8 Top Niagara Falls Boat Tours → American and Canadian side

Best Niagara Falls Boat Tours

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous destinations for people all around the globe! If you are planning your trip and are still trying to figure out where to start, do not panic! I have researched the web for hours to find the best Niagara Falls boat tours!

In this list, you will find the best boat rides in the USA with the Maid of the Mist boat ride and in Canada with the hornblower Niagara cruise, both of which operate from May through October. However, the best time to visit the falls is in the summertime.

One of the perks of visiting a new place is trying delicious food! Some of these Niagara city cruises include lunch, and some include dinner. Either way, stunning views will be on the menu!

This blog covers big and small group tours, so it does not matter if you are traveling alone, with your friends, or with your family; there is a tour here for you! Check out these tours and book in advance!

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

There are different points these Niagara Falls tours depart from, so to make it easier, check out the map below:

Niagara Falls Boat Tours MAP

Quick Picks for Your Stay

If you don’t have time to read the whole post, check out the top Niagara Falls boat tours.

Here are the main tours to book in advance:

1. Best Niagara Falls Boat Tours on the American side

If you’re coming to Niagara Falls from the US side, no problem, I’ve got you covered! Here are the 4 best boat tours from the American side.

1.1 Take this Niagara Falls boat and walking tour

Maid of the mist boat tour Niagara falls USA
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Price: Adults US$58
  • Why you should take it: A budget-friendly option covering the most important spots!

Do you want to keep it short and sweet? We’ve got your back! This 2.5-hour tour includes everything you need for a mesmerizing experience at Niagara Falls!

A knowledgeable tour guide will be with you, sharing facts about the Falls and answering all your questions during a delightful walking tour around the area. After this, a Maid of the Mist boat ride will take you to admire the raging Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. Just imagine getting completely soaked while admiring one of nature’s gifts!

I recommend this fun tour to anyone looking for a quick and budget-friendly boat tour!

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1.2 Sail over all 4 of Niagara Falls Islands!

rainbow over niagara American falls
  • Duration: 4 to 5 hours
  • Price: Adults US$100
  • Why you should take it: It is the only tour that covers all of Niagara Falls Islands!

Did you know that all of Niagara Falls Islands are on the American side? With this tour, you can cruise around all 4 islands(Goat Island, Luna Island, Terrapin Point, and Three Sisters Islands) and visit Niagara Falls State Park on Goat Island!

Of course, besides roaming around the Islands, the Maid of the Mist will take you to see the astonishing Niagara Falls (American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, and a bit of the Horseshoe Falls).

On top of this, you will visit the Cave of the Winds and the Niagara Falls Observation Tower! You can take this tour from April 29 until November 6.

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1.3 Explore the Cave of the Winds and view the Bridal Veil Falls

1.3 Cave of the Winds
  • Duration: 4 to 5 hours
  • Price: Adults US$115, kids US$90
  • Why you should take it: It covers all the main Niagara Falls attractions!

This half-day tour is perfect for anyone looking to spend their day taking in all of Niagara Falls natural wonders! Of course, this tour will start with a thrilling Maid of the Mist boat tour. So, get ready to taste the Niagara Falls mist (literally), hear its thunderous roar, and take in all the breathtaking views of the falls!

One of the great things about taking this tour on the USA side is that you will visit the Cave of the Winds, which is located on Goat Island and allows you to admire the Bridal Veil Falls and Niagara Falls like no other place! You will also be visiting Luna Island, where you can face the beautiful sights of the Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls, and the Niagara Gorge from the top of the observation tower!

This tour would be perfect for families looking to make long-lasting memories!

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1.4 Ride from New York to take this Niagara Falls boat tour

1.4 from New York to Niagara Falls
  • Duration: 22 hours
  • Price: from US$200
  • Why you should take it: Perfect for those staying in the Big Apple!

Are you staying in New York City? Do you feel like having a break from the big city and diving into an unforgettable experience? This is possible with this tour! Pack some good snacks and your camera to capture rainbows at your destination!

Yes, it is a long journey from New York City to the falls, but it is well worth it! The boat tour itself is 5 hours long (this without counting the ride to the Falls). So you will have plenty of time to enjoy the scenic views! When you arrive, you will board the Maid of the Mist boat and start your voyage to the Falls. Breathtaking views of the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls, the Horseshoe Falls, and the Great Gorge are guaranteed!

This tour is perfect for groups of friends and solo travelers. I wouldn’t recommend this one to families; the long journey could be tricky for kids!

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2. Best Niagara Falls Boat Tours on the Canadian side

Coming from Canada? Here are 4 of the best tours for you!

2.1 Enjoy a personalized afternoon with this Falls boat tour

Niagara falls over the sunset
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: Adults US$130, kids US$87
  • Why you should take it: It’s the most popular and the most convenient tour

Suppose you want to spend the day looking at the many scenic stops in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. This tour will book your entire day!

Imagine: it is a hot summer day, and you start your voyage by boarding the Hornblower boat and setting yourself up for a day cruise! A small group of 7 passengers, including yourself, will experience the heavy and refreshing mist of the Horseshoe Falls. Later on, you will visit the tunnels behind the falls, where you will be standing under the Horseshoe fall!

You will hop in the elevator and go to the top of the Skylon tower(You can see Queen Victoria Park from here) for more amazing views of the falls! After all the walking and wandering, you will need delicious food with a sunset view to keep those energy levels up! After dinner at Table Rock Restaurant, you can play with the lights that light up Niagara falls at night!

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2.2 Get excited with a boat tour and helicopter trip

2.2 helicopter trip Niagara
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Price: Adults US$283
  • Why you should take it: Amazing views from a helicopter!

Let me tell you, getting soaked by the Horseshoe Falls on a Hornblower Niagara cruise is exciting enough! But if you are an adrenaline seeker and want to take it to the next level, book this tour, enjoy an incredible helicopter ride around Niagara falls and breathe in the stunning views!

The attractions continue: you will visit the Horseshoe Falls from behind too, and then go up the Skylon tower and enjoy a tasty lunch in its restaurant with incredible Niagara Falls views. This group tour is for a maximum of 6 passengers, so that the schedule will be very smooth, so get those questions ready!

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2.3 Hop on a bus from Toronto to Niagara Falls

2.3 from Toronto to Niagara Falls
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Price: Adults US$87, kids US$79
  • Why you should take it: Ideal for those staying in Toronto!

Visiting Toronto and craving a quick ride to Niagara falls, Canada? The journey from Toronto to Niagara falls is an easy and picturesque 90-minute bus ride. One of the first stops will be in Niagara on the Lake, where the tour guide will point out scenic stops! Quickly after, you will arrive at Niagara Falls, where you will board a boat ride that will take you to see the Falls and feel the mist on your face and body!

But don’t worry; you will dry up fast enough to visit Skylon Tower and see Niagara falls from a 360-degree point of view.

A great thing about this tour is that you will have 3 hours in Niagara Falls before returning to Toronto to explore around! The top place to visit in the city is Clifton Hill which I assure you is fun for all tastes and ages!

Bear in mind this tour operates from April until November!

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2.4 Enjoy this intimate Niagara Falls boat tour

2.4 Niagara City cruises Canada side
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Price: Adults US$255
  • Why you should take it: Intimate experience, great for lovebirds!

This 8-hour Niagara Fall tour includes a Hornblower Niagara Cruises boat ride. Start your voyage to the Falls, where you will see the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls on your way to the Horseshoe Falls, and feel that sweet mist on your skin!

This private tour is perfect for anyone visiting Niagara Falls for a romantic experience, as the tour groups are reduced to 6 passengers. Take your loved one and come enjoy a gorgeous 3-course dinner at Table Rock Restaurant with incredible views across Horseshoe Falls.

A Skylon tower visit is a must-see visiting Niagara Falls in Canada, which is included in the tour! Of course, you will check out the Falls from behind while you visit the Skylon Tower!

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FAQs about Niagara Falls boat tours

Skip the line tickets to Niagara falls

🌟 What is the best season to visit Niagara Falls and go on a boat ride?

The best season to visit Niagara Falls is summer, but boat tour season starts as soon as May and ends in October.

💡 What should I bring to Niagara Falls?

First and foremost, you should bring comfortable shoes(for walking), sandals(for boats), sunscreen, and comfy clothes! You will be among nature the entire day. And don’t forget to bring water, it is a must in the summertime!

✈️ Which side of Niagara falls is better?

The best side of Niagara falls is hard to choose! Horseshoe Falls is the biggest fall of Niagara Falls, located in Canada. But you can still get fantastic views from the American side!

🤔 Can you see Niagara Falls without a tour?

Yes, you can see Niagara Falls without booking a tour. You can visit and see the Falls for free in Niagara Parks Land (Canada) and Niagara Falls State Park (USA).

💰 How much does it cost to visit the Falls?

If you want to book a boat ride without a tour, it will cost US$28 (ages 13+) and US$17 (ages 6 to 12) with the Maid of the Mist, and with the Hornblower US$24 (ages 13+) and US$17(ages 3 to 12). Prices per person!

🛥️ Is it possible to ride a boat over Niagara Falls?

Of course! The Maid of the Mist boat (USA) and the Hornblower boat (Canada) take you over Niagara Falls!


what to wear for a niagara falls tour raincoat

Visiting Niagara Falls is one of those experiences on everyone’s bucket list. And you are one step closer to ticking that box! As you can see, I have covered the best Niagara Falls boat tours! From quick visits to all-day tours in Niagara Falls and its surroundings!

A pro tip: Book your tours in advance! These tours are not only likely to sell out, but their prices usually go up when the tour dates are approaching! Once again, be aware that to take the Falls boat tour, you must visit Niagara Falls in the right season (from May to October!).

Let me know which one of these tours is your favorite! If you have any questions or are looking for a particular tour, leave a comment, and I will answer promptly! I am here to help!

Enjoy the adventure,


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