11 Top Buenos Aires Speakeasies by Your Local Guide!

A bartender with tattooed arms strains a cocktail through a fine mesh sieve into a golden cup, on a bar counter surrounded by various cocktail making tools in a buenos aires speakeasy.

If you are looking for the best speakeasy in Buenos Aires for a great night out, you are in the right place!

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, and I know my city like no other! So I gathered for you the best secret bars in Buenos Aires, so you can enjoy the city’s nightlife like a local would!

As you may know, speakeasies became a thing during the prohibition era back in 1920 in the USA. And even though there is no dry law nowadays, speakeasies in Buenos Aires are big, you can find some of the best ones in the world here!

Without further ado, let’s check out the best 11 speakeasies in Buenos Aires I chose for you!

If you are in a hurry

If you don’t have a lot of time to read the whole article, here are the top 3 speakeasies in Buenos Aires you cannot miss visiting!

Here, you have a map with all the speakeasies in Buenos Aires’ exact locations if you want to jump to the one that’s closest to you quickly!

1. Discover a hidden world in Florería Atlántico

A charming and rustic interior of Florería Atlántico, featuring wall-to-wall shelves filled with an assortment of wine bottles, a vibrant display of flowers for sale, and an antique-looking blackboard with artistic chalk inscriptions is hiding a speakeasy in buenos aires.
photo credit: @floreriaatlantico

Floreria Atlántico is one of the coolest and most iconic speakeasies in Buenos Aires. It is located in Retiro, super close to Recoleta and Microcentro. The bar from outside looks like a flower shop and a wine cellar store, where you can, of course, actually buy flowers and wine. But there is a secret door inside the shop!

Inside the flower shop, there is a fridge door, which is a facade! Tucked behind it, you can find the speakeasy! The inside is super cool. It has a lot of mythological creatures paintings on the wall and the space looks like a very long hallway with tables and a long bar!

The speakeasy serves from wine, gin, and specialty drinks, to delicious food, including empanadas and burrata!

2. Feel like a royal at Frank’s

A dramatic portrait of a man in a sharp suit and red tie standing contemplatively in a red phone booth, his gaze fixed outside the frame, set against the backdrop of a dark urban night.
photo credit: @franks_bar

Frank’s is one of the first speakeasies in the Buenos Aires scene, so this one is super popular! It is located in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo, and when you reach the location, all you can see is black doors with a bouncer waiting outside. They will ask you for a password, which you can find out by checking the speakeasy’s Instagram page where they leave clues!

Once you go inside the black doors, you will have to walk a bit through a cool hallway with nice vintage decorations until you get to a phone booth where you have to dial the password again to open the secret closed doors!

The speakeasy has a trendy old-world style; it is super sophisticated, and you can find all sorts of memorabilia. If you visit on the weekend there, the crowd will be bigger, which together with the music, it will feel like a party!

You can make reservations here.

3. Have a wholesome evening at Bar 878

A cozy snapshot of Bar 878, where patrons engage in casual conversation while sitting at a dimly lit bar, with a bartender in the background attending to the drinks.
photo credit: @878bar

This one is located in Villa Crespo, super close to Palermo Soho, and has a more laid back vibe than the rest of the BA speakeasies and also one of the first ones. Some of the drinks are inspired by landmarks and attractions in Buenos Aires, for example, Little San Telmo and Floralis Generica drink (served with a miniature of the flower)! It also has a proper restaurant offering a wide range of dishes!

From the outside, it doesn’t look like a bar at all! All you can see is a wooden door with a plaque with the number 878. All you have to do is walk in and don’t be scared. You are not breaking into someone’s house!! The theme is super vintage and trendy, with loads of plants and exposed bricks!

4. Go into The Hole, a prison-themed speakeasy!

Three women posing playfully in front of a striped backdrop, each holding a mock mugshot board, adding a humorous touch to the theme of "The Hole" at a themed event or establishment.
photo credit: @thehole_bar

This one is definitely one of the most impressive ones. It is an Alcatraz prison theme speakeasy!!

It is located in Palermo Soho, within walking distance from Plaza Serrano. Before entering the speakeasy, another back door and bouncer waits for you and lets you into a room where you will start your journey as an inmate into The Hole! You better get your camera ready because you will be going through many hidden rooms, including the sheriff’s office, where you will get your mugshot!

The bar itself is the prison; it has cells with wanted photos on the walls, and the wait staff is dressed as a guard! The cocktails and food have names of famous robberies to get you even deeper into the mood!

5. Go into NYC underground with Uptown bar

A lively scene from Uptown Bar, capturing a group of friends enjoying a game of basketball, with a mix of focus and laughter in a vibrantly lit urban setting.
photo credit: @uptown.ba

Another one is located in Palermo! This one, as soon as you get to the entrance, all you see is a New York City train wagon; what you have to do is go inside and take the stairs that will transport you to a New York subway station. This speakeasy is a basement bar, so expect a lot of stairs, a turnstile, and another big subway wagon where you can take cool photos!

When you go through the wagon, the other side of the station is the bar, which looks so cool, with loads of copper decor and cool high ceilings. This place features great fun for an excellent night out with friends!

6. Travel back in time to Victoria Brown

An atmospheric view of Victoria Brown Bar, showcasing a neon 'Bullitt' sign illuminating the dark ambiance, patrons mingling in the intimate seating area with a distinctive industrial chic decor.
photo credit: @victoriabrownbar

Victoria Brown is located in Palermo Soho, on Costa Rica Street. From the outside, it looks like a cute café, and the building is like an abandoned warehouse. Inside the café, there is a door that takes you into the speakeasy.

The vibe is amazing. It has a super trendy 19th-century industrial vibe; there is even some big copper machinery that will make you feel like you are in a warehouse! There is also a lot of vintage furniture, which makes it super Instagramable!

Also, the drinks and food have names of medicine or personalities from the 19th century, which is fun!

7. Enjoy the cool and moody ambiance at Luzmala Bar

An inviting and warm ambiance inside Luzmala Bar, where people relax in a lounge-like setting with comfortable sofas and chairs, surrounded by dim lighting and elegant interior design, perfect for an evening out.
photo credit: @luzmalabar

Luzmala bar is located in Nuñez, very close to the Belgrano area. From outside, the bar looks like nothing but a narrow black door. Don’t be shy and go in. The bar is set in a huge old house, so the vibe and the ambiance are amazing. It will feel like you are in someone’s party mansion!

The candles, the dim lights, and the vintage furniture give it that unique touch! On Thursdays, they usually have live music, so you cannot miss out! Here, you can have anything from pasta to burgers, and cocktails are named after different poisons!

8. Have a proper night out in La Calle

A bustling nightlife scene at La Calle Bar, with a large crowd mingling under unique circular light fixtures, against a backdrop of graffiti-adorned walls
photo credit: @lacallebar

La Calle is located on Niceto Vega in Palermo, super central! This is the perfect one for a night out, drinking and dancing with friends! Also, this one is quite popular amongst celebrities!

First, you need to know that from the outside. It looks like a pizzeria, well it is a pizzeria called “La Guitarrita” (which, BTW, has the best pizza!). And inside the pizzeria there is a secret door that takes you to this massive industrial bar with cool graffiti on the walls.

The menu has a long list of cocktails, and you can order pizza from La Guitarrita inside or try some Argentinian food with a modern twist, such as corn ribs! After midnight, they pick up the tables, and the whole place turns into a dance club with DJs! Ideal for those looking to party in Buenos Aires!

9. Uncover a secret world at Puerta Uno

An eclectic and vibrant bar scene at Puerta Uno, with patrons engaged in conversation, illuminated by neon lights and chandeliers, creating a dynamic and lively atmosphere
photo credit: @puertauno

Puerta Uno Speakeasy Buenos Aires is located in the heart of Chinatown, super close to the Chinese Arc. Once you arrive at the address, you will only see a black door. Ring the doorbell, and a bouncer will let you into this eclectic and fun speakeasy! The lights and decor will transport you to a world of fantasy.

They serve a lot of cold-pressed cocktails and have a nice mix of food on the menu. You can try from burgers to gyozas, or pizzas! This place is ideal for a fun Instagram session with friends!

10. Hop on the amazing J.W. Bradley LTD

A warm and inviting ambience at J.W. Bradley LTD, featuring a large clock as the central art piece, with patrons enjoying their evening in a setting reminiscent of a classic speakeasy
photo credit: @jwbradley_bar

This cool speakeasy is inspired by the Orient Express train! It is located in Palermo Soho, and from the outside looks like nothing special. When you go inside, the first stop is a room decorated like a train wagon from the Orient Express, yes super fancy!

Then, you will be taken to the actual speakeasy, which offers an amazing ambiance with colorful dim lights and nice music! You can have traditional bites here like provoleta and signature cocktails such as Sigmun Dream and a Queen’s Whim!

11. Try your luck at Nicky Harrison Speakeasy

An intimate moment at Nicky Harrison Speakeasy, where two people enjoy crafted cocktails in a plush setting, adorned with vintage decor and candlelight, fostering a private and cozy vibe
photo credit: @harrison.bsas

What is cool about this speakeasy is that it really is a speakeasy. You can only enter with an invitation or a secret code, so it is quite tricky! My recommendation is that you try to say all the right words to convince the waitstaff to let you into The Harrison! Some say that the secret password consists of asking “to see the winery” or asking them to let you go through the submarine door! Shh, keep it a secret!

The facade of The Harrison is Nicky, a super luxurious sushi restaurant, which you can only dine at with a reservation. So make sure you do this, because to see the speakeasy you need to have dinner here first!

🍝 Best speakeasy for dinner:Bar 878
🦄 Top unique speakeasy:The Hole
🥂 Best speakeasy for a night out:La Calle
❤️ Most romantic speakeasy:Luzmala Bar

BONUS: Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

A clear daytime shot capturing the architectural beauty and green spaces of Buenos Aires, including the majestic Congress building and the lush Plaza Congreso in the foreground.

Just to help you arrange your whole stay in the city, here you have a few of the many amazing hotels in Buenos Aires.

To learn more about the areas and more great hotels, check out Where to Stay in Buenos Aires article!

  • Luxury (from US$250 and up): Hotel Madero – Relax like others in this luxurious hotel! The accommodation comes with an indoor swimming pool and a fitness center. All rooms come with air conditioning, and some of them with views!
  • Mid-Range (from US$100 to US$250): Blank Hotel Recoleta – Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Recoleta, you will have all the main attractions steps away! The hotel has a cozy vibe and offers spa and wellness center services.
  • Budget (up to US$100): Patios de San Telmo – You will love staying in this modern hotel set in a traditional house with a patio! There is a rooftop swimming pool, and you can opt for a delicious breakfast every morning.

FAQs best Speakeasies in Buenos Aires

A serene waterfront scene at Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires, featuring the reflection of modern buildings and a historic ship, with the calm water providing a mirror image

🤔 What is a speakeasy entrance?

A speakeasy entrance is a hidden door that takes you to the bar! Usually, it looks like something else, and it is hidden by a facade.

🍸 What’s the difference between a bar and a speakeasy?

The main difference between a bar and a speakeasy is that bars have their entrance open and visible to everyone, and speakeasies are hidden bars. You need to know about them in order to find them!

🎩 What should I wear to a Speakeasy?

None of the speakeasies I am mentioning have a dress code, but wear something you would normally wear on a night out! I am the type of person who wears sneakers and streetwear, and this would be okay, but if your cup of tea is shoes and fancy clothes, then go for it!

💃 Do people dance at Speakeasies?

It depends! Most speakeasies don’t have a dance floor since they can be pretty small. But if you want to dance, La Calle has a dance floor and DJs, and Luzmala has live bands playing sometimes!


A breathtaking aerial night view of Buenos Aires, highlighting the iconic Obelisco de Buenos Aires, bathed in purple light, with busy traffic and city lights stretching into the horizon

That is all for today, amigos! Those were the best speakeasies in Buenos Aires! I am a local so believe me when I tell you these are the top-tier options in town! I am sure by now you’ve chosen your favorite ones!

If you ask me, if you are into big themes, Uptown Bar and The Hole are definitely the stars of the show! One of my favorites is Victoria Bar. I just love everything related to the 19th century!

Which one of these Buenos Aires Speakeasies do you want to try out? Let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely time,


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