Iceland: Key Tips For Visiting This Popular, But Expensive Tourist Spot From JustFly

There are few destinations getting as much buzz right now as Iceland. Popping up on all sorts of top ten destination lists, people are taking advantage of cheap flights to get to this isolated Atlantic island. Whether it’s people looking to enjoy the natural springs, or someone looking for one of the must unique landscapes to explore, Iceland appeals to a wide swath of different travellers from those looking for luxury to those living out of a backpack. With that said, it does have some drawbacks. In order to work around those I needed the advice of some travel veterans. For this I turned to the online travel company JustFly. They provided me with five tips for getting by generally and getting by on the cheaper side in Iceland.

Consider Gas Prices

First according to JustFly’s review, is to be mindful of the price of gas in Iceland. As a somewhat isolated nation, it costs a lot to get gas to the country. This is reflected in the price of gasoline. Bear in mind, the terrain of the country is also not conducive to saving cash as the roads are often loaded with large hills. So, if you want to avoid paying through the teeth for gas, JustFly advises using public transit as often as possible.

Going In The Summer? Prepare For Sunlight

Iceland sits well North in the Atlantic. What this means is that seasons are very strange in comparison to places like Europe or North America. If you go during the Summer months you should expect to see sunlight well into the night. This can screw with your internal clock and is worthy of a warning for those who may be unaware.

Be Prepared For Isolation and Bring A Water Bottle

If you do get out into the country it’s very important that your car or bag is stocked up. Why? Firstly, the isolated areas are extremely isolated and the shops and gas stations you do find tend to close early. One thing you must do is bring a refillable water bottle. Buying water is very pricey in Iceland, so refilling is important unless you want to throw all kinds of money at water.

Camp If You Can

While hostels, hotels, and lodging can be very pricey, camping is surprisingly affordable in Iceland. For the outdoorsmen in you, this is a blast. Fun fact, hostels and hotels will often charge you for things like bed sheets. JustFly recommends that if you are going from hostel to hostel that you do bring a sleeping bag or sheets to avoid paying these fees.

Try To Cook As Much As Possible

Lastly, like water, food is very pricey in Iceland if you are planning on eating out nightly. Simple things like going for a burger can cost you more than twice the price you are used to. JustFly’s advice? Cook your own food. Iceland’s cuisine is headlined by lamb and fresh seafood and buying it locally can save you some serious cash.

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