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About Kate Fletcher

Kate grew up living in Australia but has since moved to New Zealand, Canada and France. Now, she travels the world working as a freelance travel/outdoors writer and ski instructor to fund her adventures. Kate has rock climbed, hiked and skied in over 50 countries across 6 continents during the last 7 years and you can follow along at or @bagsalwayspacked on Instagram. Feel free to contact her there if you would like to work with her!

5 Best Day Trips from Darwin (Self Drive and Tours!)

Tourism NT Once you’ve finished all the things to do in Darwin it's time to venture a little further afield and tackle some of the most incredible landscapes in Australia.  If you’ve been dreaming of swimming holes with cascading waterfalls, wanting to experience crocodiles in the wild and interested in learning about aboriginal rock art [...]

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Best Things to Do in Darwin, Northern Territory (+Prices and Accommodation!)

Tourism NT/Summersite Darwin, Australia is well known as the smallest city in the country however, that does not mean there is nothing to do.   Located in the Northern Territory, Darwin is home to just 132 000 people and is named after Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist. Although he never actually visited the city which was [...]

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9 Best Things To Do in Norfolk Island, Australia (and How to Get There!)

Norfolk Island Tourism If you’re thinking of making a visit to Norfolk Island, congratulations for stumbling upon one of the top unknown travel destinations in Australia!Norfolk Island is so close to New Zealand, New Caledonia and other south pacific islands that many don’t even know that it's part of Australian territory and most have no [...]

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6 Best Margaret River Wineries (Self-drive Itinerary including Leeuwin Estate, restaurants and more!)

Tourism Western Australia If you love great food, a friendly cellar door and incredible wines,  you’ve come to the right place! Margaret River (Western Australia) is absolutely jam-packed with world-class wineries and gourmet food as well as its newly flourishing microbrewery scene amongst other things.  Once you’re done with all the things to do in [...]

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9 Best Things to Do in Merimbula, Australia (+2 Day Trips!)

Destination NSW Located on the stunning Sapphire Coast, Merimbula is a popular holiday destination. A haven for anyone interested in water sports, whale watching or wildlife, it is easily accessible for visitors from Sydney and Melbourne. More laid back than coastal towns further north, Merimbula is the ideal base for a beach holiday with lots [...]

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7 Best Day Trips From Perth (Pinnacles, Margaret River and more!)

Tourism Western Australia When most people who haven’t visited Western Australia think of Perth, they usually think that there isn’t much around. WRONG! Western Australia is such a unique part of Australia and there are so many interesting things to do in and around Perth in particular, that you would need a lifetime to see [...]

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Mt Buller or Mt Hotham Ski Resorts – Everything from Prices to Best Accommodation Options!

If you’re looking at skiing in Victoria this year, you’ve probably heard of Mt Buller and Mt Hotham. Although both are located within the victorian alps and seem pretty close together on the map (around 100km as the crow flies), there is actually an entire mountain range between them. You would have to drive 265km, [...]

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8 Best Things to do in Cradle Mountain in Winter (+ Accommodation and Prices!)

Jason Charles Hill Between June and August, the rugged beauty of Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain morphs into an enchanting winter wonderland. Winter in Tasmania is a sharp contrast to the rest of Australia. The Arctic winds sweep up through the Southern Ocean and the icy chill on the ground compliments the snow-capped mountains hidden in the [...]

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4 Best Things To Do in Mornington Peninsula (Attractions, Accommodation, Transportation and more!)

The morning peninsula is a favourite holiday spot for many Melburnians. Growing up in Melbourne, Australia myself, it seems to be that you were either a Mornington Peninsula family or a Bellarine Peninsula family. As my mother grew up in the South East suburbs, we are naturally Mornington people.  My favourite thing about the Mornington [...]

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