30 BEST Travel Accessories for Women • The Essentials

A woman sits in an airport lounge, holding a neck pillow and smiling. A suitcase is next to her, and other travelers can be seen in the background.

If you’re a woman and you’ve ever traveled anywhere (which is highly likely the case), you know that deciding what to bring on your trip can be quite difficult. Well, my mission is to make traveling easier for everyone – women especially – so I compiled a comprehensive list of the best travel accessories for women.

I enjoy traveling, and I am also a big fan of little accessories that make the experience less complicated. So, based on my personal experience and extensive online research, I managed to create the ultimate list of the 30 best accessories to bring on your next trip.

For each of the travel accessories, I provide a short explanation of why you’ll need it and when. Plus, I provide links to some of my favorite products to make the process of getting these accessories that much easier. Just add them to your cart, and you’ll be all set in no time!

Let’s go!

Why it’s important to pick the right travel accessories

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Before we dive into the accessories list, you might wonder why you would need any accessories at all. However, I’m sure that at one point or another during your travels, you’ve found yourself frustrated with luggage that won’t fit into a suitcase, paying for overweight bags, or experiencing a general feeling of unsafety for you or your valuables.

What if I told you that there’s a travel accessory that can help you avoid all of these problems and many more for that matter? The main goal of getting these travel accessories is to make traveling easier for women, from feeling safe to simplifying packing.

Better yet, having these accessories stored in one place can serve as a good reminder of everything you need to pack, whether that’s a phone charger or toiletries. Not only will these items be a reminder of what you need to take, but they also ensure that everything is well-protected and stored in the right place!

If you’re not already convinced, keep reading. By the end of this post, I’m sure you’ll find at least a few things you didn’t know you were missing.

Best travel accessories for women

Want to make trip planning (and packing) easier? If so, check out this list of essential accessories to bring along on a trip.

1. Passport wallet

A green passport holder with a gold airplane icon on the front, shown closed and open, revealing slots for cards and a compartment for the passport.
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International travel is exciting, and the main ingredient for it is a passport. When leaving your country and while abroad, the passport is the most important document you need to have with you at all times. Keeping your passport safe – and I can’t stress this enough – is extremely important.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to keeping your passport safe, and it comes in the form of a passport wallet. I really like this Melsbrinna Passport Holder, which, in addition to your passport, can hold your cards and other documents like a personal ID or a driver’s license. The design is super cute, and you can choose from a variety of colors.

However, there are a couple of other reasons why I chose this particular wallet; first, it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting your passport wet and essentially ruining it. Second, and more importantly, it has RFID ( Radio-Frequency Identification) Blocking technology, so your credit card data cannot be stolen.

If you’re not that worried about security and you just want a passport wallet that looks nice, there are plenty of options on Etsy and best of all, you can have it customized!

2. Noise-canceling headphones/earbuds

Black Sony over-ear wireless headphones with a sleek design.
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One the things I think we can all agree on is that travel is noisy; whether you’re on a plane, on public transport, or in an overcrowded hostel, the noise can get too much at times.

Silence is extremely important for rest, so you need to find a way to shut out the noise, and my favorite way to do it is by popping on my noise-canceling headphones.

I really enjoy my Sony headphones, as they do a great job of shutting out the noise. However, I know that headphones can be a bit uncomfortable for some people, and if that’s you, I recommend you get earbuds instead. They’re smaller than headphones, so they’re easier to carry, and better yet, the battery lasts longer.

My personal favorite are these JBL tune buds – I’ve had them for about a year; they cancel out everything, and the sound is super clear. You can also use them to make calls via Bluetooth, and they’re water- and dust-proof! Finally, you can make the experience even better by listening to one of the best travel playlists while en route to your destination. ening to one of the best travel playlists while en route to your destination.

3. Neck pillow

Three gray, flexible, cylindrical cushions are displayed. They are shaped into various curves and loops, indicating versatility in form and use.
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Ask any frequent flyers what is the one thing they could bring. In most cases, the answer you’ll get is – a neck pillow. If you’re going on long trips by plane, or even train or bus, you can use the time to rest, and resting is definitely better when you have support for your head and neck.

There’s a wide variety of choices when it comes to neck pillows, and you can get one almost anywhere. Amazon has a great selection of travel pillows at affordable prices, but I have to single out this adjustable memory foam pillow that can also be used to provide support for your back or legs – really, you can adjust it anywhere!

4. Earplugs

A clear jar labeled "Soft Foam Ear Plugs" containing multiple blue ear plugs, with a small white container holding a pair of blue triple-flange ear plugs beside it.
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I already talked about noise-canceling headphones and earbuds, but I have to admit that they are not the most convenient choice for sleeping. Once again, the solution is super simple – earplugs! They drown out the noise, and you don’t have to listen to anything – just enjoy the silence!

I highly recommend you bring earplugs on every trip; whether you fly on a noisy plane or you have a room in a crowded hotel or hostel, the earplugs will ensure you get a good night’s sleep!

Another benefit of the earplugs is that they’re very inexpensive; you can get a pack of 60 pairs of soft foam earplugs for a very low price that you can reuse as long as they’re in good condition. But in case you want something more durable, the Loop earplugs are an amazing choice – they’re great at shutting out the noise and they also look very cute!

5. Eye mask

Three foam eye masks in black, pink, and blue are displayed in a row, showcasing their contoured shapes and adjustable straps.
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Light sensitivity is a big issue for many people, and traveling is particularly difficult since you can’t control the conditions. Say you’re on a long train ride during the day, or your hotel room doesn’t have blinds or blackout curtains, and you can’t get any sleep because of the light. In such cases, an eye mask is the solution to all of your problems.

You can purchase an eye mask almost anywhere, but I suggest you have one at the ready and always add it to your carry-on luggage, as you don’t know when you might need it. I particularly like this 3D sleep mask that will be a great fit even for the fussiest sleepers. It comes in a pack of 3, all in different colors, and it’s super affordable.

6. Packing Cubes

A set of beige travel packing cubes and pouches of various sizes, some with mesh openings and others with drawstring or zipper closures, displayed against a white background.
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Whenever I travel, one of my main goals is to stay organized. For a long time, this was very difficult for me, that is, until I discovered packing cubes. And I have to tell you, it was a game-changer for me. The cubes allow you to separate all your stuff into different categories and still have easy access to everything – it’s like a dream come true.

If packing is a dreaded part of traveling for you, then you should get yourself a set of packing cubes, and you’ll notice the difference immediately. Also, not only will your suitcase be neatly packed, but your stuff will stay where it belongs – you don’t even have to unpack everything at once; just get a specific cube when you need that specific item.

Packing cubes get bonus points for the fact that they’re foldable, so they don’t take up much space when you’re not using them. Also, they’re lightweight, so you can pop them in your suitcase if you plan on returning with more stuff (shopping, right?) than you left home with.

7. Luggage lock

Two blue TSA Master locks, each accompanied by a blue key with a silver tip. One lock is open while the other is closed.
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Once you’re packed and ready to go, you’ll need to make sure that your luggage is safe. Actually, this is quite simple (and cheap) – you just need to get a luggage lock. Locking your suitcase means no one can open and steal any of your valuable stuff (or not so valuable, for that matter), so you can travel with peace of mind.

When it comes to luggage locks, you have plenty of options. You can get a classic keyed lock – lock it and store the key somewhere safe, ideally with you at all times – or you can get a combination lock and use a strong combination of numbers (don’t go with 1234). If you opt for a combination lock, don’t forget the combination – write it down on your phone.

8. Luggage trackers

A person holding an Apple AirTag next to a smartphone screen displaying setup options for naming the AirTag, including options like "Headphones," "Jacket," "Keys," and "Luggage.

Next up on the security agenda – luggage trackers. One of the downsides of air travel is that sometimes your luggage can be misplaced, i.e., end up at a different destination than you. The fastest way to retrieve it is to know exactly where your luggage is, and since airlines sometimes need a while to track it down, it’s smart to get your personal luggage tracker.

If you’re an iPhone user, then Apple AirTag is the way to go! Attach it to your luggage or pop it inside the suitcase, and you can keep track of it all the time on the app. You can even use it when you’re not traveling; for example, you can attach it to your keys so you’ll know where they are every time you misplace them.

For Android users, I recommend the Galaxy SmartTag2; you can tag it to anything, suitcases included, and keep track of it on your phone. This tag has a variety of cool features, but one of my favorites is the audible signal, very useful when something’s nearby and you can’t see it; just send the signal from your phone, and you’ll hear it before you see it!

9. Luggage covers

A rolling suitcase with a design featuring various travel-themed stickers and logos from different cities and countries.
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How many times have you come back from a trip with a damaged suitcase? If the answer is none, then you’re one of the lucky ones. The rest of us, unfortunately, have had to deal with damaged suitcases at one point or another. My solution for this is a luggage cover that will protect your suitcase from both water damage as well as scrapes and dents.

As you may know, the luggage sections on planes and even on buses are pure chaos – suitcases piled on top of each other, constantly falling and tumbling. If you want to avoid any damage to your suitcase, then get one of these protective cases – either this polyester cover or this translucent PVC cover.

10. Luggage scale

A black Samsonite luggage scale with a white dial and a metal hook is shown. The dial has black and red markings to indicate weight.
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As for my last luggage-related recommendation, I want to direct your attention to luggage scales. Paying fees for overweight bags is an unnecessary expense and can dampen your travel experience (and no one wants to unpack their bag at the luggage check in counter!).

To avoid this, purchase a luggage scale that can determine the exact weight of your luggage so you’ll be sure that your bags are within the allowed weight limit.

You can choose a manual scale or go for the more advanced option, the digital scale. I prefer the digital travel scale, as it’s easier to read, and you can see the exact weight – up to every gram. The travel scale is one of my favorite travel accessories – I like to shop when I travel, so my bags always weigh more on my way home – the scale keeps me in check!

11. Reusable water bottle

A black Hydro Flask water bottle with a handle on the lid. The Hydro Flask logo is printed in white on the front.

Staying hydrated while traveling is super important – and also, sometimes, difficult. Whenever I’m exploring a new place, I get so immersed in it that I forget to drink water. So, having a reusable water bottle with you is a great reminder that you need to drink water, and it’s more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than constantly buying bottled water.

There are plenty of options when it comes to reusable water bottles, but I suggest you get a stainless steel one that has good insulation. I have one of these, but I know that Stanley cups are also super popular now, and people have nothing but good things to say about them. And they look really nice, so the cups can actually double as a fashion accessory.

12. Travel toiletries

Five colorful silicone travel bottles and two small jars, used for storing toiletries. The bottles have screw-on caps and come in pink, purple, white, teal, and blue.
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One of the main aspects of traveling as a woman is finding a way to bring all of your skincare and makeup products with you. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to bring everything – at least not in full-size packages. However, you can bring a smaller version of your favorite products, and there are several ways to go about it.

First up, you can always purchase travel-size cosmetics – you’ll find these in any larger supermarket or drugstore. This is a good option, but it sometimes annoys me that I can’t find a travel-size version of the products I’m using. Plus, it can be quite costly if you’re buying a travel-size version of every single product you’re using.

NOTE: the skin can become very sensitive when traveling, so don’t forget to bring a moisturiser, sunscreen, as well as lip balm – you don’t want chapped lips on your vacation.

Now, to my second point and the best alternative to buying travel-size products – travel pouches. I absolutely love these! Compared to the traditional toiletry bottles, they take up much less space, and they’re super easy to refill and clean. They’re also super affordable and a great addition to every toiletry kit.

BONUS: one of the things that bothers me most when packing my toiletry bag is that I can’t bring my perfume along – I like to get the big bottles of perfume that aren’t allowed on planes. And, honestly, buying a small bottle of each fragrance is not good for the budget, but I think that I’ve finally found the solution – a perfume atomizer. This particular product is sold in a set of 3 bottles that can be filled up with your favorite perfume, so you can bring your top 3 fragrances along.

13. Toiletry bag

Image of a pink woven textured zippered makeup bag with a handle, displayed alongside six additional color options: white, purple, beige, green, brown, and black.
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Well, now that you have all your toiletries packed and ready to go, you’ll need to organize them, meaning that you’ll need a toiletry bag that actually fits ALL of your stuff. So, you need to find a bag that’s large enough to fit both makeup and skincare, as well as hygiene products, and ideally, is not a complete mess when you put everything in.

Most of the toiletry bags I’ve had over the years were either too small or had no compartments to help me organize my products into different categories. I recently discovered this SFXULIX bag and immediately fell in love with it! It’s available in many different colors, and it has nice compartments to help you organize your stuff.

14. Anti-theft backpack

A brown leather backpack with adjustable straps and a small furry pom-pom keychain attached to one side.
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You shouldn’t go traveling without a good backpack – and you want something lightweight, easy to carry, and big enough to fit all of your personal items. Plus, you can take the backpack as your carry-on bag and keep your must-haves within reach. But, when carrying a backpack, safety is always a concern, which is why I recommend you get an anti-theft backpack.

When carrying a backpack, there’s always a risk that someone will grab or pull it from behind, open the zipper, and rob you. That won’t be the case if you get this CHERUTY anti-theft backpack purse; it has a peak design with one exterior pocket and the rest of the compartments well-hidden. Best of all, it’s super fashionable and works well with many different outfits.

15. Belt bag

A person with long hair wearing a light blue shirt and denim overalls is opening a black waist bag outdoors in sunlight.

In addition to the backpack, I also recommend you get yourself a belt bag because I’m sure you don’t want to carry a large backpack if you’re just exploring a new part of the city or are planning a night out. Still, you need to keep your valuables safe and close at hand, and the belt bag is the best way to do it.

I hate to admit that I don’t have one of these yet, but the Eagle Creek brand has been highly recommended to me. So, I had a look through their website, and I found this really great stash crossbody bag; it has a lightweight design and the reviews say it’s very durable, so you should check it out.

16. Hidden-pocket scrunchie

A set of pastel-colored scrunchies with hidden pockets is shown with coins and a dollar bill partially tucked inside one. The packaging reads "Loki Stashed" and features the TikTok logo.
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This is one of my all-time favorite travel accessories – the hidden-pocket scrunchie! This is peak design, and it’s super clever, but it looks just like a regular scrunchie, so it’s cute. But let’s back up a bit! Basically, this is a scrunchie with a hidden zipper where you can store some extra cash and some other small but valuable items like jewelry.

One of the best traveling tips I ever got was ‘separate your cash.’ In an ideal world, I wouldn’t use cash at all, but some places are still cash-only, and it’s good to have some money on you when traveling. So, I tend to separate my cash between my main wallet, passport holder, and another smaller money pouch.

However, if I’m traveling solo as a woman, I’m even more worried about having my money stolen. So, in the past, I used to stuff money in my socks, and I know some people keep it in their bra, but there’s no longer a need for these extreme measures if you get this hidden pocket scrunchie.

All you need to do is take some cash, put it in the scrunchie, and zip it up. Then, just put your hair up in a bun and enjoy your day. You can walk the streets of unfamiliar cities or leave your bag at the beach without worrying that someone will rob you – who would steal a scrunchie, right?!

17. Plug adapter

A black universal travel adapter featuring EU, UK, and USA/AUS plug options with USB and Type-C ports for charging multiple devices.
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Now, on to the tech accessories! Countries around the world use different electrical plugs and sockets, and you may find yourself in a destination where the plug on your appliances doesn’t match the socket. So, in that case, you’ll need a plug adapter and you can use/charge all of your electrical appliances.

Before you embark on a trip, you can check what kind of sockets are used at the destination and get an adapter that works there. However, I think it’s an even better choice to get this universal adapter with various plugs that are compatible with different sockets – anywhere in the world.

18. Power bank

A black portable power bank with a digital display showing 100%, featuring multiple built-in charging cables including USB, Micro USB, and USB-C connectors.
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There’s nothing worse than running out of battery on your phone when you’re traveling. You suddenly feel cut off from the world – you can’t text, make calls, or use any of your travel apps. Well, if you get a power bank, you can stop worrying about this – you can charge your phone anytime, anywhere.

There’s a wide variety of power banks on the market, and you can choose one that’s compatible with your phone. But what I suggest you do is get one – like this – that is compatible with various devices (in case you decide to get a new phone) and has several output cables.

19. Clip-on personal alarm

A black, oval-shaped personal alarm device with a center button and two side buttons, labeled "SABRE." It has a built-in LED light at the top.
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If you’re a woman who has ever traveled solo or with a group of female friends, you know that safety is a very real concern, especially if you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings. One of the top ways to protect yourself – without attacking anyone – is by sending out a signal for help, and that is exactly what a personal alarm can help you do.

As with anything else, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to personal alarms. I did some research, and this SABRE clip-on alarm caught my attention; it has a highly audible siren to alert people that you are in danger and a built-in light to help you navigate dark spots – you’ll feel much safer just having it on you!

20. Extra door lock 

Two blue TSA Master locks, each accompanied by a blue key with a silver tip. One lock is open while the other is closed.
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One of the things that kept me from traveling solo for a long time was the fear of staying in a hotel room alone; I’m a sound sleeper, and I was frightened that someone might gain access to my room while I was asleep. So, I thought there must be a solution to make me feel safe staying in a hotel alone, and I discovered the extra door lock.

I found this simple and effective portable door lock that you can install on your hotel room door to prevent unwanted entries – even if someone has a key to the door. This will help you relax and sleep better, and it’s very durable, so you can keep using it for a long time!

21. Quick-dry towels 

Illustrated image of two hikers on a scenic trail overlooking a landscape of hills, water, and distant mountains under a clear sky, with vibrant autumn foliage in the foreground.
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Whether you’re going on a beach vacation, on a camping trip, or staying in a hotel, it’s always a good idea to bring some extra towels. Even though they’re such a simple item, towels have one downside – they take too long to dry. So, if you don’t want to worry about wet towels, then you should get a quick-dry towel.

Honestly, I didn’t know these towels existed—I’m tempted to get them for everyday use. But I did find this Rumpl Everywhere Towel, which is specifically designed for traveling. Whether you’re going hiking or hitting the beach, you can take this towel with you; it’s super lightweight and also comes in some super cool designs.

22. Sunglasses + protective case

A black rectangular leather bag with white stitching, two gold button accents on the flap, and a double strap handle.
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Bring a pair of sunglasses – this should go without saying, but I often forget to bring sunglasses when I travel, so I just end up buying new (cheap) ones everywhere I go. Sunglasses are a must, even if you’re traveling in winter or somewhere not-so-sunny; they are great for blocking all types of light and resting your eyes.

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is a protective case for your sunglasses; they’re very sensitive and can easily break if you drop them in your purse. Just like with perfume, I like to have several options when it comes to sunglasses, and if you’re anything like me, you need this 5-slot sunglasses organizer that allows you to safely store up to 5 pairs of sunglasses.

23. Small umbrella

A navy blue umbrella with a black handle and silver pole, shown fully open against a white background.
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No one wants to be caught in the rain, and the weather forecast is not always 100% reliable, so you have to bring an umbrella regardless of where you’re going. Those foldable umbrellas are super cheap and fit easily into nearly any bag, so there’s really no downside to having rain protection with you at all times.

FUN FACT: when I first moved to Ljubljana, the first advice my roommates gave me was, ‘always have an umbrella and sunglasses in your bag.’ At first, this seemed weird, but after a couple of days, I understood what they meant – the weather changes so quickly, you need both sunglasses and an umbrella in the span of an hour.

These umbrellas are available absolutely everywhere, and you don’t have to splurge – you can just get the cheapest option, but do it before you start your vacation. I am guilty of not packing an umbrella (or forgetting it in my hotel room), so I’ve had to overpay for an umbrella on more than one occasion – don’t be like me.

BONUS: as an alternative to an umbrella, you can get a foldable raincoat or a rain jacket and pop it in your purse. I would personally opt for a rain jacket because it’s more durable and you can wear it not only when it rains, but also if it’s windy out or the weather suddenly turns cold.

24. Foldable shopping bag

Three reusable canvas bags filled with groceries, including bananas, lettuce, carrots, and leafy greens.
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Foldable shopping bags are one of my favorite things to have around – not just as travel accessories but for everyday use as well. They’re affordable, durable, and (best selling point) machine-washable. If you’re planning on shopping during your travels (and even if you’re not), opt for this eco-friendly and reliable shopping bag

Each country has different laws on bags – plastic bags are banned in many countries, and paper bags (which are not super durable or sturdy) are the only type of bag available. Plus, you’ll likely have to pay for the bag, and why keep paying for something over and over again when you can pay for it once?

My go-to bags are these – they’re lightweight, they fit a lot, and they usually have a funky print. I always have one of these in my purse because they’re great for grocery shopping, but also for more fun shopping – you can store clothes, makeup, souvenirs – basically, everything you buy.

Another option is these tote-style bags; they’re also foldable, easy to clean, and a bit sturdier. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference, but get at least one foldable bag before you catch your plane.

25. Collapsing meal kit

Collapsible gray and white food containers with lids, accompanied by a foldable spoon and fork.
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Dinnerware is not something that you’d think to pack, but you should reconsider, especially if your travels include camping or hostel stays. Having your own bowl or cup can come in handy at any time, so you can always enjoy a cooked meal without having to buy those paper or plastic plates.

Get a set that has both a collapsing bowl and a mug and maybe some cutlery (like this one) and fit it in your suitcase if any leg of your trip doesn’t rely on hotel accommodation. Plus, you can use it later on for picnics and longer hikes, so it’s a win-win.

26. Flip-flops

A person wearing blue sandals and anklets sits on a log near a beach with pebbles and water in the background.

I know that not everybody is a fan of flip-flops, but they’re a staple in my luggage. I’m not sure you’ll be able to find someone who likes flip-flops as much as I do, and I have good reasons for it – they’re comfortable, they (can) look cool, and they will give your feet some much-needed rest after a long day in shoes.

I like to wear my flip-flops when I shower – you never know how to clean a bathtub or a shower really is, so I think it’s best to be cautious. However, they’re also good to have around your accommodation to just walk around and prevent your feet from getting cold. Another reason why I love them – they’re super cheap, and you can get them anywhere!

27. Compression socks

Six pairs of knee-high socks with various patterns: hearts, argyle, stripes, polka dots, and combinations in black, gray, pink, and white colors.
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This next item was recommended by a friend – compression socks! Although I’ve never personally used them, I asked around and people seem to really like them, and I can see why. They improve blood circulation to your legs and reduce swelling and pain, and I now wonder why I waited so long to order myself a pair.

Seeing as I haven’t tried them personally, I took a deep dive into the online offer of compression socks, and I was very surprised. I learned that they are especially good to have on flights, and they can look great, too – these CHARMKING socks come in a variety of cool designs, and they’re created specifically for athletes – or long walks in a new city!

28. Travel Hangers

A gray hanger with white padded shoulders, two clips, four extra padding pieces, and a gray drawstring pouch.
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One of the first things many people do when they check in at a hotel is to unpack their suitcases and hang their clothes – not me, but most people I know. Unfortunately, most hotels don’t have enough hangers to fit all your clothes, and you want to keep your clothes nice and tidy. If this matches your description, then get some travel hangers.

You may think, ‘why not just get regular hangers’? Well, the regular clothes hangers that we use at home can be quite bulky and take up valuable space in your suitcase; plus, they sometimes get tangled up. In comparison, travel hangers are foldable, easily stored, and take up very little space, so there’s really no dilemma here.

29. Pill organizer

A set of three beige plastic containers shown opened and closed. They have two compartments each with a snap closure.
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Second to last, I want to talk about a very important aspect of traveling, and that is to keep using your medication and supplements even if you’re away from home. Whether you need some medication or just want to keep your immune system strong when you’re on the road, you need to bring some pills, and this is where the pill organizer comes in.

I have tried a few different organizers while traveling, and I wasn’t particularly happy with any of them – they were either too bulky or didn’t have enough compartments to separate all my supplements.

However, I recently found this daily pill organizer designed specifically for travel and immediately added it to my wishlist. It has as many as 7 compartments, and each can hold quite a lot of pills; one of the compartments is bigger and designed to hold capsules – just what I need. Best of all, it’s foldable, fits in a purse, and doesn’t even take up a lot of room.

30. Travel journal

Person planning a trip with a notebook that says "Let's Travel," a passport, travel tickets, a camera, and a computer keyboard on a wooden desk. Other items include nail polish, and a glass with a yellow drink.

The last thing on my list is a travel journal. Even if you’re not a person who typically keeps a journal, a trip is a great opportunity to try it out. It’s an amazing way to preserve your memories; you’ll write down your impressions as you experience them, and you can revisit them whenever you want.

I know that you can take notes (and photos) on your phone, but there’s something special about writing down your feelings on a piece of paper. You don’t have to spend a lot on a travel journal – you can get a regular notebook and write in it. Although there are some lovely journals on Amazon and Etsy, and I encourage you to have a look through them.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring a pen!

Tips for getting the right travel accessories

A woman sits on a bed writing in a notebook, with an open suitcase and a laptop beside her.

Before I let you go, I wanted to give you a few tips on how to determine what travel accessories you’ll need on your upcoming trip.

  • Consider the destination – think about where and when you’re going; if you’re going camping in summer, you’ll need a quick-dry towel, collapsible mugs and bowls, and sunglasses. If you’re traveling from the US to Europe or vice versa, you’ll need a plug adapter – I think you get my gist.
  • Think about the length of your trip – what you bring along on a trip largely depends on how long of a trip you’re planning; if you’re going on a short weekend getaway, you may not need towels or travel hangers, but if you’re staying for a week, you’ll likely need both of these. Also, consider travel time; if your destination is a 2-hour drive away, you likely won’t need an eye mask or a neck pillow.
  • Check what’s provided in the accommodation – when you book a hotel, check what’s included in the price. If there are free toiletries and towels, then you don’t have to bring them (you still can). Some hotels provide complimentary slippers, so you won’t need to pack flip-flops, so it’s important to know what you’re getting.

Final words on the best travel accessories for women

A woman sits on the floor next to a couch, packing a yellow suitcase with clothes, a neck pillow, and a hat. An inflatable ring is nearby.

I hope you had fun reading my guide on the best travel accessories for women, you discovered some new items you didn’t know could be so useful and that you are already stocking up on some new travel accessories.

I know that this list can seem overwhelming, so if you don’t have any of the accessories just yet, I’m going to share my 2 favorite ones:

  • JBL Tune Buds – they cancel out the outside noise and allow me to listen to my favorite music or get lost in an audiobook
  • Hidden-pocket scrunchie – this is a fashion and safety accessory in one; I love the way it looks, and I love that you can store cash in it

Thank you for reading! I hope that you get some of these accessories and share your own experience with me; drop a comment below and let me know whether you like my recommendations – I’d love to chat!

Have the time of your life,


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