HONEST GUIDE → Where to Stay in Oxford (With Prices!)

I’m sure this city doesn’t need a long introduction!

All I can say is that I fell in love with it the minute I arrived and I’m sure you’ll feel the same! Home to the famous Oxford University and many other historic places like the Bodleian Library and Christ Church College, this legendary town is a magical destination in England (and one of my favorites)!

Come along and discover the best areas where to stay in Oxford, plus a well-detailed guide containing the best luxury hotels, mid-range, and budget hotels!

Oxford’s City Center is the top area to stay in town as this is where you’ll find all the main attractions and unique hotels! But don’t worry, in this post, you’ll find 4 more neighborhoods, perfect for other travelers, who are visiting with their kids or want to spend more time in the outdoors; Summertown, Park Town, Osney, and South Oxford!

As you know, Oxford is a super popular place to visit. So I recommend booking the hotels a few months in advance if you want to get the best ones!

Let’s hit the road!

Quick Picks for Your Stay

Take a moment to check this list of the best accommodations where to stay in Oxford! All of them are located in the City Center:

luxury hotel
0 1%20Old%20Bank%20Hotel
mid-range hotel
0 3 Courtyard by Marriott
budget hotel
0 4 Turl Street Mitre

Turl Street Mitre

Best affordable accommodation in the center

0 2%20Modern%20Apartment%20Airbnb

Modern Apartment

An Airbnb with amazing reviews

Here’s a map of all the areas where to stay in Oxford that I will be talking about in this post:

Map%20of%20best%20places%20to%20stay%20Oxford MAP
  1. City Center: for first-timers
  2. Summertown : for nature lovers
  3. Park Town: for families
  4. Osney: near the train station
  5. South Oxford : for budget

1. City Center – where to stay in Oxford for the first time

Are you ready to explore Oxford and its superb streets? Because I sure am!

There’s no better place to stay in Oxford than the City Centre! Here you’ll find a huge range of restaurants and the main attractions in town. The ancient Oxford University (only one of the most famous universities in the world) plus many others such as the Ashmolean Museum and Bodleian Library are all here!

The atmosphere in this area is so incredible, it feels as if time stood still! Everything seemed so magical the last time I was here (I’m 100% sure Harry Potter fans will love Oxford)!

Let’s not forget that the Harry Potter movies featured many locations in Oxford, such as the Bodleian Library and Christ Church!

I highly recommend booking your hotels in the City Centre. Why?

Just imagine. You’ll be only a short walk away from all the Gothic buildings, medieval churches, and theatres! But do it super fast! Everyone wants to stay here, within walking distance from the top Oxford attractions!

The list of things to do in Oxford, especially in the City Centre, is endless, but not to worry, I’ll help you with that as well! Check out our latest post. It has the main attractions and activities in town that you can’t miss!

Luxury hotel
1 1%20Old%20Bank%20Hotel%20with%20Free%20cancellation

This hotel has a convenient location, right near Oxford’s oldest colleges (like Old Souls college) and it’s within walking distance from the best restaurant! Relax in the comfortable beds and take a long shower in the marble bathrooms after a day spent in Oxford city!

Other accommodation options in City Center

1 2%20Courtyard%20by%20Marriott

Enjoy a tasty breakfast at this Oxford accommodation that has a central location, free wifi, and a terrace

1 3%20Turl%20Street%20Mitre

Ideally located near the Oxford attractions, this hotel has comfortable rooms and modern amenities

1 4%20Modern%20Apartment

I love the design of this apartment that has a dining area, free wifi, and family rooms

The City Centre is for sure one of the best areas where to stay in Oxford but as I said before all the best luxury hotels or even the mid-range and cheap hotels sell out so fast as everyone wants to stay within walking distance from these famous attractions. So if you’ve missed your chance at some of the accommodations from the list, here are 4 more!

  • Luxury: Old Parsonage Hotel – Fancy staying in a building from 1660? This is one of the best boutique hotels in a City Centre location and a restaurant that serves great food! 
  • Mid Range: Head of the River – Situated on the banks of the River Thames, this hotel has family rooms with comfortable beds and free wi-fi. Here you can start your day with a delicious breakfast at the restaurant! 
  • Budget: Wadham College – An affordable Oxford accommodation that has rooms with en-suite bathrooms and free wi-fi. 
  • Airbnb: Stylish Apartment – Enjoy your stay in Oxford city at this apartment with lovely decor, 3 rooms, and a kitchen. The accommodation also offers free parking. 

Things to do in Oxford City Center

1.1 Things to do in City Center
  • Visit the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology
  • Admire the architecture of the Christ Church College building
  • Take the Harry Potter tour and discover all the movie locations
  • Learn new things at the Oxford Castle & Prison
  • Check out the collections at History of Science Museum
  • Shop for local products at The Covered Market
  • Attend a music recital at The Sheldonian Theatre
  • Explore around the stunning Christ Church Cathedral

2. Summertown – best place to stay in Oxford for nature

Yes, yes, we know that Oxford is full of history and iconic buildings but let’s not forget that this relatively small city is also surrounded by nature!

I think that’s what made me fall in love with it! The fact that even if you’re in a city, you don’t feel that it’s too crowded or too polluted! Everyone looks so calm, serene, and happy! I mean, how could they not be when living in such a stunning place!

If you’re not a fan of staying in central Oxford and want to experience its other aspects, I recommend finding a hotel in Summertown. The area sits only a 20 minutes bus drive away from Oxford City Centre so that you can visit it anytime you want.

This is a great location for people who want to spend more time outdoors! Summertown has many parks and green areas, like Port Meadow (a nature preserve), where you can take long walks at sunset before heading back to the hotel.

Luxury hotel
2 1%20Burlington%20House

This Oxford Townhouse Bed & Breakfast is set in a Victorian building from 1889! The accommodation offers breakfast every morning, free wi-fi, and free parking spots for its guests!

Other accommodation options in Summertown

2 2%20Remont%20Oxford%20Hotel

Enjoy the Oxford sun on the terrace of this hotel that has spacious rooms and offers free parking

3 3 Best Western Plus

Grab a quick bite in the morning at this hotel that has a garden and a balcony where you can chill

2 4%20Spacious%20Studio

How cute is the design of this apartment? I love the color palette! The accommodation has a kitchen and free wifi

Things to do in Summertown

  • Have a drink at Dewdrop pub
  • Enjoy a day in the outdoors at Port Meadow
  • Take the bus and visit Oxford City Centre
  • Start your day with a French breakfast at Pompette
  • Check out the stores on the high street of Summertown

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3. Park Town – best place to stay in Oxford for families

Planning a family trip to beautiful Oxford? Then stick around for a few minutes, because I’ve got all the details you need for planning this fun holiday!

If you’re looking where to stay in Oxford with the kids, I recommend Park Town, a residential area that sits in North Oxford, only a 20-minute walk away from the City Centre. I think Park Town will be great for families, as it’s super tranquil and many parks surround it!

Usually, the City Centre is pretty chill but at times when there are lots of tourists and students in town, it can get pretty hectic. I know that some parents will look for areas to take the kids out to play, and Park Town has plenty of those!

While you’re at it, if you’re searching for other places to visit with the family in the UK, check out Bristol, another incredible city!

When you’re not out and about in the City Centre, taking some Harry Potter tours with the little ones, you can explore the Park Town Gardens or the University Parks. They’re stunning!

Now, let’s check out the Oxford hotels in this area:

Luxury hotel
3 1 Cotswold Lodge

Located in a beautiful Victorian building, this lodge has all the facilities you need for a pleasant stay! The rooms are spacious and have a great design so order some breakfast in your room in the morning or head downstairs to eat in the restaurant.

Other accommodation options in Park Town

3 2%20St%20Margarets%20Hotel

A cute B&B that’s situated on a quiet street and offers family rooms, free wifi and kid-friendly meals

3 3%20Best%20Western%20Plus

Enjoy a sunny day in the garden of this hotel that has a picnic area, family rooms, and free wifi

3 4%20Charming%20Apartment

This spacious apartment sits just a 10 minute walk away from the City Centre and it has a private backyard

Things to do in Park Town

  • Explore the University Parks with the kids
  • Visit the Pitt Rivers Museum
  • Enjoy a cup of tea at Brew cafe
  • Take the Harry Potter tour in Oxford City Centre
  • Go for a walk in the Park Town Gardens
  • Have dinner at Little Venice Pizzeria

4. Osney – where to stay in Oxford near the train station

Planning to visit other places in the UK during your trip? I mean, London is just a stone’s throw away, and you can’t miss seeing Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare!

Then I recommend finding a place where to stay in Oxford city, in Osney! Why?

Well, if you book your hotel here, you’ll only need to walk for 5-10 min to reach the train station! Plus the City Centre is not too far either, only a 15 min walk away.

Osney is a pretty small neighborhood but is conveniently located near the 2 main things that most travelers want to have nearby: the central area and train station. However, before you run straight to your favorite places in town, make sure to explore Osney for a bit.

Mingle with the locals, cross the famous Osney bridge and visit the Old Power Station, a historical landmark that first opened in 1892 and served as Oxford’s first electrical power plant

Luxury hotel
4 1%20The%20Porterhouse

Enjoy your stay in Oxford at one of the best luxury hotels in the area! This accommodation is only a 5-minute walk away from the train station and it has comfortable rooms and a terrace! Before you head out you can grab a quick breakfast or lunch at the restaurant on-site.

Other accommodation options in Osney

4 2%20River%20Hotel%20Top%20Pet%20Friendly%20Hotels

Feel at home in this Oxford hotel that has family rooms, free wifi, and an on-site restaurant

4 3%20Cozy%20Home

Traveling on a budget? Then this accommodation that has a kitchen, a tv, and free wifi will be perfect for you

4 4%20Central%20Apartment

A spacious apartment that’s perfect for 4 to 5 guests with a kitchen and offers a free parking spot

Things to do in Osney

  • Visit The Old Power Station
  • Go for drinks at Holly Bush pub
  • Enjoy the views of River Thames
  • Take a day trip to London or Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Have a delicious lunch at The Punter

5. South Oxford – best place to stay for budget travelers


The best way to plan the perfect low-budget trip is to start by looking for super affordable accommodations!

If you’re traveling to the city on a low budget, I recommend finding budget hotels to stay in Oxford in the South part of the city. This area is mostly made of green spots and gardens (my favorite)!

South Oxford sits a bit further away from the City Center (still only a 10-minute walk) and luckily for us, most of the accommodations here are a lot cheaper than the ones in central Oxford.

What’s great about this city is that you can easily reach the main sites either by walking or taking the bus no matter where you’ll stay. South Oxford may not have trendy restaurants, but it sure has lots of spots that are worth exploring.

The park area near River Thames is perfect for picnics and long walks! If you’re traveling in July, you might catch the Cowley Road Carnival that takes place in southeast Oxford (on Cowley road) every year in July!

Let’s check the best cheap hotels that you can get for a bargain price in South Oxford:

Luxury hotel
5 1%20Voco%20Oxford%20Spires

Tucked away between the trees, less than 2 miles south of the City Center, this Oxford hotel offers a stunning garden and a restaurant. Go for a swim in the pool and enjoy a relaxing morning at the spa before heading out to explore the city!

Other accommodation options in South Oxford

5 2%20Lakeside%20Guesthouse

A cozy and comfortable place to stay in Oxford that has family rooms, free wifi, and a flat-screen tv

5 3%20Newton%20House

This accommodation sits a 5-minute walk away from River Thames and it has family rooms

5 4%20Garden%20Studio

Perfect for 2 or 3 guests, this studio offers lake access, a kitchen and a small balcony where you can chill

Things to do in South Oxford

  • Explore the Queen’s College Recreation Ground
  • Have a drink or two at the White House pub
  • Take the kids to the South Oxford Adventure Playground
  • Enjoy dinner at the Folly Restaurant
  • Admire the views of River Thames
  • Attend the Cowley Road festival
  • Visit the Oxford Brookes University campus
👑 Luxury price:£250
💵 Mid Range:£150
🛏️ Budget:£100
🏠 Airbnb:£150
💰 Accommodation prices:Medium
📍 Best area:City Centre
👪 Best area for families:Park Town
🛎️ Best luxury hotel:Old Bank Hotel
💵 Best mid-range hotel:Courtyard by Marriott
👛 Best budget hotel:Turl Street Mitre

Frequently asked questions about hotels in Oxford

6 oxford places to stay with hot tub

🤔 Is Oxford a nice place to stay?

Yes, Oxford is a stunning town! Home to the famous Oxford University plus many other unique attractions like the Ashmolean Museum, this city will offer you an incredible experience! 

🔝 Which part of Oxford is best?

The City Centre is the best area where to stay in Oxford! The area hosts the main attractions (like Oxford University), the best restaurants, and unique luxury hotels like Old Bank Hotel

❓ Who owns the Randolph Hotel Oxford?

Graduate Hotels, an American chain of hotels owns at the moment, the famous Randolph hotel

🏨 Which are the best hotels in Oxford City Centre?

Old Bank Hotel and Courtyard by Marriott are some of the best hotels in the City Centre. Both have great reviews and offer amazing services.


Victoria in Oxford 1

I can’t wait to hear your opinions about Oxford. You can leave me a comment below (I’ll answer it super fast). I hope this post and my insider tips helped you decide where to stay in Oxford and which luxury, mid-range, or budget hotels to book.

The list of Oxford hotels is pretty long and I know better than anyone how hard it is to make a decision. So here are my top 2 favorite options, both located in Oxford City Centre:

If I were you I would book my hotel a few months in advance. As I mentioned, tourists from all over the world come to visit this historic city and the accommodations sell out super fast!

Enjoy your holiday in this magical town! Explore its historic streets and attend the Cowley Road festival if you’re in Oxford during that time, you won’t regret it!

Safe travels,


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