29 Unique Things to Do in Buenos Aires → 2024 LOCAL Guide

The iconic Argentine National Congress building in Buenos Aires, showcasing its neoclassical facade and the expansive Congress Plaza in the foreground on a sunny day.

Traveling to Argentina and looking for unique things to do in Buenos Aires? Happy and proud to hear that!

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, so I’ve got all the insider tips for you!

BA has such a rich history and much to offer! Argentine culture is so diverse and has so much to offer that after this trip, you will leave the country like a new person!

So, if you’re visiting Buenos Aires and want to see the best attractions off the beaten track/have seen all the most tourist spots in the city already, I’ve got you. I know my city, and I am more than excited to give you all the tips! 

I have gathered 29 unique things to do in Buenos Aires so you can learn about the city’s past and present while having the best time of your life!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you don’t have a lot of time to read the whole article and want to book the best tours in the city fast, here are the main things to book in advance:


1. Take a street art tour of Palermo area

A picturesque street in Buenos Aires lined with blooming purple jacaranda trees, under a clear blue sky with modern skyscrapers in the distance

If you want to go deeper and truly understand Palermo’s magic like locals do, take this cool street art tour! You will walk around the hidden corners of this iconic neighborhood while uncovering cool street art and the meaning behind it.

This is a great chance to experience a different side of the city and see it through the local’s eyes! Also, it is a super fun way to learn about the history of the country and, most specifically, what graffiti means in trendy Palermo – and it takes only 2 hours!

TOUR PRICE: from US$10 per person

Book your street art tour

2. Try Malbec wine in an authentic bodega

A cozy outdoor wine tasting setup featuring two glasses of red wine, assorted tapas on a wooden board, and a view of a vineyard in the background

If there is something Argentines are proud of is their Malbec wine! So, instead of just sampling some wine at a restaurant, I have something for you that will completely level up your experience, and you will have fun as a local would!

This day tour will pick you up at your accommodation and take you to a bodega with vineyards just outside the city! You will meet the winemakers and try different types of malbec, to then end the day with a picnic with more wine tasting and cheese, overlooking the beautiful vineyards. A complete MUST!

If you want to sample the best Malbec but stay in the city, I recommend you stop by Franca (map), one of the most incredible gourmet restaurants in the city added to Michelin lists. Here wine is as important as the dish, since they complement each other! The waitstaff will guide you through the whole experience!

In case you want to take some Malbec home, I recommend you get Electrico Malbec by Los Chocos. One of my favorites from Mendoza!

BODEGA WINE TASTING: from US$150 per person

Book your wine tasting

3. Go boutique shopping at Pasaje Defensa in San Telmo

The vibrant and historical Pasaje Defensa in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, adorned with colorful flags, showcasing outdoor white dining tables against a backdrop of classic architecture and eclectic local shops

I am sure San Telmo is in your top 5 places to visit in Argentina’s capital city. And besides checking out the Feria de San Telmo in Plaza Dorrego, I highly suggest you visit Pasaje Defensa (map)!

Pasaje Defensa is a large house that was once the home to a very influential family in Buenos Aires, the Ezeiza family.

The house was built in 1880, and its architecture resembles the traditional design of the time.

Nowadays, the house is open to the public, and you can find many antique shops inside, as well as souvenirs. Don’t forget to check out the indoor patio; it’s super beautiful and sometimes there are musicians playing or a tango show!

PRICE: free

4. Check out “The Hole”, an Alcatraz themed Speakeasy

Three women posing playfully in front of a striped backdrop, each holding a mock mugshot board, adding a humorous touch to the theme of "The Hole" at a themed event or establishment.
photo credit: @thehole_bar

There are many speakeasies in Buenos Aires, but I promise you there is no other like The Hole!!!

Speakeasies in Buenos Aires emerged during the Prohibition era as a response to the restrictions on alcohol consumption in the United States. These secret bars, known for their exclusive atmosphere and unique experiences, have become an integral part of the city’s nightlife scene.

This is not just your regular theme bar. It is an experience! First, you will go through different rooms, as if you were going to be imprisoned in Alcatraz. Sounds scary but you better have your camera ready to get your mugshot taken and pose in the spooky cells!!

After going through many rooms, you will enter the prison aka the speakeasy, with the staff dressed as inmates or guards! Food and drinks will have names of famous robberies!

Remember to make a reservation in order to have this unique experience!

PRICE: from US$10 and up

5. Experience passion with La Bomba de Tiempo at Ciudad Konex

If there is something associated with being Argentinian is being passionate, and there is a good reason for it. Argentinians will sing, jump, and dance if given the chance. So join the locals and let go of your worries when watching La Bomba de Tiempo!

This is a complete MUST, locals and travelers love it the same. If you ask any local they will recommend this to you, and usually it doesn’t get recommended in your regular city guides. So here I am recommending it so you don’t miss out on it!!

La Bomba de Tiempo is a vibrant and fun drum show that will awaken all your senses. Don’t be shy and dance! The drum show lasts 2 hours, the band plays on a stage, and the audience watches and dances to the rhythm of the drums! Keep in mind you need to be at least 18 years of age to see the show. You can buy your tickets here.

The show takes place every Monday night at Ciudad Cultural Konex, which is a super cool cultural center with many activities and shows besides this one!


6. Enjoy a Sunday brunch at Alvear Palace

The elegant interior of a restaurant with natural lighting, featuring a glass ceiling, sophisticated décor, and a server in red attire

Recoleta is, without a doubt, one of the fanciest areas in Buenos Aires, and I cannot think of anything fancier than having Sunday brunch at Alvear Palace!

Alvear Palace is actually a hotel, but a Sunday brunch at the Alvear is quite a classic in the city for locals and tourists alike! So dress up and get ready for savory delights and sweet treats! 

Sunday brunch is a buffet style, so you can serve yourself as much as you want from sushi, pasta, charcuterie, and the best desserts including cakes and pastries. For drinks you can have as much as you want from juices, coffee, tea, red and sparkling wine!

The place is super close to Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and Recoleta Cemetery, so after your brunch, you can visit some great attractions in the area!

MENU PRICE: from US$92 per person

7. Eat a gourmet dinner inside River Plate Stadium

Aerial view of the Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti, commonly known as River Plate Stadium, a prominent football stadium in Buenos Aires

One of the absolute MUST-dos, when you visit Buenos Aires, is watching a football match at El Monumental, which is the biggest and most impressive stadium in South America.

You’ll need to book in advance, as sometimes the matches are sold out if you don’t, but still, you can experience being inside the stadium in a completely unique way!

The football team opened a restaurant inside the stadium called ¨Banda¨. The restaurant is super fancy and has an unparalleled view of the River Plate Stadium field! The menu has vegetarian options and a wide range of Argentinian wines, so get ready for a wine tasting!

It’s definitely a memorable experience. While you don’t need to be a club member to get in, you need to make a reservation.

PRICE: wines start at US$20, and food from US$15

8. Learn about Argentina’s most iconic figure at Evita Museum

A visitor observing framed photographs in the Evita Museum in Buenos Aires, reflecting the cultural engagement and historical exploration of Eva Perón's life.

Eva Perón was and still is one of Argentina’s most important political figures known internationally.

You probably know the phrase “Don’t cry for me, Argentina,” which became popular after the film “Evita” (1996), where Madonna sings a song making reference to a speech Evita gave after the 1946 elections.

You should definitely visit the museum to get a real insight into this strong figure who is still loved by the country she transformed!

In the museum, you will get to learn everything from her life, including unique videos and photos, as well as other memorabilia.

You can check the Museo Evita opening hours on the official site here.

PRICE: from US$4 per person

9. Feel like a royal at Croque Madame in Palacio Paz

The grand exterior of the Palacio Paz in Buenos Aires, with its intricate French-style architecture, presented under a clear blue sky

The beautiful Palacio Paz (Peace Palace) was built in 1890 for an influential family in Buenos Aires, now it is the central site for the Círculo Militar (the Argentinean army civil association). The palace features a beautiful French style, and now it is open to the public, so you can visit it with a guided tour (you don’t have to go for a dinner).

And on top of that, if you want to level up your visit, it has a luxurious restaurant inside where you can have brunch, lunch, or dinner – you pick! So imagine how cool it would be to eat in a real ballroom or garden in a palace during your visit?! You will feel like a real member of the Argentinian elite!

Reservations are recommended – you can reserve a table here.

PRICE: starting from US$9 per person

10. Watch an exciting football match and sing with locals

The writer of the post standing proudly inside the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, gesturing a thumbs up sign with her hands

Football is literally part of Argentina’s holy trinity!

So if you want to understand how Argentines are, you NEED to go and experience a football match in person!

Now, here is the tricky part: getting tickets for big team matches like River Plate is hard, as first the sale is for the club members, and then the rest of the tickets go to the general sale. But as you can imagine, it is usually always sold out.

But, since I want to make your dreams come true, I’ve found the COOLEST tour. A local guide will take you to see a football match, and yes, tickets are included! Of course, the matches depend on the season and the time you are going. So get in touch with the guide to find out which team you’re seeing.

Some travelers went to see Argentina’s selection team, and they saw Messi play, which is absolutely bonkers! So don’t miss out!

You can book your football match experience here.

PRICE: from US$90 per person

Book your football match experience

11. Have a drink with unparalleled city views at Trade Sky Bar

If you want to brag about your trip to Buenos Aires, then the trendy Trade Sky Bar is the perfect setting for a cool photoshoot.

The bar is located in the Microcentro area and offers the most PERFECT views of the city from the rooftop since it is on the 19th floor! Dress up and have a lovely evening out with your friends or a romantic evening with someone special!

Honestly, this bar has a really cool boujee Manhattan vibe and gets full fast, so if you want to get a good table on the roof terrace, it is better to make a reservation here!

PRICE: drinks from US$3, and dishes from US$7 

12. Join an afternoon of MATE tasting and ceramics with locals!

A close-up of a traditional Argentine yerba mate setup with a wooden mate cup, bombilla (metal straw), and a kettle, set against a colorful woven fabric

This is probably one of the cutest and most wholesome things you can do during your trip!

Mate is one of Argentina’s local caffeine-rich infused herbal drink and has such a big cultural significance. It is sharing, it is union, it is family, it is friendship!

With this unique experience, I’ve found one for you, you will be making your own ceramic mate and decorating it to then take home as a souvenir. The class teacher is a local who will make you feel at home while teaching you everything about ceramic, and sharing with you warm mates and snacks!

You cannot miss this experience, it is simply the quintessential Argentine experience and will make your trip a dream! You can book your Mate and ceramics experience here.

PRICE: from US$30 per person

Book a mate and ceramics experience

13. Awaken your senses at Teatro Ciego

The dynamic exterior of Teatro Ciego in Buenos Aires, featuring a bold design with repeated patterns of sunglasses and the theater's slogan
photo credit: @teatrociego

What if I told you it was possible to visit a theater in Buenos Aires and enjoy shows and dinners in total darkness?!

Teatro Ciego, which translates into blind theater, is located in Palermo Soho near Plaza Serrano.

In this theater, you can enjoy an immersive 360° music experience in the dark of national artists like Soda Stereo and international artists like Queen and The Beatles. There is also a combo of dinner and show in the dark and some events for kids! A unique experience for all!

PRICE: from US$10 per person 

14. Put all laws to the test at Palacio Barolo

The distinctive Barolo Palace in Buenos Aires, a landmark early 20th-century building renowned for its unique architectural style and ornate details

This incredible palace is without a doubt one of the most emblematic attractions in the city! The palace was built for Luis Barolo, an Italian farmer who moved to Argentina in 1890.

The architecture is iconic and mixes a neoclassical style with a Renaissance touch!

CHALLENGE: when you go inside the palace look for the references of heaven and purgatory from Dante’s divine comedy!

This building broke all the city rules in 1919 for its height and became the tallest building in Latin America at the time!

You can visit the palace only with a guided tour and get a real insight into all the secrets hidden in its walls

TOUR PRICE: from US$25 per person

Buy your Palacio Barolo tour

15. Experience a typical merienda at Confiteria Las Violetas

The classic interior of Confitería Las Violetas in Buenos Aires, with patrons enjoying the café's offerings under an ornate stained-glass window
photo credit: @lasvioletasconfiteriaok

Meriendas are big in Argentina! You could say it is our version of the afternoon tea! And while you can get it in every single confitería around the city, no one does it like Las Violetas (map)!

Las Violetas is a beautiful patisserie that opened in 1884 and has a really beautiful and real Victorian style! The big windows have stunning vitraux, there are mirrors everywhere for cool selfies, and it is said that the tables and floors were brought from Italy and France to Buenos Aires back in the day!

Facturas is the name we give to Argentinian pastries, the name translates to “invoice” or “receipt”. And refers to turbulent times in the country when the state wasn’t paying to bakers, so they came up with this name for pastries, and pastries also have names like cañoncito “little cannon”, or vigilante, making fun of the forces.

Now, I am sure you are wondering what is a merienda? Basically, around 5 pm we have pastries, including cake and medialunas (or any factura!) or sandwiches de miga with tea, coffee, or mate! Medialunas is Argentina’s version of croissants, and sandwiches de miga are the best thing that will happen to you, so try them!!!

PRICE: starting from US$3 per person

16. Visit the oldest bookstore in Argentina

Interior of the oldest bookstore in Argentina, Buenos Aires, featuring high shelves lined with books, a central spiral staircase, and a vintage banner reading 'Paz y Libros para Todos' hanging from the ceiling
photo credit: @libreriadeavila

I know, I know – you probably thought I was going to talk about Ateneo Splendid, which is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, and I love it – you should go if you haven’t yet, it is in my list for MUST DO things in Buenos Aires.

But actually, Librería de Ávila, also known as Librería Colegio, is the oldest library in the Americas!

Librería Ávila was founded in 1785 and is still open to the public. During your visit, make sure to check out both floors to find hidden treasures!

The library is super close to Avenida de Mayo in the city center and only a 5-minute walk to Metropolitan Cathedral, a major city attraction!

PRICE: free

17. Play vintage arcade games at El Destello

Vibrant nightlife scene at El Destello, Buenos Aires, with patrons enjoying drinks and retro arcade games under neon blue lights
photo credit: @bareldestello

This is literally one of the coolest places in the city, I absolutely love it! It is located in Palermo, and it is a classic!

The bar is filled with arcade games, cool memorabilia from movies, and video games from the 80s and 90s. Also, there are cool neon lights, giving it a real Blade Runner vibe to take movie-like photos!

The bar serves beer and drinks as well as burgers, falafel, and other types of street food, with vegan options! When you buy something here, they will give you arcade coins so you can play games, super retro and cool!

Sometimes they have bands playing and art exhibitions which are also super nice and special! You can check their Instagram for dates!

PRICE: from US$3 and up

18. Uncover Argentine history at the ESMA Museum

Not so long ago in Argentina, there was a civil-military dictatorship that lasted from 1976 until 1983 and committed crimes that violated human rights.

The ESMA Museum’s building used to be a clandestine site of torture for that government, and now it is a memorial site. Here, you can learn about the county’s past and the horrors caused to human rights and learn about the lives lost that cannot be forgotten.

The site exists to defend and promote human rights.

PRICE: free

19. Learn how to cook Argentinian dishes

A traditional Argentine culinary spread featuring a large, juicy grilled steak accompanied by a variety of side dishes

If you want to live a once in a lifetime experience, then you need to take this cooking class and learn how to make traditional Argentine dishes!

The private class will take place in the host’s kitchen, and you will make a 3-course meal, including empanadas from scratch, alfajores and steak or asado. If you are a vegan, the host will accommodate everything to make the vegan versions of the dishes!

After cooking, you will sit at the table and eat the delights you just made, accompanied by a delicious malbec!

This class is a must! In 3,5 hours you will learn how to make authentic Argentinian dishes in a warm environment, it will feel like you are cooking with a friend! And then you can impress everyone back home with your new cooking skills. This class is also great for families with kids!

P.S. If you don’t feel like cooking, but want to just sample the meat, check out this sampling menu at Fogón Asado.

PRICE: from US$125 per person

Book your cooking class

20. Explore art at Centro Cultural Recoleta like a local

Colorful street art featuring two large birds on the facade of the blue building of the Centro Cultural Recoleta, adding a vibrant cultural dimension to the urban landscape of Buenos Aires

This place is truly stunning and one of my favorite places in the city! 

If you love music, all forms of art, movies, or plays, this place is ideal for you! It doesn’t matter when you are visiting; there is always something cool happening, and all the shows and events are usually completely free!

The Cultural Center is open to everyone and is a great place not only to see art but also to relax. It comes with a beautiful garden with orange trees, a terrace with a café, and views – everything in this place is meant to be enjoyed.

It is also a great place to meet locals and other travelers! For example, there are rooms dedicated to painting, dancing, and co-working spaces. These are all completely free to use and have materials available for visitors (also for free).

My recommendation is to go inside the center and just walk around to discover everything happening. If you have any questions, there is a front desk at the entrance with nice people who will be happy to help you

The center is located steps away from Recoleta Cemetery, Plaza Francia, and an artisan market that is open during the weekends.

PRICE: varies

21. Join a food tour to try Milanesas and Fernet in Bodegones

A delicious Argentine empanada cut in half, revealing a hearty filling of ground beef, hard-boiled eggs, and spices, served with a side salad

What is to be said about food and Argentina?

Everything we do, all the friend gatherings, nights out, or afternoon walks, always involve food!

So, trying Argentinian food in an Argentinian social setting is an experience of its own! This tour, guided by a local, will take you to at least 4 different restaurants in the beautiful neighborhood of Palermo!

This is your chance to try empanadas, milanesas, provoleta with chimichurri, and alfajores con dulce de leche, accompanied by a good glass of Malbec, or our classic Fernet with cola!

TOUR PRICE: from US$70 per person for a 3,5 hour tour

Book your sherpa food tour

22. Discover the secrets underground at Manzana de las Luces

People exploring at a historical excavation site within a rustic urban courtyard at Manzana de las Luces, surrounded by the weathered walls of an old Buenos Aires building

This beautiful historic complex comes with the most stunning architecture and is home to Inglesia San Ignacio, which is one of the oldest churches in Buenos Aires. The complex was built by the Jesuits, including the tunnels that connected churches underground and served as a defense during Colonial times.

Another cool thing about this attraction is that it hosts hundreds of concerts and cultural events throughout the year, as well as art exhibitions.

ATTENTION: The tunnels at the moment are under renovation, you can still visit the complex, but check here to see if it is open by the time you are visiting.

So, if you find yourself without a plan in the city, this attraction has your back! Manzana de las Luces is located in the beautiful area of Monserrat! The best way is to go on a personalized tour to really get the most out of your visit.

PRICE: free

23. Visit Holy Land – a religious theme park

Aerial view of Tierra Santa, Buenos Aires, displaying the unique theme park's miniature biblical-era city replicas and palm trees, with modern buildings in the backdrop

Holy Land is this massive life-size religious theme park of Jerusalem and it is the first one to open in Latin America.

The park will transport you to a different time and amaze you with a lot of attractions telling the history of Christianity, Judaism, and Islamism. The life-size attractions have music and lights making them unique and captivating!

Honestly, don’t miss visiting this park, even if you are not religious or speak Spanish you can still enjoy the entire setting and attractions, which are impressive! And kids will love seeing the light shows and the musicals!

You can attend musicals on-site, and special shows for kids. If you get hungry, there are many restaurants on site! Don’t forget to buy a souvenir before leaving!

You can buy the entrance ticket at the theme park, you can check opening times here.

PRICE: from US$13 per person

24. Go wildlife watching at Reserva Ecologica

The serene Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve, a green oasis with a lush waterbody, set against the backdrop of the city's modern skyline on a clear day

Would you believe me if I told you that, in the middle of Buenos Aires, you could find a massive natural reserve with the most incredible species?

Well, you can!

It is located in Costanera Sur, near Puerto Madero, and you can find anything from black neck swans to tegu, a type of lizard! There are around 1,700 species in the reserve, which is stunning!

Another amazing thing is that the reserve offers night tours during the summertime, when there is a full moon since the moon lights up some paths! This Nature Reserve is perfect for seeing animals in their natural habitat, practicing sports, or relaxing under the sun!

PRICE: free

25. Feel like a kid at the Planetarium

The distinctive architecture of the Galileo Galilei Planetarium in Buenos Aires, featuring its spherical dome, situated amidst the greenery of a park

I still remember the first time I visited the Planetarium on a school trip when I was a little kid – what a memorable experience it was!

If you are interested in astronomy or simply love looking at the sky, you will most definitely love visiting this place. It really transports you to space!

Another great plus of this amazing attraction is its amazing location in Palermo. If you wish, you could even visit Plaza Italia and walk through all of Palermo’s beautiful parks and green areas until you arrive at the Planetarium, surrounded by beautiful nature! What a lovely city!

PRICE: from US$2

26. Visit Parque de la Costa an Amusement Park

The colorful and lively atmosphere of Parque de la Costa, an amusement park in Buenos Aires, with various rides and attractions alongside a water body as the sun sets

This one is a classic, I can assure you if you grew up in Buenos Aires, you’ve been to Parque de la Costa at least 1 time!

I highly suggest you visit, even more so, if you are traveling with your family! They have fun adrenaline rides for adults, fun rides for the entire family, and some other rides for little kids. They also offer musicals throughout the day, which are a lot of fun, even if you don’t speak Spanish! You can check tickets and prices here.

This amusement park is located in El Tigre, and it is super easy to reach by train! You can take the Tren de la Costa train (US$12 the round trip per person) from Retiro Station, and it will take you to Delta station which is steps away from the Parque de la Costa.

COSTA PARK PRICE: from US$10 per person

27. Visit the tunnels of El Zanjón de los Granados

Visitors experiencing the historic El Zanjón de Granados, Buenos Aires, a subterranean architectural wonder, during a guided tour along the brick-lined tunnels
photo credit: @elzanjondegranados

This one is super cool. Who wouldn’t want to walk around hidden tunnels from 1536 in the city of Buenos Aires? Amazing, right?!

El Zanjón de los Granados has 3 different locations and all of them are included in the ticket price. So you will pay for one ticket and move to the different locations to see the landmarks, they are all within a short walk, so it won’t be a problem to do it all the same day!

One of them is Los Patios, which are basically tunnels that take up the whole square and were found under a mansion that belonged to a rich family.

The other location is La Casa Minima (minimal house), which is a super narrow house, the narrowest house in Buenos Aires, to be precise! It preserves the same facade from the 19th century. It is said this house belonged to an emancipated slave.

Last but not least, El Puente (The Bridge) was an underground tunnel that controlled the watercourse of El Zanjon. The tunnels carried the water to the river.

PRICE: from US$12 per person

28. Take a day trip to Colonia in Uruguay

A view of the picturesque lighthouse amid the ruins in Colonia, Uruguay, a popular day trip destination from Buenos Aires, set against a cobblestone path and lush greenery

Did you know Colonia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Just crossing the Rio de la Plata, you can visit Argentina’s neighbors in Uruguay. If you are looking for the perfect day trip, here is your answer! 

Colonia is just in front of Buenos Aires, crossing the River Plate, so I wouldn’t recommend going by car because it will take you 5 hours compared to an hour ferry ride. If you want to, you can take your car by ferry with Colonia Express.

Colonia is a super picturesque little town with a lot of Portuguese and Spanish influence, which can be seen in its architecture! The town is filled with cute cobblestone streets, small cafés, and a stunning coastline.

It’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I’ve found the perfect tour, so you don’t need to plan anything; just relax and enjoy! The whole tour takes approximately 12 hours, you’ll get picked up and dropped off at your hotel, so transport is super easy.

You’ll spend a couple of hours wandering around the gorgeous town, your guide will tell you about its history, and then you can go off for free time and explore the shops, have some local delicacies, and relax knowing it’s all planned out for you!

TOUR PRICE: from US$240 per person

Book your day trip

29. Ride a bike around the city

The busy exterior of Mitre Train Station in Buenos Aires, with pedestrians and cyclists in the foreground

If you have enough days to do something special, or if you want to explore the main areas in a fast, fun, and insightful way.

If you want to go around the city with no strings attached and rent a bike, I recommend Manawa Bike Rental in Palermo. You can rent the bikes for a short time or for the entire day – rentals per day cost from US$12, a steal!

If you rather ride a bike around the city with a guide, I’ve found a great tour: You will visit San Telmo, La Boca, and Puerto Madero and learn about the main landmarks in these areas. If you want to snap some pictures, the guide will stop many times so you can take cool photos!

You should take this tour because it is a unique way to see the city and see the most popular attractions!If you are traveling with kids, there are special seats and bikes! So it can be enjoyed alone or with the whole family!

BIKE RENTAL: from US$12 a bike per day
TOUR PRICE: from US$35 per person

Book your bike tour

30. Take a day trip to Tigre

The waterfront of El Tigre, Buenos Aires, bustling with boats and docks, as locals and tourists enjoy the riverside ambiance among residential and commercial buildings

If you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, navigate to the serene Tigre Delta! Which is only an hour away from the city!

The day trip includes pick up and drop off from your hotel, a ferry ride through the beautiful River Plate, and a tour of the Tigre Delta.

In Tigre, you will check out the fruit market, which is one of the most iconic things in the area. Here, you can buy yourself a souvenir or buy homemade empanadas. For a sweet treat, I recommend you try out Cane Honey Alfajores. These are typical from the north of the country, but you can get them here!

This tour is open to people of all ages!

TOUR PRICE: from US$80 per person

Book your Tigre day trip

🏛️ Best museum:ESMA Museum
🎢 Top paid attraction:Private 3-course cooking class
🚶🏽‍♂️ Best free activity:Pasaje Defensa
👧 Best attraction for kids:The Planetarium
🕺 Nightlife:Palermo District
🥟 Must-try food:Empanadas

BONUS: unique places to stay in Buenos Aires

A cityscape view of Buenos Aires, displaying an array of tombs and mausoleums in the foreground at Recoleta Cemetery, with modern apartment buildings rising in the background

You know what would make your stay in Buenos Aires even more memorable? Staying in a unique hotel in the city!

I have gathered the most special hotels in the city for all tastes and budgets so you can make the most of your stay in Buenos Aires!

You can also check out our comprehensive guide to the best areas where to stay in Buenos Aires!

Luxury (from US$250 and up)

  • Palacio Duhau –  I cannot think of a more unique place than this palace hotel! You will feel like a 19th-century royalty! The hotel comes with a luxurious garden with a restaurant. Rooms look like a piece of art, some come with a balcony and soaking tubs.
  • Alvear Palace Hotel – Wake up to Recoleta views from your deluxe bedroom in a palace. This hotel comes with an old-world charm and world-class amenities. Enjoy the stunning breakfast offered every morning in the ballroom, and relax in the onsite sauna after discovering the city.

Mid-Range (from US$140 to US$250)

  • Casa Umare – Located in the neighborhood of Almagro, this boutique hotel is the perfect setting for a romantic stay! This historical building comes with the most tasteful design, and a unique Argentinian artsy vibe. In the evening, head to the rooftop terrace for a fine glass of Malbec.
  • Savoy Hotel – This hotel is set in one of the oldest buildings in the city. It features an elegant French architecture style, and an eclectic design. Truly, it will make you feel like a celebrity! Have dinner at the upscale restaurant, or enjoy the room service offered to all guests.

Budget (up to US$140)

  • Palacio Paz Hotel – Set in the historic Palacio Paz and in an unbeatable area of the city! This palace hotel has everything you need for a superlative stay. The onsite bar has an alternative feel, and the rooms are super comfortable!
  • Patios de San Telmo – Stay in a renovated traditional conventillo! If you want to stay in a piece of history, this one’s for you. The traditional patio is the perfect place for a drink or simply relaxing and taking in the beautiful architecture. The rooms are quirky and artsy.

FAQs about unique things to do in Buenos Aires

The iconic Puente de la Mujer, a modern pedestrian bridge in Buenos Aires, with a moored ship and historic buildings, against a dramatic cloudy sky at twilight

🇦🇷 What is Buenos Aires known for?

Buenos Aires is known for its cultural heritage and history, amazing food, and passionate spirit that is expressed through art, tango, and football! Take this tour to learn more about the city!

🧉 What is the best Argentinian traditional food?

If you want to try the most traditional food in Argentina, you need to try empanadas ( simply heavenly!), alfajores (the ones with dulce de leche), and mate (this is a drink but traditional). Here, you have a food tour to enhance the experience!

🌃 How is the nightlife in Buenos Aires?

It is vibrant! If you want to go out dancing all night or have a nice meal at a bar at midnight, it is more than possible. Like we say “La noche está en pañales”. Here you have a night tour of the city.

💎 What are some local hidden gems in Buenos Aires?

Some of the local hidden gems are the speakeasy “The Hole”, La Bomba de Tiempo drum show, and Palacio Paz. So don’t miss out on these during your stay!

💸 Is Buenos Aires cheap or expensive?

Argentina’s inflation rates are immense, and prices change all the time. While for Argentineans everything is extremely expensive and very hard to afford, conversion rates from Euros or US Dollars to Argentine Pesos, will make everything cheap for travelers. You can have a nice dinner with drinks from US$15 which is super cheap for a city like Buenos Aires.

🛍️ Where to go shopping in Buenos Aires?

Palermo is definitely a great place for shopping, streets are filled with boutique shops, for shopping malls, check out Galerias Pacifico, Alto Palermo. In San Telmo, head to Pasaje Defensa (also known as Casa Ezeiza).

🇫🇷 Why is Buenos Aires called the Paris of South America?

Argentina has a great European influence, and European immigration was huge back in the day. Buenos Aires is a big example, once you get to the city and walk in its streets, the architecture and the vibe have a French style. It is said an underground group used to steal blueprints of Paris and make exact replicas in Buenos Aires!


The writer of the post taking a selfie in a mirror within a lavishly decorated, gilded room, possibly within a historical building or museum in Buenos Aires, with intricate wall designs and a chandelier

That is a wrap for today, travelers! Those were the most unique things to do in Buenos Aires. I shared with you amazing options that will make you feel like a local and will make you fall in love with this incredible city that has so much to offer, from art, sports, culture, and cuisine!

The city of Buenos Aires is super big, so sometimes it is not possible to walk from one attraction to the other, but walk as much as you can in every neighborhood. You will be surprised by the number of cute shops and cafés you will see and will want to try out!

Are you ready to explore Buenos Aires, Argentina? Which of these amazing activities are you excited to try out? Let me know in the comments!

Most of the tours featured in this article are popular, so the best thing you can do for yourself is book your tours in advance!

Until the next adventure,


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