The Ultimate Travel Playlists (from the Miss Tourist team)

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Here at Miss Tourist, we feel that music and travel always go hand in hand and that’s why we decided to make this post with the ultimate travel playlists!

Below, you’ll find a playlist from each team member and a short intro on our music tastes!

There are lots of hidden gems here so make sure you browse through and check out our playlists! I’m sure it’ll inspire you to add some new tunes to your current travel playlist or even make one if you don’t have it!

Let’s rock:

Yulia’s Travel Playlist

Yulia’s love for music is a constant in her life, even as she navigates motherhood and frequent travels.

She enjoys a variety of genres, with a preference for popular English songs, classic 90s hits from bands like Queen and the occasional Italian and Russian tunes.

Upbeat melodies keep her energized during her morning routine and household chores, while relaxing beats help calm her mind during taxi rides.

Despite the changes brought by her new baby, Yulia still finds comfort and happiness in music, making sure to incorporate it into her daily life and adventures with her little one!

Genres: Pop rock and jazz
Favorite band/s: Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons

Dan’s Travel Playlist

Dan started as a classic rock lover, but, as years went by, he started to let more genres into his life. Now he listens to whatever he thinks sounds good, low-fi beats to rock and metal.

For Dan, traveling, especially traveling alone comes with a sense of liberation, the ultimate freedom.

Forget all the sweet love songs!

If you are going to be the main character in a new adventure, set the mood right once you board that flight and prepare to have some fun!

Genres: Rock, Indie rock, Metal, Alternative, Electronic and DnB
Favorite bands and singers: Foo Fighters, Metallica, Gorillaz, The Prodigy and Stromoe

Kathryn’s Travel Playlist

Kathryn starts every day off with music no matter where she is in the world!

She likes her music grungy, heavy, and sometimes with a few genres all mashed up into one song. She mainly listens to songs in English but she does enjoy a little French, Spanish and Japanese woven into her tunes.

When walking, driving, or traveling on public transport she’s always got her earphones in. She’s also one of those people who find metal music oddly calming. It does wonders for her travel anxiety.

Genres: Metalcore and alternative
Favorite band/s: Bring Me The Horizon, Sleep Token and Bad Omens

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Victoria’s Travel Playlist

Music has always been a faithful companion for Victoria and she can always rely on it! Whether she’s mad with joy or feeling super low, she finds comfort in her favorite tunes!

When it comes to styles she would listen to anything from rock to folk, soul, techno, classical music, indie, pop and many others! She doesn’t really care about the labels, as long as the song makes her feel something, be it happiness, melancholy, or like she wants to have an impromptu solo dance party!

While traveling, Victoria likes soothing music, anything from hertz to mantras but it really depends on her mood, the location and many other factors!

Genres: Folk, indie, rock, soul and techno
Favorite bands and singers: Ry X, Maneskin, Ajeet, Danit & Fleetwood Mac

Darija’s Travel Playlist

Darija’s music taste ranges from American pop songs of the 80s to modern Middle Eastern beats from Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt.

Music is Darija’s number one tool for learning languages, so lately, you’ll find her exploring songs in Arabic. She actually learned Greek only by listening to music and translating the lyrics, and she can sing songs in Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, and 3 other languages!

She sees music as a bridge connecting her with other cultures, and the first thing she’ll do before visiting a new place is explore YouTube playlists with popular songs over there!

Genres: Pop, rock and synth-wave
Favorite band/s: Magazin (Yugoslavian band)

Olga’s Travel Playlist

Olga is an absolute music lover. Growing up, she listened to genres such as grunge and alternative rock. Now she listens to everything from classical music to French rap, and everything in between as long as the vocals and music are beautiful!

Not long ago, she discovered the German group AnnenMayKantereit and the vocalist’s voice fascinated her so much that she decided to start learning German. For her, music isn’t just for relaxation but it also motivates her to try new things!

Olga especially likes listening to music in the car and preferably to play it super loud! Her son shares the same musical taste, so when they’re going on a road trip they have so much fun!

Genres: All types of rock (from classic to indie) and R&B
Favorite band/s: Annenmaykantereit, Imagine Dragons, Depeche Mode, Korn, Paramore, Billie Eilish

Hristina’s Travel Playlist

Hristina’s love for music started when she was 5 years old, listening to the same songs over and over again on a cassette tape together with her brother.

Since then, she has experimented with different genres, but she always comes back to basics – that grungy sound of 90s Seattle bands she first fell in love with.

The first thing she does on a road trip is start her playlist (then open the map on her phone – she can easily get lost, even on familiar roads). For her, no experience is complete without music; from mundane tasks like cleaning the house to exciting adventures like visiting a new place for the first time, she needs to have music in the background at all times.

Hristina’s favorite thing about music is that it can transport her back in time to some of her best memories.

She associates music with people, places, and events, and a song has the power to take her back to some of the most cherished moments in her life.

Genres: Grunge, rock and classic pop
Favorite bands: Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queen, Florence & The Machine, Fleetwood Mac

Marija’s Travel Playlist

Marija has a special love for music as it’s the reason why she fell in love with the English language!

When she was little she used to sing English songs with her sister following the lyrics and that is why and how she learned the language and decided to study English language and literature.

Nowadays, she still loves to listen to mostly English songs, but she also enjoys listening to songs in her native language – Macedonian. She discovers new music mostly from her husband, a huge music lover who plays the guitar.

She most often listens to music when she is working, or driving, and always on weekend mornings as a way to wake up and get pumped for the weekend ahead.

Genres: Pop and rock
Favorite bands and singers: Florence and the Machine, Adele, Lana del Rey and Funk Shui

Final thoughts on our ultimate travel playlists

A person lies in a hammock by a pool, eyes closed, wearing earbuds, and holding a music player.

Phew, so much good music!

We hope that you enjoyed reading and listening to our ultimate travel playlists! We’d love to hear which are some of your favorite songs that you listen to while traveling! You can drop the links or names in the comment section below!

Enjoy listening to these songs!

Happy exploring,


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