Where to Stay in Montevideo ✔ 5 Amazing Areas for Travelers

A sunny day in a bustling Montevideo square with tall palm trees, people walking, and a prominent historic building with a tower in the background, surrounded by modern structures and vibrant flowerbeds.

Montevideo, Uruguay, is one of the best places to experience the soul of South America – at least, that’s what my research revealed. I’ve wanted to visit Montevideo for the longest time, so I took on the task of researching thoroughly to find out where to stay in Montevideo.

Ciudad Vieja is the best area to stay if you’re visiting Montevideo for the first time and looking to feel the warmth of Uruguayan hospitality. Also known as Old City, Ciudad Vieja is the oldest neighborhood in Montevideo and a popular tourist spot.

For more options, I included 4 more areas and hotels in each, as well as a bonus with top luxury hotels. Be at ease, as you’ll find everything you need here!

Pick one of the recommended hotels and book your stay before you embark on your journey to this vibrant city!

If you are in a hurry

Here for a quick stop? Check out the best hotels in Ciudad Vieja, the best neighborhood for your stay in Montevideo.

luxury hotel
A rooftop relaxation area with a wooden hot tub and comfortable lounge chairs, boasting views of the cityscape.
mid-range hotel
A cozy hotel room with a large bed, gold and white bedding, and a warm, inviting glow from the bedside lamps.
budget hotel
A hotel living room with a modern fireplace, mounted flat-screen TV, and vibrant red and orange striped chairs for a cozy ambiance.

Puerto Mercado Hotel

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Look through the map I’ve created to help you locate the best Montevideo neighborhoods. 

A colorful map highlighting the best areas to stay in Montevideo, with numbered locations and labels for easy navigation
  1. Ciudad Vieja: for a first trip:
  2. Punta Carretas: for shopping and dining:
  3. Pocitos: for a family trip:
  4. Cordón and Centro: for a culture immersion:
  5. Parque Rodó and Palermo: on a budget:

1. Ciudad Vieja – where to stay in Montevideo on a first trip

Busy pedestrian street bustling with activity in Montevideo, leading towards the distinctive architecture of Palacio Salvo under a clear sky, with local shops lining the sidewalk and a variety of people walking and enjoying the urban atmosphere.

Ciudad Vieja, or literally Old City, is the oldest part of Montevideo. Once upon a time, there was nothing but Ciudad Vieja, which marked the city’s entrance. Even as Montevideo grew in the following years, this neighborhood remained one of the city’s central points.

The Old City is the best place to engage with the city’s rich history through the colonial architecture and Art Deco buildings. Head over to the Gateway of Ciudadela (the old city gate), the Plaza Independencia, and the Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral, 3 of the city’s main attractions.

If you want to reside near the rhythm of the Rambla, Montevideo’s historic promenade, Ciudad Vieja is one of the top areas. Walking along Rambla Francia, you’ll experience waterfront tranquility and breezes, a welcome break from the neighborhood bustle.

In Ciudad Vieja, you can visit auction houses or delve into bustling market energy at the Mercado del Puerto, where you’ll find local souvenir shops and restaurants offering traditional Uruguayan food.

If you’re looking for something with Montevideo’s allure, Buenos Aires is the place for you. Discover these 7 amazing areas to explore Buenos Aires and start planning another South American excursion.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Montevideo: a refined dining area with a large round table and tufted seating, a luxurious room with city views and a hot tub, and a bedroom with soft pink walls and vintage decor.

Conveniently located in the center of the Old Town, this hotel provides the opportunity to reside where colonial meets contemporary. There are elegant rooms with hardwood floors, sophisticated furnishings, and private bathrooms with free toiletries. Guests can commission the free airport shuttle service when arriving from Carrasco International Airport.

Other accommodation options in Ciudad Vieja

An elegant dining room featuring a large wooden table, eclectic chairs, and a unique chandelier, creating a stylish space for gatherings.

The hotel’s air-conditioned rooms are also equipped with a desk, a flat-screen TV, and a coffee maker

A modern living room with a white sofa, black coffee table, and an art piece depicting silhouetted figures dancing against an orange background.

A short walk away from Mercado del Puerto, this hotel boasts spacious rooms and free parking

A serene bedroom bathed in natural light filtering through white shutters, highlighting the textured bedding and a rustic wooden bed frame.

Comfortable apartment with an en-suite bathroom, within walking distance of shopping malls and public transport stations

Things to do in Ciudad Vieja

  • Take a private walking tour of Montevideo
  • Dedicate a few hours to the Romantic Museum
  • Check the event schedule at the Solis Theatre
  • Have a meal at Lindolfo (map)
  • Walk along Sarandi (the main street) and admire the architecture
  • Take a full-day tour to Punta del Este

2. Punta Carretas – where to stay for shopping and dining

A woman enjoying a bicycle ride on a clear day near the historic Punta Brava Lighthouse in Uruguay, with a bright blue sky overhead and lush greenery surrounding the path.

Looking to stay where fashion and tradition intertwine? Then look no further than Punta Carretas. This is the southernmost bario (neighborhood) of Montevideo, centrally located between two beautiful beaches and offering numerous dining and shopping opportunities.

The Punta Carretas Shopping Center is the ultimate destination for visitors eager to shop in a unique spot. Formerly a prison, the shopping mall has been renovated to host a variety of upscale shops. As for dining, the Punta Carretas abounds with quality restaurants like La Perdiz, Vermutería, Francis, and Mercado Williman.

When staying in Punta Carretas, you can also witness the city’s transformation at sunset from one of the green spaces in the area, such as the Punta Brava. While in this part of the neighborhood, don’t forget to stop by the Punta Brava Lighthouse, enjoy panoramic views of the coastline, and snap some photos.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Montevideo: a modern hotel building with unique balcony designs, a bright lobby with white furniture and wood accents, and a bedroom with a bold headboard and stylish orange touches.

The elegant rooms at the BIT Design Hotel offer panoramic views of the city and air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi, which is great if you want to stay connected in tech-friendly lodgings. Guests can use the hotel’s fitness center and airport shuttle service.

Other accommodation options in Punta Carretas

An enclosed rooftop spa area with a large jacuzzi, surrounded by windows offering a panoramic view of the urban landscape.

Each of the rooms at Cala di Volpe has an ocean view, and there’s a shared panoramic gym with sauna

A twin hotel room with chic décor, featuring checkered bedding and a comfortable seating area, exuding contemporary elegance.

A pet-friendly hotel with an on-site restaurant offering a buffet breakfast and rooms boasting city views

A stylish balcony with a high-top table, modern chairs, and a suspended lamp, providing an urban outdoor retreat with a city view.

A modern, spacious 9th-floor studio, close to the Parque Villa Biarritz and a few minutes from the seafront

Things to do in Punta Carretas

  • Go on a tour of Colonia del Sacramento
  • Explore the Museum of Juan Zorrilla of San Martin
  • Take a stroll along the Punta Carretas Promenade
  • Pay a visit to the Uruguay Jewish Holocaust Memorial
  • Snap some photos from the Punta Carretas Lighthouse
  • Spend the day at Punta Carretas Shopping Center

3. Pocitos – where to stay in Montevideo on a family trip

Scenic view of a sandy beach in Montevideo, Uruguay, with sunbathers and beachgoers enjoying a bright sunny day, against a backdrop of a tranquil bay and a skyline of modern buildings under a vast blue sky.

The Pocitos barrio is one of the ideal bases for beachside relaxation, with Pocitos beach being the main attraction for beach bums and families. You can spend the day swimming, lounging in the sun, and playing beach volleyball.

Pocitos Beach is the main point of interest in this primarily residential neighborhood, but it is perfect for people looking for retreats offering serene city escapes. During your stay here, you can walk along the Rambla de Pocitos, and don’t forget to stop by the Montevideo Letters to take a photo.

If you want an urban experience, the Montevideo Shopping Mall is within walking distance of the Pocitos so that you can take your family on a shopping trip. Those who don’t want to leave the area for a delicious meal can stop for a burger at El Desembarco Pocitos or try something from the Pizza Napolitana La Vecchia menu.

During the summer months in Pocitos, you can tap into local festivals and events and watch anything from beach volleyball tournaments to music performances.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Montevideo: a bedroom with a plush sofa and neutral tones overlooking the city, the elegant exterior of the Hotel Costanero with its glass facade, and a balcony with a seaside view featuring comfortable outdoor seating.

The Costanero MGallery is a beachside hotel hosting a bar and a restaurant. The guests are welcome to use the outdoor pool and the sauna, order room service, get a car hire, or order airport transfers. The hotel also offers private parking, free Wi-Fi, and a buffet breakfast.

Other accommodation options in Pocitos

A luxurious hotel lounge with plush seating, a large floor lamp, and a glass coffee table adorned with books and a decorative piece.

The Soro is a Hilton hotel with air-conditioned rooms, a shared terrace, a gym, a sauna, and free bike rentals

An indoor pool with blue tiles, arched windows, and potted plants, creating a tranquil space for relaxation.

The Armon offers self-catering suites with a hydromassage tub. The property also has an indoor pool and a restaurant

A compact studio apartment with a cozy bed, abstract wall art, and a kitchenette in the background, creating a functional living space.

Entire condo with a dedicated workspace, a functional kitchen, and a bathroom with a rain shower

Things to do in Pocitos

4. Cordón and Centro – where to stay for a culture immersion

Tranquil urban park featuring a majestic fountain sculpture surrounded by sprays of water, with lush palm trees, well-kept grass, and a cobblestone path inviting a peaceful walk, nestled in the heart of the city.

The Cordón and Centro barrios are 2 adjacent neighborhoods, considered Montevideo’s city center. If you book accommodation in this area, you will stay steps from historic treasures like the Palacio Salvo and fascinating museums, most notably the Government House Museum and the Art History Museum.

The areas are perfect for cultural and art enthusiasts due to the many theaters – Teatro Alianza, Teatro El Galpón, and El Milóngón, one of the perfect spots for tango and candombe rhythms. Music lovers can also immerse in Montevideo’s musical heritage by attending an event at the National Auditorium or the Nelly Goitiño Auditorium.

If you’re after good food, you can walk to the Sinergia Design food hall or take the bus to Tres Cruces bus station, just up the street from Sinergia Design. Other dining options in downtown Montevideo include Pacharán Taberna Vasca, Tannat, and Demorondanga.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Montevideo: a bedroom with a bright yellow headboard and cityscape view, a chic hotel lobby with modern furniture and large windows, and an indoor pool area with a jacuzzi and lounging chairs.

The Radisson Hotel is centrally located across Plaza Independencia, overlooking Harbor Bay. It’s close to the city’s highlights, but it also provides various amenities like a spa, indoor swimming pool, a gym, and a restaurant offering Uruguayan and international dishes. BBQ facilities are available at an additional charge.

Other accommodation options in Cordón and Centro

A sleek hotel lobby featuring polished floors, a large reception desk, and contemporary decor for a welcoming entrance.

All rooms have private bathrooms, a minibar, a safe, and a seating area; some offer city views

A modern hotel room with a large bed with gray bedding and bright green accent pillows, alongside a kitchenette for convenience.

At Quijano, room service and a concierge are available around the clock. Each apartment has a kitchen and a bathroom

A bright living room with a comfortable gray sofa, wooden dining set, and chic wall art, in a clean and minimalist design.

A spacious, well-lit apartment with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. There’s also a terrace overlooking the ocean

Things to do in Cordón and Centro

  • Walk around Cagancha Square
  • Go on a guided tour of the Palacio Salvo
  • Stop by the Fountain of the Padlocks
  • Explore the Art History Museum
  • Spend an afternoon at Plaza de los Treinta

5. Parque Rodó and Palermo – where to stay on a budget

Late afternoon at a Montevideo coastline park, with people relaxing on the grass and enjoying the view of the beach and cityscape, while palm trees gently sway in the ocean breeze

If you seek to discover neighborhoods brimming with life on your stay in Montevideo, make a reservation at a hotel in the Parque Rodó and Palermo areas. Here, you will find budget-friendly options with local charm, and you can quickly walk to parks, plazas, and promenades, most notably the Parque Rodo.

While exploring the park, set some time apart to visit the Juegos amusement park, stop by Rodo Park Castle, and pop into the National Museum of Visual Arts. If you’re into art galleries, don’t miss the open-air photo gallery within the park.

Besides budget accommodation, these 2 areas allow you to explore gourmet delights just around the corner, everything from Mexican food at Toledo Bar de Tapas to classic American at the BUFFALO. The bustle and liveliness of these 2 barrios perfectly capture the essence of Uruguay’s capital, so they’re a great choice, particularly for younger travelers.

Luxury hotel
A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Montevideo: a lobby with vibrant red sofas and modern decor, the exterior of the Ibis hotel with its contemporary architecture, and a minimalist hotel room with a comfortable bed and desk area.

The ibis Hotel is the ultimate destination to dive deep into Montevideo’s nightlife, offering easy access to Palermo’s bars and restaurants. Each of the rooms is air-conditioned and has access to free Wi-Fi. Private parking is available on the property, and guests can dine in the hotel restaurant.

Other accommodation options in Parque Rodó and Palermo

A bedroom with unique lighting fixtures, a comfortable bed with a chevron headboard, and textured walls for a rustic yet modern feel.

Comfortable and spacious rooms, plus a shared kitchen and a lounge with a cozy fireplace

A simple and cozy loft space with a blue futon sofa, white throw, and a rustic wall hanging, exuding a casual charm.

Each of the rooms has a seating area and access to Wi-Fi, and some of them have a balcony/terrace

A contemporary living room with a stylish botanical mural, gray sofa, and vibrant orange throw, creating a fresh and trendy atmosphere.

A bright apartment with a view of Parque Rodó. The bedroom has a queen-sized bed, and the kitchen is fully equipped

Things to do in Parque Rodó and Palermo

  • Go wine tasting at Bouza Winery
  • Enjoy the sun at Ramirez Beach
  • Spend the day exploring Parque Jose Enrique Rodó
  • Pay a visit to the National Museum of Visual Arts
  • Have a traditional Uruguayan meal at La Cocina de Pedro
  • Grab a beer at the Sumo Brew Pub (map)
👑 Luxury price:US$170
💵 Mid-range:US$110
🛏️ Budget:US$70
📍 Best area:Ciudad Vieja
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel
🧳 Best mid-range hotel:FAUNA Montevideo
👛 Best budget hotel:Puerto Mercado Hotel

BONUS: Best luxury hotels in Montevideo

A collage of three hotel photos to stay in Montevideo: a rooftop lounge with green cushioned chairs and tropical plants, a spacious living area with a sofa and ocean view, and a bedroom with warm lighting and elegant bedding.

As Montevideo is the largest city in Uruguay, it has its fair share of luxury hotels. While researching this article, these hotels caught my eye but didn’t fit the rest of my recommendations, so I included them for everyone planning a luxury trip to Montevideo.

The 3 hotels featured below are scattered throughout Montevideo, but I organized them by price from high to low.

  • Hyatt Centric Montevideo – a 5-star hotel with an indoor pool, concierge services, and valet parking. Situated on the Pocitos beachfront, the Hyatt Centric has many family rooms and offers a good breakfast.
  • Sofitel Montevideo – located in Carrasco and close to the Río de la Plata and Montevideo Beer Company Bar, Sofitel offers modern comforts with a touch of tradition. Amenities include an indoor and outdoor pool and a spa/wellness center.
  • Hotel Montevideo – the Montevideo Hotel is part of the Leading Hotels of the World organization. Here, guests can access private parking, a fitness center, a terrace, and 2 American cuisine restaurants.

FAQs about where to stay in Montevideo

Busy beach scene in Montevideo with sunbathers dotting the sandy shore in front of an elegant, historic building, while the city's architecture rises in the background, creating a contrast between leisure and urban development

📍 What is the best neighborhood to stay in Montevideo?

The best neighborhood for a stay in Montevideo is Ciudad Vieja, i.e., the Old Town of Montevideo. The area has several luxury hotels, but the best one is Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel, which should be a top choice for a Montevideo hotel. 

❌ What areas to avoid in Montevideo?

The Cerro Barrio is the least safe neighborhood in Montevideo. According to locals’ claims on forums, you shouldn’t book accommodation in the area, and don’t walk around alone, especially at night. 

✅ What is the safest part of Montevideo?

The Punta Carretas and Pocitos neighborhoods are the safest areas of Montevideo, but all the areas recommended in this article are also quite safe. If you want to be cautious, avoid walking alone and keep your valuables safe. 

📅 How many days should I stay in Montevideo?

Take at least 2 or 3 days to explore Montevideo, Uruguay. This time is enough to see the city’s main attractions, like the Río de la Plata river plate, the Plaza Independencia, Palacio Salvo, and the port market. 


Aerial view of Montevideo at dusk, showcasing the city lights beginning to illuminate the evening, with the Rambla coastline curving along the shore, cars streaming by, and the urban landscape stretching into the distance.

Whether you want to dive deep into Montevideo’s nightlife, explore the Old Town, or spend some time in the city’s green parks, you’ll find plenty of areas and hotels to suit your preferences.

I’ve provided plenty of recommendations for you to choose from, but I also wanted to highlight my 2 favorite options:

  • Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel – I like the elegant decor of the rooms and the hotel’s location, close to the tourist spots in the Old Town.
  • FAUNA Montevideo – I appreciate the free airport shuttle service and the lovely views of the city.

I hope this makes it easier for you to decide where to stay in Montevideo! So, pick one of the hotels, book a room, and don’t forget travel insurance! Once you’ve purchased a travel insurance policy, go ahead and plan your itinerary.

Please comment and let me know whether you’ve been to Montevideo (or plan on going)!

Travel safely,


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