23 Best Instagram Travel Photo Poses to Try on Holiday!

A person in a pink dress and hat, facing away, holds someone's hand while pointing at numerous hot air balloons floating over a rocky landscape during sunrise or sunset.

Whether you love taking pictures or dread it but still want some memories, then this post will be super helpful! This guide has some of the best Instagram travel photo poses that you can try and play around with to get that fab picture to post on your feed!

I’ve dug in my own library and included lots of tips that helped me get some amazing pictures over the years, while I was traveling!

So get your notes app ready as you might want to write some of the best travel photo poses down to remember!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Here are some of my trip photo poses, that you can try while on your holiday:

  • Running towards the camera
  • Silhouette
  • Candid walking

1. Twirl and Spin

Yulia, the founder of this website, in a checkered dress twirls on a cobblestone street lined with colorful buildings and festive decorations.

Nothing like a good old spin to make your pic seem more dynamic!

You can do this alone, or if you’re with your partner you can ask them to hold your hand above your hand and spin you around like in a dance.

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If you don’t want to hire a professional, I’d recommend getting yourself a selfie stick/ tripod off Amazon so you can take incredible pics wherever you are. Plus, it comes with a remote so you can take even better travel photos.

2. Hold your dress

Yulia, the founder of this website, stands barefoot in front of historic buildings, holding her striped dress. People walk around her, and mist rises from the ground.

This is a great photo pose for girls! If you’re not really sure what to do with your hands, you can just gently hold your dress! I’m always a bit confused about where to put my hands when I’m taking pics, so this is one of my go-to’s.

However, make sure you hold your dress in a natural way, so it doesn’t look as if you put your hand there because you didn’t know what to do with it. That will give the pic an even more natural vibe!

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3. Arms in the air

Yulia, the founder of this website, stands on a rock edge overlooking a vast mountainous landscape with raised arms, facing away from the camera. Machu Picchu can be seen in the background among the green peaks.Victoria Lupascu, the author of the posts or misstourist, jumps in mid-air with mountains and a setting sun in the background. The silhouette of the person stands out against the scenic landscape.Yulia, the founder of this website, wearing a bright green shirt stands balanced on a rocky path in front of a mountainous landscape, arms and one leg raised in a joyful pose, with a cactus to the right.Yulia, the founder of this website, stands on a rock with arms outstretched, facing a vast mountain landscape at sunset.

Who doesn’t love a good old, arms-in-the-air pic?

This can work both with you facing the camera or turning your back to it, especially if you have a valley or a lake, mountain or something with a great view behind you.

You can also jump, while holding the arms in the air! I love those kinds of pics, especially when I’m hiking or somewhere in the mountains or forests.

4. Walking away

Yulia, the founder of this website, wearing a dark dress walks down a tree-lined path in a formal garden.

This pose is super nice when you have a stunning background.

If you’re with someone, you can ask the person to start taking the pictures as you move away from them, just remember to walk slowly, especially if the light isn’t too bright! If you’re alone, just set up your tripod and use the remote as you walk away.

I’d recommend taking multiple pics so you can choose from the ones that look the best. Sometimes the final result may be totally different from what you’ve imagined but that’s the fun bit!

5. Silhouette

Yulia, the founder of this website, with a ponytail sits on a wooden deck by the water, gazing at the sunset.

Love some silhouette pics!

This can work mostly at sunset or sunrise, and you don’t need a fancy camera just to check how you can position yourself, in order to catch the silhouette.

Also, make sure you talk to the person who’s taking your pic and show them something similar to what you want so that they know how to take the pic.

6. Walking/running toward the camera

Yulia, the founder of this website, wearing a pink dress walks barefoot along a sandy beach with the ocean and a palm tree in the background.

Okay, walking toward the camera can look cool but definitely try running!

I know it sounds a bit weird, you, just running for no reason but trust me, it’ll look so cool in the picture!

You can ask the person who’s taking your pic to lower their camera a bit so that they can get a lower angle which can make you look a bit taller, and it’ll also give the picture a more artsy vibe!

7. Sit out the car window

Yulia, the founder of this website, takes a selfie while sitting in a parked car with a giraffe pattern design.

The perfect road trip picture!

You’ll probably need a 3rd person to snap the pic or maybe you can find a way to position your phone, or try a selfie stick!

This pic would look even more incredible if you were in a convertible car!

8. Candid walking

Darija Stojanovic, the author of the posts or misstourist, in pink pants and sunglasses walks on a paved beachside promenade with colorful buildings and palm trees in the background.Yulia, the founder of this website, in a printed romper walks in a paved outdoor area with tables and chairs. People are seated under a large umbrella in the background. A signpost and buildings are visible.

This can be taken from any angle, and you can use pretty much anything as a background!

Here are some ideas of where you can take a candid walking pic:

  • On a cobbled street
  • Walking in a forest or the beach
  • In front of a unique building

9. Interact with your surroundings

Yulia, the founder of this website, in a striped tank top and shorts stands on grass, holding a burlap sack labeled "Product of Colombia," with a mountainous landscape in the background.Yulia, the founder of this website, sits on a wooden chair outside a colorful building with blue, orange, and white walls, next to a blue door and several chairs displaying paintings.Victoria Lupascu, the author of the posts or misstourist, wearing a long coat and hat stands in front of a sunlit, weathered stone building with arched windows.Yulia, the founder of this website, sits cross-legged on a narrow suspension bridge surrounded by lush green foliage.Yulia, the founder of this website, sitting on a sun-drying bed holding coffee beans under a transparent roof, surrounded by more beans.

If you’re the person who likes to bring a bit of action in their pics and not just stand in front of something (although that can look great too) you can try interacting with whatever it is you’re around!

Here are some examples:

  • Climb on a tree branch or just hold the tree
  • Touch or pick a flower
  • Put your hand on the wall
  • Open a door
  • Hold on to a chair
  • Look through a book/magazine

There are so many options. Plus, you can be super creative with this and play around! It’s usually when we have fun and play that the pics turn out amazing!

10. The hair flip

Yulia, the founder of this website, in a red shirt stands in a yellow flower field, tossing her long hair back, and wearing sunglasses.Yulia, the founder of this website, with long hair wearing a black dress is smiling and leaning forward in an outdoor corridor with columns.

Flip your hair like you don’t care! Here’s a cute rhyme and maybe an Insta caption for you!

The hair flip can look amazing no matter where you are or what you are doing!

You can flip your hair with your hand or spin your head a bit and let the hair move around on its own.

PRO TIP: If you have an iPhone, turn on your live photo feature, then you can find the perfect moment.

11. Seated angle from above or below

Yulia, the founder of this website, with sunglasses sits on a sandy beach in a wide-legged pose, smiling and giving thumbs up.

So whether you’re in front of a big valley, lake, or mountain (usually somewhere in nature) you can really play with the angles while you’re seated.

You can try sitting somewhere and then have the photographer snap the pic from below, which creates this interesting illusion as you’ll appear much bigger.

Or you can try with an angle from above, which works really amazing when you have a background with something super big like a body of water or a mountain.

12. Climb the stairs

Darija Stojanovic, the author of the posts or misstourist, in a green dress and white sneakers ascends stone steps leading to a large, ornate cathedral with a golden dome under a partly cloudy sky.Yulia, the founder of this website, in a black leather jacket stands on a stone staircase next to a stone building with a closed arched door.

If you find some stairs that are not super crowded you can get some cool pics, either climbing up the stairs or just going down.

Again, play with the angles to see what suits you best! If you happen to be in a super small town with narrow streets and stairs, definitely snap some pictures as you’ll get some cool ones!

You can also sit on the stairs, or if they’re long enough you can walk along one of the steps!

13. The hand hold

A woman with auburn hair, wearing a patterned dress, holds hands with someone as she looks out over calm water and distant hills.

This is probably one of the most famous poses from the last few years!

It’s the one where the photographer holds the hand of the person who’s in the pic and you can see only the photographer’s hand and then the person in the picture.

Usually, the one in the picture sits with his/her back to the camera although it can look pretty cool when you’re facing the camera.

14. Try different angles

As I mentioned in the sections above, you can really play with the angles, and get some unique pics, in the most random places!

It’s all about the vision! So you can try a few times from above, below, right, left, up-close, or far apart! At first, it might seem tricky but I found that the more I practice this, the more it becomes natural and when I get to a place I immediately know which angle will work.

The light plays a big factor and also what you’re wearing, you can make use of whatever you have or is around you to get a really nice picture!

15. Be yourself

Day trip from Reykjavik waterfall Hraunfossar BarnafossThe writer of the post standing at the waterfront, with the picturesque hilltop town of Vrsar, Croatia, and its marina in the backgroundA woman standing in front of a graffiti covered wall.The writer of the post in a red dress sits in front of the Colosseum in Rome, enjoying the sunlight

Probably the most important pose, right? Not even a pose, but it does make all the difference when taking a picture!

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m just doing things that come naturally to me, the more beautiful the picture comes out! So definitely try all these, but find the ones that suit you and you’ll get some fab pics!

16. Side profile pic

Yulia, the founder of this website, stands by a riverside railing at sunset, facing right. She has long hair and wears a black top. A bridge and trees are visible in the background.

Looking for some simple photo poses? Then try out this one which can look really nice when taken with a camera but a phone set to portrait mode will also do!

You can try this while looking at something, or even keeping the head from a profile and then looking at the camera, I really like that one!

17. Sitting and enjoying the view

Yulia, the founder of this website, sits on a grassy ledge overlooking the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu, surrounded by green mountains and a partly cloudy sky.Victoria Lupascu, the author of the posts or misstourist, in a black hat and dark top stands with arms outstretched, facing the ocean from a high viewpoint at sunset. A boat is visible in the distance on the water.Darija Stojanovic, the author of the posts or misstourist, wearing a white shirt and blue pants with a white backpack sits on rocks by the sea, facing the horizon during sunset.Yulia, the founder of this website, with sunglasses and a blue shirt gazes out over a scenic landscape featuring a lake and greenery, viewed from a high vantage point.Yulia, the founder of this website, wearing a hat and casual attire sits on a stone ledge overlooking the ruins at Machu Picchu with a misty mountain backdrop.

Yep, this always does the trick when you want to get a nice pic of your background but also include yourself in the picture.

You can try the profile pic here too, and combine them, or use different angles! This is what’s great about these tips, you can combine them as you like, it doesn’t have to be that you just use one way, but rather mixing and matching!

18. Drinking from a cup/glass

Coffee, tea, wine, beer, whatever it is, it can look so amazing!

While drinking I also like to either smile a bit or look up, just to make the pic look more interesting, but you can find your own way to do this.

You don’t have to drink from the cup/glass, you can also just hold it in your hand while looking at the camera or somewhere else.

This is a great solo travel photo pose, as you can set your phone on timer, and lean it on something on the table (or use a tripod) and take the pic!

And if you’re somewhere sunny, why not try it with gelato?

19. Looking at art in the museum

Yulia, the founder of this website, stands in front of two paintings, one of a kitchen scene and another of two figures dressed in formal attire, in an art gallery.Victoria Lupascu, the author of the posts or misstourist, with long hair stands at an ornate fireplace in a richly decorated room with elaborate wall designs and wooden furniture.Yulia, the founder of this website, with long hair stands in front of a large, textured art installation with various shapes and colors in a gallery setting.

It’s hard to take a pic in the museum that includes you with all the art around but I really like the pictures when you’re looking at a painting or sculpture or whatever art form you have there!

You can try close-up pics or if you have a huge painting you can also try getting the whole painting in, while you’re sitting in the middle.

20. Balcony picture

Yulia, the founder of this website, wearing a hat stands on a stone balcony overlooking a large lake surrounded by hills under a clear blue sky.Yulia, the founder of this website, in a red coat looks out from a balcony of a large, ornate Gothic cathedral with intricate spires and cityscape visible in the background.Yulia, the founder of this website, relaxing on a balcony overlooking a tropical beach with clear turquoise water, palm trees, and a swimming pool.

Whether you’re on a fancy balcony of a hotel in a place like Paris that’s super old and vintagey or just on a modern apartment balcony you can snap some really cool pics!

Again, it’s all about the vision! See what you can work with. For example, if the view is nice, try to capture more of that and you, or if the architecture of the balcony and the buildings behind are nice you can include more of that in the picture.

21. Snow fight

Yulia, the founder of this website, is standing outdoors, smiling while snow falls around them. They are dressed in winter clothing, and there are snow-covered trees in the background.

Hitting the mountains during winter and don’t know how you can improve your photo game?

There’s nothing like a good old snow fight, where you’re all having fun, to make an amazing picture!

You can also try hitting the camera with snow, or taking some snow and throwing it above you, to get the looks of a winter wonderland(Just double-check your camera is water resistant)!

22. Pose with an animal

Darija Stojanovic, the author of the posts or misstourist, with her husband, poses for a selfie with a brown horse in a green mountainous landscape on a sunny day.Horses in iceland

Visiting the animal sanctuary or swimming with the dolphins?

Make sure to snap a cool picture of you and your new non-human friend! Just make sure to ask if it’s okay before, some animals may not react well to cameras or flashes.

23. Catch the architecture of the building

Whenever you’re traveling to a big city with impressive architecture, whether it’s old or new, you can totally take some amazing pictures with you!

Here you can play again with the angles, and also try to find a great way to position yourself in the picture, like sitting in the middle, in a corner, near a door or whatever works for you in that particular setting!

Other photography tips

I’ve included so many poses in post, but I also wanted to have this sections with some tips that I’ve learned over the years, while taking pictures:

  • Shoot with natural light
  • Be natural and have fun
  • Take pics in the morning without the tourist crowds
  • Get some inspo from Pinterest
  • Communicate with the person who’s taking your picture (so important! You can even show them some pics for inspiration, so that they understand what you’re looking for)

Final thoughts on Instagram travel photo poses

The writer of the post in a flowing black dress poses beneath tall trees by a small circular fountain at the Musée Calvet in Avignon, France

Well, I hope you’ve got plenty of inspiration from this post on the best Instagram travel photo poses!

I’ve included so many options from photo poses for girls to couple travel photo poses and many others that I’m sure you’ll have fun trying!

Enjoy your holiday and snap a lot of pics! If you have any other ideas for vacation poses that you want to share with us, just drop me a comment below and I’ll make sure to answer so that everyone can see it!

Happy exploring,


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