9 TOP Spots • Where to Stay in Amsterdam in 2022!

gable canal houses where to stay in Amsterdam


Amsterdam, the capital and the biggest city in the Netherlands is an excellent destination for every traveler interested in beautiful architecture, green parks, an interesting gastronomy, a rich history and art heritage! Amsterdam is not that big compared to other European capitals and it only has around 850.000 people living in it.

Although Amsterdam is famous for its Red Light District and coffee shops, there are countless more things to see there and the capital has something to offer to all types of travelers! I really loved all the beautiful buildings and the lively atmosphere in the center!

Now that you decided to go to this wonderful destination, the next thing you need to figure out is accommodation. Choosing where to stay in Amsterdam is a key aspect of your trip, but choosing the right area for your trip might be overwhelming, especially if you’re visiting for the first time.

In terms of accommodation, Amsterdam has it all – from luxury boutique hotels to hostels and apartments – and you’ll find all these in this Amsterdam neighborhood guide!

In this post I will talk about the 8 best areas where to stay in Amsterdam and I’ll give you my hand-picked hotel recommendations in each of them, but don’t forget to book them in advance, this is one of the most touristic European capitals!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

If You are in a Hurry…

The best area for tourists visiting Amsterdam for the first time is the Centrum, also known as the Old Center. This is the heart and soul of the city, where all the important attractions, museums and nightlife are located!

luxury hotel

Waldorf Astoria

Best luxury hotel

mid-range hotel

Boutique Hotel Notting Hill

Best value for money

budget hotel

Bunk hotel Amsterdam

Best affordable accommodation in the center

Choosing the best area for you and your travel style is a challenge, but I’m here to help! Check out my personalized map of neighborhood recommendations below and pick the ideal one for you:

Map of best places to stay Amsterdam
for first-timers
for nature
a modern area
for culture
for foodies
for nightlife
a cool vibe
for families
Canal Belt
for couples

1. Old Centrum (+ Red Light District) – where to stay for first timers

royal palace Amsterdam in centrum, the best area where to stay in Amsterdam for first-time visitors

If you want to stay in the tourist heart of the city, close to all the important attractions and landmarks, then the Old Center is your answer!

The Old Centrum is the oldest part of Amsterdam, dating from the 17th century and one of the most important tourist spots in the entire city, that you can explore on a bike or a canal cruise!

If you choose to stay here, you’ll have plenty of restaurants, bars, shops, pubs, canal houses, and souvenir shops within walking distance. But more than that, you’ll have access to all the most important historical attractions!

The center is divided into smaller parts. For example, we have Rembrandtplein here, always full of locals and ex-pats, Leidseplein, the heart of nightlife in Amsterdam, and the famous Red Light District, a few minutes walking from Dam Square.

The Red Light District is a friendly area with beautiful Dutch architecture, that everybody knows for its famous coffee shops where you can legally buy weed, and the (old fashioned, I would say) sex shops. Other than the ladies in their red-lighted windows, marijuana and coffee shops, you’ll also find eclectic stores and cool dining spots with live music, offering menus from around the world!

Luxury (200€ and up)

amsterdam hotels 5 star, where to stay in Amsterdam
  • Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam – Here’s another excellent, central choice if you are searching for hotels super close to the canals Dam Square and the Royal Palace. This 5-star property is elegant and stylish and it has plenty of on-site restaurants and even a bar!
  • Luxury Suites Amsterdam – Member of Warwick Hotels – Do you want to enjoy a true luxury stay in the most central spot of Amsterdam city? This is your choice! Staying here means you’ll be close to Dam Square and the Red Light District, for example, and you can enjoy one of the most superb hotels!

Middle-priced (150€ – 200€)

  • Hotel Asterisk 3 Star Superior – Are you looking for a great mid-range place to stay in one of the most popular spots, and also very close to the canals and Amsterdam Central Station? This great 3-star hotel is just perfect for you! Some of the advantages of staying here include free Wi-Fi, a tour desk and a super friendly staff.
  • Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre – Here’s another nice, middle-priced option if you want to stay central and enjoy a canal view. It’s a super cute and cozy bed accommodation that offers everything for a pleasant stay. Plus, all the major attractions in the city, including the Red Light District are located within walking distance!

Budget (up to 150€)

  • The Flying Pig Downtown – Are you looking for one of the best budget hotels of Amsterdam? Here’s an excellent one! It’s located in one of the most popular areas of the city, right near the canals and the Red Light District. Book a room here to enjoy a friendly atmosphere, clean rooms and amazing prices!
  • The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam – Wondering where to stay in Amsterdam so you can save some money?  Here’s another one on my list of budget Amsterdam hotels! It has free Wi-Fi, clean and cozy rooms and it’s actually one of the most famous hostels in the city! Plus, I think it’s a great choice if you want to be close to Amsterdam Central Station (only 1 km away).

Things to do in Amsterdam Centrum

  • Walk around the Red Light District and look at its famous coffee shop!
  • Do bar crawling in Leidseplein!
  • Visit the Royal Palace, the most prestigious building from the 17th century
  • Take a coffee or a glue wine and sit on a bench in Dam square
  • Check out the colorful Flower Market and buy some flowers!

2. Westerpark – best area to stay for nature lovers

westerpark amsterdam, where to stay in Amsterdam

Are you a nature lover? Then you’ll love Westerpark! This area is named after the park that sits in the center of the neighborhood and it’s located right on the West side of the Canal Belt / Amsterdam Center!

One of the best things about booking your hotel here is that you’ll be a minutes walk to the city center, but you’ll still have a calmer, more laid-back experience than in the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam Old Center. You’ll be close to the best attractions there, as well as the vibrant nightlife.

While you’re here, you can have a picnic in Westerpark, go on the amazing shopping streets called Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk, visit the Westergasfabriek (a super cool cultural pavilion) or just take a walk on the charming streets!

Convinced? Below you can find my list of hand-picked hotels in Amsterdam Westerpark that you can choose from, (but make sure you book them far in advance!):

Luxury (200€ and up)

best places to stay in amsterdam
  • Hotel BOAT & CO – In case you want to book one of the most stylish aparthotels in Westerpark, this one’s for you! The design is simply superb and I’m sure you’ll love it. If you choose to book a room here, you’ll be close to all the popular attractions in Amsterdam and to the main shopping streets as well!
  • Exclusive penthouse with river views – a central place with massive windows to a canal and luxury service in the comfort of your own apartment. It fits up to 4 guests and it has a fully equipped kitchen in case you will want to have your breakfast on that highly instagrammable balcony!

Middle-priced (150€ – 200€)

  • Conscious Hotel Westerpark – Looking for a great stay in Amsterdam that will offer excellent money to value ratio? Then you should book a room here, you won’t regret it! This beautiful 4-star hotel features an on-site bar, clean rooms and a delicious breakfast served each morning.
  • WesterVilla – In case you’re still searching for good mid-range hotels for your stay in Amsterdam, you should check out this one! Some of the advantages of booking a room here include free parking, a bar and a cozy shared lounge where you can relax and meet other travelers.

Budget (up to 150€)

  • Dutchies Hostel – If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on accommodation but still be close to the best shopping streets and attractions around, I truly believe this hostel is for you! The staff is super friendly and you’ll also benefit from free Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk and more.
  • Amsterdam Teleport Hotel – Here’s another excellent choice for a pleasant budget place in Amsterdam! This is a 3-star hotel that has some amazing prices, while also being close to plenty of public transportation options. Plus, you can rent bikes on-site – how awesome is that?

Things to do in Westerpark

  • Have a picnic, run or walk in the green Westerpark
  • Go shopping in the boutique shops of Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk
  • Visit the Westergasfabriek (a super cool cultural pavilion)
  • Rent a bike and wander around the charming streets!

3. Amsterdam Noord – the most modern neighborhood

eye film museum amsterdam, where to stay in Amsterdam

Are you looking for the more modern part of the city? Amsterdam Noord is the place for you!

Amsterdam Noord is the up-and-coming neighborhood in the city and an excellent choice if you’re a youngster or if you’re looking for a more modern atmosphere! This area is North of the city center, but don’t worry about distance though, as you can easily reach the city center in 5-10 by taking the free ferry, which I find to be so convenient!

This is a great accommodation option especially if you’ve been to the city before and you stayed in the old, traditional city centre. Overhoeks is a well-known part of this neighborhood and an excellent choice for accommodation.

Plus, another great advantage of staying here is that the hotel prices won’t be as high as in the city center! There are also countless restaurants, bars and shops around, so this is definitely not a place to get bored.

That being said, here are the best hotels in Amsterdam Noord that I selected for you:

Luxury (200€ and up)

budget hotel amsterdam
  • Sir Adam Hotel – Are you looking for a gorgeous, 4-star boutique hotel for an unforgettable stay in Amsterdam? Well, the search is over, as you just found it! This hotel has superb, bright rooms and a flawless location!
  • Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam – Here’s another amazing option for a luxury stay in Amsterdam, especially if you’re a design lover! You can feel the attention to details and care for their customers in every single details (how about a glass of prosecco in arrival for instance?) – you will definitely enjoy your stay there!

Middle-priced (150€ – 200€)

  • ClinkNOORD Hostel – Wondering where to stay in Amsterdam so you can enjoy a great value for the money you’ll be paying! This place is for you! Staying here means you’ll be close to all the popular sights in the center; plus, you can choose from plenty of room types, including dormitories and private rooms!
  • YOTEL Amsterdam – This 4-star accommodation offers everything you might need for a great stay in Amsterdam! Some of the advantages of staying here include free Wi-Fi, luggage storage and even a 24-hour front desk. You can read more on the hotel’s page, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Budget (up to 150€)

  • Bunk Hotel Amsterdam – Newly opened budget hotel with modern design with funny details (how about a dinosaur in the middle of the room?:) ). As a nice bonus, it is located right in front of a free ferry that will take you directly to the city center.
  • Cafe Modern – Here’s one of the best budget hotels for your stay in Amsterdam! By the way, in case you already know when you’ll be visiting, you can already start the booking process, as this property tends to get sold out fast!

Things to do in Amsterdam Noord

  • Enjoy the panoramic ride while you’re heading to Amsterdam Noord
  • Check out the amazing NDSM graffiti!
  • Take a drink in one of the lovely bars by the canal and enjoy the view!

4. Oud Zuid/Museum District – where to stay in Amsterdam on a budget

dutch national museum. museum district

Are you traveling on a tight budget? Then you should consider staying in Oud Zuid, one of the best and most affordable areas in the entire city!

Oud-Zuid (which means “Old South”) is outside of the Canal Belt and close to Amsterdam-Oost. This area’s also known as the Museum District – and with good reason! Here you’ll find most of the important museums in Amsterdam such as Van Gogh MuseumStedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum – also known as the “Big Three”.

While you’re here, don’t forget to pay a visit to the well-known Heineken Experience (former brewery where you can take tours), walk in Vondelpark or relax near the water at Strand Zuid.

Talking about hotels, you will find everything your heart desires for any price range here, from upscale resorts to affordable accommodation options. From boutique shops to authentic markets. And tons of awesome bars and pubs!

If you have decided that Oud Zuid is the perfect place for you, here are the best hotels that you can choose from:

Luxury (200€ and up)

hotels amsterdam
  • Conservatorium Hotel –  Do you want to enjoy a flawless service during your travel experience in the Museum Quarter? Look no further than this boutique hotel, set in a historic building! Except for a 5-star service and access to big swimming pool and spa, you’ll have plenty of museum choices around, so you can never get bored!
  • Hotel TWENTY EIGHT – Here’s another amazing choice if you want to travel in style in Amsterdam! Staying in this modern hotel means that you’ll be surrounded by unmissable museum choices such as Van Gogh Museum, so it’s definitely worth paying the extra money! Ah, and trust me when I say that the room designs here are simply unforgettable!

Middle-priced (150€ – 200€)

  • Olympic Hotel – Are you looking for a valuable stay in the Museum Quarter? This hotel has it all – an onsite restaurant, a nice terrace where you can relax and the hotel bar where you can have a drink with a city view. Make sure to book a room here for an unforgettable stay in Amsterdam!
  • XO Hotel Inner – Want to be surrounded by tons of museum choices but don’t want to spend all your money on accommodation? No worries, here’s a great cheap hotel for you! It was recently renovated, so everything is super nice and clean. I think it’s just great for culture lovers!

Budget (up to 150€)

  • The Flying Pig Uptown – Are you on the search for the best budget stay in the Museum Quarter, surrounded by tons of art museum choices? I have to say that this hostel is for you! It’s right next to Vondelpark and a short walk to the center – what more can you wish for?!
  • De Bedstee Capsules – trust me, it was not easy to find another budget version in the area, but I found one and a pretty special one! In this hotel you’ll experience luxury at a convenient price, and its relaxed vibe makes it a cool place to meet new friends!

Things to do in Oud Zuid

  • Take a full afternoon (or day) to visit the incredible Van Gogh Museum!
  • Check out the exhibitions of the Stedelijk Museum 
  • Discover the huge Rijksmuseum!
  • Sample different beers at the famous Heineken Experience!
  • Have a long walk in Vondelpark 
  • Have a delicious dinner near the water at Strand Zuid
  • Skip the line to explore the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum with this tour!

5. Oud West – best area to stay in Amsterdam for foodies

de hallen event hall amsterdam

Looking for a more laid-back area that’s still very close to the center? Oud-West is the perfect place for this!

This is the place to be if you want to be surrounded by locals rather than tourists! If you’re a nature lover, you’ll be happy to know that two beautiful parks are easily reachable from Oud-West: Rembrandtpark and Vondelpark, which are right at the borders of the neighborhood.

Some of the most important attractions in this area include De Hallen Amsterdam (a former tram station turned into a food hall) or Ten Katemarket, a beautiful outdoor market. There are also many awesome restaurants and shops here that you can choose from, as well as cinemas and beautiful streets. In terms of distance, you can take a 15-minute tram ride and you’ll reach the center, for example!

Below you can find my list of hand-chosen accommodation options in Oud-West:

Luxury (200€ and up)

where to stay in amsterdam
  • Amsterdam Marriott Hotel – Want to enjoy the ultimate, luxurious experience in Oud West? This is the perfect place for your travel plans, I assure you! This 5-star accommodation in Amsterdam city is right across the street from Leidse Square and it has an on-site sauna, gym, and even a cozy seating area.
  • Pillows Anna van den Vondel Amsterdam – Wondering where to stay in Amsterdam for the best, spoiled experience? Take a look at this boutique style hotel, you might just fall in love! This property offers a 4-star service and it’s located in a superb 19th century building!

Middle-priced (150€ – 200€)

  • Hotel Larende – Are you looking for a mid-range hotel for your travel to Amsterdam? No worries, I found a great choice for you! This boutique hotel is super close to De Hallen food market, the Houseboat Museum and more. Plus, you’ll just love the continental breakfast buffet and the welcome drink!
  • Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark – Still didn’t find the perfect spot for your stay in Amsterdam? Here’s another option for you! This charming hostel is actually situated right in the heart of Vondelpark, surrounded by greenery – can you believe it?

Budget (up to 150€)

  • Owl Hotel – In case you’re looking for a superb budget stay in Amsterdam, then you should check out this place! The rooms are simply beautiful, bright and clean and the location is pretty flawless as well – super close to Vondelpark.
  • CityHub Amsterdam – In case you still didn’t find the perfect budget stay in the Oud West quarter, here’s another popular option where you can book a room! You can stay in sleeping cabins here, but they’re quite spacious. And you can even control your room with a mobile app, plus chat with other travelers that are staying in the same place!

Things to do in Oud-West

  • Have a picnic with the family at the beautiful Rembrandtpark
  • Try as many delicious dishes as you can De Hallen Amsterdam 
  • Check out Ten Katemarket, an amazing outdoor market

6. De Pijp – where to stay for nightlife

In case you’re not a fan of the Red Light District and the nightlife areas in the Old City Center, then you should head over to De Pijp for a vibrant nightlife scene!

De Pijp (which literally means “The Pipe”) is a bit south of the city center, nearby Amsterdam Oost, and it’s actually one of the trendiest parts of Amsterdam, full of beautiful, narrow streets! If you’re interested in a fun night out at one of the cool bars or in trying some excellent restaurants, then this neighborhood is just the right answer for you!

While you’re in the area, make sure to buy some souvenirs or try some food at Albert Cuyp Market (a cool daily market), relax at Sarphatipark, admire the cute canal houses or just sip a coffee at one of the beautiful cafes scattered all around this neighborhood. You’ll also be extremely close to Heineken Experience if you stay here!

If you decided to book a place here, below you will find the best hotels in Amsterdam De Pijp:

Luxury (200€ and up)

amsterdam hotels
  • Hotel Okura Amsterdam – Looking for the best, world-class accommodation in De Pijp? You just found it! And I’m not even kidding when I say that this is one of the best hotels in Amsterdam! The best thing about this place, a part from its huge swimming pool, is the location: central, surrounded by tons of restaurants and bars.
  • Pestana Amsterdam Riverside – Here’s another one on my list of  5-star hotels in Amsterdam De Pijp. Some of the advantages of staying here include an on-site fitness center, an on-site spa that offers massages as well and even an on-site restaurant that has its own patio and garden!

Middle-priced (150€ – 200€)

  • Boutique Hotel Notting Hill – In case you’re on the search for places that offer a great value for the money for your stay in De Pijp, I suggest booking a room here. The rooms are very beautiful and the service is nearly flawless! If you stay here, you will be surrounded by endless restaurant and bar choices, so you can never get bored!
  • ibis Styles Amsterdam City – This 3-star accommodation is super close to De Pijp and the river as well! Some of the advantages of staying here include a delicious daily breakfast, easy access to the attractions and a 24-hour reception, among others.

Budget (up to 150€)

  • Ibis Styles Amsterdam Amstel – Here’s another great 3-star accommodation in De Pijp, in a very central location, not far from the Old Center. You will surely enjoy the delicious daily breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and convenient public transport located nearby.
  • Cocomama – Another amazing budget option in the center of nightlife of Amsterdam! This boutique hostel has a cozy common space, is super centrally located and people running it are simply lovely!

Things to do in De Pijp

  • Loose yourself in De Pijp beautiful, narrow streets!
  • Buy some souvenirs or try some food at the daily Albert Cuyp Market 
  • Relax at the park Sarphatipark, or do some jogging if you feel more active
  • Admire the cute canal houses from one of the beautiful cafes

7. De Jordaan – the coolest neighborhood in Amsterdam

what to see in amsterdam

Do you want to be right in the Old City Center but also enjoy an authentic, traditional atmosphere that looks more like the countryside than the middle of the city? Then you should head over to De Jordaan, you won’t be disappointed!

De Jordaan boasts countless very good restaurants and bars, as well as all types of shops (including vintage stores) and charming streets where you can take a walk and take in the atmosphere in this part of the city. De Jordaan is also a great choice if you’re wondering where to stay in Amsterdam for a couple!

By the way, you’ll surely walk around this area if you want to visit Anne Frank House, one of the most important attractions in the entire neighborhood! Other than that, you can buy some souvenirs or yummy food from Noordermarkt and Westerstraat or get a ticket for a play at Theater Amsterdam.

Here are the best hotels I selected for you in De Jordaan, Amsterdam:

Luxury (200€ and up)

places to stay in amsterdam
  • Pulitzer Amsterdam – Are you planning to stay in Amsterdam in the De Jordaan neighborhood? Then why not enjoy the best experience ever? This gorgeous accommodation is actually set in canal houses, each of them with a unique design, so you can expect an unforgettable vacation here!
  • Hotel Mercier – In case you want to be spoiled during your stay in this central neighborhood close to popular attractions and canal views, then you should book a room here! This 4-star property has an on-site restaurant, a bar, a garden and more!

Middle-priced (150€ – 200€)

  • Hotel Il Fiore – Looking for a valuable place where you can stay in Jordaan Amsterdam, located super close to Anne Frank House (less than 1 km away)? This place is for you! It awaits with free Wi-Fi, wonderful views, a terrace and clean rooms. What more can you wish for?
  • Luxe Suites Roses – Make sure to book a room here if you want to be right in the heart of Jordaan, Amsterdam, surrounded by restaurants and canal views! This is actually a super cozy and clean bed and breakfast that awaits with free Wi-Fi and a cozy atmosphere. Plus, it’s super close to all the major attractions in this district!

Budget (up to 150€)

  • Hotel Not Hotel – Here’s my first recommendation for people who want to book a central room in Jordaan. This property has an incredible, urban decor and each room has a different theme and color scheme – how awesome is that? If you stay here, you will only be an easy walk to the center, where all the action happens!
  • Private room on Airbnb – this spacious room is located literally 1 minute away from the famous Anne Frank house. It is super clean, has a nice balcony and thoughtful hosts. I can’t promise it will be available if you book last minute though, book as much in advance as possible to get this deal!

Things to do in De Jordaan

8. Plantage & Jewish Quarter – where to stay for Families

hortus botanicus amsterdam

If you’re looking for a laid-back, cool residential area where you can stay together with your family and children, Plantage and the Jewish Quarter is the best choice out there!

Plantage is a relaxed artsy area right next to the old Jewish Quarter (“Jodenbuurt”). This area has a very rich Jewish history and it was the main Jewish area in Amsterdam up until World War II. It’s also one of the greenest parts of Amsterdam, which I think is a great advantage for those with kids!

If you ask me, I truly believe that Plantage is one of the most underrated areas in Amsterdam!

In terms of distance, Plantage is close to the Old City Center and you’ll be able to reach it in only 20 minutes by foot (or you can take the metro). You can also find many great bars and restaurants here, as well as cozy cafes where you can serve breakfast in the morning. Some other unmissable things to see here are the Artis Royal Zoo, Hortus Botanicus (the oldest botanical garden in the world!), De Gooyer Windmill and more.

best area to stay in amsterdam

Luxury (200€ and up)

  • Hyatt Regency Amsterdam – Are you looking for the most superb accommodation in the old Jewish Quarter? Trust me, you just found it! This gorgeous 5-star hotel has an excellent location, only 800m from Artis Zoo and it awaits with unforgettable service and beautiful rooms!
  • InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam – In case you didn’t find the ultimate luxury place for your stay in Amsterdam, I have another suggestion that you might love! This property has elegant, classic decor and it’s right on the banks of the river. Some of the advantages of staying here include access to the on-site fitness center, panoramic views and more!

Middle-priced (150€ – 200€)

  • Room With a View – Still wondering where to stay in Amsterdam for a pleasant, valuable stay in the Jewish Quarter? Look no further than this homestay! It has some very good prices and a very good location, close to the zoo and Rembrandt House as well.
  • 23 SouS – Free wifi, air-conditioned rooms, cozy and clean rooms – these are just some of the best things about staying in this awesome bed and breakfast in Plantage! You can choose from a twin room and a king room, depending on your budget!

Budget (up to 150€)

  • Sleep in a ship! – In case you always dreamed of staying in one of those boat hotels in Amsterdam, this might be your dream come true! This property offers parquet floor cabins in a boat, which I think will make for a truly unforgettable stay in Amsterdam!
  • The Lancaster Hotel Amsterdam – Wondering where to stay in this neighborhood if you have a very tight budget? No worries, here’s one of the best, cheap hotels in Amsterdam! This cute hotel offers a 3-star service, warm rooms and a very friendly staff – I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay here!

Things to do in the Jewish Quarter

  • Try the typical dutch pancakes in one of the cozy cafes of the area
  • Bring your kids to the Artis Royal Zoo, they will love it!
  • Check out the amazing plants of the Hortus Botanicus

9. Canal Belt (Grachtengordel) – best for couples

Where to stay in Amsterdam, Canal Belt

The Canal Belt was built in the 17th century and encloses the city center in a horseshow shape. It has a particular charm thanks to its beautiful old houses (with typical Amsterdam architecture) facing the canals, charming cafes, and romantic bridges at each step.

The inner canal belt in Amsterdam is made of four canals: the Singel, the Herengracht, the Keizersgracht, and the Prinsengracht, and all together are known in Dutch as the ‘Grachtengordel’. This picturesque area is now a UNESCO World Heritage site, and wandering around you’ll understand why!

Here there is plenty of cozy cafes, restaurants, and outdoor stands where you have to try a Dutch hot chocolate with a “Stroopwafel” (trust me, it’s a must!), or a glue wine in the colder months! In the inner canal belt, you’ll also find “the nine streets”, a lovely shopping area where you can find boutiques, vintage stores, galleries, bookstores, and delicacy stores!

9 1 Collage

Luxury (200€ and up)

  • NH Collection – Overlooking the flower market, this luxurious hotel is situated in the middle of the city centre, walking distance from all the main attractions. Enjoy the great view from the balcony of your private room and start your day with a rich and amazing breakfast!
  • Eden hotel Amsterdam – Wake up in the best way, with views of the characteristic canals, lift-up bridges and passing boats directly from your room window! This excellent 4-stars hotel is the great starting point to explore the city, thanks to its great central location.

Middle-priced (150€ – 200€)

  • Amsterdam House Hotel – is set in a monumental building decorated with flowers and overlooking the Amstel river, this cozy hotel offers fully equipped rooms and apartments, perfect for a romantic stay with your special one!
  • Hotel Dwars – This lovely hotel will surprise you with spacious, comfy and cozy rooms, the perfect spot for a romantic getaway! Enjoy quietness right in the heart of Amsterdam and the best city views!

Budget (up to 150€)

  • Prinsengracht Hotel – who says that you need to spend a lot to have unforgettable views and great location? This budget hotel offers excellent rooms overlooking the canals, where you can make yourself a delicious coffee and enjoy it on your private terrace!
  • Hotel Nes – Have a full Amsterdam experience in a traditional and lovely canal house alongside the Amstel River, with stunning views. Relax in the a lounge in front of the fireplace in winter days!

Things to do in the Jewish Quarter

  • Try a Dutch “Stroopwafel” and eat it in a bench with a canal view!
  • Do some alternative shopping in the boutiques of Nine Street
  • Take a picture with your special one on the Westerkerk bridge!
  • Explore the worldwide culture of pipesmoking at the Pipe Musuem!
👑 Luxury price:€180
💵 Mid Range:€120
🛏️ Budget:€90
🏠 Airbnb:€80
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best neighborhood:Amsterdam Centrum
👪 Best area for families:Jewish Quarter
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Hotel BOAT & CO
💵 Mid-range hotel:WesterVilla
👛 Best budget hotel:Cafe Modern

BONUS: Best Hotels Near Amsterdam Airport

schiphol airport amsterdam

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) is the main international airport in the entire country! It’s located only 15 km from the city center (around 25 minutes by car) and it’s easily reachable by public transportation.

Schiphol Airport is HUGE (one of the biggest in Europe) and it’s a very popular point for layovers and connections to other flights. So you might end up landing here sooner or later, even if you don’t actually plan to visit Amsterdam.

So here are some of the best airport hotels I could find:

  • Hilton Amsterdam Airport Hotel Schiphol – Here’s the best place to stay in Amsterdam near the airport where you can enjoy some luxury. This superb 4-star hotel offers a great service and, hear me out, it is directly connected to the international terminal of the airport – you just cannot get closer than this!
  • Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam – In case you want a middle-priced place instead, then you should take a look at this hotel! It has some very good prices and TONS of different types of rooms that you can choose from. Plus, it’s less than 3 km from the airport.

Frequently asked questions about Amsterdam

Frequently Asked Questions about Amsterdam

🏙️  Which is the best area to stay in Amsterdam?

The best area to stay in Amsterdam, especially for first-time visitors, is Amsterdam Centrum (Old Center), the historic center, either in the luxurious Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, or the mid-range option Hotel Asterisk 3 Star Superior.

👪 Where to stay in Amsterdam with the family?

The best area to stay in Amsterdam with the family is the Jewish Quarter, a quiet residential area. Stay at the Hyatt Regency Amsterdam for a luxurious stay, or sleep in a lovely boat in the Sleep in a ship!

💰 Where to stay in Amsterdam on a budget?

The best place to stay in Amsterdam on a budget is Oud-Zuid, commonly known as the Museum District. Stay at the stylish Hotel TWENTY EIGHT or the affordable The Flying Pig Uptown!

🛑 Where should you not stay in Amsterdam?

If you want to avoid tourist crowds and young people looking for cannabis (one of the main things Amsterdam is famous for) you should avoid the Red Light District. This area is not particularly dangerous, but you can find lots of drunk people at night.

🍁 Where to stay in Amsterdam near coffee shops?

Amsterdam’s coffee shops (cannabis cafes where you can buy weed products) are everywhere in the center, so it will be very easy to find one near any of the hotels on our list. The best one is the popular Bull dog hostel, with a weed-friendly bar!


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Congrats, you have reached the end of my super detailed, comprehensive guide where I explained everything you need to know about where to stay in Amsterdam! In this post I talked about the 8 best areas for tourists and I have hand-picked unique Amsterdam accommodation for each of them, all with fabulous reviews and facilities. I also selected some great apartments and airport hotels for you, so you have everything you need here!

If you’re still unsure about where to stay in Amsterdam, I cannot blame you: we went through so many options that is almost impossible to remember them all! So let me help you and give you my favorite choices, both located in the Old Centrum:

  • Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam – Elegant and stylish 5 stars hotel with great central location, close to the canals, Dam Square and the Royal Palace
  • Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Centre – Cozy accommodation to stay close to Amsterdam main attractions and enjoy an amazing canal view

The only thing you have to worry about is booking your favorite choice in advance… places sell out very fast in this European capital!

I hope you found this post useful and that you already found the perfect accommodation for your stay! In case you have any questions and concerns, let me know in the comments below, I’m happy to help!

Have a great time in Amsterdam,


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amsterdam hotels

Pin it for later:

amsterdam hotels

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