Going on a European walkabout is high on the list of many eager travellers. The idea of being so close to so many interesting cities and countries is enthralling, especially due to the proximity of these places and the various methods of getting to and from your destinations. This is especially true if you consider that countries like Canada and the United States that, while worth visiting as well, are pricey to get around due to the sheer distance between cities you would want to visit. So, what are the best ways to get around Europe? In order to find out I decided I needed to speak with a travel experts. To do this I reached out to the online travel company JustFly. They provided me with some of the different options travellers have at their disposal if they want to quickly and efficiently get around Europe.


Europe is famous for its cheap flights. According to JustFly’s review, the competition for your flight dollars in Europe is so intense that you can often fly to a city for less than it would cost to take a bus. So, who are some of these airlines? Try booking flights through Transavia, Ryanair, or EasyJet. With all this said, Justly does have a warning. These companies can often have weird fees, so they recommend you read all the fine print and follow their rules to the letter as to avoid having to pay any surprising fees. The best prices for these flights often come about a month before take-off and there are routinely sales that will surprise you if you are not accustomed to flying in Europe.


The European Rail System is a vast network of trains that can take you all over the continent. While some rides can be more pricey than others, this fast, efficient, and flexible system is especially great if you are travelling short distances. Once you start taking longer rides you can find yourself paying more than the cost of a flight, so you do have to weigh the pros and cons before you book according to JustFly. There are a few different rail pass programs out there that can save you money if you play your cards right. This method of transit is definitely for those who prefer the scenic route as many of the views from your speeding train are second to none.


There are numerous bus services in Europe that can help you get from point a to point b for less than you would pay for a sandwich. Services like MegaBus can take you from London to Paris, Brussels, or Amsterdam for less than 10 GBP. While their network, and other regional service networks, are limited, Eurolines is a system that does allow to ride much further distances. You have to be careful with Eurolines though, as you can sometimes end up paying more for a bus than a train or a plane.