Exclusive Booking.com Discount/Cashback – Claim Your 4% Off ALL Hotels

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Hello dear travelers! Are you ready to plan your next adventure? I get it, planning can be tough, especially when you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to stay. With so many websites and options available, it’s easy to feel lost in the shuffle of ever-changing prices and availability. It can be a real challenge to pick the best spot.

But here’s some good news to lighten the load! You’re probably familiar with Booking.com, a giant in the world of online accommodation booking, right?

Well, guess what!? We’ve partnered with them to present you with a fantastic deal: an exclusive 4% cashback in credit on all hotel bookings made through our partner link with Booking.com that you can stack with any other discounts you might have or find, including Booking’s Genius Levels.

Yes, you heard that right! You get 4% back, not just as a discount, but as credit towards your next booking which you can combine with any other discounts you might find or already have. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Then, keep reading to learn how you can grab this amazing offer and save big on your next trip!

1. Exclusive 4% cashback offer through our site

Promotional graphic featuring text 'Save money on your next stay with Miss Tourist & Booking.com' in bold white and teal font on a blue background, alongside an image of a glass jar spilling out banknotes and coins with a 'TRAVEL' tag, suggesting savings for travel

So, how can you save money on Booking.com with our amazing offer? Let me explain it to you.The first step is to open our exclusive discount link. When you open the website it should look like the picture below. Make sure that you see Miss Tourist’s logo and special promo offer to ensure that you will receive your cashback.

A website header with a search bar inviting users to find their next stay in Paris, showcasing a partnership with Miss Tourist. The banner promotes searching low prices on hotels, homes, and more.

The next step is to choose where you are traveling to and when, and then find the perfect accommodation option for you. For instance, let’s say you are going to be visiting Paris for a week in August 2024. So you type in all the information in Booking’s search bar and click on Search. 

Detailed view of a hotel booking search bar with inputs for destination, dates, and number of people, highlighting options for Paris, dates from August 5th to August 11th, for two adults in one room

You’ll get an extensive list of different types of accommodations available, so you’ll need to decide which one would be the best choice for you. You will be able to see how many credits you can save while browsing the accommodations.

A listing for Hotel des Vosges in Paris, featuring a standard double room with a 'very good' rating and an offer to earn US$68 credits, indicating limited availability with only two rooms left at this price

P.S. If you are unsure what to choose, we have an abundance of posts on where to stay in so many places in the world, so just do a quick search on our website for your next destination!

The next step is to choose the type of room that you want and reserve your stay. Again, you’ll be able to see how many credits you’ll receive depending on the type of room and type of reservation.

A booking interface showing a standard double room's amenities, total price for six nights, and an offer to earn US$68 credits, with a note about immediate confirmation and a two-minute reservation process

The final step is to reserve your accommodation by filling in all the necessary info and that’s it!

Fine print about the promotion

There are a few important things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you will receive your 4% cashback credit that you can use toward your next stay!

  • This promotion applies only to stays (not flights/cars/transfers)
  • You must have a Booking.com account to receive your reward. Sign in or create an account first. You can create your account after you’ve made your booking too, but make sure the email is the same as the one used for your booking
  • You can only use the credits towards booking your next stay – you cannot redeem them for cash.
  • The cashback is credited 64 days or more after checkout. (I’ve been told by booking it should be faster, but they are basically waiting for the hotel to confirm you stayed) For instance, if you check out from your stay in Paris on August 11th, you should be able to redeem your credit by November 15th.
  • You can earn a maximum of €100,000 back.

To see the amount of credits you have earned, you’ll need to log in and access your Rewards and Wallet section.

A user's rewards and wallet section on Booking.com, highlighting a wallet balance and the option to save money on future adventures with Booking.com, accompanied by an image of the Miss Tourist logo

2. Maximize Savings with Booking.com’s Genius Program

Smartphone screen displaying Booking.com's Genius Loyalty Program page with promotional graphics and text, encouraging users to 'Book more, Unlock more, Travel smarter. It's Genius!' on a wooden table background, highlighting the benefits of the loyalty program

There is more than one way to save money on Booking.com, and you can combine them all together!

So, besides our special cashback promotion, you can also save money and get cheaper rates on Booking if you are part of their Genius loyalty program.

In short, the more stays you book via Booking.com the more money you can save! Booking’s Genius loyalty program has tiered benefits (Level 1/2/3), including discounts, priority support, and exclusive perks.

The only thing you need to ensure that you take advantage of the program is to log in when booking your accommodation. But, how can you reach the Genius levels?

To get Genius Level One you must complete two stays within two years. Once you do this, you’re a Genius Level 1 forever without having to do anything else.

To reach Genius Level 2 you’ll have to complete 5 bookings, and for Genius Level 3, you must complete 15 stays within the 2 years.

It’s definitely worth progressing through the Genius levels by making more bookings because you’ll unlock even greater savings and rewards. And the best thing is that once you reach any level you can enjoy free lifetime access to travel rewards on select stays and rental cars worldwide from the level you’re at.

Here’s how you will save money on Booking.com if you are a part of their Genius loyalty program:

An overview of the Genius loyalty program on Booking.com, displaying three levels of benefits, including discounts on stays and rental cars, free breakfasts, room upgrades, and priority support

3. Additional tips to save money on Booking.com

Smartphone displaying the Booking.com header for 'Hotels & Travel' with navigation tabs for 'Stays', 'Flights', and 'Flight + Hotel', emphasizing the ease of searching for travel deals directly from the Booking.com app on a mobile device

Follow this simple advice and you’ll be able to maximize your discounts and enjoy cheaper travel experiences!

Best time to book on Booking.com

This depends on several factors, such as when you are traveling and how flexible you are. If you are looking for stays during the high season then it is best to book as early as possible. The early bird gets the worm, right?

However, if you are traveling in low season and you are flexible on dates, then it may be a good idea to wait until the last minute to book your stay. Sometimes, prices are slashed by 20% to 70% for last-minute reservations. Do that at your own risk and comfort level though. 

Or you can make the best of both worlds, and book an accommodation with free cancellation as early as possible, and then check what’s available before your cancellation expires. You may come across some amazing last-minute deal, or maybe the early booking that you made might be the best deal possible. 

Utilizing promo codes and deals

A promotional code entry box on a webpage with the question 'Do you have a promo code?' above an empty text field and a blue 'Apply' button, highlighted by a red arrow pointing towards the text field, inviting users to enter their discount code for savings

To maximize your savings on Booking.com, actively search for promo codes and special deals. You can often find these through internet searches, emails from Booking.com, or discount voucher sites. 

Also, keep an eye on Booking.com for ongoing deals, like seasonal discounts or last-minute offers. Combining these deals with our cashback offer and a Genius discount lets you stack your savings, paying less for the same great travel experiences!

Leveraging free nights and other promotions

Close-up of a computer monitor displaying the Booking.com website with a prominent search bar under the header 'Find Deals for Any Season'. The blurred background suggests a focus on the website's deal-finding features for a variety of accommodations

Participating in Booking.com’s promotions, such as earning free nights, enhances your savings alongside cashback and Genius discounts. When you take part in these promotions, you directly earn rewards like free nights after meeting certain conditions, such as several stays. 

Combine these free nights with our cashback deal and Genius discounts to significantly reduce your travel expenses. This strategy ensures you maximize your savings, allowing for more budget-friendly travel experiences without compromising on quality.

A MacBook Air on a desk displaying Booking.com's homepage with vibrant images of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, offering options to find deals for any season. The workspace is organized with a pencil holder, a potted plant, and a smartphone, creating a professional atmosphere for travel planning

It’s normal to have concerns when traveling, but that’s why I am here to help! Here are the main ones:

Is Booking.com legit?

Many people wonder if Booking.com is a real and safe place to book travel. 

Yes, it is! Booking.com is the most popular accommodation platform in the world and has the widest variety of options too (over 28 mln (!!) accommodations are in the Booking.com database). 

When you book with them, you can be sure your booking is secure and you’ll pay exactly the price stated in the email. If you ever have questions, their customer service is there to help 24/7 – it is available not only in English but in many other languages too.

Can I cancel my booking?

A hotel offer on Booking.com for a double room showing a price for six nights, a 10% Genius discount, the option for free cancellation before July 6th, 2024, and credits earned with booking.

That will depend on the conditions you booked your room with. They actually make it pretty clear and it says on your reservation exactly until which date you can cancel to get your money back. Most hotels have free cancellation if you cancel a week/or 3-4 days in advance and a charge for the first night if you cancel after. 

Depending on the property, sometimes you will need to pay upfront, sometimes it is directly with the property when you check out, and sometimes you are given a choice. If you prefer one way or the other, you can actually filter accommodations with specific payment types and/or cancellation policies. 

Hidden fees on your Booking

Detail of a Booking.com interface showing a standard double room with price, taxes, and the option to earn credits, emphasizing the urgency with only two rooms left at the offer price

For the most part, there are no hidden fees that you have to pay. 

Sometimes, very rarely, it may happen that it will not show some of the taxes in bold for some specific destinations. But it will still be clearly stated in the price details like in the image above. 

The surplus taxes and charges are typically some extra fees, such as city tax, that you will have to pay directly on the property on top of the total price of the reservation. 

For instance, I know that Rome is like that – there is a city tax for all tourists and it is being charged separately, that’s why it is not shown in the total price right away. 

Price fluctuations

Hand holding a Samsung smartphone with the Booking.com mobile site displayed, showing the search interface for hotels, guesthouses, and motels. The screen indicates options for check-in and check-out dates, number of rooms and adults

Did you even notice that the prices for the accommodation you are eyeing changed from day to day, and even from moment to moment?

This is because Booking has a dynamic price system that sets the prices according to several factors, such as whether it is high or low season, the number of accommodations still available in the city, the time frame between the reservation date and the stay date, how many people are viewing the property at the given time, etc.

However, one thing that is for sure is that Booking does price match, so if you find the same hotel cheaper somewhere else for the same room category, Booking will match that price. 

Getting the most out of your Booking

Screenshot of the 'Guest reviews' section from a hotel listing on Booking.com, showing an overall rating of 9.0 labeled as 'Superb' based on 3,735 reviews. The breakdown includes high scores for Staff, Facilities, Cleanliness, Comfort, Free WiFi, Value for money, and Location, with several categories marked as a 'High score for Paris'

To make sure you’re getting the best deal on Booking.com, here are some tips:

  • Always compare various accommodation options to make sure you find the best deal
  • Carefully read the reviews of the hotel – it will provide a lot of real information you would not find in the official description of the hotel. You can be certain that the reviews will be true because only those who have stayed in the accommodation can write a review (unlike Google Maps and TripAdvisor where everyone can write whatever)
  • Use the filters on the website to find exactly what you’re looking for, like free breakfast or a swimming pool
  • Take advantage of Booking.com’s flexible cancellation policies, so you can book with peace of mind knowing you can cancel if your plans change


Well, there you have it, fellow adventurers! Saving money on accommodation has never been easier, thanks to our exclusive 4% cashback deal on Booking.com. 

Every time you book a place to stay, whether it’s a luxurious hotel, a cozy apartment, or anything in between, you’ll get 4% of your payment back in credit that you can use on your next booking!

This unique offer, combined with the already fantastic prices and discounts on Booking.com, including the Genius program, means your travel budget will stretch further than ever before. It’s a one-of-a-kind benefit that truly makes every booking more rewarding.

So why not take this opportunity to plan and book your next trip with us? Just make sure that you book your accommodation through our promo link to lock in our amazing cashback offer!

If you have any kind of questions regarding the promotion, or anything related to Booking.com at all, please leave a comment and I will get back to you with a proper answer ASAP.

Here’s to saving more and exploring further on your next adventure!

All the best,


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