11 TOP Vegan Restaurants in Athens (2024) ✔ by a Vegan!

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Are you traveling to Greece and are looking for the best vegan restaurants in Athens? Then you came to the right place! I have been to Athens, and as a fellow vegan, I am happy to say that Athens is filled with the best vegan food and incredible vegan restaurants!

I have included restaurants with Greek dishes and other things, like pizzas with vegan cheese. In every restaurant section, I have included the location, website, and phone number so you can easily find them and book a table if needed.I have also included a bonus where you can find 2 cool tours if you want to meet fellow vegans during your stay or sip on vegan-friendly Greek wines!

If you are in a hurry

If you want to find a vegan restaurant fast because you need some vegan yum ASAP, here are the top 3 vegan restaurants in Athens:

If you want to learn more about all the cool neighborhoods in the city, here you have our Athens area guide!

1. Veganaki – tasty traditional food

This restaurant has it all! First, the location is ideal, as it is steps away from Zeus Temple. After visiting the stunning ruins, you can stop by Veganaki and have some delicious vegan food. Relish in a plant-based take on traditional souvlaki, or savor authentic Greek moussaka, vegan style! They also offer vegan-only pizza, vegan burgers on pita bread, vegan pies, and the traditional Kormos.

If you want to be there for a quick stop, they have fresh juices to freshen up, or you could also sip on plant-milk-based frappés! When I visited Athens, I ate the falafel wrap and had Greek coffee. It was delicious and felt like a parade in my mouth, and the very reasonable prices were the cherry on top!

This all-vegan restaurant, without a doubt, is a great stop for a vegan meal during your stay in the stunning city of Athens.

2. Mama Tierra – best Mediterranean dishes

Indulge in vegan Mediterranean cuisine at Mama Tierra! This is one of the restaurants with a fully vegan menu that was first on my list to try in Athens, but since I visited for New Year, it was closed. Now you can try it for both of us! 😎 The ambiance and vibe in the restaurant are super laid back and minimalistic. It looks super trendy, and the food looks even better!

Dive into vegan gyros with tzatziki sauce or try vegan burgers with falafel patties and more options, including a Greek burger made with Greek olives and vegan tzatziki. To end the experience, do yourself a favor and delight in a dairy-free baklava dessert!

3. Avocado – try from traditional dishes to pasta!

Savor plant-based delights at Avocado vegan restaurant! Avocado was one of the restaurants locals recommended to me during my stay in Athens, and if the locals recommend it, you have to try it, so I did! First, remember this is a vegetarian restaurant offering a few vegan options. For example, you can explore vegan twists on classic Greek meze, which is what I did when I visited! I had the falafel platter, and it was amazing, and I accompanied it with Greek beer!

This restaurant offers other delicious dishes, such as the vegan version of bolognese, made of tomato sauce and shredded organic tofu! There is a wide range of salads: a harvest veggie bowl with a mix of greens, almonds, and dried figs (Yum!). They also have vegan cakes, a juice bar, and vegan ice cream, so you can savor fresh, vegan gelato on a hot day!

4. Vegan Beat Athens – best street food joint

Experience creative vegan dishes at Vegan Beat! I’ve got to tell you, I’ve been to this one, and the vegan gyros I had were life-changing. It’s probably one of my favorite vegan spots in Athens. Why? Prices are insanely good, and you get the most delicious food you can imagine. The people working there are super nice and friendly. It feels like one of those places that go straight to the point!

The menu is completely vegan, and it offers main dishes, which can be burgers, gyros, or Lahmajoun. Enjoy a fresh Mediterranean salad sans feta, for example, Dakos Greek salad. And end the meal with vegan versions of banoffee cake and sweet tarts. The location of the restaurant is super central, which makes it perfect for a quick stop in between ruins discovery!

5. Winners Vegan – for an upscale experience

If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner at upscale vegan eateries, this is the place for you! This restaurant is part of the Niki Athens Hotel and offers only vegan cuisine. If you are looking for a fancy and international experience in the city, in this restaurant, you can find vegan food from all corners of the world, from Asian-inspired dishes to burgers and salads.

The restaurant also offers a vegan bar with beers, wines, as well as juices, and smoothies. If I were you, I wouldn’t leave the restaurant without trying any of their desserts. The restaurant’s location is unbeatable, steps from Athens’ National Garden and a 15-minute walk to the Acropolis of Athens.

6. Cookoomela Grill – traditional food and great prices

Looking to discover traditional tavernas offering vegan menus? Then enjoy Greek-inspired vegan options at Cookoomela! I highly recommend this restaurant to those looking for delicious vegan meals with a real and traditional feel. The location is just outside the busiest area of the city center and a few minutes away from Strefi Hill, which features amazing views of the city and the Acropolis.

The establishment has a street food vibe, which I love. Especially when you are walking around and you just want to have something quick or on the go. All food tastes fresh and seasonal products in one bite, especially noticeable in their gyros!

7. Mother Vegan Cafe Bistro – perfect for brunch

Discover egg-free spanakopita offerings! If you want to try Greek pies, especially the famous spinach pie known as spanakopita, this amazing bistro will cover your cravings! One of the things I love the most about this restaurant is the hip and modern ambiance it offers. Making it the perfect place to have a vegan breakfast or dive into vegan-friendly Mediterranean brunch options!

Apart from delicious pies, Mother Vegan Cafe Bistro offers burgers, vegan pastries, breads, and a wide selection of vegan wines and beers! Filopappou Hill is located only a few minutes’ walk away, so before your long hike, stop at the bistro to charge energy! 🥾

8. Holy Llama – indulge in vegan pastries

Wow! This place looks amazing! Imagine going into a bakery and knowing that you can have anything you want from the menu! On the one hand, you can have any of the window vegan products, which include croissants, from plain versions to almond butter croissants. Cookies, cakes, and a wide selection of coffees, smoothies, and superfood lattes. If you wish, you can experience raw and gluten-free vegan delicacies, such as pistachio and raspberry raw bars.

On the other hand, if you need something stronger, you can have brunch. They offer amazing sandwiches, from vegan BLT sandwiches to vegan caprese croissants. You can have salad bowls and accompany them with a cold beer or wine! The bakery’s location is central, just a few steps from Syntagma station.

9. Peas – cozy feel in the middle of the city

This restaurant looks super cute! Indoors, the restaurant is small, but there is space in the back to sit, or you could alternatively sit in the outdoor bar, which will give it a nice street food feel! The restaurant offers raw dishes, zucchini noodles, and avocado bread crackers, as well as some raw cakes. The regular vegan menu is much wider than the raw one, they offer vegan salads, traditional dishes with fake meats, and burgers.

Of course, in this restaurant, they have traditional Greek wraps, as well as beer, coffee, and refreshing juice. The restaurant is located a few minutes walk away from the National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens, and Filopappos Hill.

10. The Vegan Vandal – amazing traditional ladenia

Explore the vibrant vegan street food scene in this cute and trendy restaurant! It is located just outside the city center, but close enough to visit it, just a 20-minute walk from Zeus Temple. The street where the restaurant is located is quiet since it is in a residential area, which makes it super unique for a tranquil late lunch or dinner, after all the business of the city center!

The restaurant offers burgers and traditional Greek street food with a vegan twist. There are also pita wraps and traditional ladenia, which is a type of Greek pizza, and savory pies such as ladopita. If you need something sweet after a meal, they serve desserts, as well as tea, coffee, and beer.

11. Bamboo Vegan – take a coffee break at this vegan store!

This place looks great. It is a vegan store where you can buy frozen traditional vegan meals, locally made tahini sauce, or plant milk, such as almond milk, to make vegan waffles or add to your coffee in the morning during your stay.

But it is also a stylish and trendy café that serves traditional sandwiches and pastries, delicious vegan cakes, as well as tea, coffee, and craft beers. It’s definitely a great place for a refreshing stop. The place’s vibe looks artsy and young, and the location is great, outside the ancient city, only a 20-minute walk away from it!

🥗 Best healthy food:Avocado Restaurant
🍔 Best vegan fast food:Vegan Beats Athens
🍩 Best vegan café:Holy Llama
🛒 Top vegan store:Bamboo Vegan

Bonus: Vegan food tours of Athens’ eateries

I didn’t want to end this article on the most popular vegan restaurants in Athens, Greece, without sharing these 2 cool, amazing food tours.

If you love discovering new vegan restaurants, join a vegan food tour of Athens’ eateries and meet other vegans, or simply have a different and enhancing experience.

glass of wine on a table next to cutlery
  • Vegan street food tour – in this 3-hour walking tour you will discover amazing hidden gems of the city, as well as the importance and cultural history of the food. You will visit famous neighborhoods such as Plaka, where you will taste amazing traditional food and learn about olive oil and how to distinguish real and quality olive oils. All by the hand of a local guide.
  • Private tasting of organic, indigenous, and vegan wine – this is a great option if you want to have a unique and memorable experience on your trip to Athens or if you want to surprise your partner with an elegant event. I highly suggest you book this private wine tasting that takes place in the Somm Wine Store. You will taste 6 different Greek organic indigenous vegan wines and learn about their making technique and special qualities in an hour.

Find more tours

FAQs about vegan restaurants in Athens

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🌱 Is Athens a vegan-friendly city?

Yes, aside from the fact that some dishes are traditionally vegan, there are so many vegan restaurants in the city offering traditional meals with a twist that will make you wish you lived there!

🥗 Which is the best vegan restaurant for traditional Greek food?

Many of them offer traditional Greek foods. Some of my favorites are Vegan Beats Athens, for a real street food experience, and Veganaki, which is located in the center.

☕ Which is the best vegan café in Athens?

Without a doubt, Holy Llama is one of the best vegan cafés and bakeries in the city of Athens, they offer a wide range of vegan pastries, raw desserts, and brunch sandwich options!

👑 Which is the best-rated vegan restaurant in Athens?

Honestly, all the restaurants in this article don’t go lower than 4.5, but Vegan Beats Athens has the highest rating of 4.9 out of 5!


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That is all for today, my lovely fellow vegans! Those were the best vegan restaurants in Athens, so if you want to try a traditional Greek meal, have a sweet treat in a coffee shop, or buy amazing vegan groceries, this post has something for you! You should also check out the fantastic tours I left for you in the bonus section!

Which of these Athens vegan restaurants and cafés are you excited to try? If you have a favorite vegan restaurant in Athens and I haven’t mentioned it here, let me know in the comments! I love discovering new vegan restaurants!

Until the next one, vegan friends,


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