Must Visit Dubai Attractions – An Ultimate 5 Day Trip Plan

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If you have decided to visit Dubai, the most populated city in the third richest country on earth, I hope you are ready for it, because Dubai couldn’t be more ready for you!

Just 50 years ago, Dubai was a seaside village, but after oil was discovered in its area, the ruler of the city invested the earnings from selling oil in infrastructure such as airports and skyscrapers and created a tax-free zone that made it an ideal place for tourists and businesses, all of which formed the city that we know today!

Here is a map to see where is Dubai located exactly:

dubai city

But if you thought this city has only desert, skyscrapers and malls, you are wrong! Let go of that cliché and keep reading to find out what to do in Dubai and the best Dubai sightseeing activities out there.

This itinerary is essentially for 5 days plus day trips, but it can just as easily be used for a 2-, 3- or 4-day plan. Whatever number of days you have there, I assure you – you won’t run out of things to do! And if you want to take a day off, you can pick and choose what to miss because now you will be super informed!

In this itinerary I tried to include activities that are geographically located close to each other, but feel free to move it around and maybe add some time in between if you want a more relaxed visit. This post also has a lot of practical info so by going through it, it will help you get an idea of how to build your own perfect itinerary!

Let’s go!

Day 1 – New Dubai

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The first day is all about exploring the new area of Dubai and soaking in the moderness of it all! Below you can find my best recommendations for things to do in a whole day in the most contemporary city in the world:

1.1 Relax on Kite Beach or Jumeirah Beach

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And the prize for the favorite Dubai beach among tourists and locals alike goes to… Kite Beach!

Dubai beaches are the perfect place to unwind after a couple of days of sightseeing or just to spend those hot summer, spring, autumn and even winter days! Kite Beach is a public beach and you are most welcome to bring your own umbrella and towel, but if you forget, you can always rent them on the spot for around AED 100 (US $27) for an umbrella and two chairs.

Mare sure to bring your camera as well! Not just for the beach photos, it’s also the perfect Dubai tourist spot to watch kitesurfers and admire the Burj Al Arab, the seventh tallest hotel in the world!

You can also head to Jumeirah Beach, a super popular beach which is free and public. It’s the type of beach that is wide and long and perfect for just chilling on the sand or even enjoying some aquatic sports. By the way, there’s also a great view of Burj Al Arab from there, so don’t forget to bring your camera for the perfect photo!

PRICE: AED 100 (US $27) for an umbrella and two chairs, free if you bring your own

1.2. Visit the Dubai Mall

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One of the most famous Dubai attractions is the Dubai Mall, located in downtown Dubai.

Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world and it has more than 80 million visitors per year!

This is because the Dubai Mall is not just any mall! Because of its humongous size, there are plenty of activities and events going on there all year round!

For instance, you can walk for free through the whole mall and check out the Fashion Avenue where you can find the most iconic designer brands in the world. Or you could visit the world’s largest virtual reality venue or VR PARK, skate at the Olympic size ice rink or check out the weird human waterfall and the DubaiDino!

By the way, you can check out my post on Things to do in Dubai with kids where I have a whole section on what to do with them at the mall. Spoiler – so many cool things!

  • VR Park – For children and adults alike, go on and challenge your senses and experience this Virtual Reality Park located at the Dubai Mall

PRICE: US $13 for a discounted ticket or US $41 for a skip-the-line ticket

  • Ice Rink – You can go to one of the hottest cities on Earth and also learn how to ice skate! It’s a great break from the outside temperature and your kids can learn how to ice skate all year round in an Olympic sized ice rink!

PRICE: US $13 for a discounted ticket

dubai tourist places

  • Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – Dubai Mall also hosts a 10 million liter aquarium! It’s located on the ground floor and you can see over 140 species of fish there, including sharks (they have 300 sharks!), rays and more! Pssst, they also have a submarine simulator and glass-bottom boats!

PRICE: The prices on the official website are US $47 (weekdays) and US $61 (weekends) for the Explorer experience, but I found discounted tickets for  $US 40 here!

  • Dubai Mall sculptures – The Dubai Mall has several sculptures inside that are definitely worth a look! From the Human Waterfall to the skeleton of a 155 million year old dinosaur called the DubaiDino, walking through the Dubai Mall is an experience on its own!


1.3. Explore Burj Khalifa

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There is no way that you go to Dubai city and not visit the Burj Khalifa!

Not only is it the tallest building in the world, it’s got 5 more world records such as having the elevator that travels the longest distance as well as having the highest observation deck in the world, which by the way, you can visit! Dubai and its opulence strikes again!

I have written a whole article about getting tickets for the Burj Khalifa as the price varies depending on what type of experience you will be having and I want to help you make the right choice so you don’t miss out on anything!

I have found these tickets to the observation deck for a really low price, it is a steal! I advise you to leave your vertigo at home and enjoy this outstanding piece of architecture!

PRICE:  US $60 for At the Top tickets (124th and 125th levels) or US $119 for At the Top Sky tickets (124th,125th and 148th level), both for prime times.

EXTRA: Stop by Dubai Frame for a great picture opportunity

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You will basically be in a city known for its world records and instagrammable places, so there is no better place for the biggest picture frame in the world!

This humongous statue stands at 150 m high and 90 m wide and was the result of an architectural contest where the architect Fernando Donis aimed to “frame” this city full of emblematic places and landmarks! Located in Zabeel Park, you can always enter the park and take a picture from afar for free, but most people want to check out the views by getting tickets to enter the Dubai Frame precinct and even climb it!

PRICE: AED 53 (US $15) or US $16 for the skip-the-line ticket – this includes getting up and seeing the view + a visit to the museum as well. But you can take a cool picture of it for free.

1.4. Marvel at the Fountain show

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Right in front of Dubai Mall you can find the Dubai Fountain, which is very similar to the Fountain at the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur or the one at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. So if you are wondering what to see in Dubai at night, know that this fountain offers a free light show as well! Evening shows start at 6 pm and are every half hour until 11 pm. However, to find what time would be more suitable for you, you can check the schedule here.

Alternatively, if you’d like to be driven around Dubai Fountain on a traditional boat, you can book a 30-minute cruise; make sure you head there in time to collect your tickets from the ticket counter because Dubai Mall is massive!

PRO TIP: If you’d like to enjoy the show without being crushed by the crowds and while you’re sipping a cocktail, you can book a table at one of the restaurants nearby – Serrafina or Abd El Wahab Restaurant are some great choices! Make sure that you mention a table with a view when you make your booking and book in advance! We just arrived 15-20 minutes before the show and took a spot with a view, but it got completely full 5 minutes before the show started.

Alternatively, you can also enjoy this “Cocktails under the stars” experience on the Lounge of Burj Khalifa on Level 152!

PRICE: Watching the show is free

1.5. Check out souk Al Bahar in the evening

spices in dubai

Before or after watching the night fountain show, you can head to souk Al Bahar, which is right in front of it!

It is a beautiful venue full of shops and cute restaurants and bars and pretty much the perfect spot to chill after a day of sightseeing. Whether you need to do some souvenir shopping or you need to grab something to eat, this is THE place to go!


Day 2 – Old Dubai

dubai islands

As there is no “new” without “old”, I recommend checking out the most traditional side of Dubai on day 2 of this itinerary. During this day you will be exploring the Al Fahidi neighborhood and you will finish the day with the most Emirati activities of them all: a desert safari!

2.1. Get lost at the Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood and Deira

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There is nothing that I love more than walking around the city’s old town! In this case, that would be the Al Fahidi historic neighborhood – one of the best places to visit in Dubai if you ask me!

Formerly known as Bastikiya, it used to be a site for trading textiles and pearls, and that is why one of its main attractions is the textile souk or textile market located there. The Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum are also found there, so apart from exploring, rest assured you will be able to do lots of other activities!

On the other side of the Dubai Creek, right in front of the Al Fahidi neighborhood, you can find the commercial neighborhood of Deira and its souks (traditional Arabic markets). It’s one of the most interesting things to see in Dubai and you can get there with an Abra boat ride for just AED 1 (US $0.30)!

activities in dubai

„Gold souk”

Right before the big malls were built, the souks where the center of commerce in Dubai and there were all types of different souks there. Now, the most popular are the Dubai gold souk and the Dubai spice souk, just a few blocks away from each other. Make sure you don’t miss this unique activity during your Dubai trip!

FUN FACT: If you add up the weights of all the gold from the gold souk, you will end up with more than 10,000kg of gold. Sounds crazy, right?

If you want to visit these with an organized tour, I recommend taking this 4-hour walking tour that will have you exploring this ancient neighborhood and its souks for a low price!

PRICE: Walking through these neighborhoods is free

2.2. Navigate the Dubai Creek

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The Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek that used to be called the Zara River by the Greeks and traveled on with a dhow. A dhow is a typical ship from the Arabian region used by locals for years in order to cross the creek and navigate Dubai.

You can always walk along the shore of the Dubai Creek to explore the city from land but if you’d like to see it from the water, you can also get a public Abra ride here for AED 1 (US $0.30) to take you across the creek so you can experience the local way of life plus avoid the traffic!

FUN FACT: The Dubai Creek Tower is currently under construction. It will be finished in 2020 and it will be the tallest building in the world, at a height of 828 meters!

2.3. Hop on a boat cruise (dhow cruise)

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One of the most popular activities in Dubai is to take a dhow cruise along the Dubai creek. Exploring the city’s best landmarks during the evening when all the skyscrapers are all lit up and the skyline is just unbelievable; such a beautiful atmosphere!

For instance, you can book a Dhow Cruise such as this 1 hour sightseeing cruise through the Dubai Marina where you’ll get to admire places such as Atlantis or The Palm, all with a couple of drinks in hand!

Alternatively, you can have dinner while exploring the magical waters of Dubai on this 2h luxurious dinner cruise, this time through the Dubai Creek. Enjoy an international cuisine buffet while you marvel at the most traditional landmarks and neighborhoods in Dubai!

PRICE: US $13 for the sightseeing cruise. US $30 for the dinner cruise (without transfers)

2.4. Enjoy a desert safari tour

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How can you even think about going to Dubai without visiting the romantic and magical desert of the Emirates? It’s definitely one of the best Dubai excursions out there!

The Arabian Desert, which is an extension of the Sahara over the Arabian Peninsula, has been a set for so many Hollywood movies, from Star Wars to Sex & the city, the list is quite long!

For an authentic Arabian vibe, you can book an evening Desert Safari in Dubai (from 3pm to 9pm) where you’ll get to be driven around the dunes and have a great barbecue while watching traditional performances – this one’s definitely on my list of top 10 things to do in Dubai!

Alternatively, you can choose this Premium Desert Tour (from 2pm to 9pm) where you will have the chance to choose if you want to do some dune bashing on extremely high or normal dunes, enjoy a belly dance show and get a henna tattoo as well!

PRO TIP: Yes, it is also possible to go on your own! The only thing is that you would need a whole day to do so. In order to do it, you can rent a 4Wheel Drive and stock up on water, food and supplies and maybe some shisha and picnic mats! There are several spots where you can enjoy a great view and an awesome drive over the dunes such as Liwa or Al Qudra!

PRO TIP 2: If you go on your own, I recommend doing it if your trip falls between November and March, otherwise it will be too hot and you don’t want to get stranded in the desert under those temperatures, believe me!

Day 3 – Palm Dubai

dubai famous places

The third day of this itinerary is all about exploring the famous Palm Dubai! The Palm Jumeirah is a man-made archipelago in the shape of a 5-kilometer long palm tree, home to many upscale hotels and attractions in the city and it makes for one of the best places to visit in Dubai!

The chances are high that you will be staying in this artificial archipelago, but if you are not, make sure that you pay a visit there and enjoy and relax at the wonderful Dubai beaches such is Jumeirah Open Beach or the chill Palace Beach, both of them free and public!

If you would like to enjoy Palm Jumeirah from the water, you can book this jet ski or speedboat tour! You can choose from either one of them and you can also decide how long you want the tour to last (30 minutes to 2 hours).

3.1. Chill at the Atlantis – Imperial Beach Club

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The Atlantis is a stunning and gigantic hotel by the Dubai beach that looks like it’s just come out of the Aladdin movie, size 100!

This hotel has an amazing beach club called the Imperial Beach Club where you can enjoy some drinks while admiring the waves of the Persian Gulf.

PRO TIP: If you are a sport-lover, why not check out the running track along the beach and grab a bite to eat at one of the food stalls along it?

3.2 Get wet at Aquaventure Waterpark

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You will never run out of things to do around Palm Dubai! If you are looking for a place to get away from the heat, Aquaventure Waterpark is IT!

With more than 30 slides and attractions, the only con is that you might need more than a day to enjoy them all! First world problems eh?

PRICE: US $90 on the official website but I have found a better price for just US $79 that gives you access to all attractions plus the Lost Chambers Aquarium that I will talk about below!

3.3 Learn about sea life at The Lost Chambers Aquarium

dubai last minute

If you are interested in sea life then you might want to consider a visit to Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis.

Even though we would all prefer to see sea animals in the wild, sometimes aquariums fill educational purposes for the little ones of the family. The Lost Chambers Aquarium hosts more than 21 exhibits and 65,000 marine animals in a reenactment of what the lost city of Atlantis would be like, so if you decide to visit it, I encourage you to view it as an educational visit and learn as much as you can about our precious, diverse sea life.

PRICE: Same as above, AED 330 (US $90) on the official website but you can find a better price at just US $79.

NOTE: There’s a chance for you to swim with sea lions and dolphins in Atlantis the Palm. However, I don’t recommend doing so as it is unethical and even dangerous. First, these animals are exposed to certain levels of stress due to their life in captivity (and they are given medication for this) and they have been known to react unpredictably when interacting with humans. Second, dolphins in particular are able to transmit diseases to humans and vice versa. And last but not least, these animals have been taken away from the freedom of the sea and from their families just to serve as a means of entertainment!

EXTRA: See Dubai from up high

If you’d like to see Dubai from a WHOLE other perspective, why not face your fears and book this skydiving experience over the Palm?

60 seconds of freefall from over 13,000 feet will likely make Dubai a once in a lifetime trip!

Alternatively, for those of you who want the same view but without feeling like you’re having a near-death experience, I have found an amazing helicopter tour over the Palm!

Day 4 – Spectacular Dubai

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What would Dubai be without its artificial structures that have turned a fishing village into one of the richest and most interesting cities to visit in the world? On day 4 I suggest you explore the Dubai Marina and the Miracle Garden, among other sites, and finish with an Arabic show with a contemporary twist!

Let’s go!

4.1 Wander around Dubai Miracle Garden

what to see in dubai

If you thought that wonderland was just a fairytale, it’s because you haven’t heard of the Dubai Miracle Garden until now; it’s one of Dubai’s best places!

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a flower garden that occupies more than 72,000 square meters. It is the world’s largest flower garden with more than 50 million types of flowers!

The garden is divided by sections such as The Lake or a Disney Avenue with a floral castle and even a Giant Mickey Mouse! Make sure to bring your camera with you because you will find plenty of unmissable photo opportunities there!

Because you can easily get lost in this wonderland, I recommend taking this flora and fauna tour that will take you straight to the most famous sights!

PRICE: Single entry is 50 AED (US $14)

4.2 Take a walk through the Dubai Marina

where to go in dubai

Last but not least, the Dubai Marina is a place that, in case you haven’t seen it yet, is a must visit during your Dubai holidays!

When a country is mostly desert, you only have one choice: artificially-made structures and developments! One of them is the Dubai Marina, which is an artificial 3 km canal built along the gulf shoreline. It is home to more than 50,000 people and has some of the highest buildings in the world!

Although walking along the Marina is great fun and a must on the to-do list, there are lots of activities that you can enjoy around it. My first recommendation is taking a Dhow Cruise during which you can enjoy the view from a traditional boat or this luxury dinner cruise where you’ll have an exotic dinner with some live music (probably the most romantic out of the best things to do in Dubai at night!) or  even a 1.5h zipline experience across the marina for the thrill seekers!

4.3 Try Skiing in Dubai

activities in dubai

On a whole different note, a favorite of locals out of the places in Dubai to see is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East: Ski Dubai!

Whether you are a pro skier, snowboarder or you just like to have fun bobsledding, this ski resort is for every type of sports enthusiast! With an 85 m high mountain and 5 slopes of 400 m length, you are definitely going to enjoy this unique activity in the city!

If you have never skied before, don’t worry, you can book a discovery lesson package for AED 340 (US $92).

PRICE: AED 190 (US $52) for a single pass. The entry includes access to all the amenities in the ski resort such as sleds, bumper cars and even an ice cave. What’s more important, it includes outfit rental as well!

4.4 Watch the authentic La Perle Show

The first Dubai permanent dance and acrobatic show is La Perle by Dragone. An artistic performance influenced by Arabic culture, it’s Dubai’s very own “Cirque du Soleil”!

These shows are a great way to immerse yourself in the Emirati culture from another point of view! With more than 65 international performers you will see things like motorbikes defying gravity by riding inside a sphere; it’s honestly a one-of-a-kind-show! These shows are usually held in the evening and you can find the schedule on their official website.

PRICE: AED 350 or US $95 from the official website, but you can get bronze tickets at just US $74.

Day 5 – Fun Dubai

top things to do in dubai

If you don’t know already, here you go: Dubai could be one of the most fun cities in the world! Maybe because of its high temperatures, or the wealth of its population or even because of its crazy number of tourists, but this city offers some serious entertainment to whoever is ready to enjoy it!

The fifth day of this itinerary is all about amusement parks and I recommend you spend the whole day there, it’s definitely worth it! Most of the following attractions are located in the Dubai Parks & Resort Precinct which means that you can technically visit all of them in a day (if you wake up early enough), as they are literally just a walk away from each other!

Check out the amusement parks below that will easily take up the whole day of your itinerary:

5.1. IMG

dubai last minute

© IMG Worlds of Adventure

If you are a bit tired of sightseeing and tours, why not head to Dubai’s largest indoor park? Whether you are travelling by yourself, with family or with a group of friends, I assure you, you’ll be able to enjoy all the Marvel or Cartoon Network themed rides at the IMG Worlds of Adventure! If you’d like to explore the different rides to see if this attraction park is for you, check out their rides section here.

PRICE: AED 299 or US $80 on the official website but I found this discounted ticket at US $49!

5.2 MotionGate Dubai

Motiongate (also known as Dubai’s very own Hollywood) is probably one of the most fun kids activities in Dubai!

This attraction park features rides based on the best children’s movies ever made, like Madagascar, Shrek and the Smurfs! And even though it is geared toward families and children, if you do enjoy these movies, make sure you visit it!

PRICE: AED 275 or US $75 from the official website, but you can check these tickets at US $44!

5.3 Legoland Amusement Park & Waterpark

where to go in dubai

If you want to see something awesome, you have to head to Legoland in Dubai. In my opinion, it is definitely one of  the top things to do in Dubai!

I think that you already know what Legoland is, but in case you don’t – Legoland is an amusement park and waterpark focussed on real life Lego constructions! Dubai Legoland has six themed lands which are: Factory, Imagination, Adventure, Kingdoms, Lego City and Miniland!

You can also enjoy the Legoland Waterpark. With their Build-A-Raft lazy river and different Lego themed slides, it is a perfect way to beat the heat of the day while having a lot of fun.

Finally, for those a bit concerned about safety, don’t worry! The rides are completely safe and (thankfully!) not actually made from little lego pieces!

PRICE: AED 275 or US $75 from the official website, however, I found this ticket at just US $43.50!

5.4. Bollywood Park

dubai excursions

Did you know that there’s a big influence of Indian culture in Dubai? Now you do!

Proof of this is that Dubai has its very own Bollywood Park, an amusement park dedicated to this traditional Indian dance and its whole universe!

While you’re there you can watch live Bollywood shows, enjoy 4D rides and enjoy all types of thrilling rides with the theme of a Bollywood Movie!

PRICE: Official price starts at AED 175 or US $48 on their website, but I found discounted tickets at US $31!


My favorite park (if you are not travelling with kids) would have to be IMG Worlds of Adventure. It’s quite affordable and a great choice for those looking for a bit of thrill while escaping the heat of the day!

PRO TIP: If you want to stretch the day and you wake up early enough, you can even go to two attraction parks on the same day (there is just a 10 min walk between parks so it’s completely doable) – check out these 2 parks in 1 day passes! As you can see from the price, it is just a little more expensive than buying a one park pass so it is a great option for those families that can’t reach an agreement on which two parks to visit!

PRICE: US $83 for a 2 parks 1 day pass

Finally, if you don’t have much time, you can stay at the on-site Polynesian-style hotel Lapita in order to not waste any fun time while in Dubai!

Day 6 – Last day / Departure day

fun things to do in dubai

It is sadly the day of your departure and your adventure in this magical land is over… or is it?

If your flight is a bit later in the evening and you are still keen on some adventure, why not take advantage of the day by booking this 5-hour hot air balloon ride? This is a very early morning adventure – you’ll get picked up at 4am and dropped off at 9am, so I’d say you can definitely fit this into your schedule.

In this unique experience you can admire the views of the desert and the city, perfect for a romantic date or if you’re looking for a whole different activity. The pick-up is early in the morning so you can enjoy the most incredible morning desert view from the sky and afterwards have a delicious breakfast; it is really a magical experience! By the way, you can read more about the hot air balloon tour in my Best Dubai tours article.

PRICE: US $240

BONUS 1: Extra things to do in Dubai

If you are staying for longer (lucky you!), then have a read of my list down below! By the way, I have also created an article on the Best Tours to take in Dubai, just in case you are hungry for more!

1. Fly away on a Helicopter tour

day trips from dubai

As a great gift or even just a treat for yourself, you can book an unbelievable helicopter ride! Depending on your preference, you can choose the length of your helicopter tour – the longer you choose it to be, the more landmarks you will see! This is quite a popular tour, it will make your Dubai trip unforgettable!

PRICE: US $146

2. Explore Burj Al Arab

dubai excursions

Burj Al Arab, a self-proclaimed first 7-star hotel, is one of the most famous landmarks of Dubai and a must visit!

Located in its own “little island” in the Gulf, there’s no way you can miss its sail shape. After all, it is only the seventh tallest hotel in the world!

If you want to know more about it, or how to book it, check out my Best Hotels in Dubai post!

PRICE: An average of US $2,000 for a deluxe suite per night

PRO TIP: If you want to visit the hotel and see how it looks inside but you don’t want to stay overnight, there are ways to do it! To enter the venue, you need a reservation in either the hotel or the restaurants or bars. Check out how to do it in my Best Tours in Dubai post.

3. Learn about Emirati History at the Dubai Museum

things to see in dubai

If you are curious about the epic and mysterious history of Dubai, you should visit the Dubai Museum located in the Al Fahidi Fort that was built 200 years ago. At the Dubai Museum you will be able to learn how Dubai became the global city that it is today from starting as just a nomadic fishing village, all in a span of 50 years!

PRICE: Entry fee is AED 3 (US $ 0.80)

4. Eat at an Underwater restaurant

Did you know that in Dubai it is possible to have an underwater restaurant experience? Check out the Ossiano Restaurant in Atlantis for a great mediterranean fine-dining experience while admiring the sea life around you!

PRICE: From AED 865 (US $235) for the 7-course menu to AED 1195 (US $325) for the 11- course menu

5. Get on a Hop-on/hop-off bus

things to do in dubai today

Get on the famous bus taking tourists from one landmark to the other in Dubai! Hop off wherever you want and hop on the next bus over to somewhere else! With 8 different routes, it is quite handy if you want to go to the main sightseeing spots in Dubai!

I recommend booking the 24 hour pass, where you can enjoy unlimited Hop On and Hop Off rides for a full day period. There are 8 routes that you can choose from; without stops, a route should take around 2 hours to complete. The pass also includes entrance to the Dubai Museum and a cultural Dhow Cruise at Al Asef!

PRICE: US $72 for a 24-hour pass

6. Admire the Jumeirah Mosque

what to do in dubai today