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The food scene in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, has evolved in the last years, and now you can find pretty much anything you want, from traditional food to Indian, Asian and Italian dishes. I’m a big foodie, and I know better than anyone how important it is to find the best restaurants when you’re on holiday.

No one wants to waste their time looking for places when you could be exploring the city! That is why I thought I would write a post with a carefully curated list of the best Bucharest restaurants. But this is not your usual where to eat article. Here, you’ll find different restaurants that will satisfy even the pickiest person! 

Since I moved to Bucharest from my hometown in Romania, a few years back, I’ve managed to go through pretty much all the restaurants in the city, so trust me when I say I got all the details you need! 

Craving some Italian food? Or maybe Asian? What about traditional Romanian food? Oh, you’re a vegan? Then, my friend, you’ve come to the right place because here you’ll find everything your soul desires! Plus, there are many cafes and dessert places that you have to check out before leaving Romania! 

Sa mergem! We’ve got so many menus to see!

NOTE: Not all the restaurants on this list have a proper website so I’ll just leave a link to Google maps instead, that way you can get the location and other details, and if you want to see the restaurant’s page you can access it from there. 

Best restaurants in the Old Town and the City Center 

1 Best Restaurants in the Old Town

You’ll probably spend a lot of time in the Old Town and City Center during your visit, and there’s no better place to try traditional Romanian food. Here are some of the best Romanian restaurants in the area.

  • Caru cu Bere – If you want to eat traditional Romanian food, this is the place! Caru cu Bere is one of the best restaurants in Bucharest with a huge history of being over 130 years old! Lots of celebrities who visited Romania came here, including the Rolling Stones! I would make sure to order their beer made from a unique recipe from 1879!
  • Lacrimi si Sfinti – Most traditional Romanian dishes have meat, so expect a lot of pork, beef, and chicken! This local restaurant knows how to combine those old dishes and give them a contemporary touch! The location is pretty cool as well! 
  • Hanul Lui Manuc – Looking for the authentic Romanian experience? Then go to Strada Halelor 9, eat a meal at this cool restaurant filled with history, and indulge in some delicious Romanian dishes while listening to live music! 
  • Le Bab – At one point, you will probably want to take a break from the traditional Romanian food. If you’re still in the Old Town looking for a restaurant that serves international cuisine, I recommend Le Bab, a place drawing influence from the Middle East. 
  • Hanu Berarilor Casa Oprea Soare – Are you a big fan of beer and good local food? Well, then you should go to Hanu Berarilor restaurant, while you’re in Bucharest, Romania. 

Best restaurants in Floreasca 

2 Best Restaurants in Floreasca

If you’re looking for some upscale restaurants to eat in Bucharest, I recommend going on a short trip to explore the Floreasca area! The neighborhood has a wide range of places where you can try different cuisines, just be ready to pay a higher amount of money than in other places!  

  • Yoshi – Craving some international dishes from around the world? Well, you’ll be happy to know that at this restaurant, the menu features sushi, miso, edamame, and other delicious food. Yoshi is certainly a personal favorite. I wouldn’t miss the chance to eat here. It’s one of the best restaurants in Bucharest when it comes to Asian food! 
  • Grano – Is it just me or do you have to eat at least at 1 Italian restaurant every time you visit a new place? Grano is a fantastic restaurant with a cute terrace where you can indulge in all the different types of Italian dishes (Ravioli Farciti con crema tartufata con salsa di parmigiano e porri is my favorite) and drink lots of wine! 
  • POT. Stories – Not only does the restaurant serve really good food and wine, but it also has one of the best interior designs that I’ve seen in Bucharest, so simple yet so chic! Its fusion of different places from around the world is reflected in every element of the place! And let’s not forget about the top-notch service! 
  • E3 by Entourage – One of the best restaurants in Bucharest to grab a quick bite and then order a glass of wine or a cocktail and party for a few hours! Order a salad, some fish & seafood, and get ready for a fun night!

Best fine dining restaurants

3 Best fine dining restaurants

There’s nothing like a dinner in a fine dining restaurant to celebrate your holiday in a city like Bucharest! Here’s a list of my top favorites for a fancy night out! 

  • Kane – Using local products, Kane redefines Romanian cuisine while offering their clients a unique experience! The mood and service at Kane are like no other. Placed in a historic building, the design and intimate atmosphere will make you fall in love with the place! 
  • Maize – With a farm-to-table concept, meaning that the products are bought straight from a local producer/farmer, this restaurant located on Strada Paris 61A, is a cozy and welcoming place with a wine list that will satisfy even the pickiest person!
  • The Artist – Enjoy the modern atmosphere, the great service, and delicious food at one of the best fine dining restaurants in Bucharest! The menu includes cheese platters, beef, Italian dishes,  and an extensive wine list!
  • Casa Di David – Satisfying the preferences of most people who enter their doors, Casa di David is a unique and modern spot located in the north part of the city. The menu features seafood, some Italian dishes, and lots of delicious desserts! 
  • Isoletta – Located near Herastrau Lake, this Isolleta is one of the best restaurants in Bucharest where you can eat fish and the perfect place for a late summer dinner in Bucharest city!

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Best brunch spots in Bucharest 

4 Best brunch spots in Bucharest

I don’t know about you, but I get so hungry when I’m out and about visiting places! That’s why I always make sure to look for a delicious brunch spot before a holiday. If that’s the case for you as well, then here’s a list of the best restaurants in Bucharest for brunch! 

  • Frudisiac – No one does brunch like Frudisiac. That’s probably why this local restaurant is so full all the time! But once you see what their menu features, you won’t mind the waiting time! The Scandinavian influence, good coffee, and different dishes, including an incredible shakshuka, will make you visit this place every time you get the chance! 
  • Pio Bistro – Pancakes for lunch? Yes, please! But if you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry, this modern restaurant serves other incredible dishes. Their pulled pork sandwich is to die for! Grab a coffee if it’s too early and enjoy the experience.
  • B4 – Wake up and head to B4 for a delicious brunch! Whether you’re a waffles kind of person or you prefer healthy dishes, like some avocado on toast, you’ll find everything that you need at this local spot, plus many smoothies! 
  • Simbio – Hurry to find a top place in the garden space at Simbio! It’s pretty hard, but you won’t be sorry if you try to make it there before everybody rushes in! The crowd is pretty fun too, and the food is so fresh and colorful! Just the way I like it! 
  • Restaurant Bar – Influence – If you are looking for a chic and urban atmosphere, then you should definitely have brunch at this restaurant. The food is delicious, and they have a lovely secluded patio where you can enjoy your food and try some of their signature drinks.

Best cafes in Bucharest (coffee/tea/desserts)

5 Best Cafes in Bucharest

I know there are a few coffee enthusiasts among our readers! The coffee industry has flourished in the last few years in Bucharest, and it would be a shame not to visit the best spots while you are in town, so here’s a list of my favorites!

  • Origo – If you pass by Strada Lipscani 9 on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you see a huge crowd and a long queue, then you’re probably near Origo! Their specialty coffee attracts every local person in Bucharest who wants to start their morning right. Throw in a slice of banana bread, and you’ve got the perfect combo. 
  • Two by Two Coffee and Vintage Shop – Not only does this cool cafe serve some delicious drinks, but it also has a vintage store downstairs. Grab your coffee, sit for a bit on the little bench there and then head downstairs to start your day right, with a short shopping sesh. My kind of morning! 
  • T-Zero – There’s nothing like the smell of coffee to put you in a good mood! Located in Bucharest’s central area, this coffee shop in Bucharest is a great pit stop for when you need some refueling after you’ve explored the city all day long.  
  • BOB Coffee Lab – Located near the local Herastrau Park, BOB Coffee Lab is another place that serves really good coffee. If you’re on your way to Herastrau, stop here, get your coffee, and then you can hit the park. 
  • The actors cafè – What better way to enjoy your coffee than with a view over a lake? Located in Tineretului Park this cafe is a great place to have that morning sip of coffee to start your day right!

Best cafes for work 

6 Best cafes for work

If you’re looking to get out of your hotel room but still need a quiet place where you can finish your things to do, here’s a list of the best cafes for work in Bucharest. 

  • Beans & Dots – If you’re looking for a nice local place to catch up on your emails and do some work, then Beans & Dots is for you! Order a coffee, pick a table and get everything done in this cozy cafe. 
  • Dianei 4 – This restaurant/cafe is located in a historic house, and it’s one of those instagrammable places that you’ll want to visit again. It’s also pretty quiet during the day so you can work here pretty much until people get off work and come here to have a drink. 
  • Sonder Bucharest – Located on Strada Vasile Alecsandri, this local cafe is quiet enough to get some work done, and their coffee is so good! They also serve good food, so if you get hungry, order some breakfast and start eating! 

Best teahouses

I love tea houses! They always put me in such a good mood! If you’re a fan, too, here are some unique places to have a cup of tea. 

  • Infinitea Tea House – There’s no place in Bucharest that has the charm of this teahouse! Located in Cotroceni, a historic neighborhood in the city, this place is perfect for a cozy and quiet afternoon. Get some tea and cake, of course, and relax in this unique spot. 
  • Tea La Metoc – A hidden garden where you can cool off with a nice ice tea during those hot summer days. Grab a book or your laptop and enjoy a moment of solitude in this lovely spot 

Great bars in Bucharest 

7 Best beer pubs in Bucharest

Bucharest sure knows how to show tourists a good time after the sun goes down! The best bars and pubs in Bucharest tend to get super crowded, but hey, everyone is looking to have a good time and a drink.

  • The Urbanist – Shopping and cocktails? Yes, please! Located in the Old Town, this modern place is the perfect place to grab a drink on the terrace during those late summer nights! They even have a shop inside so check it out before you leave. 
  • Eden Greenhouse – Fancy drinking a glass of wine in a greenhouse? Eden is located on strada C.A. Rosetti, and it’s one of the coolest places in Bucharest and a spot that’s always filled with people, so if you want to catch a table, either go early or pray that you get lucky! The list of wines is great, but I would also order a mojito. They’re so good! 
  • Floreasca Garden – Another hip and modern bar in the city where you can drink, eat, and even listen to some live music on some nights! Check their schedule and enjoy a fun evening at Floreasca Garden with your friends. 
  • A1 Bar – Socialize, drink and listen to some music! A1 Bar is located near Calea Victoriei, and you’ll recognize the place once you see a huge crowd of people randomly sitting on the street with glasses in their hands! 

Best beer pubs in Bucharest

7 Great bars in Bucharest

If you’re looking to try different kinds of beer during your time in the city, here you have a list of the best beer pubs in Bucharest: 

  • Romanian Craft Beer –  There’s nothing like a good old beer pub to spend your evening during a visit to Bucharest city. This pub is located on Calea Victoriei, and it serves 10 different types of Romanian craft beer and also snacks if you feel like eating
  • Curtea Berarilor – Besides the fact that you’ll feel like you’re in one of those authentic beer places, the delicious drinks that they serve here will make you want to come back for more 
  • Beraria Nenea Iancu – Hot summer afternoons were made to have a beer on the terrace of a restaurant somewhere in a foreign city! Enjoy a cold one and the atmosphere at this cool place
  • Beraria H – Welcome to one of the biggest beer pubs/restaurants in south-east Europe! I would check their schedule because they usually have live music events that are super fun!

Best rooftops

Are you a big fan of rooftops? You’re lucky because we’ve got some cool spots in Bucharest where you can catch a stunning sunset and a drink! Here’s a list of the top ones. 

8 Best rooftops
  • Linea / Closer to the Moon – This hip rooftop bar is one of the best places in town to catch a sunset! The views are breathtaking, and what better way to celebrate a night out in the city than with some cocktails? And if you get hungry, order a big meal for you and your friends and start eating! 
  • Nor Sky Casual Restaurant – Located on the 36th floor in the tallest building in Romania, this place offers you the chance to dine with the best views of the city! Check the weather to make sure you go there on a sunny day as that’s when the views are best! 
  • 18 Lounge – A modern restaurant that was named after its floor number. Their menu includes tons of dishes from pasta, cheese platters, beef made on a volcanic rock grill, and traditional Romanian desserts. 
  • Cismigiu Bistro – If you’re looking for a place where you can take some good pictures and have a nice glass of wine and a meal, then this is the spot for you! Located on the top floor of Cismigiu Hotel, this modern bistro is a place you can’t miss in Bucharest. 

Best vegetarian/vegan places

9 Best vegetarian vegan places

I know that vegetarian and vegan people who visit Bucharest or other places in Romania will probably avoid most Romanian traditional dishes because of the large amounts of meat or other non-vegetarian/vegan ingredients. Don’t worry, though! I’ve made sure to make a list of the best restaurants in Bucharest where you can eat some delicious vegetarian/vegan food that’s super fresh and yummy! 

  • Arome – Definitely my favorite spot when it comes to vegetarian food! Whether you’re going there for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed! I recommend their bowls and fresh smoothies. They’re amazing! 
  • Sara Green – Vegan food never tasted better! Enjoy a healthy meal and dishes like vegan wraps, salad, and burgers at this cool restaurant in Bucharest city! 
  • Unison – Not only does Unison serve one of the best vegan burgers in the city, but they also have a shop from where you can buy granola, natural peanut butter, and others. And let’s not forget about their vegan cakes. They’re so yummy, you won’t stop eating them! 
  • Rawdia – Here, you can find vegetarian and raw vegan food, plus many dishes from soups, to wraps and burgers. 

Other cuisine restaurants (Italian, Asian, Indian, Mexican)

10 Other cuisine restaurants
  • Italian: Pastera Wine & Pasta Bar – Save your visit to the land of pasta and pizza and eat at one of the best restaurants in Bucharest that serves Italian food! I’m sure you’ll need a break from the Romanian cuisine while in the city, so check out this restaurant on Strada Comandor Eugen. 
  • Asian: Godai – Craving some bao buns? Well, Godai serves the best bao buns I’ve ever had! Their location is super modern, so visit them and satisfy your Asian food cravings during your holiday in Bucharest city. 
  • Indian: Taj Indian Cuisine – Now we’re making a quick stop at Taj restaurant, where you can eat a delicious Indian meal. There’s nothing like some spicy food to warm you up during those cold winter days in Romania. 
  • Mexican: M.a.t – Tacos anyone? This minimalistic and modern restaurant that’s located on Mircea Vulcanescu Street will have you come back for more once you taste their fresh tacos! 

Best desserts 

11 Best Desserts
  • Sweetology – I’m the kind of person who has to hit the local ice cream shop every time I visit a new city. If you’re coming to Bucharest and want to eat some ice cream, go to Sweetolgy, located near Calea Victoriei. 
  • French Revolution – I wasn’t so much into eclairs, but I completely changed my mind once I tasted the French Revolution ones! They have so many flavors that you’ll go there every day to eat something new when you’re in the city. 
  • Love You Choux – We’re not in Paris, but we might as well eat as if we’re there! After all, Bucharest is also known as the “Little Paris,” so head to Calea Victoriei and eat a choux pastry. They’re amazing!
  • Mara Mura – I like food, but I’m for sure a dessert person! The cakes at Mara Mura are some of the best ones I had, so sweet yet so good! I would definitely try their meringue cake while I’m in Bucharest city. 
  • Liberte – Savarin cakes are not my favorites, but the ones from Liberte convinced me that if the recipe is right, these desserts are super delicious! This modern place also serves mini tarts, so check it out if you feel like eating something sweet. 
  • CRAVINGS + Cookies & Friends – If you love to eat cookies this is the place for you! CRAVINGS + Cookies & Friends in Bucharest offer so many varieties of cookies that you will have a very hard time choosing one!

What food to try in Bucharest?

12 What food to try in Bucharest

Forget about Italian or Asian food. Let’s find some amazing Romanian dishes that you can try during your time in Bucharest. I hope you like meat because in Romanian we eat lots of chicken, beef, and pork! 

I’ll leave the Romanian name and the translation in case you’re going to a restaurant in the city where the menus are not in English:

  • Sarmale (Cabbage Rolls) – A traditional Romanian dish that’s made of minced meat mixed with rice that is rolled up in fermented cabbage leaves
  • Mamaliga (Polenta) – This side dish goes perfectly with the cabbage rolls, and it’s made of corn flour boiled in water
  • Tochitura Moldoveneasca (Moldavian Stew) – This traditional Romanian dish combines some of the best food in the country, like polenta, fried eggs, fried pork, sausages, pickles, and salty fermented cheese. 
  • Papanasi –  You can’t say you’ve had Romanian food until you’ve eaten papanasi! A donut made out of a mixture of cottage cheese and semolina, fried in a pan and covered with jam and sour cream. All the best restaurants in Bucharest serve this traditional dessert
  • Ciorba de Burta (Tripe Soup) –  Everyone in Romania raves about this popular soup as one of the best hangover cures. Tripe soup doesn’t sound so appealing, but it does have a delicious taste, and it contains the stomach of a cow, vegetables, and some special animal bones
  • Varza taraneasca cu ciolan afumat (Rustic cabbage with smoked ham hock) – Smoked ham hock is used in many dishes. The rustic cabbage is so delicious you’ll order another one! Romanian cuisine never disappoints! All the dishes are amazing! 
  • Zacusca (Vegetable Paste) – It may be hard to enjoy Romanian cuisine while you’re visiting Romania. Most dishes include chicken, pork, or beef but don’t worry. There are a few traditional side dishes that you can try, like zacusca, a vegetable paste served on bread that tastes delicious!

Food delivery apps in Bucharest

Food delivery apps in Bucharest

You’ll find a few food delivery apps in Bucharest that you can use when you’re too tired to go out and eat. Most of the best restaurants in Bucharest are on the apps, so you don’t have to worry about the food quality.

Here are the best food delivery apps that you can use while you’re in the capital city of Romania: 

Tipping and prices in the Bucharest restaurants 

Tipping and pric

I’m sure we all want to be prepared when going to have dinner in a new place! It’s easy to forget about these things, but I’m here to help you with all the information you need to know! 


Tipping in the Bucharest restaurants is usually expected, and you will find that the service charge is not included in most places in the bill. In most cases, people leave a 10% tip or more. 

If you don’t have cash, you can just tell the waiter the total amount you must pay with the tip. For example, if you have to pay 100 Ron for your meal, you can tell the waiter that you want to pay 120 Ron or more, depending on how much you want to tip.  


Eating out in Romania is fairly cheap compared to other European capitals, and the prices at the Bucharest restaurants vary. It depends on whether you prefer to eat at a fancy restaurant or a regular one. 

Here are some approximate prices of how much a meal and a drink would cost in the Bucharest restaurants: 

  • Local Restaurant: 30 Ron to 70 Ron (USD$6.70 to USD$16)
  • Tourist Restaurant: 50 Ron to 80 Ron (USD$11.40 to USD$18.20)
  • Fine Dining Restaurant: 70 Ron to 200 Ron (USD$15 to USD$45)
  • Coffee & Cake: 15 Ron to 25 Ron (USD$3.50 to USD$5.70)

Food tours

14 Food tours

Going on a food tour can be super fun, especially for those who prefer having a person guide you to the best restaurants in Bucharest. These tours are super fun and you get to visit some spots that otherwise you would overlook! 

  • Bohemian Bucharest Markets and Mahallas Walking Food Tour – Get to know another side of Bucharest and visit the best local markets, specialty shops, and modern cafes in some unique neighborhoods and “mahallas” in the city. During this food tour, you’ll get the chance to taste different platters that contain cheese, meat, and other delicious Romanian dishes. 
  • Wine Tasting in Bucharest – Romania has one of the oldest wine-making traditions in the world. Its viticulture dates back more than 6,000 years so I think it would be a great idea to go on a tour and taste different kinds of wine. Reds, whites, and roses, you’ll leave this tour feeling a bit tipsy but super happy! 
  • Walking Food Tour in the Old Town – Want to learn more about Romania and enjoy dining in some of the best restaurants in Bucharest? Well, then you can join this tour in the Old Town where you’ll start with a stop at a restaurant to try traditional pies, then you’ll go to Abel’s Wine Bar for a cheese and wine tasting, finalizing with a stop at Caru cu Bere, one of the most popular places in Bucharest, Romania. 
  • Sites & Bites tour with a local guide – I always want to eat like a local when I go to a new place! If that’s your thing too, I recommend going on this tour with a local guide where you’ll learn many things about Romania while eating at some of the best restaurants in Bucharest. 
💰 Restaurant prices:Average 
🍽️ Dinner for 2 with wine:$45
☕ Coffee and cake:$6
💵 Tipping:10%
🏛️ Traditional food: Caru cu Bere
🍳 Best brunch:Frudisiac
🍾 Fine dining: Kane
🍺 Coolest bar:Eden Greenhouse
🌱 Vegan/Vegetarian food:Arome
🥘 Must-try:Sarmale 

Frequently asked questions about eating out in Bucharest 

15 best food places in Bucharest

🥘 What’s the best place in Bucharest for traditional food?

One of the best restaurants in Bucharest where you can eat traditional dishes is Caru cu Bere. This historic spot serves all kinds of different Romanian foods that are simply delicious. 

💸 Do you need to tip in Bucharest?

Yes, it is expected to leave at least a 10% tip when dining in the local restaurants in Bucharest, Romania. 

🤔 Is eating out expensive in Bucharest?

Eating out in the Bucharest restaurants in Romania is definitely cheaper than in other European cities. The price does vary depending on which kind of restaurant you pick. 

☕ What is the best coffee place in Bucharest?

Origo is the best coffee place in Bucharest, but the specialty coffee scene in Bucharest, Romania is quite hip, so I would make sure to check out other spots such as TwobyTwo and T-Zero.   


Victoria in Bucharest 1

All this food talk made me so hungry! I hope this post with the best Bucharest restaurants will help you decide much quicker where you should eat during your trip to one of the coolest places in the world to visit: the capital city of Romania! 

In this post you will find anything there is to know about eating out in Romania, from where you can find the best restaurants in Bucharest, how to eat like a local, how much you should tip and some traditional local dishes that you should definitely try! 

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on your dining experience in the Bucharest restaurants, which one you like, which ones didn’t live up to your expectations, and maybe one that you would definitely come back to if you had the chance!

And if you need more information on this lively city in Romania, you can check our posts, one with the best places to stay in Bucharest and one with the things to do in the city

Safe Travels,


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