Bangkok one of Thailand’s most popular cities for tourists, but it’s attractive to more than just leisure visitors. Business travelers will also find plenty to do in Bangkok, owing to the wide range of business-related activities and high-end accommodations on offer throughout the city. Check out our top picks for the traveling businessperson looking to see both the corporate and the leisure sides of the city.

Go Golfing

Image via Flickr by DeeMakMak

In Bangkok, you’ll find golf courses all over town. Businessmen in Thailand simply love playing golf! Renting golf clubs can get pricey, so if you really want to play, pick up some clubs from Chatuchak Weekend Market and head to the course. Golfing offers more than just a way to relax. The golf course is also a great place to engage with like-minded people and forge new business partnerships. Get out your golf clubs and start mingling.

Go Shopping

Although it’s common to hear people caution against mixing business with pleasure, there are plenty of exceptions. Business travelers are always on the lookout for opportunities to combine the two, and shopping is a good forum for both. Whether you’re in Bangkok to attend a big business meeting, an industry conference, or another event, don’t underestimate the great ideas that might pop into your head as you wander through the city’s vast shopping complexes. The MBK Center, one of Bangkok’s biggest shopping malls, is located just outside the National Stadium BTS station in the city’s Siam area.

Attend a Business Convention

If you’re looking to grow your business or expand your customer list, you should look for business conventions taking place in Bangkok. These are smart places to form long-lasting alliances. When you book your trip, be sure to find an upscale hotel nearby. Reputable hotels such as the Hotel Indigo in downtown Bangkok are popular choices for business travelers seeking accommodations near the city’s best attractions and restaurants.

Visit the Bangkok National Museum

A business trip to Bangkok is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the history of a region. Be sure to visit the Bangkok National Museum, the largest museum in Southeast Asia. After a few hours here, you’ll broaden your knowledge of Thailand’s fascinating history and gain a better understanding of the local culture. The museum’s recent renovation has brought it up to international standards, making it a must-see.

Take a Trip to the Jim Thompson House

The Jim Thompson House is one of the top attractions in Bangkok. Jim Thompson was a successful American businessman who founded a silk company in Thailand. During the 1950s and 1960s, he has built a beautiful house in Bangkok. Together, the combination of historic Thai architecture and his own Western influences make this an intriguing place. Take a tour of the house and stay to watch the silk production.

These are our pick of the five best things you should do in Bangkok as a business traveler. Bangkok is a beautiful city, so take the time to experience it to the fullest.