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My decision to visit Langkawi came out of an incredible offer that AirAsia had, it cost me only 6€ to go from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi island!

Shame on me, I did not know this paradise island exists before, seriously!

Except enjoying (amazing) deserted beaches and climbing up the hill with a cable car, there are some awesome adventurous activities which I have done and I would like to tell you about.

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-Ski Jet trip-

jet ski tour Langkawi Megawatersports

Jet ski! tour Langkawi

One of the most amazing things I have done in my SE Asia trip and definitely in Malaysia.

I had a 4 hour Ski jet tour of islands with Mega Water Sports. Deserted beaches, flying eagles, breathtakingly beautiful islands, qualified stuff – I was a bit afraid at the beginning but it turned out to be easy to manage those huge machines, such an amazing feeling!

It was certainly not the cheapest activity I have done, but you know what? It is worth every single penny! I would so do it again! You can see the prices here.

You get to see many beautiful spots, but the part I liked the most was when we were permitted to roam freely. The instructor gave as an absolute freedom to go wherever we want as fast as we want. It was such an awesome feeling! I went kilometers away, I felt like I was a bird! This feeling of amazement will stay in my memory forever.

I also liked that the company pays much attention to the safety question, as long as you listen to your instructor, it is 100% safe, don’t worry!

Note – do NOT take a hat with you, it will be blown away in the first minute. And MegawaterSports provided me with a special tier for my glasses. Answering your question – driving is very easy, if I could do it, you can do it! 😉

The video of my Ski Jet trip is here:



Parasailing preparation boat naam langkawi

parasailing Langkawi naam boat

When you will be relaxing on one of those amazing beaches of Langkawi, you will probably notice many parasailers flying above you, and enjoying the view. I was a bit jealous on them and at the end found an ideal company (Naam Adventure) that organized it for me.

The guys have all the certificates and I did not have to run with the parachute from the beach, they just launched me from the boat. It is way safer.

The duration of the “flight” is 10 minutes, but it is more than enough. What I like about Naam Adventure is that they take care of all the little details during my whole stay – from providing me with water bottles to giving me a wet towel to cool off at the end of the trip.

It was pretty cool, see the video below for a better understanding.

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-Sunset cruise-

Beautiful sunset Naam cruise

Ok, maybe this tour is not exactly extreme, but it is adventurous. I again chose Naam Adventures because they have this great luxury boat to make my last day in Langkawi truly romantic and unforgettable.

It is a 3 stories yacht with bedrooms and showers and everything you might want, like unlimited wine to fully enjoy your experience there.

I am very glad I was picked up from the hotel – I was wearing a dress, it wouldn’t be cool if I’d get there with a scooter, right?

We sailed off with and took first we went around the Eagles’ square. And then for about 4 hours you just melt in that luxury atmosphere, listen to some romantic music, sip your wine that is gently refilled by the servers, eat delicious food and just enjoy those jaw-dropping sunsets!

I recommend the sunset cruise as a great way to spend a romantic evening or as a relax getaway with your family!

inside the yacht Langkawi Naam

Sunset cruise Naam Adventure

Watch a short video of my parasailing and sunset tours together:

Where to stay on Langkawi

  • Luxury hotels – stay in Four Seasons Resort Langkawi to access the best beach on the island and to receive the best service! The Datai Langkawi also has a private beach and great rates of you book in advance.
  • Medium priced Mawat Villa this hotel located  amidst tropical greenery has fantastic reviews, be sure to book in advance! If you want to stay in a tropical wooden home Panji Panji is your place. Fantastic price and reviews!
  • Budget stays – Bougainvillea Inn or Rembulan Langkawi, just 450 m from the beach!


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