Where to Stay in Cincinnati, OH – The Best 4 Neighborhoods with Top Hotels


Located in Hamilton County, at first glance, this city can fool you with its New York City appearance thanks to its high-rise buildings, but Cincinnati has its own unique vibe that will make all kinds of travelers happy, so get ready to be amazed!

Cincinnati offers amazing skyline views, beautiful parks, great museums, and art galleries. There are so many attractions to be discovered whether you are a history lover, sightseer, or bar crawler, but if you are a foodie you are in luck! Not only will you find Ohio’s oldest local market, Findlay, with great artisan foods, but you can also take food tours in the neighborhood called “Over the Rhine” to discover the local flavors.

In this blog post on where to stay in Cincinnati, OH, I will talk about the 4 best areas to stay in the city and give you the top hotels for all budgets with great reviews. Before we start, I just want to remind you that in order to get better deals on hotels and secure your place, do not forget to make a reservation in advance. Many Cincinnati hotels have a free cancelation, so don’t worry if you change your mind!

Let’s start our Cincinnati city tour!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Here are the best places to stay in Cincinnati, Ohio with hotels from luxury to budget. They all have good reviews and great locations!

Here is a map about where to stay in Cincinnati, Ohio with the 4 best areas I will be talking about in this travel guide so you can easily visualize them:

  1. Downtown Cincinnati : for first-timers
  2. Corryville & Eden Park: for families
  3. Covington : the coolest area
  4. Newport: for sightseeing

1. Downtown Cincinnati (Central Business District) – where to stay for the first time


Downtown Cincinnati is also known as the Central Business District and is the place where you will find the most popular attractions, great restaurants, skyscrapers with great architecture, and lively nightlife. So if you want to be close to the action and have a bit of everything, there is no better place to stay in Cincinnati than downtown!

Start your day with a stroll along the streets of downtown Cincinnati checking out the impressive skylines, fountain square, and visiting the great museums and art galleries. Grab food from one of many nice cafes and hit Smale Riverfront Park to chill and watch beautiful views of the Ohio River. In Downtown Cincinnati, you will see the beautiful Cincinnati Skyline view from many points but one of the best places to watch it is Carew Tower with amazing art deco interior design.

FUN FACT: Carew Tower was also used as a model for the Empire State Building in New York!

If you like shopping you will find numerous nice boutiques in the Central Business District and at night you should head to the north of downtown to check out the Over-the-Rhine area for the best local pubs and restaurants. Over the Rhine is often called OTR for short and is actually listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Just west of Over the Rhine there is the lovely West End neighborhood where you find the famous Findlay Market, Ohio’s oldest public market that sells fresh local foods. There are tons of restaurants to dine in so make sure to arrive with enough space in your stomach to truly enjoy this food fest! You see, there really is something for everyone here!

In Downtown Cincinnati, you will find the best hotels in Cincinnati and I’ve already picked the top 4 for you. In order not to miss them, do not forget to make your reservation in advance. While you’re at it, if you are looking for another colorful city for your next trip, check out the best places to stay in Pittsburgh.

Luxury hotel
1 1%20Lytle%20Park%205%20star%20hotel

Located at the heart of the city, Lytle Park Hotel offers a comfortable stay with stunning Cincinnati skyline views. This beautiful hotel has modern rooms, a very good breakfast, free wifi, and on-site parking. Guests can enjoy dinner in the upscale restaurant with amazing interior design and have drinks on the rooftop bar while watching the city lights. If I were you I would spend most of my time in front of the fireplace on the rooftop terrace to enjoy unique skyline views!

Other accommodation options in Downtown Cincinnati (Central Business District)

1 2%2021c%20Museum%20Hotel

21c Museum Hotel features unique interior design, fabulous breakfast, modern rooms, a fitness center, free wifi, and a great location

1 3%20TownePlace%20Suites%20Marriott

This hotel has a very good location in Cincinnati city center and offers comfortable rooms, a fitness center, and a swimming pool

1 4%20Best%20Central%20Location%20vacation%20rental

This Centrally located Airbnb has an epic indoor pool, modern rooms with stunning city views, a rooftop bar, and a common lounge area

Things to do in Downtown Cincinnati

2. Corryville & Eden Park – the best place to stay in Cincinnati for families


Eden Park is located 2 miles (3 km) east of downtown Cincinnati by the beautiful Ohio River. It is a very nice area with lush green parks, plus a history and art museum. If you go north of Eden Park you will reach the Corryville area that also offers many fun family-friendly attractions such as the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and William Howard Taft National Historic Site!

Both of these areas are considered as one of the safest places to stay in Cincinnati which makes them perfect areas to stay for families.

Besides all the great attractions for kids, by staying in this area you will be very close to the city center and at the same time be able to enjoy spending time in the relaxed part of the city making this the best place to stay in Cincinnati for families

The hotels in Corryville and Eden Park that I chose for you have very spacious rooms and convenient locations so all you have to do is to make your reservation in advance to secure it and hit the road with your families! For those looking for another family trip, I recommend you check the best places to stay in Kansas City.

But now, let’s check out some amazing and safe hotels to stay in Corryville & Eden Park:

Luxury hotel
2 1%20Graduate%20Cincinnati%20With%20the%20view%C2%A0

Located near Cincinnati Zoo, this beautiful hotel has a colorful decoration with cool murals and offers beautifully decorated art deco-style rooms. Guests can enjoy the fully-equipped fitness center, cool restaurant, bar, and free wifi. This pet-friendly hotel is a paradise for families thanks to the fun sculptures inside the rooms and lounge area. What kid doesn’t want to be greeted by a smiley green hippo? At night you can have drinks at the terrace bar with a nice atmosphere and Northern Kentucky International Airport is just 10 miles (15 km) away.

Other options in Corryville & Eden Park, Cincinnati

2 2%20Fairfield%20Inn%20&%20Suites%20jacuzzi%20in%20room

Located near the city center, this hotel offers modern rooms, free wifi, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a good breakfast

2 3%20SpringHill%20Suites%20by%20Marriott

This Cincinnati hotel has a central location in Cincinnati and features a very nice bar with city views, comfortable rooms, and free wifi

2 4%20Classic%20Elegant%202BR%20For%20couples

This Centrally located Airbnb has beautifully decorated rooms that can accommodate up to 6 guests, good quality amenities, private parking, and a nice garden

Things to do in Corryville & Eden Park, Cincinnati

3. Covington – the coolest area to stay in Cincinnati


Covington is located across the Ohio River from Downtown Cincinnati and while it’s technically in a different state (Kentucky), you’d never know it as it is just 2 miles (3 km) away. It is a very laid-back area with hipster coffees, trendy restaurants, and local shops. If you like to stay in an alternative area where you can have local experiences you will love Covington!

In Covington, you will see the historic John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge that connects it to Downtown – here you can stand in two different states at once!

I recommend having a sunset stroll to capture the best scenic photos and enjoy the spectacular views of the Ohio River overlooking skyscrapers. Afterward, I don’t think you will have difficulty picking one of many nice local restaurants to have a great dinner.

There are so many nice accommodation options in Covington with very easy access to the main city attractions. Here are the best ones I picked for you:

Luxury hotel
3 1%20Covington%20Kid friendly%20hotel

Hotel Covington has a great location near the city center and offers great service to the guests. You will love the fancy onsite restaurant with a great selection of foods and wines. The rooms are quite comfortable and have very modern decoration plus, restaurants and shopping centers are within walking distance. If I were staying in this hotel I would spend all my time on the nice garden terrace enjoying their special cocktails and friendly atmosphere!

Other accommodation options in Covington

3 2%20Marriott%20Cincinnati%20Downtown

Marriott Cincinnati Downtown has a very central location near local shops and restaurants and offers modern rooms, a swimming pool, and a bar

3 3%20Holiday%20Inn%20Express%20With%20free%20parking%C2%A0

This hotel features comfortable rooms, a large swimming pool, free parking, good breakfast, and is within walking distance of Ohio River

3 4%20Eclectic%20Loft%20Kids friendly%C2%A0

This Airbnb has a great location, beautifully decorated rooms that can accommodate up to 8 guests with free wifi and a fully furnished kitchen

Things to do in Covington

  • Go for a walk across the historic John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
  • Take a pint at Wunderbar
  • Visit the Behringer-Crawford Museum
  • Have a delicious dinner at Blinkers Tavern
  • See the historic Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption
  • Have a drink at The B-Line

4. Newport – where to stay in Cincinnati for sightseeing


Newport is located just next to Covington, 2 miles (3 km) southeast of downtown Cincinnati across the Ohio River. This area has amazing sightseeing opportunities from boat tours, to museums and famous attractions such as the Newport Aquarium and the World Peace Bell Center, plus it offers super scenic city views!

In Newport, you will also be able to find many trendy restaurants, art galleries, and chic local shops. The area itself has a lot to discover but you will still have easy access to downtown attractions thanks to the Purple People Bridge.

So if you can’t find a hotel in downtown Cincinnati, I definitely recommend staying in Newport as you will not regret it! Let me talk about the best hotels in this area I carefully picked for all budgets.

Luxury hotel
4 1%20Weller%20Haus%20Bed%20Family%20resorts

This boutique Cincinnatian hotel offers a very friendly atmosphere that will make you feel like you are staying in your home. Weller Haus Bed features a beautifully decorated room with a chic bathtub, a very good breakfast, and a nice garden area. At night you can sit by the fireplace and enjoy the cozy environment. The main city attractions are within walking distance and good local restaurants are just across the street.

Other accommodation options in Newport

4 2%20Aloft%20Newport%20Levee

This pet-friendly hotel has great decoration, a spacious room, fitness center, and is within walking distance of the main attractions

4 3%20Hampton%20Inn%20&%20Suites

Hampton Inn & Suites offers a nice swimming pool, a comfortable room with a city view and Newport Aquarium is just across the street

4 4%20The%20Hidden%20Gem%20With%20the%20pool%C2%A0

This Airbnb has 3 rooms that can accommodate up to 5 guests, a fully furnished kitchen, free wifi and street parking

Things to do in Newport

  • Discover the underwater world at Newport Aquarium
  • Take a boat tour to see the city from the Ohio River
  • Have fun at the horror attraction, the USS Nightmare
  • Visit the Newport History Museum
  • Have a walk across the historic Purple People Bridge
  • Catch a performance at Thompson House
  • Visit the World Peace Bell Center
👑 Luxury price:$250
💵 Mid-range hotel:$200
🛏️ Budget:$140
📍Best Area:Downtown Cincinnati
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Lytle Park Hotel
👛 Best budget hotel:TownePlace Suites Marriott

FAQs about lodging in Cincinnati, Ohio

5 cheap family vacation rentals near ohio

🗺️ What are the bad areas of Cincinnati, Ohio?

Located in the northwestern part of Downtown Ohio, North Fairmount and South Fairmount are bad areas to stay in Cincinnati due to the higher crime rate. 

✨ What part of Cincinnati, Ohio is nice?

Downtown Cincinnati, Over the Rhine, Corryville, and Eden Park are the best areas to stay in Cincinnati, Ohio. Some of the best hotels to stay in these areas are Lytle Park Hotel and Fairfield Inn & Suites.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 What are the best hotels in Cincinnati, OH for families?

Graduate Cincinnati and SpringHill Suites by Marriott in the Corryville and Eden Park area are the best hotels in Cincinnati, OH for families and both have good reviews. 

🤔 What should I not miss in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Some of the major attractions you should not miss in Cincinnati, Ohio are:
● Cincinnati Art Museum
● Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Arts
● The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
● The historic John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
● The food of the Over the Rhine area
● Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden 

🏈 Where do visiting teams stay in Cincinnati, OH?

Whether it be baseball or football, visiting teams usually stay in Cincinnati, OH Downtown and have often been spotted at Renaissance and The Westin

🛎️ What are the best hotels in Downtown Cincinnati, OH?

21c Museum Hotel and Lytle Park Hotel are the best hotels in Cincinnati downtown.

Final thoughts


We’ve come to the end of our city tour. I hope you enjoyed this journey in Cincinnati with me. In this blog post, I talked about the best hotels in Cincinnati from luxury to budget as well as Airbnbs in each area. I also gave you some information about the things you can do there so you could pick the perfect one for you!

As I’ve already mentioned, being close to all attractions, Downtown Cincinnati is the best area to stay for first-timers. However, if you would like to stay in another area that suits your taste more I say go for it as distances between attractions are not too far in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I would like to remind you again that in order not to miss your favorite place to stay in Cincinnati, Ohio, and get better deals on hotels, do not forget to make a reservation in advance!

For those who are having difficulty picking among the many hotel options, let me sum up. Here are the best 2 hotels in Cincinnati that have convenient locations as well as good reviews. I definitely recommend you to stay in one of these if you can’t decide between the awesome options in this list!

  • Lytle Park Hotel – The best luxurious hotel to stay in downtown Cincinnati with the amazing skyline views
  • 21c Museum Hotel – A great place to stay in Cincinnati with a unique museum-style interior design

If you have any other suggestions or questions about Cincinnati, Ohio, do not be shy and leave a comment below. I’ll be glad to leave a reply to them!

Have a great time in Cincinnati,


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