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Where To Stay In Volgograd, Russia – Best Hotels

Founded with the name of Tsaritsin, with the purpose of defending Russia's unstable southern regions, the city was shaped by the Volga River and by immigrants, trade and war. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Cossack rebels conquered the city twice. Poorly populated, the area was easy prey. Empress Catherine the Great launched [...]

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Where To Stay In Saransk, Russia – Best Hotels

Saransk is the capital of Mordovia, where you should expect ethnic diversity, exotic cuisine, comfort and low prices. In the Republic of Mordovia, the traditions of the people of Moksa and Ezeria are carefully guarded, with culture, history and even their own language. Particular attention should be paid to the Mordovian cuisine. Apart from meat [...]

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Where To Stay In Kaliningrad, Russia – Best Hotels

The Russian enclave is surrounded by Poland and Lithuania, two NATO member states. Kaliningrad is closer to Berlin and Prague than it is to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Until 1945, Kaliningrad was called Königsberg and was the former capital of East Prussia. Kaliningrad was the capital of the Teutonic Order, then of the Principality of [...]

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