Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Hummocks Tayrona tented Lodge

Tayrona National Park (Parque Nacional Tayrona) is one of the best experiences in Colombia and if you are an adventure and hiking lover, you definitely cannot miss it during your vacation!

In case you have decided to go to Tayrona National Park soon, congrats! Now you might be wondering about the accommodation options available in the park. In which case – no worries, I got you covered!

In this article, you can read the complete guide for staying inside Tayrona National Park, as well as in the surrounding areas such as Guachaca, Los Naranjos and Santa Marta.

If you want to find out more about the park such as when is the best time to go, why is this place so famous and what should be on your packing list, I suggest you read my Complete Guide to Tayrona National Park!

NOTE: All travelers (from all countries) visiting natural parks and nature and wildlife sanctuaries in Colombia are now required to have a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate that provides proof of vaccination or a valid waiver. You can check more information about this on the website of the Colombian Ministry of Health.

Let’s see what are the available accommodation options for each type of traveler and budget:

Staying Inside The Park

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia 2

There are currently three options for spending your night inside Tayrona National Park:

  • renting a hummock,
  • staying in a campsite with a rented tent or your own tent,
  • renting an Eco-Hab.

Here is a useful map with all the option you have for staying inside the National Park. And yes, there is even a place where you can swim in the park now!

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia Tayrona camps map

Please note that there aren’t many super comfortable choices (such as hostels or hotels) inside the park itself except for the Eco-Habs, but there are plenty of options outside of it.

Let’s talk about each of the Tayrona National Park accommodation options so that you have a better idea about what to choose:

1. Renting a hummock

Camping tayrona park hummocks

There is the possibility to rent hummocks, which are located in the park’s campsites, but unless you are traveling on a very tight budget, I’d recommend you to choose any of the other options below.

Tayrona National Park hummocks might seem like a romantic solution for your stay. But let me tell you right from the start that the hummocks are usually located in one big communal room in the campsites, they’re very crowded and close to each other and sometimes even in poor condition, especially at Cabo San Juan.

For example, the space is so limited that if someone decides to go to the toilet during the night, he/she will probably touch your hummock and wake you up. I read the opinions of many disappointed tourists that changed their minds regarding the hummocks. I, myself, wanted to rent a hummock but when I saw the conditions, I changed my mind and paid a bit extra for the tent and I had no regrets!

If you still want to go for the hummock, please note that everything works on a first come, first serve basis, so make sure to arrive early at the campsite and pay for your hammock. The only exception is at Playa Brava, where you can book your hummock in advance by writing an email to this address: [email protected]

Price: 40.000 COP (around 13$)/person/night.

2. Staying in a tent in a campsite

Cabo verde Tayrona park camping

If you want to totally experience nature while you are in the park, then staying in a campsite might be a good option for you. If you decide to do some Tayrona National Park camping, you can either rent a tent and a sleeping bag from the staff while you are there, or you can bring your own tent in case you don’t mind carrying it with you every day.

Again, reserving your spot in advance is not possible (with only one exception which I will talk about in a second) and securing your spot works on a first come, first serve basis. This is why I recommend, if possible, to arrive at the campsite as soon as possible and/or to choose a less crowded camping area (Cabo San Juan is the most popular one, for example). Chances are that, if you arrive after lunch, you won’t find any free spots available.

The exception: As far as I know, only at Playa Brava you can book your spot in advance. They have hummocks, tents and even cabins there. The way to do it is to send an e-mail to this address [email protected] with your request and questions. They are usually quick, but they will reply in Spanish.

NOTE: You are not allowed to camp in the wild at Tayrona National Park. Making a fire is also strictly prohibited. You can find more useful information in this post: Your Ultimate Guide to Tayrona National Park.

Here are all the camping areas in the park: Cabo San Juan (the most popular one), Arrecife (where I stayed in), Playa Brava, Cañaveral, Los Castilletes, and Bahia Concha.

Below I have included find some general info for each of the areas:

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia camp 1

Cabo San Juan

This is known as the most famous, beautiful and crowded area for camping in Tayrona National Park.

PRICE: It is 35.000 COP (11.5 US$)/person/night if you come with your own tent and 40.000 COP (around 13 US$)/person/night if you want to rent a tent from them.

HOW TO GET THERE: You can take a boat from Taganga to Cabo San Juan Tayrona. It will take you 2 hours to get there and it will cost 50.000 COP (almost 16 US$)/person. The other option is to enter the park using Zaino Entrance and walk for 2 hours until you reach the campsite (that’s the most common option and that’s how I reached it, too).


Arrecifes is less crowded than Cabo San Juan and there are actually 2 camps there: Yuluka and Don Pedro. La Piscina, the awesome beach inside the park where you can swim is only 20 minutes away walking from Arrecife.

PRICE: 15.000 COP (around 5 US$)/person in Yuluka and 12.000 COP (4 US$) in Don Pedro. Please note that you cannot rent a tent in Don Pedro, so you will have to bring your own.

HOW TO GET THERE: Enter the park using Zaino Entrance and walk for 50 minutes until you reach the campsite.

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia beach

Playa Brava

Beautiful, raw and secluded, it is the perfect option if you don’t want a crowded place full of tourists! The only downside is that you will have to hike a little mountain before getting to the beach, which will take you longer than getting to the other spots. This means this option is for people who plan to stay more than 1 night in the park – otherwise, you won’t have much time on hand.

PRICE: 25.000 COP (8 US$)/person/night.

HOW TO GET THERE: Enter the park using Calabazo entrance and then hike for 3 hours until you reach the beach.


Close to the entrance of the park, but unfortunately not that close to the beach. The eco-habs are also located in this area (more on them below).

PRICE: 15.000 COP (5 US$)/person/night

HOW TO GET THERE: Enter the park using Zaino Entrance and walk for 10 minutes until you reach Cañaveral Tayrona.

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia camp 2

Los Castilletes

I didn’t read a lot of good reviews about Los Castilletes, so I can’t really recommend this option. It is located very close to the entrance of the park, which is a disadvantage because you will have to walk all the way back to the campsite at the end of the day (there is not much to do near the park gate, all the things are located inside). Overall, I think it is better to stay further in the park.

PRICE: 15.000 COP (5 US$)/person/night if you bring your own tent and about 20.000 COP (6.5 US$) if you want to rent it on the spot.

HOW TO GET THERE: Enter the park using Zaino Entrance and walk for 4 km until you reach the campsite. The second option would be to take a shuttle from the park entrance for 3.000 COP (1 US$) and get down at Los Castilletes.

Bahia Concha

Located right after Taganga, in a completely different area of the National Park, Bahia Concha is the closest beach to Santa Marta. I think this is a good option only if you want to enjoy a calm, relaxing day on the beach and then proceed the next day to the main part of the park for some hiking.

PRICE: Because it is a bit separated than the rest, you will only have to pay 5.000 COP (1.6 US$) for the entrance to the park and 25.000 COP (8 US$) for your spot.

HOW TO GET THERE: You can take a taxi from Santa Marta. It will be more or less 30.000 COP (10 US$) one-way.

3. Staying in an Eco-hab

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia eco habs

The eco-habs in Tayrona are the most comfortable (and, thus, expensive) option of spending the night inside the park. The 14 “eco-habs” are wooden bungalows located in the same area on Cañaveral beach that can fit up to 3 or 4 people. From there, you can easily have access to the East and the West of the park for further exploration and to La Piscinita as well – the swimmable beach in the park. They have a spa, a restaurant and shuttle cabs that can take you from Cartagena, Santa Marta, Tanganga or the airport to the eco-habs inside the park. You can find more details and check the up-to-date rates on their website.

PRICE: around 450 US$/room/night. You can book your Eco-hab here.

Where To Stay Close To The Park – Hotels

Tayrona tented lodge bungalow
Tayrona Tented Lodge

Staying somewhere around the National Park is a great solution in case you want the comfort of a hotel room but you are not willing to pay for the eco-habs in the park. The most popular and convenient to stay close to the park are Guachaca and Los Naranjos, as well as some other places that you can find below.

Santa Marta is a popular place to stay before or right after your trip to Tayrona National Park.

NOTE: If you are spending the night outside the National Park, you will have to pay the entrance fee for each day you are returning. The entrance fee for foreigners is from 44.000 COP (14 US$) to 48.500 COP (15.4 US$) depending on the season.

I made a selection of hotels near Tayrona National Park with great reviews for each city and sorted them out by prices:


Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia guachaca

Guachaca is a charming town close to the beach, located only 12 km from Tayrona National Park (15 minutes by car).

Below you can find my handpicked recommendations for Guachaca. All of them have fabulous reviews and great facilities!

Luxury (110 US$ and up)

  • Playa Pikua Ecolodge is a beautiful lodge on a private beach, located only 10 minutes away by car from Tayrona National Park. The accommodation provides an airport shuttle, a beautiful terrace and private bathroom for each unit and even grocery delivery for breakfast and packed lunches! It is also fit for families traveling to the area, as they have some special family rooms with sea views!

Middle-priced (from 60 to 110 US$)

  • Tayrona Tented Lodge is the place where I stayed in for one night. It is a small hotel near the beach consisting of 6-7 bungalows located close to the entrance of the park (around 20 minutes by car). Make sure to book it as much in advance as possible – I could only get it for 1 night because it was already booked! You can read more about my experience there in my Ultimate Guide to Tayrona National Park, Colombia.
  • Blue Mango Beach Hotel is another great option that has a private beach where you can relax. Other great facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi, a garden, terrace, a bar and even a great restaurant that serves delicious food!

Budget (up to 60 US$)

  • Hostal Agroturístico Ecológico Brisas del Campo is a great country house located only 9 km away from Tayrona National Park. They provide an airport shuttle, a wonderful garden, clean rooms, and an overall good value for money.
  • Puerto Caribe Hostal is a simple and pleasant hostel option for anyone traveling on a tight budget. They have different types of rooms (double, triple deluxe, 6-bed dormitories etc) that you can choose from and a delicious continental breakfast will await you each morning.

Los Naranjos

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia los naranjos

Los Naranjos is located less than 5km from the entrance to Tayrona National Park, so it is also a popular option among travelers. Here is what I am recommending for each category of budget:

Luxury (110 US$ and up)

  • Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos – In case you are looking for a luxury guesthouse with a private beach and excellent service, this one is for you! At Casa Tayrona you will be able to enjoy some relaxation on the outdoor pool and sun terrace, delicious food at the on-site restaurant and more. Plus, it is only 5 minutes away by car from the entrance to the National Park!
  • Villa Maria Tayrona, a Kali Hotels – 4-star accommodation on a private beach area. I think this is a gorgeous option for anyone who wants to feel spoiled during their stay, as they have beautiful air-conditioned rooms, an outdoor pool, an on-site restaurant and more. Plus an airport shuttle that you can use!

Middle-priced (from 60 to 110 US$)

  • Playa Los Angeles – great accommodation option in Los Naranjos with direct access to the beach and beautiful rooms and hammocks. This lodge is the ideal spot for some relaxing vacation days full of delicious food and a gorgeous surrounding landscape!
  • Hotel Tayrona Paradise – Comfortable inn surrounded by lush nature, Tayrona Paradise Hotel is an awesome place to stay in. Free Wi-Fi, free private parking, airport shuttle, cozy rooms, friendly staff – these are just some of the advantages of staying here!

Budget (up to 60 US$)

  • The Journey Hostel – This is a cozy hostel that offers everything you might need for a pleasant stay: a restaurant, a bar, amazing views over the sea, yummy breakfast and more! There is also an airport shuttle available for your convenience.
  • Posada Villa Margarita – Located only 5km away from the entrance to the park, this awesome bed & breakfast near Tayrona offers great value for money! Some of the reasons why I recommend you stay here include the on-site restaurant, free breakfast each morning, ah-mazing views of the sea and more!

Santa Marta

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia santa marta

You can stay in Santa Marta before or after you start your Tayrona adventure.

Here are my recommendations:

Luxury (110 US$ and up)

  • Hotel Boutique Don Pepe – Wonderful 5-stars hotel that provides world-class service and a relaxing stay! This amazing accommodation is located only 150m from the beach and it awaits you with free Wi-Fi, restaurant, spa, an outdoor pool and more!
  • Hotel Suite Boutique El Cactus – This one is a great 4-star accommodation that will make you feel like a queen/king during your stay! Some of the best things about this hotel are the indoor pool, beautiful rooms, free Wi-Fi and airport shuttle!

Middle-priced (from 60 to 110 US$)

  • Hotel Catedral Plaza – 4-stars quality hotel for a great price! I am sure that you will have a wonderful, relaxing stay at this hotel and you will be more than happy to enjoy your evenings on the terrace near the outdoor pool, delicious breakfast served each morning and the great location of this place!
  • Mercure Santa Marta Emile – My second recommendation for a middle-priced accommodation in the city is this gorgeous hotel that awaits you with a cool outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, fitness center and even a bar. What more can you wish for?

Budget (up to 60 US$)

  • Hotel Boutique Jardín Del Duque is a wonderful hotel where you will be able to find some budget rooms as well. This one is located right in the historical center of the city and it provides an airport shuttle, free Wi-Fi, private bathrooms and overall great quality for money.
  • Hotel Boutique Casa Mia – Another amazing option for people traveling to Santa Marta on a budget, this hotel is perfect for those who wish to stay in nice, clean rooms with free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, private bathrooms and more!

Other Good Areas

Where To Stay In Tayrona National Park Colombia other

Some other areas located close to Tayrona National Park are Taganga, Buritaca, Palomino, Minca, and Calabazo. Below you can find mixed recommendations in each of these places:

Luxury (110 US$ and up)

  • La Mar de Bien – Beautiful beachfront accommodation in Buritaca with an outdoor pool and nice décor. Each room has a private bathroom, a fan and a wardrobe and the food is simply delicious!
  • Aite Hotel – Amazing hotel located in Palomino! This is one of the best hotels in Palomino and it is located only 200m away from a private beach. The rooms are comfortable and clean and you can even choose to stay in a bungalow on the beach!
  • Makao – Another great choice in Palomino, this hotel awaits you with gorgeous, bright rooms, free Wi-Fi and a great on-site restaurant that serves local dishes!

Middle-priced (from 60 to 110 US$)

  • Sierra Alta Finca Boutique – This awesome accommodation is located in Minca. It offers romantic rooms, a great garden perfect for relaxation, a terrace and even an on-site restaurant where you can eat delicious dishes!
  • Casa Chapolin – Located in Palomino, Casa Chapolin awaits you with beautiful rooms, a fitness center, BBQ facilities and even a shared lounge where you can relax and unwind after a day of exploring Tayrona National Park!
  • Loma Nevada Minca Hostel – Here is another recommendation in Minca, not far from Tayrona! This great hostel is the perfect place if you are looking for great service at a reasonable price. Each morning you can enjoy an American or vegan breakfast!

Budget (up to 60 US$)

  • Casa Bella Mya is an adorable pink guest house in the center of Taganga. It offers different types of rooms and a shared kitchen, as well as a nice sun terrace. This accommodation offers car hire and an airport shuttle as well!
  • Hotel Cactus Taganga – This one is one of the best hotels in Taganga and an amazing choice for everyone traveling on a tight budget! This hotel is located on top of a small hill, so, naturally, it offers a breath-taking view! The beach is also very close, only 2 minutes away by foot.
  • La Casablanca Tayrona House – This nice guest house is located in Calabazo, close to Tayrona National Park (10 minutes to one of the entrances to the park). If you choose to stay here, you will enjoy an outdoor pool and a terrace, free private parking and a private bathroom for each room!
🏕️ Best camping:
Cabo San Juan
🌳 Best stay inside Tayrona NP:
📍 Best nearest city:Santa Marta
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:
💵 Mid-range hotel:Hotel Catedral Plaza
👛 Best budget hotel:
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📅 How many days:2-3


Tayrona national park no swimming

These were all my recommendations for staying inside and close to Tayrona National Park! In this article we reviewed the available options for staying right inside the park – hummocks, tents in campsites and eco-habs, as well as the possibilities of staying in some surrounding areas near the park – Guachaca, Los Naranjos and Santa Marta.

I hope this article will help you decide which is the best option for you, considering your expectations and budget!

Of course, if you have further questions feel free to leave them in the comments. I am happy to help!

Have a great adventure in Tayrona National Park!


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