10 BEST Hoover Dam Tours From Vegas (+Accommodation!)

0 Hoover Dam Tours from Vegas

Although over the years the Hoover Dam has lost its title of the largest dam in the world, it still remains a spectacular engineering marvel, which you can visit on a tour from Las Vegas!

If you’re planning a trip to Sin City and want to visit the Dam, then this long list of the best Hoover Dam tours from Vegas, will be exactly what you need to read! I’ve looked and searched for hours until I found the most amazing experiences!

And of course, I couldn’t let you go without a short list of Las Vegas hotels which I added in the bonus section, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Before we start I do recommend booking all your tours and hotels in advance. Hoover Dam is one of the biggest attractions near Las Vegas so everything will sell out fast.

Ready to see a cool generator room? Vamonos! 

If you are in a hurry

If you don’t have time to read the whole post, here is a quick summary of the best Hoover Dam tours to book in advance:

Here are the best Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas for a well-rounded experience:

1. Enjoy the views at Hoover Dam & Grand Canyon West

1 kid friendly itnerary to Hoover Dam

Planning your stay in Vegas? Well, I hope you’re aware that it’s not only the Las Vegas Strip that offers all the fun! Not too far from the city you’ll find attractions like Hoover Dam and the famous Grand Canyon which are so worth a day tour!

This tour offers a great combo of these 2 things! You’ll start your day in the morning, and travel by bus (pick-up is included if you’re staying at one of the hotels on their list) to your destination.

Since it’s pretty early you’ll first stop for breakfast (which is included in the price) with your tour guide, after which you’ll hit the famous Hoover Dam! There you’ll stop to take some pictures of the spectacular views of the Bypass Bridge!

But I’d make sure to have my camera ready during this whole Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam Tour, especially as you stop on your way to Joshua Tree Forest.

Your last stop will be at the Grand Canyon West, where the bus will take you around the best viewpoints (the entry ticket for the Canyon is also included in the price).

NOTE: When buying the tour ticket you’ll get 2 options. One which includes a ticket to the world-famous Skywalk viewpoint at Grand Canyon West, and it’s of course more expensive than the regular ticket by US$26, and another which doesn’t include this.

While at the Grand Canyon you’ll get a BBQ lunch at Guano Point, one of the most stunning meal locations you’ll ever see! 

  • Length: 10h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas
  • Price: US$160

Join a Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam Tour

2. Take lots of pics during this quick Hoover Dam tour

2 quick Hoover Dam tour

Looking for a shorter Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas? Well, this one may be just the right one for you! This tour takes around 3h and it includes hotel pick up and drop off (note that if you have a walker or wheelchair you’ll have to contact the tour supplier before the tour date to arrange for that).

After the short drive of 40 min from Las Vegas, you’ll stop first at Hoover Dam, and cross the Mike O’Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. Then you’ll walk to the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Walkway where you can admire one of the most spectacular views ever! And even get a peek of the Colorado River.

Then you’ll continue to explore all the different scenic stops and of course see the Lake Mead Lookout!

  • Length: 3h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas
  • Price: US$60

Join a Hoover Dam Mini Tour

3. Learn cool things about the Hoover Dam & Lake Mead

3 things about the Hoover Dam

Want to find out exciting things about the inner workings of the Hoover Dam?

Then hop on this half-day Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas, where accompanied by your tour guide you’ll see some of the most amazing sites at one of the engineering wonders of the world!

During the half-day tour you’ll get to see the huge generators, the beautiful Lake Mead which is one of the largest manmade lakes in the Western Hemisphere and the Hoover Dam bypass bridge which sits above the Colorado River.

I hope you’re ready to take lots of photo stops because it’s impossible to say no to those views!

  • Length: 6h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas
  • Price: US$80

Enjoy the Hoover Dam & Lake Mead Experience

4. Bike your way to Hoover Dam

4 hoover dam tours by bike

Hey sport enthusiasts, if you were looking for a way to make this Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas a lot more entertaining then check out this one!

You’ll get picked up from your hotel and then get a short session on how to ride a mountain bike on the Historic Railroad Trail. After that you’ll be good to go! The trip is 8.2-miles out and back, but since you will be using electronic bikes, the trail is doable for anyone of average fitness.

On your way get ready to admire the road-rail tunnels and the stunning Colorado River! There won’t be a dull moment while biking to Hoover Dam and you can count on lots of photo stops!

Once you get there, you can spend some time wandering around and then you can choose if you want to go on an actual Hoover Dam tour (which will cost US$10) or head back.

  • Length: 4h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas
  • Price: US$136

Hoover Dam & Lake Mead Tour by Mountain e-Bike

5. See the mesmerizing Hoover Dam & 7 Magic Mountains

5 Cool tour to the 7 Magic Mountains

There are so many cool Hoover Dam Tours from Las Vegas that also take you to other fabulous attractions near the city, and I think this one is one of the best ones!

The Hoover Dam tour starts super early, with a quick photo stop at the Las Vegas welcome sign (can’t leave the city without a picture here), after which you’ll head straight into the Mojave desert, alongside your guide in the air-conditioned bus.

You’ll first stop to see one of the main attractions in the desert, the Seven Magic Mountains, where you’ll walk around a colorful art installation and definitely take some pics of this ingenious creation!  

Once everyone is back on the bus you’ll make your way to Boulder City where the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are located. There you’ll climb up to the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Walkway and get a stunning sight which can’t be forgotten easily!

The last stop will be at the Grand Canyon! Your driver will take you up to the West Rim and you’ll pass by some iconic sites like Eagle Point and Guano Point.

  • Length: 12h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas
  • Price: US$200

Take combo tour of Hoover Dam & surroundings

6. Visit the historic Boulder City & see Lake Mead

6 Visit the historic Boulder City

Boulder City is known as the home of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and lots of other attractions, and it was actually built for the constructors who worked at the Dam and their families!

And during this Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas which includes hotel pick up and drop off you’ll learn all about it! Before you leave the city you’ll also do a quick photo stop at the fabulous Las Vegas sign and then you’ll be off to see this man-made wonder!

As you pass by Boulder City you’ll also get to admire Lake Mead from your bus and of course hear lots of interesting things about these places from your professional guide.

Once you arrive you’ll first do a photo stop at Pat-Tillman and Mike O’Callaghan bypass bridge towering above the Hoover Dam. Then the adventure begins!

Get super excited as you’ll see the giant intake towers that bring water inside the dam to generate power! Then you’ll actually get to walk through the original construction tunnels and visit the observation deck, where you will feel how the water creates a certain vibration as it rushes through the pipes.

If you want to learn more about the history of Hoover Dam you can pass by its visitor center before you end your guided discovery tour with some lovely photos with a backdrop of Lake Mead and the Colorado River.

  • Length: 5h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas
  • Price: US$64

Take the a shuttle tour of Hoover Dam

7. Take a combo day trip to Hoover Dam & Valley of Fire

7 Hoover Dam Museum tickets

Ready to spot some local bighorn sheep and admire the Colorado River and Lake Mead?

During this Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas you’ll learn lots of things on how the Dam actually works, and read personal stories from those who built it all those years back!

You’ll get picked up from your hotel and then your first stop will be at the Hoover Dam Museum, which has so many cool artifacts and exhibitions. After that you’ll get to see the bighorn sheep I was mentioning earlier in Hemenway Park (be camera ready at all times).

After you’ve spotted them your drive will take you to the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, where you’ll stand right above the Colorado River (not a shabby view)! In fact it’s one of the best look-out points! And you’ll get plenty of those as you explore around and hear how the Dam was built from your local tour.

Before you head to the last place on your itinerary (Valley of Fire State Park) you can grab some coffee and refreshments at Bighorn Café inside the Hoover Dam Lodge.

History and geology buffs will probably love this last stop! The visitor center at Valley of Fire State Park, holds exhibits about the history, geology, and ecology of the place.

  • Length: 8h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas
  • Price: US$250

Hoover Dam & Valley of Fire Day Trip

8. Go rafting on Colorado River

8 rafting on Colorado River with family

Want to see Hoover Dam from a whole different perspective? Then book this Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas and go on a fun adventure which includes rafting on the Colorado River!

Enjoy a comfortable bus drive from Las Vegas to Boulder City while admiring the beautiful landscape! Once you arrive at the Hoover Dam lodge you’ll go on a specially permitted vehicle that offers access to the Colorado River, right at the base of Hoover Dam.

Once boarded you can sit back, relax while rafting on the peaceful river! The views of the Dam are super special from that point and you’ll see up close the concrete slabs, steps, and rails that were used to build Hoover Dam!

  • Length: 4h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas  
  • Price: US$95

Buy your Hoover Dam Raft Tour

9. Fly over the Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam

9 helicopter tour over Grand Canyon

Get picked up from your hotel and embark on a fun journey where you’ll get to see the stunning Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Black Canyon and many other iconic sites from a helicopter!

Oh yes! You’ll fly for around 90 min accompanied by your pilot who’ll also give you lots of cool facts on the Hoover Dam and how it was built and on the rock formations of the Black Canyon.

Once you’re picked up from your Las Vegas hotel, your drive will take you to the airport in Boulder City where you’ll receive a quick safety briefing.

Then up in the air you’ll go! Some of the major attractions you’ll pass by are the new bypass bridge, Lake Mead, Black Canyon, the Fortification Hill, Colorado River and lastly the Las Vegas Strip!

  • Length: 3h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas  
  • Price: US$400

Get your helicopter tour

10. Go inside the Hoover Dam & see the Power Plant

10 tour inside the Hoover Dam

This amazing Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas is definitely a must-do for anyone who’s super interested to see the inside of this unique work of engineering!

As well as exploring the amazing sites around the Dam and admiring the views you’ll get to go inside Hoover Dam and the power plant, take pics at the famous memorial bridge, see the exhibits at the Visitor Center and also go on a unique signature tour called “Walk on Top”,

where your guide will take you over the Hoover Dam, and tell you lots of cool facts from the time it was built.

Since the tour will take almost a whole day you’ll also get lunch included in the price!

  • Length: 7h
  • Pickup Location: Las Vegas
  • Price: US$99

Join the Power Plant Tour

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🚴‍♂️ Best for outdoor lovers:Hoover Dam Tour by Mountain e-Bike
🌞 Top half-day Hoover Dam tour:Hoover Dam Experience
🛩️ Unique activity:Helicopter Tour

BONUS: Best places to stay in Las Vegas

Since you’re planning this Vegas trip I’m guessing you’ll need some amazing hotels! And now that we’ve gone through the list of the best Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas, I think we can check some cool hotels in the city.

So let’s check them out! But before we do, I’d highly recommend booking them early, as you probably know how popular Las Vegas is with tourists. Everything sells out super fast!

11 places to stay in Las Vegas
  • Luxury: The Palazzo at The Venetian – This 5 star eco-friendly hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is unmissable! The place has over 40 restaurants, bars and restaurants, a full-service spa, and a state-of-the-art casino.
  • Mid Range: Marriott’s Grand Chateau – Set only a 15 min walk away from the Las Vegas Strip, this hotel comes with a fabulous swimming pool and modern rooms with some amazing city views!
  • Budget: Hampton Inn Las Vegas Strip – An affordable place to stay in Las Vegas that is super well-equipped and has facilities like a swimming pool, a free airport shuttle, and free parking facilities.

FAQs about Hoover Dam tours from Vegas

Coolest budget Hoover Dam tours from Vegas

🚌 Which are the cheapest Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas?

This Hoover Dam mini tour and this shuttle tour of Hoover Dam are 2 of the cheapest Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas.

🔝 Which is the best Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas?

Some of the best Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas are this Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam Tour and this Hoover Dam & Valley of Fire Day Trip.

💰 How much are tours from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam?

You can expect to pay around US$70 for a tour of just the Hoover Dam, US$160 if you’re visiting the Dam and the Grand Canyon.

⌚ How long is the Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas?

Usually the tours take around 7 to 10 hours, but there are also half-day tours or some short ones that last 3h.


place to stay near Hoover Dam

Already know which Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas you’ll take? Well, I’m glad that I could help through this article!

Now that we’ve seen some of the best Hoover Dam tours from Las Vegas, and also that short list of Vegas hotels, you’re all ready to start planning!

However if you’re still thinking and not picked your tour yet, then check out my 2 favorite options below, maybe they will inspire you:

Remember what I said about booking early, all the spots on the tours will sell out fast so I highly recommend getting your hands on your favorite before it disappears.

Enjoy exploring the Mojave Desert and all the other attractions! And don’t forget I’m always here to help so if you have extra questions just drop a comment below!

Have a wonderful trip,


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