to be haunted and in the meantime you get to do an alternative Brisbane city tour!

Some of the people that have attended these tours swear that they have seen something out of the ordinary so it is not for the faint hearted. With so much history regarding its mobs and former inmate population, Brisbane is bound to give you the chills!

5. Have a couple of affordable drinks at CBD!

relaxing things to do in brisbane

Brisbane can be quite costly, I hear you. But don’t worry, I got you covered! There’s a place in the city center that combines everything you’ll want: Bottle shop + Korean Restaurant.

Charmy’s is right in the middle of Brisbane’s CBD and it’s definitely at the top of my list of cheap things to do in Brisbane. Charmy’s is a favorite spot among locals from all walks of life, from students to executives, to drink for just a few dollars.

Once you get past the (sometimes) unfriendly bouncers, you can buy all types of alcohol at their bottle shop and drink it at one of their tables. If you get hungry you can order any type of Korean food or even just some chips. After you have had a couple of Sojus you are ready to dance until the sun comes up!

HOW TO GET THERE: Right on Albert Street, just a couple of minutes away from the Myer Centre.

BONUS 3 – Day Trips from Brisbane

brisbane city tour

One of the biggest perks for Brisbane is that it is perfectly located for those travelers that want to do day trips and trust me, there are plenty of options of things to do near Brisbane! Bear in mind that distances in Australia are a bit different than distances in, let’s say, Holland. However, once you’re there you get the hang of it!

Here are my recommendations for places to visit around Brisbane in case you have some more time on your hands:

1. Byron Bay

day tours from brisbane

You have probably already heard of Byron Bay, the hippie oasis where most of the Australian celebrities have a home!

If you want to bump into Chris Hemsworth in the supermarket, this is the place to go! 

And no wonder everyone loves it so much! It’s the perfect place to go for great waves, chill vibes and live music – it is basically the epitome of Australian paradise!

Byron Bay is located a couple hours’ drive from Brisbane. A great way to see the outskirts of Brisbane is by renting a car. (Click this link to check the best rates for your dates).

Once in Byron Bay, a good idea would be to take this 2 hour snorkeling tour! People mention you can see turtles, rays and all type of colorful fish! Really worth it!

2. Gold Coast

short trips from brisbane

A 1-hour train ride from Brisbane will take you to the Gold Coast. Kind of like the Miami Beach of Queensland, it’s more of a skyscraper meets endless beaches and is another surfing and partying mecca!

In the Gold Coast, you can find attraction parks such as Movie World or Wet and Wild, which make for an awesome day out! You can get a discounted three day pass here!

3. Lamington National Park

things to do in brisbane today

If you are into hiking, why not check out Lamington National Park?  With its beautiful rainforest, lovely birds and waterfalls, it will not disappoint you! If you decide to spend the night and camp in a campsite, make sure you wake up early enough to see the wallabies and their joeys rummaging around your tent! 🙂

For those who prefer to have a tour guide guiding them through the rainforest, you can book this 8.5h Lamington National Park Tour from the Gold Coast. You’ll be hiking through the best trails in the park and seeing the best views and waterfalls with a former ranger! Please note that they pick you up from the Gold Coast.

4. Springbrook National Park

brisbane sightseeing

A favorite amongst the locals, Springbrook National Park is the place to go if you love swimming and water holes, and also jumping off rocks! Just like in Lamington, you can hike through the rainforest and spot the Twin Falls.

If you want to visit this place with a tour, you can check out this 8.5 hour Springbrook National Park Tour. They will pick you up from Brisbane and take you exploring the rainforest, admiring an aboriginal art gallery and checking out the glow worm cave that you can find in this national park!

5. Fraser Island

gold coast attractions

One of the biggest sand islands in the world, Fraser Island is a sight not to be missed! 

The island is full of dingoes (Australian wild dogs) and you’re not allowed to swim on its shores as it is surrounded by protected waters full of sea life. However, you can chill in the crystalline waters of Lake Mackenzie and stroll around the sand roads of the islands in your rented Jeep or 4×4, which is so much fun!

And, on your way to Fraser Island, why not stop at Hervey Bay to do some humpback whale watching from the shore? It is much better than visiting SeaWorld and seeing sea life in captivity just for entertainment purposes!

You can also book this 5 hour cruise of Fraser Island that picks you up from Hervey Bay and takes you kayaking, fishing, barbecuing and exploring this wonderful area!

6. Moreton Island

day trips from brisbane

A snorkeler’s paradise, Moreton Island’s shipwreck is one of the most photogenic spots on the East Coast. It is worth mentioning that sliding down the dunes is pretty much the local sport there.

You can check out this 7-hour Moreton Island tour, during which they organize everything for you! You will get full access to the Tangalooma Island resort and you can choose to participate in sand tobogganing as well!

7. Stradbroke Island

brisbane activities

This is an island where wild koalas and kangaroos can be found in the urban areas so you won’t need to visit any other place to see these animals in captivity! The fact that it’s got the cutest little cafes and the most beautiful beaches is an added bonus!

This Stradbroke Island day tour is amazing! It lasts 9 hours and they pick you up and drop you off in Brisbane. They take you on a cruise and on a walk around the island! They take care of every little detail and leave all the fun for you!

8. The Glass House Mountains

things to do in brisbane australia

The Glass House Mountains are a mountain range in between Brisbane and Byron Bay that make for the perfect getaway. The three most notable mountains are Mount Beerburrum (278m), Mount Beerwah (556m) and Mount Coochin (235m).

This is located less than an hour ride south from Brisbane. Make sure you put on your hiking boots as it offers walking trails ranging from easy to very challenging with many leading through open forests to lookouts opening to panoramic views!

NOTE: If you visit the Glass House Mountains, make sure you do it respectfully, acknowledging the traditional owners of the land, the Gubbi Gubbi people, as this is a place of extreme spiritual importance to them.

Brisbane Tourism – Practical information about the city

fun things to do in brisbane

But how will you be able to enjoy all these sights if you don’t have all the essentials sorted out first? That’s why I have added some practical information to this post. Keep reading to find out where the best place to stay is, what food you should try and how to get from the airport to the city or vice versa!

Where to stay in Brisbane

places to go in brisbane

Brisbane is a growing city and it has a wide variety of hotels for all budgets. However, make sure you book your accommodation in advance to get the best deal possible – the best hotels always get sold out fast!

I have chosen a few of my favorite hotels for your Brisbane stay, all of them with outstanding reviews and categorized by price for your convenience:

Luxury ($220 AUD and up) – If you’re looking for a luxurious stay why not choose the Emporium Hotel South Bank? We all know I’ve got a thing for infinity pools and this hotel has one with an amazing view of the city skyline! Another choice could be staying at Rydges South Bank Brisbane, also in the very convenient Southbank area, it offers large luxurious rooms at a very reasonable price.

Middle-priced (between $80 and $220 AUD) – Meriton Suites Herschel Street is a great middle-priced option right in the city center. It’s a beautiful space set in one of the highest Brisbane skyscrapers, with a great swimming pool to cool off after a day of wandering around the city! In the same price category you’ll find the Arise Ivy & Eve Apartments, an astonishing skyscraper with little apartments, a great view of the city and outstanding reviews!

Budget (up to $80 AUD) – Ascot Budget Inn and Residences is a great option if you’re travelling through Brisbane on a tight budget but still want to stay in a luxurious looking place. With private rooms and bathrooms and shared kitchens, it is the perfect place to meet people while still having your own privacy! On the other side of the river is the Nightcap at Camp Hill Hotel, a hotel with a more retro vibe, clean cut décor and wonderful reviews!

 Money and Prices in Brisbane

things to do in brisbane this weekend

One of the big worries when traveling to Australia are the prices, and while it is true that things are usually a bit more expensive, the biggest expense when going to Australia is going to be the flight. The advantage for some travelers that visit this beautiful country is that, if you come from a EU/US or Canada, you’ll most likely get a lot for your currency!

NOTE: Bear in mind that things such as cigarettes and alcohol are taxed very highly in Australia so you will probably find those items more expensive than back home!

ATTENTION: Be careful if you want to take any of those items from home as the Australian border police are tough! You can check more info on it here!

The good news for you is that Brisbane is a very inexpensive capital city. Below are some examples of prices of some common things, so you can get an idea:

  • A meal in an inexpensive restaurant for 1 person – $13 AUD
  • Dinner for 2 in a restaurant – $60 AUD
  • A night in a hotel (very approximate) – $120 AUD
  •  Taxi –$2 AUD per km + $4 AUD initial charge
  •  A bottle of water – $1 AUD
  • Domestic beer 0,5L – $6 AUD
  • Metro ticket – $3.50 AUD
  • Average price for a museum – FREE
  •  1 l of gas (1/4 gallon) – $1.50 AUD

As you can see it is not as expensive as most people think it would be!

PRO TIP: If you really want to stretch your dollars, why not buy your groceries at the farmer’s market? Or hire a Lime electric bike to get to different places?

NOTE: Tipping in Australia is really not a custom, as waiters and waitresses receive a full wage. However it is always nice, so feel free to tip as much as you want but it won’t be expected! 😉

Transportation in Brisbane City

things to do in brisbane city

I am the type of person that believes that walking around a city is the best way to get to know it! However, sometimes it’s just not possible, and you’ll realize soon enough that Australian cities, such as Brisbane, are quite spread out. The reason for this is that Brisbanites love living in Queenslander homes, beautiful wooden houses that you’ll find across the whole region, and everywhere in Brisbane!

Brisbane has a whole range of transport so I decided to break it down to public transport, electric bike rentals, taxis and Uber.

Train and buses

things to see in brisbane

Used daily by the locals, the public transportation system in Brisbane works effectively and with few delays. Bear in mind that Brisbane doesn’t have a metro line, so the train is actually…a train! You can buy a go card for $10 AUD and recharge it anytime you have to use the train or bus. The good thing? When you leave, you can return your go card and get your money back!

The train is the best option if you are heading to the suburbs that are further away as it costs around $3.60 AUD per ride. However, if it’s quite late and you’re a solo female traveler it can get a bit dodgy in certain areas, nothing really to be worried about, but depending on you, you might consider getting an Uber instead.

The buses go throughout the whole city and they cost pretty much the same price as the train. If you travel off peak (when it is not peak hour for Brisbane commuters) the price will be a bit cheaper!

Lime electric bike

relaxing things to do in brisbane

We can see the rise of the Lime bikes all throughout Australia. “Limes” are electric bikes that get recharged at night and then get dropped off at random places throughout the city for all residents and travelers to use.

You just need to download the Lime app and for 0.2 AUD a minute you’ll be able to use this super fun and environmentally friendly bikes to make your way through the city!

Taxi and Uber

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The starting price for a taxi in Australia is around $4 AUD and then they charge you $2.20 AUD per km. You can flag down any taxi on the street, call one or book one at Yellow Cabs.

Uber is my favorite option when it comes to private transportation. You can download their app here, add your card number and it is ready to go! Brisbane has so many Ubers that you are likely to find one at any time! There are so many promo codes flying around the city and online that your first trip is likely to be free!

Must-try food in Brisbane

Things to do in Brisbane

Even though it doesn’t possess one of the most iconic cuisines, imho, Australia does house the best food in the world!

As I said previously, Australia is so multicultural that it boasts a very rich Greek, Italian and Asian cuisine. However, apart from this, Australian people do love their barbecues or “barbies” and their pies!

Even though you might have heard it said, kangaroo or crocodile meat is really not that usual in the typical Australian household. If you want to try it once you get there, make sure it’s ethically sourced!

Below, I’m going to mention some must-tries, if you really want to experience the true Brisbane lifestyle:

  • Barbecued meat – meat on a barbecue, duh!
  • Meat Pies – classic Australian pies made out of meat.
  • Bunning’s Sausage Sizzle – Read below on why trying this sausage on bread will be one of your most memorable experiences in Brisbane!
  • Chicken Parmigiana – Baked chicken breast with a layer of tomato and parmesan cheese
  • Vegemite – the australian version of Marmite, don’t even ask me what it’s made of!
  • Tim Tam’s – Australian chocolate cookies found at every supermarket!
  • Anzac Biscuits – Oat biscuits traditionally made for the Australian and Kiwi soldiers during the war.
  • Pavlova – Meringue based dessert topped with fruit and whipped cream.
  • Lamington’s – Australian butter cake coated with chocolate sauce and coconut.
  • Ginger Beer – The most famous is the Bundaberg one, order it at any bar!

It might seem like Australia is a meat lover’s paradise, and it is! However, they have a massive variety of vegan and vegetarian places, so don’t get discouraged by this as you’ll probably find here the best veggie joints in the world there!

Great Brisbane restaurants and cafes

what to do in brisbane

A big thing amongst Brisbanites is to take out food, or takeaway, and there are an endless number of restaurants and places to eat or takeaway from!

Below are some of my favorites:

  • Yatala Pies – A historic pie restaurant located between Brisbane and The Gold Coast. It is always packed but they have so much staff that everything runs very smoothly. You can find any type of pie you want, even veggie ones, at a very affordable price!
  • Bunning’s Sausage Sizzle – Okay, don’t kill me for including this here, but it is an iconic Aussie dish! It’s a cheap dish that gets served every week in the Bunning’s hardware stores and all profits go to charity. There’s no real Brisbanite that hasn’t tried it. I left Brisbane without trying it and I will never forgive myself! If you want to know how seriously Aussies take their sausage sizzle or “Snag” read this article 😊
  • Brisbane Brewing Co – Here you can try the best draft beers that Australians are so into and a mouth-watering chicken parmigiana, one of the most iconic Aussie dishes!
  • Govindas Vegetarian – Whether you are vegetarian or not, I assure you, you will love Govindas! They have a couple of extremely affordable restaurants in the city. It’s a very simple concept: you are not able to choose from a menu because they have the same set meal for everyone, but it is the most authentic Indian vegetarian food around!
  • Brisbane food courts are also a very convenient and affordable option with food from all over the world if you are craving some lunch in the city center! There are several food courts but the biggest one is in the Myer Centre, and there is another one at Queens Plaza.
  • The Paddo Tavern, A historic restaurant located in Paddington, the cutest and most stylish Brisbane neighborhood. They always have things going on, such as sports, live music or trivia nights. It’s a massive venue where you can enjoy the food promotions they come up with every day!
  • If you’re a beer person and want to try a famous Brisbane beer, I recommend you trying XXXX Beer! Why not go to a tour of their brewery? I assure you, you won’t leave thirsty!
  • Urbane Restaurant – If you’re looking for a more upscale restaurant Urbane Restaurant is your best choice! Located right in the CBD, you can enjoy a stylish meal inspired by cuisines from all over the world!
  • La Vue Waterfront Restaurant – If it sounds sophisticated, it’s because it is! One of the biggest fine dining meets modern Australian food experiences you will find in Brisbane, if not all of Australia! And all while overlooking the Brisbane river!

How to get from the airport to the city of Brisbane

fun things to do in brisbane

The Brisbane Airport (BNE) is located 14 km away from the city center. However, depending on where you are staying, you might be quite close to it. This makes it quite easy to get to by car. Whether by car or public transportation, travel time is around 30 min to get there from the city center!

Here are your options for getting from the airport to the city center:

By taxi/Uber

Uber is a very feasible option when getting to Brisbane. It is especially good if you are travelling with someone else, as it ends up being cheaper than public transport! There is Wi-Fi at the airport so you will be able to book it with no issues.

An Uber to the city center can cost up to $30 AUD, which is still the best option to use when travelling to and from the airport. Taxi prices range from $45 AUD to $55 AUD to get to Brisbane’s center.

By Airtrain

gold coast activities

The Brisbane train stops at the airport as well. Called Airtrain, it’s a service that runs very often between the airport and the city. The bad news? It costs $18 AUD per person, so if you are travelling with friends or family, it is not the best way to get to your accommodation, and of course it doesn’t drop you off at your desired destination. The good news? It is more eco-friendly than taking Ubers!

By Bus

You’ll need to make your way from the Terminal to the Skygate Centre, where bus route 590 runs. Get off at Toombul Interchange. From there, you can get a train to the city. This will take around 1.30h but it will only cost you $7 AUD!

Sim cards in Australia

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Having a sim card while travelling through Australia has proven extremely useful for me. Contrary to what you might expect, there’s not that much free Wi-Fi lying around and call me silly, but I never was able to make the Brisbane City free WIFI work on my phone! But if you want to see for yourself, be my guest, at the end of the day, many of us travel to get away from technology!

If you would like to consider purchasing a sim card, first of all, you have to make sure your phone is unlocked. That might seem obvious to most of us but it does happen that sometimes the phone is locked. Once you’ve got an unlocked phone with you, you’re ready to make your purchase!

Vodafone was the cheapest company to use when I did my research and with a $20 AUD plan for 20 GB it makes for a really great deal. Regarding the purchase of the Sim card, you can buy it from home and get it delivered to your accommodation in Brisbane or you can buy it at any of their stores in the city, as well as in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.

NOTE: If you are going to be travelling to the Australian Outback or to areas that are a bit further away from the cities, bear in mind that Vodafone might not work. Your best bet is Telstra, which is the company with the biggest coverage in Australia. But, unfortunately, in general it’s quite a bit more expensive than the rest.

 Best time to visit Brisbane

what to see in brisbane

As I mentioned before, Brisbane has an average of 283 days of sunshine per year, which makes it an awesome place to travel to any time of the year!

Located in South East Queensland, Brisbane has a beautiful tropical climate and that is one of the reasons why it attracts so many people! People love living there because it never gets half as cold as Sydney or Melbourne, and it’s got high to mild temperatures year-round.

Having said this, I do not recommend visiting Brisbane during the hottest summer months of December and January. It can get extremely hot and humid and not even a fan will help you then! (there are really cool massive storms in the afternoon though!)

Besides, you will most likely visit the Great Barrier Reef and in summer, it is stinger season (jellyfish season) so you better snorkel with a stinger suit! It is still possible and I have done it, and actually the jellyfish that are present barely sting, you can actually touch them (and you will, probably accidentally because there are so many!)

The best time to travel is probably autumn and spring, which is from March to September. This is, though, the high season, but that doesn’t necessarily make Brisbane a busier place as it is full of residents and students, and not so many tourists. How awesome is that?

Tourist Visa for Australia

where to go in brisbane

If you’re travelling to Brisbane, chances are that you’ll need a visa! Australia doesn’t joke around when it comes to visitors and it is important that you prepare your visa ahead of time.

The good news is that the government is pretty efficient and tourist visas are usually processed quite fast.

If you’re from a European country you are eligible for the Evisitor 651 Visa, that lets you stay for a total of 3 months in a 12 month period. They are free and 90% of them are processed within a day!

If you’re from the USA on the other hand, you can apply for a 601 visa which lets you stay for up to 3 months of traveling in Australia.

For more information about visas you can check out the official website.

🧳 What are the most touristy things to do in Brisbane?

The most touristy things to do in Brisbane include exploring Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, visiting Roma Street Parkland and going on a river cruise.


things to do near brisbane

I have finally run out of good things to say about Brisbane (actually, I’m not too sure that I have!). The sunshine capital of Australia (or the world) will make you fall in love so hard that you will end up checking for visa extensions just so you can stay longer. There is something about how comfortable, convenient and versatile Brisbane is that it just makes people want to stay there forever!

Maybe I am being biased, but Brisbane is very close to my heart and it has been unfairly overshadowed by Melbourne and Sydney. It’s only now that people are beginning to see that Brisbane is a cultural and fun city with lots of things to see and places to explore.

Above, you have been able to see what’s on in Brisbane and I hope you keep this article close to your heart during your Brisbane trip. From the best Brisbane activities to short trips from Brisbane, I have covered all you need to know to have a truly unforgettable time. I have also talked about things to do in Brisbane at night and free things to do in Brisbane so you can have the ultimate Aussie experience, and of course, understand what is Brisbane well-known for!

I hope you found this useful and you follow my advice about the city. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and let me hear about your experience even when you come back because I miss it so much!

Happy travels!


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